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Sasha's Obsession: Deviant's Edition

Sasha isn't your average girl. She's a girl with a dark obsession. She wants—needs to be owned by her older brother. The obsession dominates her thoughts, in the way that she longs for Mark to dominate her.

Sasha's mind is filled with fantasies, depraved imaginings of all the awful, wonderful things she wants her brother to do to her. When she comes across a website that promises to make her irresistible to any man, she can't help but take the bait. But how will she be changed, and who will she be by the end of it?

This story is a complete rewrite of the classic Sasha's Obsession. Not just a revision, but a fresh take on the story from start to finish. At double the length of the original, this is the version of the story that Sasha deserves. Bigger, dirtier, and darker than what came before, it's the definitive version of this tale of sibling obsession.

Kinks Served: Dirty Talk, Personality Modification, Domination, Incest, Bro/Sis, Group Sex, Humiliation

“Tell me about the outfits you got. List each one.”

Sasha groaned and squeezed his cock again, but she was his perfect slut. His slut sister.

“A black miniskirt with a top that says, Cum Whore,” she said.

“What did you think when you picked it out?”

“I thought about last night when you came on my face.”

Mark grinned and said, “Next?”

“A fishnet body suit.”

“Why that one?”

“I pictured you making me take out the trash wearing it. All the neighbors saw me. Mr. Jensen came over and pushed my head into the trash can and fucked me up the ass.”

Mark laughed out loud at that one and said, “Sasha, that’s a very dirty fantasy. How often do you fantasize about our neighbor raping you?”



“A pink princess dress with stockings and a tiara that says, ‘Birthday Girl’.”

Mark pushed his fingers into her cunt and asked, “Why?”

“I thought about you inviting all your friends to my birthday party. They all jerked off on my cake, and then they shoved my face into it and took turns fucking me up the ass.”

“Good girl,” Mark said. “Next?”

“A slutty wedding dress costume. I thought about marrying a sweet guy, but the day of the wedding you fucked me in the dressing room and sent me to marry him with your cum leaking down my legs.”

“You’re winning biggest pervert of the day. What else?”

“A white top that says, ‘Daddy’s Cunt,’ and a pleated pink skirt. I imagined Dad getting home from vacation to find me tied to his bed and blindfolded. I’d never know if he actually fucked me or if it was you.”


“A slutty Hooters girl uniform. I pictured you making me serve all your friends dinner. While they get to eat, I have to crawl under the table and suck all their cocks. You won’t let me eat anything but cum.”

“And the last one?”

“A cheerleader outfit. It’s red and has a big ‘S’ on the chest. S is for slut. You made me act like a cheerleader for your football get-together, and then your friends all gangfucked me while you filmed it. You put the video online and sold it to make money off my cunt like a virtual hooker.”

Chapter Headings

1.Sasha's Obsession

2.Rape Tape


4.Wet Hole

5.Cunt Tease

6.The Shop

7.Scientipically Tested



10.Beach Trip

11.The Subtle Art Of Fucking Your Sister

12.The Date



15.Sasha's Toy

Sasha's Obsession book cover by T. Hamlin

Sasha's Obsession (Original)

Sasha is obsessed with the idea of being her handsome brother’s sexual pet. When Mark breaks up with his girlfriend, Sasha sees a way to insert herself into the role. What Sasha doesn’t know is just how twisted her brother really is, and what kind of help he’s getting to ensure that she gets exactly what she wants. Through a constant stream of conditioning, Sasha is turned into the ultimate plaything for her big brother and his friends.

Kinks Served: Dirty Talk, Personality Modification, Domination, Incest, Bro/Sis, Group Sex, Humiliation

What kind of girl wants to commit incest while she lezzes off with another girl, Sasha?”


“Fuck! A dumb... dumb slut with t... too much...cock on the brain,” she gasped, as Mark’s digits slid in and out of her sopping sex. The girl touched her own breasts through her belly shirt.


“Are you that kind of girl, Sasha?”


“Yes! Fuck!” she hissed.


Chapter Headings

Length: 30K Words

1.Sasha’s Obsession

2.Window of Opportunity

3.Cunt Tease



6.Beach Trip

7.Date Night

8.Ain’t No Fun If The Homies Can’t Have None


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