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Seducing Jessica, The Conclusion

Chapter Eighteen: Family Fucking Slut

Despite having sold her virginity to her father, and then allowing her brother to take her ass, the oddest part of it all, Jessica thought, was laying on her tummy while Maria licked her cum-filled asshole. She orgasmed again while it happened. In the past few days, she’d pushed every boundary that she’d believed she had. Rather than feel reluctance or disgust at what she’d done, though, there was only perverse excitement and anticipation.

Perhaps, she mused as the escort tongued her ass, she didn’t really have any boundaries. She only had those things that society had told her were gross and wrong. Every one of those things, though, had been more exciting to break through than the last. Each experience, once crossed, only fueled her need for something else. Was this what being a slut was? Would she spend the rest of her life chasing the next kinky thing, the next experience, her perverse need to one-up her last slutty act like a drug?

Twitching in the afterglow of her incredible orgasms, and still on a sexual high, she thought that it might be the case. The idea was frightening and intriguing. A thousand filthy thoughts swirled in her imagination. What would it be like to submit herself to more than one woman at once? How would it feel to service the needs of three men? Four? More? How much pleasure could she derive from being toyed with in public, breaking that taboo as well?

When Maria was finished licking her, they showered once more, and then the girl took her to bed and held her in the dark, kissing her neck and stroking her hair.

“Tell me what you’re thinking,” Maria ordered. “You need to talk about it.”

“It’s hard to know,” Jessica admitted.

Now that the egg was no longer vibrating her cunt, and her need had been satisfied, she was tired, but thinking more with her head than her pussy.

“It’s fun, I know,” Maria said, “giving in. Don’t get lost in it, though. We’ll play for a bit longer if you want, but then it’s time to dial back. Do you understand?”

“I… I think so,” Jessica said.

“Are you ready to start taking it easy?” Maria asked. “The last few days have been a lot. Not just on your body. Your head.”

“I… I think I want a little more,” Jessica whispered. “I want to learn who I am, what I can do.”

“Alright,” Maria said, and Jessica could feel her smiling. “Just remember. You’re in charge.”

“I know. I trust you,” Jessica said.

Maria kissed her neck again and said, “Then get some rest.”


Jessica awoke to the feeling of someone pushing her onto her back. Before she was fully awake, her legs were spread, and a cock was halfway up her fuckhole. She gasped, her eyes fluttering open in the dark of the room, and then her daddy groaned and bottomed out inside of her. Maria’s hand brushed the hair from her eyes and she whispered, “While you were asleep, Daddy paid you $300 to fuck your cunt.”

Jessica groaned again, as Owen gathered her in his arms and pushed his dick into her again. She moaned and whimpered in the dark as he held her and fucked her like a sex doll, panting in her ear. Jessica humped back against him, locking her legs around his waist and taking the punishing thrusts of her daddy’s cock.

“He can’t get enough of his little girl’s pussy,” Maria whispered in her ear. “You better be careful, or daddy’s going to go broke buying that warm little hole every day.”

“Fuck… daddy…” Jessica hissed.

“Tell Daddy you’re his whore,” Maria whispered. “Tell him how much you love selling him pussy.”

Jessica quaked and clung to him, saying, “I’m your… whore. Please keep… buying my… pussy, Daddy.”

Owen growled and stuffed his cock as deeply as he could get it, flooding her pussy with his ejaculation as Jessica humped him. Slowly, his grip eased but he left his cock in her and kissed her in the dark. Eventually, he withdrew, and then Maria was licking her cumhole under the blanket.


Jessica sat on her knees, under the table, licking Maria’s cunt as the rest of the household ate breakfast. Soon after, her father left for work. Once Jessica had gotten Maria’s pussy off for her, she was allowed to eat her breakfast from a plate on the floor before Maria took her back upstairs.

While the escort sucked Jessica’s pussy, Eric sat on her chest and fed Jessica his cock. He seemed to be in no hurry, slowly fucking his sister’s mouth as Maria worked her up. Then, they traded places. Maria mounted Jessica’s face and rode her, while Jessica gave her brother his first feel of her pussy. Jessica moaned into Maria’s cunt as her brother held her legs apart and fucked her.

