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Correcting Kelly

Every man has a breaking point. For Todd, that point has come. A brilliant chemist, dedicated to providing the best for his family, but constantly pandering to their selfishness, today, something in Todd has finally snapped.

His daughter, Kelly, is a brat. She's failing school, more concerned with popularity than her future. His wife, Katie, is spoiled, cold, and focused on being a socialite. 

To Todd, the lack of respect, affection, and gratitude is unacceptable. His family needs to be fixed. Todd is a man of means, and Todd has a plan to correct his family, to remake them into his perverse vision of perfection. 

Follow the spiral into depravity, as the combined forces of Ms. Gloria and Todd change his wife into a mindless sex pet, replacing her in his bed with his daughter, and turning her into his personal breeding slut.

Kinks served: Incest, reluctance, chastity, psychological manipulation, personality modification, orgasm denial, humiliation, degradation, dark erotica

"Kelly did not like the belt at all. The belt was uncomfortable and demeaning. It made her feel like a failure, and it made her think about her pussy even more than she already did, because she couldn’t touch it, no matter what."

"I just -" Katie began, but Todd pushed his cock between her lips before she could continue.

     Her insecurity, though useful, was not something he needed to hear about when it was not useful to hear about. Katie needed to understand that her own feelings came secondary to his cock, and this was a good time to start the lesson. When he wanted to hear what she had to say, he would listen. When he did not, he would put his cock into her mouth. That was going to be the way of things."

Chapters in this book

Length: 43K Words

  1. The Goddamn Bullshit

  2. Kelly's Arrangement

  3. Katie's Bargain

  4. Kelly's First Failure

  5. The Tutor

  6. Udders

  7. Sleeping Arrangements

  8. Junk Mail

  9. Instructional Videos

  10. The Crush and the Collar

  11. Kinks are Natural

  12. What Your Pussy Needs

  13. The Masturbatory Aid

  14. Economics

  15. Daddy's Grateful Blowjob Slut

  16. The Date

  17. Special Talent

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