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Seducing Jessica: Part One

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Eighteen-year-old Jessica's parents have been divorced for several years. Living nearly full-time with her mother during that separation, Jessica has only spent one weekend a month with her father and brother. Now, Jessica's mother is remarrying and jetting off to the tropics for a summer with her new man.

Jessica's living arrangements have taken a sudden turn, and now she'll spend the entire summer with her father and brother. Jessica's father, Owen, is a bit stern but kind. He's got a thing for hard work and now that Jessica's of age, he demands that she get a summer job.

All of that is just the start of a week that will send Jessica's life spinning wildly out of control. When Jessica discovers that her father is hiring escorts, all of whom have a striking similarity to herself, Jessica's curiosity gets the better of her.

Not only is Jessica intrigued by this line of work, but one of the girls, in particular, has developed a sexual fixation on the innocent Jessica. Now, day by day, she's being sucked into a world of sexual exploration, submission, and doing things that she never imagined. The only question is how far she'll go.

Kinks Served: Incest, Dad/Dau, Bro/Sis, Seduction, Domination, Submission, Power Play, Girl/Girl, Group Sex, Prostitution, Humiliation, Reluctance, Anal, Masturbation, Toys

Seducing Jessica Cover Art

Chapter One: Jessica's Job

Jessica pulled her old, well-worn car into the driveway of her father’s home with a sense of nervousness. The large house, so unlike her mother’s, stood well-kept and neat in an upper-class suburban neighborhood. Jessica didn’t mind coming to stay at her father’s home. Normally, she would spend a weekend here each month.

This visit, though, was going to be more permanent. Jessica had turned eighteen just a few months ago, and by the terms of the custody agreement, she was no longer her mother’s primary responsibility. Not only that, but her mother had seen fit to remarry, and now that she was able to be rid of Jessica and focus on her “new future,” their prior arrangement had suddenly been reversed.

Now, Jessica would spend one weekend a month with her mother. Today, though, her mother and the husband-to-be had jetted off for a tropical summer vacation. Brandon, the new husband, was eager to show off his wealth to his attractive new fiance. Jessica felt glad, somewhat, that her mother’s fortunes were turning around.

Jessica had mixed feelings about living with her father, though. On the one hand, she liked her father’s home. It was only across the city from her mother’s, meaning she could stay in the same school and finish her coming senior year. Her older brother lived here, full-time with her father, and he was great. Her father, too, wasn’t a bad sort. He was just a bit stern.

Jessica’s father was a self-made man, having built his own company and succeeded, despite his poor upbringing. He had tremendous respect for hard work and valued it. This was evidenced by the fact that her brother was required to work, from the day he’d turned eighteen, and was further made to cover a portion of his living expenses.

“No matter what happens,” her father had said, “you need to be able to rely on yourself. Life’s going to throw everything it can at you, and if you’re not able to stand on your own two feet, you’ll be vulnerable.”

It was true, Jessica knew. Still, she was not looking forward to it. Jessica had never worked and wasn’t even sure what sort of work she could do. The thought of going out to some burger hut or taco joint, working for minimum wage, having to wear a dumb uniform, and then being mocked by people at school for it, was not something that she wanted to do.

Entering the house, Jessica tossed her bag on her bed and then padded down the hall to her brother’s room. She knocked on the closed door, lightly, and Eric opened it a moment later.

“Hey, Jess!” he said, grabbing her in a welcoming embrace, “You just get in?”

“Yeah,” Jessica said and stepped back.

“You need a hand with any bags?” he asked.

“Yeah. Thanks.”

Eric helped her to carry her large suitcase and bags of belongings up to her room, setting them to the side of the bed for later unpacking.

“I’m off work today,” Eric said, “Got any plans?”

Jessica shook her head, saying, “Just to unpack. Why?”

“I opened up the pool this morning,” Eric said, “Seems like a good day to make use of it. You wanna come?”

“Sure. Let me get changed!” Jessica agreed.

Jessica from Seducing Jessica