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Seducing Jessica, Part Twelve

Chapter Fourteen: Good Daddy

Jessica set her profile status to away at Maria’s insistence. She had messages now, men asking to talk to her, men sending her photos. There was only one message that mattered at the moment, though. That message was from user Spoiler and she already knew the man behind it.

The game was mildly ridiculous, but heady and hot. She was being driven to the mall to purchase sexy lingerie, by an escort girl who had been fucking her father, while they pretended it was her. Her father was now messaging her over a dating website and attempting to seduce her, and she was about to give him a rate for an hour of her time. What had happened to her, to drive her to the point of offering her own father the opportunity to buy her virgin pussy for himself?

“Go big,” Maria prompted.

The girl was practically bouncing in her seat, hanging on every word, guiding and coaxing Jessica in her role.

“What do you charge?” Jessica asked.

“Irrelevant in this case,” Maria answered. “I didn’t sell my virginity to my dad. This is, like, the kinkiest thing in the history of kinky things. If it were me, I’d record it and fucking sell it! I’d title it Daddy Bought my Cherry and become internet famous!”

Jessica touched her pussy, her hands trembling on the phone, imagining a video of her father giving her this first fuck being sold to incest-loving perverts across the world. Why was she so sluttily wet at the idea? Was she really that kind of pervert herself?

“$1,000?” she asked.

“You realize that your dad is so obsessed with your pussy that he hired not one, but three different girls to play out his dirty games? Don’t lowball yourself.”

“Well, he is giving me a place to stay, so that has to count for something, right?” Jessica asked.

“Not this time. You only get to lose that cherry once,” Maria urged. “And he’s got money. If he can cough up $1,500 a week on three other girls, he can afford you. Fuck, if it were me, I’d make him take a second mortgage for that shit.”

“I don’t want to be unfair,” Jessica said. “He is my dad.”

“It’s your pussy,” Maria said, shrugging.

“$2,500 and it’s yours,” Jessica wrote.

The reply was almost instantaneous. “Done.”

“Oh my God…” Jessica hissed. “I just sold my pussy to my dad. What the fuck is wrong with me?”

Maria pulled the car off the road and plunged her tongue into Jessica’s mouth. She pushed her legs apart and slid her fingers up Jessica’s cunt. As cars flew by, honking, Maria sucked on her tongue and molested her pussy, making Jessica squeal and wriggle in her seat.

When she broke the kiss, leaving Jessica breathless and flushed, she hissed, “You’re fucking soaked through your panties, you little slut!”

She looked Jessica in the eyes, holding her gaze as she fingered her cunt, until Jessica was gripping her arm and cumming in her seat.

“Do it, slut,” Maria hissed. “Fucking cum for me!”

“Fuck… fuck… don’t… stop!” Jessica hissed, squeezing her eyes shut as she humped Maria’s fingers.

“Family fucking slut,” Maria hissed. “Sell daddy your pussy. Make him pay for your cherry! Your daddy’s going to be fucking this pussy non-stop from now on. Go on. Cum for me, you little incest-loving slut!”

Jessica tossed her head back and orgasmed for Maria, her thoughts a muddled mess of imagined sensations, pleasure, terror, things that she couldn’t begin to describe. She imagined opening her legs, watching her father’s cock spread her pussy. Would it hurt? She envisioned Maria’s tongue in her mouth and her daddy’s hand squeezing her breast as she took the length of his hard prick into her. How would it feel to have an orgasm with his cock inside her? Would it be different with Eric?

As she came for Maria, that out-of-control feeling rushed back like she was in a spiral that she couldn’t stop. The filthier the thoughts became, the more depraved the acts she committed, the hotter she became. Would there come a day when they shared her? Would they fuck her together, blindfolding her like Maria had done and then using her like a toy to satisfy themselves? Would she go about the house, dressed in sexy clothes, teasing and exciting them until they gave in to their base desires and commanded her to submit to them?

So many thoughts flashed through her imagination, all of them exciting and scary. Her pussy gushed on Maria’s fingers. Her grip on the girl’s arm felt like she might break it, but she couldn’t let go. The intensity of the pleasure had her practically drooling as her mouth opened in a silent scream of ecstasy and she shook in her seat. Only a few days ago, she’d let Eric take a sexy picture. Now she was about to let her daddy have her pussy. Maria was right. She was an incest-loving slut.


