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She seems like just another girl that Jenna has seen in the hall at school, the lengthiest interaction they've had only a high school science project. Kara has been blackmailed into Edge, just like so many others. When she's assigned as Jenna's handler, Kara becomes much more than just a pretty face in Jenna's life.

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The girl reached into her shirt, tugging a thin chain out, and dropped it to let it rest between her breasts. On the end of the chain hung a golden key, the head of which was a set of full, pouty lips, on a black background, a finger over them in the universal sign for quiet. Jenna’s eyes went wide, and then slid from the key up to Kara’s face. The girl put her finger to her lips, smiled, and said, “Hush, hush…”

-Edge *Keyholder


"As Kara slid onto the bed and lay with her, the girl’s warm hands caressing her belly teasingly, Jenna suddenly felt that the girly fantasy of that distant courtship was stupid, in light of what her life had become. There would be no sweet boy, no dates, dinners, chocolates or flowers. There would be no gifts or long nights of pillow talks and sweet nothings said, as her imaginary young man and herself peeled back the layers of each other’s pasts, or communicated their dreams, ambitions, and insecurities.


Instead, there was Kara, sexy and soft, her dark hair smelling of soap and her skin glowing with forced arousal, the light touch of her nails raking the flesh of Jenna’s trembling tummy. Only Kara, a near-stranger who had been thrust into an uncaring and dangerous new life that was something out of a Hollywood horror. Kara and her, not friends, but at the same time something more. Lifelines. Anchors to sanity in an insane game."

“I’m sorry,” Kara said to her, and added, “Don’t trust anyone. Not even me.”
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