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Seducing Jessica, Part Eleven

Chapter Thirteen: Bad Daddy

Jessica lay in bed, naked, with Maria stroking her hair. She couldn’t recall ever having slept so soundly. From the time Maria had come over, it had been one orgasm after another, one insanely kinky idea followed by the next. The escort girl had taken control of her, seduced her, and broken down some kind of barrier that Jessica had never realized she’d had.

The entire day, she’d kept Jessica horny and confused, pouring honeyed poison into her ear as she manipulated her body and mind. She’d shown Jessica what sex was, what real pleasure could be like, and she’d tapped into Jessica’s hidden fantasies and desires. Those things, taboo and twisted as they were, Jessica found more exciting than anything in her life.

Before this week, she’d never thought of her father or her brother as sexual beings or something to be desired and lusted after. All of that had begun to change on the day she’d opened the door to find Maria on the other side. The simple act of having this girl, who looked so like her, kiss her father in front of her had awakened something inside of Jessica that she still couldn’t quite understand. Since seeing that kiss, and the way her father had groped the girl’s ass, every curiosity Jessica had ever felt about sex had kicked into overdrive.

Now, she thought of it constantly. She’d masturbated more this week than in her entire life. It should have made her sick, to imagine her father groping her bottom and pushing his tongue into her mouth. She should have felt revolted at having her brother taking sexy pictures of her, knowing he’d jerk off to them. Everything she understood to be the way she should feel about those things was, however, the complete opposite of what she actually felt about them.

The fact that the world outside her home was disgusted by those things made them undeniably, frighteningly, overwhelmingly arousing. As Maria touched her and kissed her skin, Jessica played back the memory of sucking on her father’s cock. Her memory brought with it the feeling of submission, being on her knees in front of the man that had power over her life, using her mouth to pleasure him. She relived the way that power had been taken from him by her submission, and how she’d used that power to bend him to her own will.

Maria slipped her hand between Jessica’s legs, and Jessica recalled being bound to her bed, deprived of her sight, helpless as her brother had fed her his cock. She’d never felt so vulnerable. Yet, even when she was vulnerable, when Eric could have taken any pleasure he’d wanted from her, the power had been there. Eric, even though he could physically overpower her, had been utterly enslaved to his desire for her. At that moment, she was sure that she could have asked him for anything, commanded him to do her bidding, and he’d have given in. He’d have submitted to her, just so that he could have her.

“I sucked off my dad,” Jessica whispered, as Maria touched her.

“Mmm hmm.”

“I sucked my brother’s dick.”

“Fuck yeah,” Maria whispered.

“Why don’t I feel bad?” Jessica asked.

Maria stopped stroking her pussy and leaned up on her elbow, brushing back her hair.

“Why should you feel bad?” she asked.

“I sucked off my dad. I sucked my brother’s dick,” Jessica repeated. “That’s… not normal.”

Maria shrugged and said, “There’s no such thing as normal. Do what I do for a while and normal just becomes a word. A word with no meaning.”

“If anyone found out, I don’t think they’d agree,” Jessica said.

“No one needs to find out. We’re all safe here, remember?”

“Did you mean… what you said last night? About making me do more things with them?” Jessica asked.

“I can’t make you do anything,” Maria said, shaking her head. “That’s kinky talk. The only one that can make you do anything is yourself. If you like it, when I make you do things, when I bring out that surrender in you, then I’ll keep helping you explore it. I like it, too. But I won’t make you do anything you don’t want.”

“I did. I liked it. A lot,” Jessica admitted. “It was different from being told what to do by Eric, or by my dad.”

Maria nodded and said, “It’s a gender thing, I think. Being ordered around and played with by another girl adds an extra taboo factor to it.”

Jessica reached out and touched her, running her hand up Maria’s hip and her side, feeling the smooth skin and making the girl purr.

“It did,” she agreed. “It did something to me when I let you have control. It made it feel hotter. Like I didn’t have any choice because you were in charge of me.”

