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Seducing Jessica: Part One

Eighteen-year-old Jessica's parents have been divorced for several years. Living nearly full-time with her mother during that separation, Jessica has only spent one weekend a month with her father and brother. Now, Jessica's mother is remarrying and jetting off to the tropics for a summer with her new man.

Jessica's living arrangements have taken a sudden turn, and now she'll spend the entire summer with her father and brother. Jessica's father, Owen, is a bit stern but kind. He's got a thing for hard work and now that Jessica's of age, he demands that she get a summer job.

All of that is just the start of a week that will send Jessica's life spinning wildly out of control. When Jessica discovers that her father is hiring escorts, all of whom have a striking similarity to herself, Jessica's curiosity gets the better of her.

Not only is Jessica intrigued by this line of work, but one of the girls, in particular, has developed a sexual fixation on the innocent Jessica. Now, day by day, she's being sucked into a world of sexual exploration, submission, and doing things that she never imagined. The only question is how far she'll go.

Kinks Served: Incest, Dad/Dau, Bro/Sis, Seduction, Domination, Submission, Power Play, Girl/Girl, Group Sex, Prostitution, Humiliation, Reluctance, Anal, Masturbation, Toys

Seducing Jessica Cover Art

Chapter One: Jessica's Job

Jessica pulled her old, well-worn car into the driveway of her father’s home with a sense of nervousness. The large house, so unlike her mother’s, stood well-kept and neat in an upper-class suburban neighborhood. Jessica didn’t mind coming to stay at her father’s home. Normally, she would spend a weekend here each month.

This visit, though, was going to be more permanent. Jessica had turned eighteen just a few months ago, and by the terms of the custody agreement, she was no longer her mother’s primary responsibility. Not only that, but her mother had seen fit to remarry, and now that she was able to be rid of Jessica and focus on her “new future,” their prior arrangement had suddenly been reversed.

Now, Jessica would spend one weekend a month with her mother. Today, though, her mother and the husband-to-be had jetted off for a tropical summer vacation. Brandon, the new husband, was eager to show off his wealth to his attractive new fiance. Jessica felt glad, somewhat, that her mother’s fortunes were turning around.

Jessica had mixed feelings about living with her father, though. On the one hand, she liked her father’s home. It was only across the city from her mother’s, meaning she could stay in the same school and finish her coming senior year. Her older brother lived here, full-time with her father, and he was great. Her father, too, wasn’t a bad sort. He was just a bit stern.

Jessica’s father was a self-made man, having built his own company and succeeded, despite his poor upbringing. He had tremendous respect for hard work and valued it. This was evidenced by the fact that her brother was required to work, from the day he’d turned eighteen, and was further made to cover a portion of his living expenses.

“No matter what happens,” her father had said, “you need to be able to rely on yourself. Life’s going to throw everything it can at you, and if you’re not able to stand on your own two feet, you’ll be vulnerable.”

It was true, Jessica knew. Still, she was not looking forward to it. Jessica had never worked and wasn’t even sure what sort of work she could do. The thought of going out to some burger hut or taco joint, working for minimum wage, having to wear a dumb uniform, and then being mocked by people at school for it, was not something that she wanted to do.

Entering the house, Jessica tossed her bag on her bed and then padded down the hall to her brother’s room. She knocked on the closed door, lightly, and Eric opened it a moment later.

“Hey, Jess!” he said, grabbing her in a welcoming embrace, “You just get in?”

“Yeah,” Jessica said and stepped back.

“You need a hand with any bags?” he asked.

“Yeah. Thanks.”

Eric helped her to carry her large suitcase and bags of belongings up to her room, setting them to the side of the bed for later unpacking.

“I’m off work today,” Eric said, “Got any plans?”

Jessica shook her head, saying, “Just to unpack. Why?”

“I opened up the pool this morning,” Eric said, “Seems like a good day to make use of it. You wanna come?”

“Sure. Let me get changed!” Jessica agreed.

