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Seducing Jessica, Part Fourteen

Chapter Seventeen: Brotherly Love

After a hot shower, in which she was further teased and denied, Jessica now lay over Maria’s lap on her bed. She watched the replay of her on her phone of her father fucking her, while Maria’s lubed finger slowly pushed deeper into her ass.

“Look at you go,” Maria said. “You really loved that daddy cock, didn’t you?”

“Uh huh,” Jessica agreed.

With Maria’s finger probing her ass and the egg vibrating her cunt, it was difficult to think of much else. She’d been kept on edge the entire day, managing only one orgasm purely from having cum shot into her throat. The memory of it was incredibly slutty.

Maria extracted her finger, spilled a few drops of lube onto Jessica’s anus, and then worked it in, making Jessica jerk as she watched her homemade porno. On the screen, her daddy was fucking her, holding her legs apart, and feeding his cock into her. Maria lay next to her, phone in hand, vibrator on her cunt, whispering filth in her ear.

Watching it, with Maria’s finger in her ass, only made Jessica feel more like Maria’s toy. Just in the last day, though, everything had changed. The safe space in her bedroom had grown to encompass the house. Everyone inside was playing the game, sharing the secret. Even now, Jessica’s door was wide open. Her father or her brother could walk by at any moment, look in, and look at Jessica’s bare, wet cunt and upturned ass. They’d see her laying across Maria’s lap, as the girl fingered her anus, while they watched real-life incest porn.

She had become that kind of slut, and the humiliating truth of that made her pussy wet. Since leaving the house with Maria to shop for lingerie, Jessica had surrendered her power, allowing Maria to make every decision for her regarding her body and pleasure. Stopping it at any time was within her power, she knew. But the feeling of having Maria push her, to see how far she herself would go in this journey of depraved discovery, was an aphrodisiac like no other.

Some rational part of Jessica’s mind understood that living in a constant state of arousal was influencing her judgment, but that same part also wanted to indulge her curiosity, to see how far her submission would take her before she stopped. The same thing was happening to Maria. Being a sex worker was her career. For over two days, though, she’d ignored that. She’d fucked for free with Eric and Owen, more than once. She’d become so engrossed in toying with Jessica’s submission to her, that she seemed to have forgotten everything else.

Maria extracted her finger again and began rubbing Jessica’s cunt. With her other hand, she pressed one of her new purchases against Jessica’s asshole. The small pink dildo slipped easily into Jessica’s anus, widening it and making her groan as it slowly made its way into her. Maria was gentle with it, holding it still with the first two inches in her backdoor. Her other hand made slow circles on Jessica’s clit. Jessica wriggled and the motion caused the dildo to push deeper.

“Oh… God…” Jessica hissed.

“That’s it, baby,” Maria cooed. “Let’s get that sexy ass ready for your brother.”

“Oh!” Jessica exclaimed as Maria gave the toy an insistent push that sent it another few inches into her butt.

“Since you sold your first pussy fuck to your dad, I think it’s only fair that Eric gets to take this one,” Maria said. “It feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Uh huh,” Jessica agreed.

It was true. Jessica hadn’t considered giving her ass up to anyone, but for Maria, it was just one more sexy passage for pleasure. There was pleasure in it, too. Maria had been slow and gentle, pushing the slick lube into her hole for some time, before finally adding the toy. Now, she pulled it back and slowly fucked Jessica’s ass with it as she watched her father bury his cock in her and unleash a torrent of the sperm that had made her.

As Maria fucked the toy in and out of her ass, she could feel it rubbing across the egg in her cunt. The vibrations from the thing traveled through the thin wall inside of her, vibrating the dildo as well. On her screen, she now saw herself bound to the bed and blindfolded, looking horny and confused. Some odd connection in her mind compared that image to her yearbook photo and when she imagined this image appearing in the yearbook, all of her classmates looking at her naked tits and dripping cunt, she came with the toy in her ass.

“Fuck!” she hissed and gripped the sheets, her eyes watering as Maria rubbed her cunt and held the dildo in her asshole.

“There you go, slut,” Maria said calmly. “That’s what we needed. Good girl.”

Jessica panted with need. The orgasm hadn’t been enough. Her pussy wanted more. It needed a big one.


Maria fed Jessica lunch at the table, while she had her ass stuffed with a vibrating butt plug. Jessica’s hands were bound behind her back and she was nude but for a pair of panties, which were soaked through. Eric and Owen watched the escort spoon-feed a blushing Jessica, their cocks hard, as Maria grinned wickedly and enjoyed her power. The dual sensation of vibrations in her cunt and ass at the same time made eating and thinking nearly impossible. It was only hunger that made Jessica able to get the food down.

After lunch, Maria took her back upstairs and removed the bindings and panties. She lay Jessica face down on the bed. Her ass propped up with a pillow, Maria idly twisted the butt plug with one hand, while texting with the other. Jessica moaned and gripped the sheets in her fists as the twisting of the vibrating toy sent pleasurable waves through her ass and cunt.

“Are you still having fun?” Maria asked, breaking character.

“Yes!” Jessica admitted, wiggling her bottom.

There was a light rap on the open door. Jessica looked up and saw Eric, naked, his cock hard, standing in the doorway. Maria gently pushed her head back down to the bed.

“No peeking, ass slut,” she hissed.

Jessica whined needily. Maria beckoned for Eric to enter and said, “Shut the door. Daddy doesn’t get to sneak up and peep without paying for the privilege,” then to Jessica, she said, “Maybe you can charge him for a sexy blowjob while he watches the video later. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“Oh, fuck…” Jessica whispered, imagining herself sucking her daddy’s cock as he watched her brother fuck her ass.

