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Internet Famous Entertainment Management

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At iFem, we believe that the days of traditional advertising have seen their sunset. Internet users have become indifferent to commercials and ads. Connection with other people is what sells products and services and will for the foreseeable future.

Influencers are the proven partners for the future of advertising and customer engagement. Our elite list of influencers includes both those with an established track record, and up-and-coming talent that's making waves across social media. Putting your brand in the hands of our marketing experts guarantees that your product or service will make an impression with your target audience.

If we don't have an influencer that fits your unique business, we'll create one for you. By any means necessary.

Welcome Our Latest Influencer!

VixyViv made a name for herself with her take-no-shit attitude on social media. Her celebrity makeup look-alike how-to videos really cemented her place as a rising influencer on YouTube, but it was her no-holds-barred personality that garnered the attention of so many followers. Self-made through hard work and determination, VixyViv has become iFem's go-to girl for sponsors that other influencers find a little too racy. VixyViv just loves being a good girl.

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Bad Influence(r)
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Our marketing guys really are the best. You know, it’s a psychological thing. Our research has shown that capitalizing the second letter in the word is seen as trendier and more effective. It’s like the iPhone. The emphasis isn’t on the individual, because the individual isn’t what’s important to the company. The phone is what’s important and cool, not the user.”

Vivianne is an online bully, who only cares about her follower count. She puts down others, insults their hard work, and belittles those who are less trendy and beautiful than her. Her online life, under the handle VixyVix, is a sham, though. Vivianne is living on the edge of poverty, engaged in a lie that consumes her with shame and self-hate. When Vivianne receives an offer for a real sponsorship opportunity from Internet Famous Entertainment Management, she's quick to accept. iFem offers her everything she knows she deserves; a life of ease. Free products. Excursions to interesting destinations, where powerful and influential people lead lives of excess.

Vivianne's online ills have gotten her on the bad side of someone with far more sway and resources. Melissa, Vivianne's new campaign manager, has plans to turn the savage little influencer into the best little money maker in iFem's deep pockets. iFem believes in keeping sponsors happy, no matter what. And they don't believe in limits.

Kinks Served: personality modification, humiliation, degradation, forced lesbianism, brainwashing, bimbofication, reluctance, nonconsent



Foxy creates sexy sleepwear and premium intimates for the forward-thinking woman

Good Pet

Good Pet offers a variety of animal control products.

Fantasy Island

Mexico's premiere adult resort specializes in themed activities to enhance your love life and meet new and exciting people.


TeezMe is a highend lingerie and erotic clothing line for young women, who are proud of their bodies.


The future of body enhancement, Maximizer provides custom-formulated single injection alternatives to plastic surgery.

Remolded Reality Labs

Tired of the same old you? Remolded Reality Labs specializes in self-help programs through the art of subliminal messaging and hypnotic therapy. Get motivated and become a better you!


AphroDitzy is a proprietary blend offering the only once-daily female supplement you'll ever need.


Located in the Mayan Riviera, Sensualité brings that bit of Latin sexiness to you, wherever you are!


No one does erotic art like X-Rod! This trendy and progressive artist is pushing the limits of artistic expression through his edgy depictions, which make important commentaries on social issues we all face.

Chapter Headings

Length: 46K Words

1.Bad Influence(r)


3.The Heights of Stardom


5.Twitter Poll

6.Live Stream

7.The Massage

8.White Noise

9.Day Off


11.Thong Thursday

12.Frisky Friday

13.Suck Off Saturday


15.Follower's Choice

16.Plaisirs Nocturnes

17.Sure Thing

18.Corporate Whore

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