Jessica from Seducing Jessica


Jessica met her brother out back by the pool, wearing a new bikini she’d picked up with some birthday money from Brandon. This bikini was a little sexier than she’d worn before, a cute black set that cut through the cheeks of her round and brown bubble butt. While Jessica had always been a bit embarrassed about her small breasts, her mother’s Latin heritage had given her an ass that made everyone give it a second look, no matter what she wore. Combined with her natural tan and long, black hair, she thought the new bikini made her look a touch naughty, more grown-up, and sexy even.

After some swimming and horsing around in the pool, she joined Eric on the lounge chairs to soak in the sun. While Jessica, herself, didn’t need any sun to tan, she did enjoy the warmth and leisure time with her brother.

“Have you thought about a job, yet?” Eric asked as they lay in the sun.

“No. I guess I’ll go start putting in applications or sending some online. I just don’t know what to do.”

“I’d put in a word for you at the hardware store, but I don’t know how much you’d like selling tools and lawnmowers,” Eric said with a shrug.

Jessica didn’t think she’d like that at all. It sounded very boring.

“On the other hand,” Eric said, “all those old guys coming in and getting a look at a cutie like you would probably put you way up on the sales charts!”

“Funny,” Jessica said, blushing.

“Well, I’m sure dad will give you some time to figure it out,” Eric said, “You know how he is, though. You’ll have to find something pretty quick or he’ll start coming up with ways to ‘motivate’ you.”

“What did he do to you?”

“Oh, I was quick to get something. I papered every place in town and took the first thing. Honestly, it’s not so bad. I learn a lot from the older guys, and it’s easy. Throw in going to school and dad pretty much stays out of my way. I just pay a bit of rent, my phone, my car, insurance, that kind of thing.”

Jessica wasn’t sure. Up until now, her mother had paid for her phone, her old beat-up car, and her expenses. She’d made it clear, though, that she was in agreement about doing things for herself. If Jessica didn’t find work and start earning a paycheck, she could kiss her phone goodbye after this month.


Jessica’s father, Owen, sat with his two children at dinner that evening. To get in his good graces about finding a job, Jessica had put in a lot of effort to make dinner. This, she’d picked up from her mother and it was something she even enjoyed to an extent.

“Fine work, Jess,” Owen said, digging into the pasta dinner, “You get your stuff unpacked yet?”

“I’ll work on it tonight,” she said.

Owen, not exactly the most talkative man, nodded and continued his dinner. Once Jess and Eric had cleared the dishes away, though, Owen sat her down with him at the table.

“Honey,” he said, “I know this is a big change for all of us. I’m happy to see your mom doing well, and Brandon seems like a good guy. I just want you to know that I’m glad you’re here. It’s going to be an adjustment for you, but just like every time, you know what the expectations are. I like a tidy house. I do expect that you’ll go out and look for work until you find it. We’ll talk later about your expenses and arrange things. I know that it’s probably going to take some time, and I’m okay with that. I just expect to see you putting forth a regular effort and following up. You’ll land something. It won’t be your dream job, but as long as you put forth the effort to get something and you stick with it, that’s what matters.”

“Alright,” Jessica agreed, “What if I don’t find something, though?”

“Don’t go into it with a mindset of defeat,” Owen counseled, “You go at everything in life with the knowledge that you are going to succeed at it. There’s going to be failure. That’s okay. It’s expected. What’s important is that you keep at it, that you don’t give up, and you keep coming back to it with a renewed willingness to learn, to get better.”

Owen stood and kissed her on the top of her head.

“Now, get settled in. By the end of this week, I expect that you’ll have put in no less than two applications per day, starting tomorrow. Alright?”

“Okay, dad,” Jessica agreed.

Chapter Two: Mirror

To conserve her limited birthday funds, Jessica began her job search online. Through various job posting sites, she perused the available positions. The exercise proved frustrating. Most of the ads posted required some kind of prior experience or were not suited for a girl seeking a summer job that could be flexible once her school year started.

Even though she knew that she didn’t have much chance of success, Jessica still filled out a dozen applications for small offices and also placed a mediocre resume with some of the job placement agencies she found in her search. Fast food and retail positions, she decided, could wait until the other prospects hadn’t panned out. A bit disheartened, she spent the rest of the afternoon texting with friends while watching TV.

