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Feminine Fundamentals

When Mona enrolls in the Feminine Fundamentals class as part of her degree requirements, she quickly learns that the course curriculum is not what she expected. Taught by a bimbo instructor, the lessons quickly turn Mona's life upside down. Will Mona convince herself that she is nothing more than a slutty animal, controlled by its cunt? Learn the truth about yourself in Feminine Fundamentals.

Kinks served: Slut transformation, Humiliation, Degradation, Anal, FemChastity, Incest, Blowjob, Noncon, Workplace degradation, School degradation

Chapters in this book

Length: 35K Words

  1. The Female Animal

  2. Feelings

  3. Wet Cunt

  4. Homework

  5. Inclusive

  6. Defining Characteristic

  7. Carter

  8. Empowerment

  9. Basic Looks

  10. SCA

  11. Just A Kiss

  12. New Uniform

  13. RF

  14. You Are Your Cunt

  15. Identity

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