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Gooner Girl

Lucy is a girl with a masturbation problem. As a "socially dysfunctional chronic masturbator," mother has all but given up on her oldest daughter. Instead, she simply supplies her with birth control, since she's little more than "a useful hole for strange men," and, instead, puts what little energy she has into keeping her youngest daughter shielded from the outside world.

Lucy has become so inundated with hardcore pornography, that she now has trouble separating porn from reality. When her younger sister, Rachel, gets a little too curious about what Lucy does all the time in her room, she finds herself being sucked down the rabbit hole of depravity that Lucy's life has become.

Kinks Served: Humiliation, Masturbation, Porn addiction, Gooning, Seduction, LezDom, Degradation, Blowjob, Facial, Group sex

"... Lucy was motivated by her cunt. Her cunt was her best friend. Rachel was going to discover that she had her own best friend. Now, Rachel was utterly enrapt as she watched a line of unattractive and dirty homeless men, paid by some degenerate porn producer, repeatedly pump their pent-up loads onto the face of a naked girl. The video was titled, “Helping the Homeless,” and it was one of Lucy’s favorites.


This time, rather than allowing Rachel to cum, Lucy made sure to keep her on edge. She could tell that Rachel was tired, though. Masturbation marathons were not something she was used to. Her sister was nearly limp in her arms, but she continued to ingest the video, awestruck by the sight of the porn girl’s utterly ruined face, which was plastered in a cake of white goop so thick that she was barely recognizable as human. Still, the line of men just kept coming. Lucy had tried to count them a few times, but after seventy or eighty she usually either came or lost count. Or both.


Each time one of the men would plaster the slut’s face, another girl would shove a vibrating toy into her cunt and hold it there until the last drop of semen had fallen from the man’s spent cock. Rachel seemed to find this fascinating, as the girl would only receive pleasure at the moment that she was being a helpful cum target for an unwashed vagrant. Lucy thought that this little touch was inspired on the part of whatever pervert had put this video together."

Lucy & Rachel


Never Touched

Rabbit Hole



Things to Put up Your Cunt

Tongue Tied

Fucking Rachel

Lucy's Ambitions

New Toys

Rachel's Cherry

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