Hoping to win further approval, Jessica set about tidying up the house and making dinner once more. This pleased Owen when he arrived home that evening and earned her an approving thanks from Eric when he returned from work, as well. Knowing that he’d want proof of her efforts, Jessica showed her father a spreadsheet she’d done of her job searches. Owen looked it over approvingly, giving her praise for her detailed record-keeping.

“Keep it up, honey,” Owen said, “Sometimes it’s a matter of quantity. The more you put yourself out there, the easier it’ll be.”

Bored, Jessica returned to the living room for more TV, after cleaning away the dishes. It was soon after, that life took a new and strange turn. With her father and brother both on the second floor, Jessica went to answer a ring at the front door.

The girl at the door, Jessica thought, could have nearly been her identical twin. They shared the same petite frame and natural tan, as well as long, black hair. Even their features were strikingly similar. The girl, though, was dressed far sexier than Jessica herself would have ever considered. Her long, bare legs ran from a pair of black heels to a pink miniskirt, above which her tummy was bare and she wore a tight, pink top that molded to her small, braless breasts.

Jessica and Maria

“Um, hello?” Jessica said, blinking, taken aback.

“Oh, hi!” the girl said, peppily and with the hint of an accent that reminded Jessica of her mother’s, “Owen here?”

Jessica, nearly too stunned to speak, simply nodded her head. When she turned to allow the girl to step inside, Owen was already coming down the hall.

“I’ve got this, honey,” he said to Jessica.

The girl at the door brightened even more at the sight of him and allowed herself in. Jessica’s mouth fell open as the girl put her arms around Owen’s waist, leaned up, and kissed him on the mouth. The kiss was not a chaste one, either. Jessica stood by, her eyes bugged as the girl put her tongue into Owen’s mouth, and her father’s hand crept around to cup her bottom. The kiss lasted for several seconds, before the girl, blushing, broke it.

“I missed you, daddy,” she said, shyly.

“Get in here,” Owen replied, grinning, then to Jessica, “I’ll be busy for a while.”

With no further explanation, Owen took the girl upstairs, leaving Jessica, her mouth still agape, standing by the open door. What the hell had just happened? Did she have some sister she’d never met? Why had her near-twin just tongue-kissed her father? Why did she call him, “daddy?”

Jessica slowly shut the door, her face flushed as she considered the implications of Owen’s parting comment, and the things she’d just seen. Though it had not been explicit, it had been implied that her father was going to have sex with the girl. He was going to have sex with a girl that looked just like Jessica. Stunned, Jessica shut off the TV and climbed the steps to her room. Pausing at her door, she glanced toward the end of the hall, where her father’s door was shut. She heard a girlish giggle from within and hastily entered her own room, putting in her earbuds.


Jessica hadn’t slept well the previous night. The image of the girl kissing Owen, his hand on her ass, and the implication that he was going to fuck her, all swirled in her head. After Owen left in the morning, Jessica had to ask her brother about the girl. She found Eric, in his room.

“Hey, Jess. What’s up?” he asked, opening the door.

“Can I… can I ask you about something?”

“Yeah. Shoot.”

“Can I come in?” she asked.

Eric stood aside and let his sister in. Jess flitted about the room, nervously poking about, looking at things, and fidgeting.

“What is it?” Eric asked, amused.


“What did you want to ask me?”

“Oh, well, I… Last night there was… there was a girl,” Jessica stammered, “Dad. He… there was a girl,” she said again.

“Maria?” Eric asked.

“I don’t know her name. She was… she looked like me.”

“Yeah, that would be Maria. She’s an escort,” Eric stated.

“An escort?”

“Yeah. Escort, hooker, sex worker, whatever term you want to use. Dad pays her for her ‘company’.”

“He what?”

“There’s a few of them. Maria, Lindsey, and Layla,” Eric said.

“Dad pays girls to… to have sex?” Jessica asked, flummoxed.

Eric laughed and said, “Yeah. He’s a busy guy and he doesn’t date. A man’s got needs, though,” Eric said, shrugging, as though this were no issue.

