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Convincing Kendra Cover.jpg

Convincing Kendra

Things around Kendra's home are getting a little odd. Her mother and her eighteen-year-old sister are acting strange, leading Kendra to feel as if she's being left out of some private joke. When her best friend, Marin, starts acting the same way, Kendra is confronted with the awful truth.


Her asshole brother, Pierce, is some kind of over-endowed stud. He's laid his mother, their youngest sister, Kendra's bestie, and he's intent on bedding the entire household. Only Kendra holds out.


What's a big-dicked brother with a raging hard-on for his spiteful sister to do? Put those other sluts to work, of course, and start convincing Kendra.


Kinks Served: Incest, Betrayal, Seduction, Cock worship, FemChastity, Anal, Rimming, Girl/Girl, Group Sex

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