“You always have a choice. Don’t ever forget that,” Maria said and pressed Jessica’s hand to her breast. “Did you feel it? The power? Over me?”


“Good. We’re going to use it today,” Maria said.

“We are?”

“You had your dad under your spell,” Maria said, grinning. “You still do. Don’t give that up. Today we’re going to get to work on the business.”


“Just follow my lead, like yesterday. You did great,” Maria said.

“That was fun. Pretending,” Jessica said.

“Not everyone likes role play, but I love it. First, though, let’s clean up.”


Following a hot shower, Maria went through Jessica’s clothes and picked from two of the new tops recently purchased from the mall. Maria had them forego bottoms, though, and each of them wore only panties.

“Did my dad… make you dress up in my clothes?” Jessica asked as she pulled the panties snugly against her pussy.

“Sometimes,” Maria answered. “I thought it was kind of hot. Do you?”

Jessica nodded.

“Now, we’ll have to have a serious conversation about last night,” Maria said. “There’s going to be guilt on your dad’s part. You’re his dirty fantasy, and last night he crossed the line into making it real. That’s going to do something to him. You’re going to have the chance to put a stop to all of this right here, or it’s going to go further. How you feel about that is up to you.”

“I know,” Jessica said. “I… I want more.”

There was an embarrassed flush, even through her tan. Maria held her hand and together they left the room. It was Saturday morning, and they found Owen in the living room, staring blankly at the TV, which was turned off. How long had he been up, Jessica wondered. He looked up at the two of them sadly as they entered.

“Why don’t I make something for breakfast?” Maria said, squeezed Jessica’s hand, and left them alone.

“Dad? Are you alright?” Jessica asked, taking a tentative step.

Owen nodded, his hands on his chair, and said, “Jess… I… I’m so sorry.”

Jessica closed the gap and sat in his lap, draping her legs over the chair and putting her arms around his neck. She kissed his neck and clung to him, letting her love fill the silence until she felt him relax. Then she pulled away and lightly kissed his lips.

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for,” she said. “Dad, I love you. What happened, happened because I wanted it to. No more secrets. Alright?”

Owen nodded, relief written all over his face.

“You don’t think I’m… messed up?” he asked. “That I’m some kind of pervert?”

She shook her head and said, “No. A week ago I might have thought differently, but I’m starting to discover that there are a lot of things about… desire that I don’t understand. When I first realized what you were up to, I didn’t feel grossed out. It was weird, but only because I had never thought about it before. Then, I did think about it and I wasn’t disgusted.”

She reached out and put her hand on the back of his neck, then drew herself up and straddled his lap. Owen flinched as she leaned in and kissed his neck.

“I got excited,” she whispered.

Owen’s hands left the arms of the chair and rested on her hips.

“Maybe it’s a family thing, this attraction to things that are taboo,” she said, nuzzling her cheek against his.

Owen harumphed and said, “I guess it skipped your brother.”

“No more secrets, right?” Jessica whispered.

Owen nodded.

“Last night… I… sucked Eric’s dick,” she said and ground her pussy against his lap.

Owen’s cock jerked under her and he gasped.

“Jess!” he hissed.

“Do you want me to tell you about it?” she asked, her arms encircling his neck.

“I think you do,” she said. “Your dick is really hard, Daddy.”

Owen’s hands tightened on her hips and he rocked her back and forth, as though he was using her to masturbate through his pants. It made Jessica’s pussy hot thinking about it.

“I let Maria tie me to the bed,” Jessica said. “And when Eric came home I was tied up and blindfolded, like a toy.”

“Oh, God…” Owen groaned.

“Eric put his cock in my mouth and made me suck it for him. My big brother made me suck his cock, while he told me about how he’s going to fuck me.”

“Oh my God…”

Jessica lightly kissed his lips again as she rocked on his lap. Her daddy’s cock was hard and pressing against her panties now, aching to get free. His hands moved, sliding from her hips to her bottom.

