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Angela’s twisted bitch of a doppelgänger, Angie takes over Angela’s life after stealing a piece of cursed jewelry. Having driven her own life to ruin through laziness and prostitution, she’s found that Angela’s life offers an excellent second chance.

Angela's academic success is something that Angie can use as a free pass to graduate, a near-impossibility in her own life. Angela's dad is also a lot more caring and supportive, even if he isn't rich like her own.

Angela's life is just kind of boring. It could really use some sexy changes. Thanks to the easy access Angie now has to internet porn and social media, remaking Angela into a world-class fucktoy shouldn't be too hard. It will certainly be easier money than turning tricks! She just needs to recruit a few of Angela's nerdy friends and show them what fun this whole sex thing can really be.

*This story contains erotica in the form of reluctant prostitution

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