Maria’s apartment was a quaint little place, which was elegantly decorated with a minimalist but modern taste. It reflected well the nature of the girl, everything about it being simultaneously designed as a safe place for adult clients, as well as a reflection of the sexy, young girl image she put forward for their benefit. It was here that they unloaded their recent shopping haul and Maria went to work, making Jessica up.

Before they started, Maria set the tone for how the evening would go by slowly making out with her on the couch. She peeled away Jessica’s clothes as she did it, tossing them aside a piece at a time, leaving her naked and vulnerable while leaving herself dressed. This put Jessica into the mindset of submission, something in her mind viewing this experienced and dominant woman as someone to be obeyed and whose whims were those to be catered to. The fact that Maria was allowed clothes, while Jessica was not, made her feel as if she were something that belonged to Maria, like a doll to be stripped and played with as it suited her.

Once she had Jessica nude and flushed on the couch, she reinforced her position by toying with every part of her. She stroked and sucked on her breasts, ran her fingers through Jessica’s wet cunt, and even coated one of her digits in Jessica’s honey and worked it into her ass as she kissed her. Having her invade that forbidden spot left Jessica feeling as though there was no part of her that was off limits to Maria’s desires.

Her pussy dripping and hot, Jessica spread herself open for Maria and moaned as the girl pushed a vibrating egg into her pussy and switched it on. The low hum of the toy was another new sensation and one that Jessica immediately loved. The vibrations seemed to hum inside her head as well as her cunt, doing the work of keeping her stimulated and horny, without allowing her a release. That buzzing inside of her kept her thinking about her pussy, distracting her from everything else. Within minutes, the majority of her attention was focused on her cunt.

Maria kept her naked as she washed and straightened her hair, keeping her hands wandering over Jessica’s body and planting soft kisses on her lips. Throughout the process, she referred to Jessica only as “slut,” “kitten,” or “princess.” By the time Maria dressed her, Jessica’s pussy was visibly leaking girl cum, which Maria licked before putting on her panties. The lingerie set she’d chosen was mint-colored and comprised a padded balconette bra and lace panties. The panties were wet within seconds, which Maria made sure to call attention to.

“You can’t wait to have Daddy fuck this pussy, can you?” Maria teased as she pushed the crotch of the panties into Jessica’s cunt with her finger. “You’re the wettest little slut I’ve ever felt.”

Jessica could only manage a moan in agreement. The vibrating in her cunt had become so insistent that it was hard to think about anything else. Everything just felt so fucking good. Every touch or lick of her breasts, the rubbing of Maria’s fingers between her legs. Her every nerve seemed to be hypersensitive, delivering tingles of intense pleasure through her with the slightest touch.

Finally, Maria turned Jessica to the mirror, where she saw her smoky eyes and quivering, flushed skin. She added a final piece to the outfit as Jessica watched, a thin black collar that she fastened around her neck. Once she had it secured, Maria put her arms around her and cupped one of her breasts, then ran the flat of her other hand over Jessica’s bare tummy as she kissed her neck. Holding her like this, she put her lips to Jessica’s ear.

“Do you want to belong to me tonight, slut?” she asked and flicked her tongue against Jessica’s ear.

“Yes…” Jessica hissed, watching her own lips move in the mirror, her eyes following the sensual, graceful movement of Maria’s hand across her flesh.

The slow caress was both loving and sexy, but it was firm and dominant. She looked at the collar and took in her own sexy outfit, a contrast to Maria’s normal clothes. It made her feel like a pet. Like a toy. Maria had made her up in a way that pleased her, appealed to her, and excited her. She’d dressed her in this way for her pleasure, as though it were the natural order of the world for her to take control, and for Jessica to bend to her will. The entire process had been that way.

There had been no questions asked, no solicitation of Jessica’s opinion. Maria had simply done with her as she pleased, and Jessica had never felt more excited and alive. It was different now, though. She didn’t feel out of control, despite how unbelievably turned on she was. She felt safe in her surrender, like a beloved pet that Maria would protect and reward for her obedience. Giving in and allowing Maria to direct her pleasure, ultimately, provided her with more pleasure.

It was not a single moment of pleasure, either, like having an orgasm. This was like a high, a pleasant buzz that had been increasing in intensity with every touch and dirty word. Maria knew just how to touch her, exactly what to say, to build her anticipation and excitement toward the main event of the evening. The ultimate pleasure that had been promised.