“She looked like me!” Jessica said again.

“They all do,” Eric said,’ or maybe they just look like mom when she was your age.”

Jessica paled a bit and asked, “Why?”

Eric grinned and said, “I guess he likes cute, younger girls. I don’t know. Everyone has a type.”

Jessica wrung her hands.

“It’s weird,” she said.

“Why? People like sex and people like money. It’s the world’s oldest profession,” Eric said.

“I guess. Thanks,” she said.


Jessica left the room and returned to her own, setting about checking her applications and submitting new ones. She couldn’t stop thinking about the girl, though. Nervously, she looked at her door, then went and locked it. Her fingers shaking she did a new search for “escorts” and clicked on the first result.

The page showed her hundreds of women ranging from her own age to much more mature, all of them with a profile, photos, usually a nickname, and a description. Jessica clicked a few at random and read them. Many of them alluded to “company” or “quality time” which she figured was a thinly veiled reference to sex. Others, though, made no allusion to sex, but rather purely to companionship, dates, “arm candy” or sugar daddies.

She filtered the results to show only the girls that were local, and then further by ethnicity and age until she came across the girl that she’d met at the door. Maria. Maria was, according to her profile, eighteen years old. She billed herself as a petite and sexy playmate, who loved the attention of mature men. Her “daddy” fetish was in every reference, where she referred to herself as, “your little girl,” or “daddy’s princess,” or other cutesy terms.

Jessica clicked through the girl’s photos, then watched a little video she’d made of herself dancing very sluttily to a dirty rap song, shaking her petite booty in a set of skimpy, pink lingerie. The girl’s similarity to her own appearance made Jessica imagine that it was herself, and the imagined image made her feel strangely hot and aroused. Then, the imaginary Jessica began shaking her ass in the pink lingerie, but her father’s hand groped her panty-covered ass. She quickly closed the browser, blushing.

For several minutes, she stared at the blank screen. Why had she looked at it? What was she hoping to learn? She didn’t know. A moment later, she found herself knocking on Eric’s door again.

He opened it, raising a brow in question. Jessica let herself in.

“How much does he pay them for, you know?” she asked.


“Yeah. How much does he pay them for… for doing things.”

Eric shrugged, “I don’t know, exactly. I don’t really have the extra cash for escorts, but from my, um, research, a girl like that might make around $200 or $300 for a meetup. Maybe more, depending on what happens.”

“And people pay that? Dad pays that?”

“Sure. At least a few times a week,” Eric said, “One of them comes by at least three times a week, maybe more. Sometimes one of them stays the weekend with him. They go out and do things, too. It’s not always sex.”

Jessica was silent, considering that.

“You thinking of getting into the escort business for your summer job?” Eric said, jokingly.

“What? No! I wouldn’t… that’s gross!”

Eric shrugged and said, “I’m kidding, you dope. You’ve just got an awful lot of questions about it.”

“Sorry,” Jessica said, “It’s just. It felt weird that she looked like me. That’s all.”

Eric shook his head, “Yeah, I get that,” he said, “You could make good money at it, though.”

“Ew! No!”

“Whatever,” he said, shrugging, “I’d pay you $50 right now, if you wore that bikini from yesterday around the house for the rest of the day.”


“Yeah. Just to show you that it really happens and that people will pay for it. You wear the bikini for the rest of the day, and I’ll give you $50.”

“No! That’s weird, too!” Jessica argued.

“Why? You wore it to the pool yesterday, for free.”

“That’s… but we were just swimming. I wasn’t doing it to show off!” Jessica said, blushing.

“So, if you do it for free, that’s alright. If you do it for $50 then you’re a hooker?” Eric asked.

“No! It’s… you’re my brother. I wore it to swim, not so you could look at me and get a boner!”

“Who says I didn’t get a free boner out of it anyway?” Eric said, grinning, teasing.

“You’re gross. Stop that,” Jessica said, looking away, and shuffling her feet.

“Whatever. I’m going out to the pool.”