Eric sat on the bed.

“Eric,” Maria said, “Your little sister really wants to cum. Do you want to be a helpful brother and let her have it? If you don’t, I’m going to keep her cunt and ass stuffed with vibrators until tomorrow, and she’ll spend the rest of the day making everyone else cum with her mouth. I think that would be almost as much fun as watching you take her anal cherry.”

Jessica whined again and begged, “Please… Let me cum!”

Maria ignored the plea and asked, “Do you want to torture my slut with pleasure for the rest of the day? Or would you rather push your cock up this delicious little bottom?”

She ran her hands over Jessica’s ass and groped one of her cheeks.

“She’s been very good today,” Eric mused. “I think I’d like to be a good brother and help her cum.”

Jessica sighed with relief. She heard Eric shift and then Maria’s wet mouth around his cock. Her brother groaned and his hand groped her ass, squeezed it, then he gripped the plug and twisted it. Jessica bucked and yelped. He released it. The sucking stopped. Maria pushed her legs apart.

The escort guided Eric’s cock to his sister’s pussy.

“Push it in and feel how warm and wet she is,” Maria ordered.

Jessica gasped as her brother’s cock pushed into her dripping entrance, spreading her pussy around his cockhead. Maria recorded the taboo penetration on her phone, maneuvering the camera to get a great shot of Eric’s wet cock parting his sister’s tight little fuckbox. His dick burrowed deeper until it bumped against the vibrating egg and Jessica let out a long, drawn-out moan as the toy pressed against her insides.

“God…” Eric whispered. “You’re so hot, Jess.”

“Pull that plug out,” Maria instructed. “Nice and easy.”

Eric slowly worked the plug out of his sister’s stretched asshole, until it came free. He set it aside and took both cheeks in his hands, spreading them apart. Maria spit into her open ass as Eric gave her a gentle thrust of his cock, making Jessica spasm. Her brother slid his cock from her cunt and slapped it against her anus, then rubbed the head of it between her cheeks, coating his shaft in the excess lube and wetness.

Jessica braced for it, her head spinning with the built-up need from the day’s denial.

“Please…” she whispered. “Please fuck me…”

Eric eased his cock into her ass, groaning as his spongy head pushed through her ring until his entire crown vanished into her depths.

“Oh my God…” he whispered.

“Fuck…” Maria hissed, her excitement clear.

None of them could say any more. Eric pushed his length deeper, and Jessica trembled, the vibrations in her cunt became more intense as her brother’s cock pressed the egg tighter against her pussy walls. The excited breathing from the three of them became the only sound in the room as Eric worked his cock back out, and then sank back in. Jessica’s legs kicked in pleasure as her brother spread her backdoor open until half his cock was lodged into her.

He pulled back again, and Jessica felt a trickle of lube coat her ass, followed by more of her brother’s quivering penis. The little dildo had been nothing compared to the feeling of Eric’s hot and twitching cock. Maria’s hours of ass play had prepared her nicely and Jessica’s virgin hole accepted the full length of her brother’s dick easily enough. Finally, she felt his pelvis touch her and she knew that he’d put the entirety of his cock into her. He let out a breath and stayed still, his cock jerking inside her, the vibrations of the egg running through the length of it.

“Fuck…” Maria whispered. “That is so kinky!”

Eric leaned over her, his weight pressing down on her until she felt his chest on her back. His knees shifted, giving him support and leverage. One of his arms went around her throat, and then he was holding tight to her as she trembled, the orgasm so close that she could feel it coming.

“Do you want more?” he hissed in her ear.

“Yes!” she whimpered without hesitation.

Eric rocked his hips back an inch and fed her his cock, then again, the movement slow and careful. His lubricated cock slid easily out, then in, his head pressing against something inside of her that made her buck back against him. She could feel the girl cum running from her cunt, soaking her bed as she trembled. Her legs shook with the need for release.

Eric pulled back again, further, and pushed. A few more strokes and he was withdrawing half of his cock and giving it to her as she gripped the sheets in her fists and drooled on the mattress. Maria’s phone captured the sexy view of her bottom taking her brother’s cock, her anus stretched lewdly around its girth, and cunt honey dripping from her excited lips.

“Oh, God… Oh, fuck… Eric… Fuck… Oh, God…” Jessica chanted, her mind erased by the pleasure of his cock and vibrations in her cunt.

“Give me that tight little ass, Jess. Good girl. Cum on my cock for me,” Eric whispered.

For once, Maria seemed to be speechless, but Jessica could hear her panting as she filmed the incestuous violation. The day’s teasing and the realization that she’d given her brother and father every part of her, the insane, slutty truth of it made Jessica cum violently. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she made little animal noises, grunting as she humped herself back against Eric’s cock. She spasmed and jerked, kicking her legs against the bed as the pent-up pleasure erupted.

“Good girl,” Eric whispered. “That’s our family-fucking slut. Get your cum, Jess. Good girl.”

Eric continued pumping his cock into her as she groaned and wiggled, then she felt Maria’s tongue against her clit, and she screamed something unintelligible. Her pussy clenched around the egg, her ass clamped onto Eric’s cock. Hot bursts of cum pasted her asshole, filling her rectum as Eric growled into her ear. She felt tears on her cheeks as she lay prone, tears of intense pleasure. The words rang in her head as she experienced the filthiest, most intense orgasm of her life.

“Family-fucking slut…”


Like the sound of this story? You can pick up the finished novel in the shop. Seducing Jessica is a novel of incestuous seduction spanning 18 chapters and over 52,000 words. This book tells the tale of Jessica's seduction and transformation at the hands of her family and a dominant escort.

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