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Tempting Trevor

Stacy is a living dirty fantasy, obsessed with seduction and sexual power over others. As soon as she was legal, Stacy set about using her looks and seductive mind to slowly alter her own parents' perception of her from that of a lovable daughter, into their mistress of pleasure.

It took over a year, but Stacy now has both of her parents under her thumb. Now, home from college and with the summer ahead of her, Stacy has her sights set on her 18-year-old brother, Trevor, and his cute little girlfriend, Mary. 

How can two sexually inexperienced youngsters hope to withstand the relentless onslaught of a master seductress?

Stacy, Tempting Trevor
Stacy sucking Trevor

"We can't fuck. We can play like this. We can be naked and play together like this, so I can teach you, but you can't fuck me. You can't fuck your slutty sister, even if she wants your dick so bad."

-Tempting Trevor, The Toy

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