“Let me have you, and I’ll give you pleasure like you’ve never known,” Maria said. “I’ll torture you with it, push you toward it, pull it away, and then…” She slid her hand from Jessica’s tummy to her pussy and Jessica heard something click in her other hand. The vibrator in Jessica’s cunt switched to an intermittent pattern, the pulses coming a second apart and increasing in intensity with each one. Jessica gasped and trembled as Maria held her, one hand cupping her pussy, the other on her breast, holding her tightly. The pulses of pleasure quickly became more frequent, and Jessica felt her legs shaking.

“And then I’ll give it to you and wreck your fucking mind!” Maria hissed, and Jessica let out a grunt as she came and jerked in Maria’s arms.

“Good girl,” Maria whispered as she held her. “Let that pussy cum for me. That’s my little slut. Let your pussy control you. Listen to your sexy little cunt. That’s all you are, baby. You’re Maria’s little cunt tonight. Say it.”

“I…” Jessica stammered as her mind melted with the long-teased orgasm. “I’m… your… cunt!”

Maria clicked the remote again, and the vibrator wound down, sucking away the intensity of the orgasm, even as the feeling of that high resonated throughout Jessica’s body. Maria turned her and kissed her, her hands gripping Jessica’s ass through the little panties. Jessica melted into her, every nerve and every thought consumed by the promise of more pleasure. This thing, this feeling, whatever it was that Maria was able to bring out in her, had Jessica hooked. She needed to feel more of it, to reach the next peak. Tonight, even when she gave herself to her father, she knew that she would be submitting to Maria.


Knocking on the door to her own home felt strange and exciting, but it was all part of the fantasy, the game. Jessica waited on the porch with Maria until the door opened and Eric stood on the other side.

“Jess?” he said, his eyes widening at the sight of the collar on her neck and the slutty skirt and top she wore.

“I’ve got this,” Owen said, appearing behind him.

This time, it was Eric’s turn to stand by, dumbfounded, as Jessica leaned up, said, “Hi, Daddy,” and kissed Owen on the mouth. His hand fell to her ass and squeezed it. Maria flashed Eric a devious grin.

“What the fuck is happening?” Eric asked.

“Close your mouth and go do something for a while,” Maria instructed. “Your turn will come.”

Jessica turned and winked at her brother, took Owen’s hand, and Maria followed them down the hall. Eric looked as if he wanted to say more, but he couldn’t make any words come out. Flushed and shaking, Jessica followed her father upstairs to her room, where Maria shut and locked the door. Owen, already lusty, reached for Jess, but Maria intercepted and twirled her away. Jessica yelped, but Maria muffled the sound with her tongue, pulling Jessica in and groping her breast through her top as they kissed.

She broke away, smirking, turned Jessica toward her father, and put her arms around her. Her lips brushed Jessica’s neck, one of her hands stroking the collar on her neck. Her eyes met Owen’s and he watched with fascination as Maria touched and stroked his daughter.

“Pay me for my slut,” Maria said, and Jessica groaned as Maria reached under her skirt and lifted it to show Owen a glimpse of the lace panties.

Owen nodded, swallowing, his cheeks flushed. He fumbled with his phone, tapped at it, and a moment later, they heard Jessica’s phone ping in her purse.

“Give it to me,” Maria instructed, holding out her hand for Owen’s phone.

He handed it over. Maria released Jessica and took her phone from her purse. She tugged Jessica with her to the other side of the bed, where she propped Owen’s phone against a table lamp recording. She rounded the other side, positioned Jessica’s, on the second table, and then took out her own. Hers, she tossed on the bed. Then she returned to Jessica and kissed her again.

The vibrating egg in Jessica’s cunt kicked up a notch as Maria clicked the remote, causing Jessica to moan into her mouth as her arousal spiked. Owen stood, fidgeting, on the other side of the bed. Maria tugged Jessica’s shirt up and over her head, tossing it in Owen’s direction. She spun Jessica around, showing her bra-clad breasts to her father as she kissed her neck. Maria beckoned Owen to join them. Looking drunk, he rounded the bed and Maria shoved his chest, seating him.

“Do you like my new toy?” Maria asked. “It’s okay. You paid me to play with it, so why don’t you touch it? Maybe you should pull down that slutty little skirt.”

