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Korrupting Kayla book One Cover

Korrupting Kayla, Book One

When her parents split, Kayla feels like her life is over. A chance meeting with the new girl in school, though, sets Kayla’s life on a new path. Her mother’s strange new boyfriend, Professor Miles, has her remaining family acting very weird, and Kayla needs a way out. At her new friend’s suggestion, Kayla accepts an introductory job at DomCo, where she soon learns that the company is not what it seems from the outside.

Kinks Served: Character Rich, Reluctance, Blackmail, F/F, M/F, Humiliation, Personality Modification, Dark Fantasy

"She was a good girl. She’d never even had sex… with a man. But, she was dressed in a slutty outfit with a pair of vibrating panties shoved in her twat. She watched porno all the time. She’d let another girl lick her pussy. She’d let a group of women use her body for their own entertainment. She’d done it to make money, like a prostitute."

"Resigned, Kayla pulled the strapless bra off, and put it on the table. Suck Pet, then, had to help Kayla get the shirt on. She’d chosen one that was much too small for someone with Kayla’s ample assets. By the time they managed to get the shirt on, it barely covered her tits, and the material stretched over them, clearly showing her nipples and a generous amount of cleavage. The stretched-out letters on the front read, 'Put a Baby in Me'."

Chapter 13: Company Policy

Kayla with Put a Baby in Me shirt

Book One Chapter Headings

Length: 66.7K Words

1.Kayla’s Bad Beginning


3.The New Girl

4.The Professor

5.The Prank

6.New Rules

7.Toy Party



10.Bald, Sticky, Wet Cunt

11.New Job


13.Company Policy

14.Cum Target

15.Open to Suggestion



kayla at the toy party

Kayla is used as a toy at the toy party

Chapter 8: Daydreamer

Korrupting Kayla, Book Two

Kayla Sterns was a normal, nervous, shy beauty only a week ago. Then, her life descended into total chaos on the day her father left. Under the sway of a lunatic hypnotist, her mother and brother have lost their minds. She's been enslaved by a misogynist mega-corporation on a path to global domination. Stripped of her identity, and living day after day of constant humiliation, Kayla is trapped.

She's confronted with a choice but it's a terrible one. Become a company girl, or be changed until there's nothing of her old self left. Already, she's beginning to enjoy the things they're doing to her. She's constantly horny, always thinking about sex, and debasing herself for the amusement of her masters.

Now, DomCo has made a move that's given them one of the greatest footholds in their path to conquest. On the 69th floor of the DomCo tower, one old man and his brain-damaged slut of a daughter, Vicky, are getting ready to start revealing DomCo's true agenda. And Kayla is right in the center of it. DomCo has many secrets, sinister and vile. Kayla is about to learn one that will throw everything she thought she knew into further question. 

Tiffany, meanwhile, has made a decision of her own. She's gone from contractor to full-time DomCo employee. With her new name around her neck, Tiffany finds herself at a DomCo indoctrination facility. Choices lie ahead of her that will force her to give up pieces of herself, or have them taken.

In this second installment of Korrupting Kayla, the DomCo series is pushing toward its conclusion, as the curtain hiding the beast is pulled back to unleash its real horror on a world that's unprepared for its true might.

Kinks served: Reluctance, Nonconsent, Humiliation, Degradation, Incest, Personality Modification

Tori Hamlin.jpg

"If she took this step, shed the reluctance to partake in all the filthy things she was being made to do, and instead willingly made the decision to do them herself, then she might lead a life in which she had control. The way it stood, she was just a toy for everyone else’s amusement.

This one simple act could lead to the next. She could be like the slutty girls in the porno movies she watched. She could be like Suck Pet and have real control over her life. All of that could start here, just by putting her friend’s dad’s cock in her mouth. Kayla sat up and reached out her hand, resting it on Cole’s hidden erection."

Book Two Chapter Headings

Length: 61K Words

1.Holes, Tits, and Tech

2.The Uses for Your Cumhole

3.Household Cumhole

4.Breakfast at Tiffany's

5.Media and Marketing

6.Tongue Candy

7.The Good Mother

8.Good Girl


10.Poster Girl

11.Everything's Swell

12.The 69th Floor

13.I'm Not a Lesbian


15.Tiffany's Vote

16.Korrupted Kayla

17.Carly's Capitulation

18.Mind Over Matter

19.And Then There Were Two


21.The Package

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