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Her parents swear that it's pronounced "Hawless," but nobody cares. Born to a pair of sadistic, incestuous perverts, Holes Ferbonin has one of the most unfortunate names ever given to an attractive girl. On her 18th birthday, Holes’ life is transformed into a study in humiliation, as she becomes a sexual toy for everyone around her. This is an utterly ridiculous tale.

Kinks Served: Humiliation, Humor, Incest, Non Consent, Reluctance, First Time, Group Sex, F/F, M/F

"Holes took up a fork and staked out a piece of the cummy cake. Getting the cake to her mouth proved a challenge, though, as she had another orgasm. Lacy helped her by feeding the cake to her instead, scooping some of Holes' snatch juice onto it for extra flavoring. Curious onlookers began to drift over, and soon they were helping themselves to a few gropes and feels of Holes’ body. 


An elderly couple from next door seemed fascinated by the way she hollered and came as they removed and then clamped her nipples repeatedly.


From across the street came a middle-aged woman who was delighted by the fact that Holes’ pussy squirted as she fucked the vibrating dildo in and out of her cunt."

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