Owen, his hand shaking, reached up and put his hands on Jessica’s hips. He’d touched her before, but this time it felt electric as his fingertips touched her hips and then hooked inside her skirt. They locked eyes, and Jessica nodded. Another barrier crossed. Owen eased the skirt down over her hips and let it fall down her legs. His eyes followed it, stopping to linger on her pussy.

“Your daughter’s pussy belongs to me,” Maria hissed. “Do you want to play with it tonight?”

Owen nodded, his breathing ragged.

“Tell daddy what you are tonight, Jessica,” Maria ordered, snaking her hand between Jessica’s legs and stroking her pussy.

Not Luna. Jessica. Tonight, she would be herself and her daddy would fuck her.

“I’m… your cunt,” Jessica hissed.

“Good girl,” Maria said and turned her around, presenting her bottom to Owen as they kissed.

Maria looked over Jessica’s shoulder, where Owen’s eyes were fixated on Jessica’s ass.

“Touch it,” Maria instructed. “Touch your little girl.”

Owen reached out and caressed Jessica’s bottom with one hand, and then the other. He groaned with need as he cupped her round cheeks in his hands and Jessica wiggled her backside at him. His hands traced the lace of the panties where they covered her ass, followed the edges up to her waist, toyed with the band. Jessica moaned into Maria’s mouth as he explored her. His touch was hot and trembling, his nervousness warring with his need for her.

“Tell your daddy what you want, baby,” Maria said and turned her around to face him. “Just like you told me when I licked your cunt last night.”

“I… I want you to… fuck me, Daddy,” Jessica breathed.

“That’s so good, baby,” Maria praised her and kissed her neck. “Now, tell Daddy what I’m turning you into.”

There was a click from the remote and Jessica jerked, gasped, and said, “A… a family-fucking slut!”

“Oh my God,” Owen hissed.

“Did you hear that, Daddy?” Maria asked. “Is that what you wanted? Did you want your little princess to be a dirty girl for you?”

“Yes,” Owen hissed and laid his palm flat on her bare tummy.

“Feel her,” Maria ordered and moved his hand between Jessica’s legs.

He rubbed her pussy through the panties, feeling the vibrations from the toy and the wet patch of cloth.

“Is her pretty pussy wet for you?” Maria asked.

“Yeah…” Owen said, enrapt, his fingers tracing her sex.

“Tell him, slut,” Maria whispered in Jessica’s ear. “Tell Daddy that your pussy is wet for him.”

“Oh, Daddy,” Jessica moaned. “My pussy is… it’s so wet for you.”

Maria’s hand joined Owen’s, and she pulled Jessica’s panties aside. Owen’s finger slipped through her wetness, making Jessica buck, and then it pushed easily into her soaking channel. His finger pushed against the egg, forcing it to press against her tight walls and making her tremble as Maria held her.

“She’s so ready for some big daddy cock,” Maria said. “I’ve had that little toy teasing her pussy for hours. Can you feel how ready she is?”

Owen pulled his finger from her and sucked it. Maria guided Jessica to her knees in front of her daddy and placed her hands on Owen’s cock.

“Get your daddy’s cock out,” Maria whispered. “Take off his pants and get his naked cock out.”

Jessica looked up at her father’s lust-addled face and watched his eyes glaze over as her hands tugged at the band of his pants. He raised up, allowed her to pull them down, sat, and then slid them down his legs. His hard, erect cock bobbed in her face.

Maria reached out and took it in her hand, stroking the length of it delicately as Jessica watched. The feeling was incredible, Jessica thought. She’d had it in her mouth already and started down the road toward incestuous passion, but now there was a feeling of total submission. Maria’s words, her every action, elicited a desire to please the girl.

In the way that Maria manipulated both her father and her, the girl had made the experience one of her pleasure, as well as theirs. The two of them were like her toys, performing for her, acting out Maria’s fantasy. The two of them watched Maria’s hand move up and down his cock, making it grow and lengthen.

“Open your mouth,” Maria whispered, looking up at Owen. “Open your mouth, look up, and show Daddy that you’re ready to be a good girl.”

Jessica parted her lips and looked up at her father. Maria guided her mouth to his cock and Jessica moaned as his pulsing head pressed between her soft, warm lips. Owen sighed with relief and pleasure as his daughter took him in. He made to put his hand on her head, but Maria took it and put it on Jessica’s breast. He squeezed it softly as Jessica took his length deeper.

“That’s it, slut,” Maria whispered. “Keep looking at him. Show Daddy how much you need his cock. Show him how good you are at getting it wet and hard for your little pussy.”

