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Stephanie Hamlin

The Second Place Sister

The title character of The Second Place Sister, Stephanie is consumed with jealousy over her twin sister's constant success. All her life, Stephanie has taken second place in everything, but now she has a plan. The only one that's cumming first from now is Stephanie.

Stephanie Hamlin
Stephanie Hamlin

"You're going to be my little suck slut, my pussy bitch. And I'm going to make you cum so good..."

-The Second Place Sister, *The Pussy Slut*

"Sluts do what they're told by the bitch who owns their cunt..."

Stephanie Hamlin

Gorgeous, insatiable, manipulative and deranged, Stephanie Hamlin is equal parts slutty and cruel. While her more conservative twin sister, Tori, shied away from sex in favor of school, Stephanie became obsessed with it. In particular, Stephanie delights in anything kinky, from lesbian domination, to incest, to her fantasies of being raped by her own family. Steph truly is one twisted beauty.

"You should really start interacting with your fans..."
-The Second Place Sister 
*Little Kandy Kunt

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