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Vicky's Inheritance

Vicky has never met her father. The only thing she's heard of him is that he's, "a rich asshole, who never wanted anything to do with us."

The words from her mother, though, couldn't be more wrong. Vicky's father is not just a rich asshole. He sits atop a multibillion-dollar fortune, manning the helm of the world's third largest corporate entity, DomCo. The old man has, also, been watching Vicky for some time. 

Now, the man she's never met has summoned Vicky to his office and given her the chance to inherit his massive fortune, his name, and his company. Unfortunately, her father doesn't approve of the "girl" that she's become. In order to win her fortune, Vicky will need to adhere to his cruel, outmoded, misogynist ideals about a girl's place in the world.

But the demands he places on her, to win his approval, may ultimately break her mind.

Kinks Served: Nonconsent, reluctance, rough oral, rough sex, group sex, personality modification, humiliation, degradation, impregnation, incest

"The day you came back, I knew that you had what it would take. When you came back again, and then again, I was sure of it. You might be a girl, but you've got my fucking balls and you didn't give up. It takes a special person to betray their beliefs, but you did it. I gave you a little help, sure, when you were in that clinic. But in the end, it was your own conviction, your own realization of your place in nature that opened your eyes to the truth. What is the truth, Vicky?"

"I'm… I'm a slut," she said, "Sir."

Chapter Headings

Length: 23K Words


2.Disappointing Tits

3.Acceptable Melons

4.A Useless Twat

5.Cock Hunter

6.Violating Vicky

7.Slutty Vicky

8.The Proof is in the Pussy

9.One for Good Measure

10.The Heiress

Vicky from Vicky's Inheritance
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