His long, deep strokes had Jessica creaming the sheets and clinging tightly to Maria’s ass as she came. Together, the three of them lay in Jessica’s bed, kissing and touching, until her brother’s cock hardened again. He spooned her, fucking her slowly from behind as Maria kissed her.

“I told you it wouldn’t be long before he was fucking you,” Maria said, stroking her hair as Jessica’s body jolted under her brother’s cock thrusts.

Her cum-filled pussy made wet, squishing sounds as her brother gripped her breast and hammered his length into her for the second time that day. After having cum, Eric kept her in a constant fuck lust, resting periodically, before he shoved his cock back into her again. He couldn’t get enough, it seemed, taking her from behind, spreading her legs, rocking her up and down on his cock.

Jessica was sweaty and sore by the time he finished with her. She rested, recovered, and after making dinner with Maria, she licked the escort in the living room until Owen arrived home. Within minutes, her mouth was full of his cock as he rested in his armchair. She ate dinner with her belly full of her daddy’s spunk.

That evening, Maria masturbated with the vibrator in one hand and her phone in the other, filming Jessica’s first double penetration. Laying on her side, Owen kissed her and groped her breasts, pushing the length of his cock into her pussy, her leg draped over his. Eric, behind her, guided his cock to her ass and gently opened her up. Jessica shook and moaned with her father’s cock pushed to the balls inside her pussy, as Eric spread her ass apart and eased himself up her backdoor.

The incredible feeling of fullness outdid the intense orgasm she’d experienced from her first ass fucking. Once Eric had managed to embed his whole cock in her anus, the two of them awkwardly pumped her holes until they devised a rhythm. Then, Jessica clung tightly to her father and grunted loudly as they sandwiched her, stuffing her ass and pussy until she felt like she was going to break. When the two of them pushed into her at once and began to cum, they had to hold her in place as she twitched and writhed.

The next few days became a free-for-all, in which Jessica finally reached the point of exhaustion. For nearly five straight days the three of them had constantly used her for sex. When there wasn’t one dick in her, there were two, or one, and a cunt in her mouth. Finally, after taking her daddy’s cock up her pussy, while sucking Eric’s, and Maria eating her ass, Jessica found her limit.

“Jesus Christ,” she whispered, sweating and coated in cum. “Okay. I think I need a day to sleep.”

“Get out,” Maria ordered the two men.

Each of them kissed Jessica’s sweaty head on the way out.

“This has, without a doubt, been the hottest week of my life,” Maria said, holding her. “Thank you for trusting me.”

Jessica held her hand and nodded.

“I just need a nap. Then, I think you need to teach me about doing the actual job,” she said.

“Take as long as you need,” Maria said. “Those dates aren’t going anywhere.”

As they held each other and drifted off, Jessica tried to process all the warring feelings. She’d given up full control of her life to Maria for nearly a week. She’d been treated like nothing more than a sex toy, but even in her surrender, she’d felt safe and in control. Maria had been right. Discovering these things about herself had been an intense, erotic, and fulfilling experience. She wanted more of it, feeling as if there were so much more to learn.

She fingered the collar on her neck, the symbol of her submission to the other girl. Even in submitting, she’d felt that power over the three of them. She’d become their drug, just as much as the feelings had become hers. All of them had submitted to their base desires, their need for her. She’d gotten a small taste of the other side, too, the power that Maria felt. What would it be like to really experience it for herself?

She unsnapped the collar and put it around Maria’s neck, snapping it in place with a tired, wicked smile. Maria’s eyes widened and then narrowed as a grin spread across her face.

“You kinky little bitch,” Maria said.

“Hush, slut,” Jessica whispered and pushed her fingers between Maria’s legs. “You should get some rest. Daddy and Eric are going to wear this hot little cunt out.”

She slipped her tongue into Maria’s mouth and her fingers up her cunt as her evil twin squealed.


Thanks for reading to the end of Seducing Jessica! If you'd like to own a copy of this book, pick it up in the shop to support the site.

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