Jessica trembled, and Owen groaned. His cock jerked in her mouth and Jessica thought he was going to cum. Maria giggled.

“Be careful,” she said. “You don’t want that big daddy dick to cum in your mouth, do you? Daddy’s cum should go in your pussy, right?”

Jessica mumbled around his cock.

“Is that what you want, Daddy?” Maria asked.

Owen nodded, entranced at the sight of Jessica’s lips spread around his dick. Maria pulled Jessica’s mouth from it by her hair.

“Tell Daddy you need him to cum in you,” she hissed into Jessica’s ear.

“I need you… to cum in my… my pussy, Daddy,” Jessica said.

Maria gently eased her mouth back over his cock and used her hand to masturbate his penis with her face.

“That’s so good, baby,” she cooed in Jessica’s ear. “First, you need to learn how to please Daddy with your mouth. Daddy needs a special cocksucker to keep him hard and wet, so he can always be ready to push that dick in you. Do you want to learn how to be Daddy’s special cocksucker?”

“Hmm!” Jessica mumbled.

“Daddy’s hard cock needs princess pussy to fuck, so you need to keep it hard and wet for your cunny, okay?”

“Fuck…” Owen gasped and squeezed Jessica’s breast.

Maria grinned wickedly at him.

“Don’t worry, Daddy,” Maria said. “I’ll teach her to be just the kind of slut you like.”

She stroked Jessica’s hair as Jessica licked and sucked her daddy’s aching cock.

“I know all the nasty things that Daddy wants to make you do,” Maria whispered as Jessica sucked. “I’m going to make you do them all for him. We’ll make you like Daddy’s little fuck pet, Jess. Only, I’ll only let him have you when he pays to use my slut. I’m going to whore you out to your own daddy.”

Jessica shook at the words, her pussy wet and throbbing. The little egg was maddening, making her cunt clench needily as it dripped panty nectar. Owen gasped and pulled his cock out of Jessica’s mouth, breathing hard as he fought for control.

“Jesus!” he hissed.

Maria laughed and kissed Jessica, mauling her tits through the bra. Pulling back, she said, “I think Daddy likes that idea. Why don’t you get on the bed and let Daddy return the favor? Would you like to see how good Daddy sucks pussy, baby?”

Jessica nodded, caught in Maria’s gaze, spellbound. Even if she’d wanted to, she didn’t think her body would allow her to stop. Maria stripped off her own skirt and panties and she stood while Jessica climbed onto the bed. Maria retrieved the vibrator from her purse, then crawled after her, unsnapping Jessica’s bra and pulling it away. She tossed it onto the floor.

She guided Jessica onto her back and sucked at her nipple, while her hand slipped into her panties as Owen watched, stroking his cock, equally entranced at the way Maria controlled his daughter. Maria tugged the egg from Jessica’s cunt and clicked it off. The feeling of emptiness and the lack of vibration was jarring after having the thing in her for so long.

“Take off the little slut’s panties, Daddy,” Maria said and kissed Jessica hotly.

Jessica moaned into the kiss as her daddy tugged at the panties, pulling them away roughly, his desire overwhelming. Maria clicked on the vibrator and pushed it against Jessica’s clit, making her yelp as their tongues played. Then she felt her daddy’s tongue trace the length of her slit and Maria pulled the vibrator away.

Jessica whined needily and sucked at Maria’s tongue, her arms around her neck, pulling her in as her daddy stuffed his tongue into her overheated fuckbox. She ground her pussy against the feeling, trying to get it deeper, the feeling of losing control rising. The vibrator touched her nipple, sending a spark of pleasure through her, and then Owen’s lips sealed around her clit and his tongue flicked it back and forth.

Jessica’s vision dimmed as her mind exploded with pleasure. She squealed into Maria’s mouth, holding her tightly as the pent-up orgasm hit her. Maria pulled away, then pushed at Owen’s head. He released Jessica’s engorged fuck button reluctantly, a questioning look on his cum-coated face.

“Do it!” Maria hissed. “Push that big incest dick up your girl. She needs it.”

She covered Jessica’s mouth again and trailed the vibrator down to her pussy, sliding it through her slit, and then back up. It rested on Jessica’s clit, lightly, teasingly, threatening to push her over again. Maria broke away, removed the vibrator, and said, “Watch.”