He motioned toward the door and Jessica took the hint, walking back to her room with her cheeks burning. Her own brother had just offered her money to wear a sexy bikini and she felt dirty. Jessica flopped down on the bed and tried to take a nap, tried not to think about the girl in pink lingerie, shaking her ass to a trashy rap song. It didn’t work. She tossed about, then glanced across the room, where the bikini hung on the closet door handle.


Eric was already in the pool, when Jessica came out to the backyard, wrapped in a long black robe. He swam to the edge when she appeared.

“Gonna swim?” he asked.

Jessica dithered, her hands playing with the tie on the robe.

“$50?” she asked.


“$50,” she said again, “to wear the bikini for the rest of the day?”

“Jess, I was kidding.”

“Oh,” she said, her face falling into an adorable look of disappointment.

She turned to go back inside, her head hanging with shame and embarrassment.

“Hey,” Eric called.

She stopped and turned.

“$50,” he said, “I don’t have my wallet on me, but when we go in, I’ll get it for you.”

Jessica walked back.

“Really?” she asked.

Eric nodded and said, “Don’t make it weird. You’re cute and guys like to look at cute girls in bikinis. It’s no different from looking at a swimsuit model. Do you think swimsuit models get all fidgety when their brothers see them in a bikini?”

Jessica did not think that was the case. She shook her head. Yesterday, she’d worn the sexy bikini without a second thought. Why, then, did it feel different to do it now? If she’d never asked Eric the questions, never thought about the girl in the pink lingerie, she’d have worn it again today without even thinking about it.

It was the reason behind wearing it, she thought, the fact that she was going to wear it for money, and that she was going to do it so a man could look at her and think sexy thoughts about her body. Had Eric thought she was sexy yesterday? Did her brother really get hard looking at her in the small bikini? Still, she did want $50 and she couldn’t deny the strange, hot feeling she was getting as she thought about doing it.

If she took off the robe, and she took it off for money, she’d be like the girl at the door. She’d be like an escort, a hooker, a sex worker, taking off her clothes so a man could look at her and think about fucking her. She’d be like a stripper. She toyed with the tie again and unlooped the first knot.

Eric was watching her from the pool, looking up at her expectantly, waiting. Jessica felt flushed and hot as she unlooped the other end of the knot, trying to convince herself that she was just wearing her swimsuit at the pool. It was nothing different from yesterday. She was not stripping for her brother.

She let the tie loose and it hung, swinging, while her hands held the robe closed. Biting her lip, unconsciously making the entire thing sexier with her hesitancy, she pulled one half of the robe open. She could practically see Eric’s eyes pleading with her. She bared one bikini-clad breast, shrugging off that side of the robe to reveal her exposed side, the band of the bikini bottom, and one naked leg.

She slipped the other side off and let the robe fall to the ground, covering the V of her sex with her hands and blushing. It was silly, she thought. She hadn’t been concerned for her modesty yesterday. Now, though, Eric’s eyes fell on the covered treasure of her shaven pussy, hidden beneath the bikini bottom, and Jessica could tell that her brother was thinking about it. Her brother was thinking about her naked pussy and her petite breasts, imagining what they’d look like if she’d just take the two pieces of cloth off. Maybe, he was even thinking about how much he could pay her to do it.

A hot surge of wetness flooded her pussy and made her flush at the thought. It was such a filthy thing to even think about, but she had thought it, and she’d also wondered how much was enough to make her do it, too.

Eric gave a low whistle of approval and said, “Jess, you’re beautiful. Come on. Dive in. It’s just another day in the pool.”

To emphasize how normal it was, Eric back-paddled across the pool and pretended to be finished ogling her body. In truth, he watched her slide into the water, took in the sight of her nipples hardening at the cold, her dark hair floating behind her on the surface of the water. He got hard at the sight of the beads of water on her tanned skin, the blush of embarrassment in her cheeks, and the sense of confused arousal he saw in her eyes.

Jessica from Seducing Jessica by Tori Hamlin

Like the sound of this story? You can pick up the finished novel in the shop. Seducing Jessica is a novel of incestuous seduction spanning 18 chapters and over 52,000 words. This book tells the tale of Jessica's seduction and transformation at the hands of her family and a dominant escort.

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