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Seducing Jessica: Part Two

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Chapter Three: Showoff

When she was out of the pool, Jessica was acutely aware of just how much the bikini was showing off. The water made the fabric hug tightly to her every curve. She wondered why she hadn’t noticed it yesterday. Stupid. Yesterday her perception of life had been different. That was why.

It was not as though Jessica did not notice the looks she got from men. She understood that men thought she was cute. Jessica, herself, knew that she was cute. Her petite body and wide eyes, framed by the long, black hair, lent her a look of adorable innocence, like some kind of dark little pixie, she thought. She understood it well enough to have used those wide eyes and sweet smile to get her way in the past. She’d never really considered it sexual, though. It was just a little flirty.

As she dried herself, though, her eyes wandered over Eric’s swim trunks, particularly his crotch. Was that a bit of a bulge she saw? She thought it was. Eric was never the type of brother that roughhoused with her. She was small, after all. He’d always been more the type to tease her or play the odd joke. Thus, he’d never tried to dunk her in the pool. Before today.

Today, she’d gotten some more splashing and a couple of dunks in the water. Eric had put his arms around her waist and pulled her under with a laugh. She hadn’t imagined it. He had been touching her body. As she put the towel around herself and picked up the robe, Eric gave her a look, raising an eyebrow.

“What?” she asked.

“Let’s go get your money. But you can’t cover up. That’s not what you’re getting paid for.”

There was a silly grin on his face that made Jessica blush.

“I’m wet,” she explained, “I’m going to freeze if I don’t dry off.”

He nodded and said, “Lay in the sun. Dry off and warm up. I’ll go get the money.”

Jessica agreed and lay on one of the deck chairs, spreading the towel beneath her and soaking in the sun. Eric was gone for a few minutes, and then came back holding his wallet and his phone. He went through the wallet and pulled out two twenties and a ten, holding them out.

“Now, you can have this, as we agreed, and wear the bikini for the rest of the day. That means the whole day until we go to bed. Or…”

Jessica reached for the money, stopped, and asked, “Or, what?”

“Or, you can make twice as much being a swimsuit model,” Eric finished.

“What do you mean?” Jessica asked, narrowing her eyes.

“I mean, if you let me take five photos of you in the swimsuit, posing as I choose, I’ll give you ten dollars for each photo. That’s another fifty dollars.”

“Why?” Jessica asked.

“Why, what?”

“Why do you want to take pictures of me?” she asked, blushing.

“Because, if you decide you’re going to be an escort, you’ll need to take pictures. Also, you’re cute and I want to have pictures of a cute girl in a bikini.”

“To do what with?” she probed, “Why do you want, specifically, pictures of me in a bikini? You can go look up pictures of girls in bikinis for free. And I’m not going to be an escort, so the first answer is a moot point.”

Now it was Eric’s turn to blush, though it was hardly noticeable against his tanned skin.

“Does it matter? Do you want the money or not?” he asked, finally.

Jessica considered it. Fifty dollars was a lot of money, and she did need it. By Eric’s answer, though, it was obvious what he was going to do with the pictures. He was going to jerk off to pictures of her in her bikini. Jessica may not have known much about penises, but she did know that guys jerked off, and she knew her brother would do it.

Did she want to think about her brother jerking off to her pictures? She couldn’t puzzle out, exactly, how she felt about that. Common knowledge said that she should be disgusted by it and, perhaps if their lives had been a little different, if they hadn’t spent much of the last three years apart, she might have. It wasn’t disgust she felt, though. It was… something else, like the feeling she’d gotten when she looked at the escort girl in the pink lingerie, the feeling she’d had when she’d imagined her dad fucking the escort.

“Five pictures?” she asked.

“Five pictures,” Eric agreed, his grin spreading.

He pulled more money out and handed it to her.

“Nothing gross, right?”

“Nothing gross,” he said, “Nothing that you couldn’t post on Facebook.”

“Okay,” she said, hesitantly.

Having nowhere to put the money, Jessica held it in her hand. Eric reached down and took it