Jessica’s glassy eyes turned downward, where her daddy’s hard cock rested in position to fuck her. His hands gripped her legs and their eyes met. His look was pleading, but it also held a question.

“Do you want it?” Maria asked for him, holding her phone trained between Jessica’s legs.

Jessica swallowed and trembled. The head of his cock slid down the wet length of her gash.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she whispered.

Owen pressed his cock against her tight little sheath and Jessica shook as it opened her. It was like the egg, and like Maria’s fingers, but so different. It was the feeling of it, but also the knowledge that she was spreading herself open for her father’s taboo lust, as well as her own. She was offering her daddy her virgin pussy. No. Not offering. She’d let Maria pimp her virginity to her own father.

His cockhead pushed inside of her and she felt her pussy swallow it, close around it, grip it tightly, and suck it in. Maria groped her breast, toyed with her nipple, and kissed her neck.

“That’s so good, baby,” Maria whispered. “Give daddy your pussy. Just let Daddy fuck you and it will feel so good.”

Jessica squirmed as his cock slowly inched deeper. Maria pressed the vibrator to her clit again as Owen fed her his length. Jessica gasped as the pleasure shot through her, her body shaking. His cock met the resistance that Jessica knew would soon be gone. She humped her pussy against the vibrator, against her daddy’s cock, the intensity from the toy pushing her over her peak.

Then it all happened at once. The orgasm came, pushing her over. Her back arched and Owen’s hands on her legs tightened. He hissed, “fuck, baby,” and then he was through, his cock sliding deep, so deep. Maria kissed her, muffling her cries of pleasure, pressing the vibrator tightly against her button, drawing the pleasure out.

Her daddy’s cock was in her. He was all the way in her pussy and it was the most amazing thing she’d ever felt. Owen gathered her up, locking his arm around her neck as he settled on top of her, then drew his hips back and gave her the full length of his prick once more. Jessica shook and moaned as the pleasure of it rippled up her body.

He took her that way, slowly, making her feel every throbbing inch of his cock as it filled her, withdrew, then filled her again. The feeling of taboo faded against the pleasure in her pussy. This didn’t feel dirty. It felt wonderful.

“Oh, God, Daddy…” she whispered, and then he kissed her.

Maria moaned in her ear and said, “That’s your daddy’s pussy now. From now on, every time you fuck, you’re going to think about the day your daddy fucked you first.”

Jessica humped against his cock at the words, the heat rising again.

“Tell him, Jessica,” Maria urged.

“It’s… it’s your pussy, Daddy,” Jessica hissed. “Oh, fuck! It’s your pussy!”

Owen growled, and his pace quickened. Dimly, Jessica could hear Maria pressing the vibrator against her own cunt. The awareness faded as the carnal pleasure took hold again, though. She remembered the way Eric had fucked Maria, in this same spot, the way they’d been lost in that moment. She’d wondered, then, what that would be like. Now, she knew. It was pure bliss, impossible to describe.

She clung to her daddy’s neck as he fucked her, their bodies moving together, finding a rhythm that continued to build that pleasure up toward another release. Then it came. His cock filled her, and she felt her pussy tighten, gripping his hot length as she groaned and came. He held her through it, his cock jerking wildly inside her, and then he growled. Hot bursts of cum splattered her insides, the force of them shocking.

Maria jerked and came next to them, the vibrator against her clit.

“So fucking hot,” she hissed. “Oh, fuck! Cum in your slut, Daddy!”

Owen held his spasming cock deep inside her, clinging to her as he unloaded his cum into his daughter. Jessica felt lightheaded as the hot, sticky goo filled her up, squishing wetly as he gave her sharp little thrusts that sent small waves of pleasure up her body. The feeling seemed to last for minutes, but, finally, Owen relaxed and so did she.

Jessica continued to tremble as he released his death grip on her, sitting up on his knees. The two of them looked downward, where his cock was lodged inside of her, both of them wet and breathing hard.

“Oh my God,” Owen whispered. “Jess…”

Jessica dipped her fingers between her legs and gathered up their sex juices, then pushed them into her mouth as she met his eyes.

“Maybe,” she said, “I’ll let you have the next one for free.”

Maria cursed and came again.


Like the sound of this story? You can pick up the finished novel in the shop. Seducing Jessica is a novel of incestuous seduction spanning 18 chapters and over 52,000 words. This book tells the tale of Jessica's seduction and transformation at the hands of her family and a dominant escort.

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