“Is that what you want, too, Daddy? Did you call Maria my name when you made her wear my clothes and you fucked her in my bed?”


“I want you to say it,” Jessica whispered. “I came really hard when Eric licked my pussy, and I wanted him to fuck me. If he’d done it, last night, I wouldn’t have stopped him. I’d have let Eric take my cherry.”

Owen growled and the sound made Jessica tremble.

“No? You don’t like that idea, Daddy?” she teased.

“No,” Owen said.

“No? How come?” she asked and kissed his neck.

“Because… I…” he stammered.

“Say it for me,” Jessica urged. “If you don’t say it, I’m going to let him fuck me today.”

“Because I want it,” Owen blurted. “I… need it.”

Jessica moaned softly into his ear and said, “That’s my bad daddy.”

She trembled at the power, the feeling of control. Her father, the man that had only days ago had a controlling interest in her destiny, was now hers. He was a slave to his own fantasy. He needed it. He needed her. He’d tasted the taboo. Maria and the other girls would never be enough for him again. Only the real thing would do, and he wouldn’t give it up now.

“You’re going to have to share,” she said. “I’m going to do what Maria does. She’s going to teach me and I’m going to be a girl on a dating site. Are you going to be my first client, Daddy?”

“Oh, fuck…” Owen said and his prick jerked against her.

“I think you like that idea,” she teased. “Do you like the idea of your little girl being slutty?”

“Yes…” he hissed.

“Is that what you did with Maria? Did you pay for her pussy in your games?”

Owen’s hands tightened on her ass and he rocked her back and forth roughly on his cock.

“Daddy, that’s so dirty!” Jessica hissed.

It was dirty and it made her wet. She could feel her panties sticking to her cunt as her daddy rubbed her against his erection. Her own father had fantasized about paying her for sex, hiring her as an escort. Had that fantasy been one from the start? Had it formed because he was paying a girl that looked like her for sex? There was still so much that she didn’t understand, but discovering it was provoking so many feelings.

“What will we do if I let you have me?” she asked. “Will you make me do naughty things for you? Will you tie me up and force me to cum for you, Daddy?”

“Yeah…” Owen agreed, his eyes half closed, lost in his fantasy.

Maria walked back into the room and stood near the chair, watching Owen grind his daughter against his cock. Jessica spared a look for her and that look betrayed her excitement. Her glassy eyes fixed on the girl, then moved down her body, settling on the hidden treasure beneath her panties. Jessica’s panties. Jessica shivered.

Maria’s nipples were hard points under the small top and she bit her lip as she watched, her hand straying between her legs. Jessica felt the power again, stronger. Just the sight of her on Owen’s lap and the way she controlled him, inexperienced as she was, had Maria in heat. Watching the two of them together, submitting to her, was equally as exciting as submitting to them had been. Was she like Maria, she wondered, able to play both roles and derive pleasure from them? Exploration of the feeling seemed to be the only way to know.

“Tell me you were a bad daddy,” Jessica said, drawing his face into her chest and rubbing her breasts against it. “Tell me that you’re sorry and that you’re going to be a good daddy for me, from now on.”

“Oh, my God,” Maria hissed and rubbed her pussy.

“I’m sorry… Jess,” Owen croaked. “I was a bad daddy.”

Maria quickly jumped in, moving behind Jessica and sliding her hands under Jessica’s top, cupping her breasts.

“Tell Jess that you’ll be a good daddy,” she said, “and I’ll let you see her gorgeous tits.”

“I’ll be a good daddy,” Owen agreed.

Maria slowly peeled up Jessica’s top, revealing the bottom of her breasts, then paused.

“Please…” Owen groaned.

Maria smiled wickedly and pulled the shirt over Jessica’s head, revealing her naked tits. Owen’s eyes fixed on them, perfect, handful-sized globes with small, erect nipples. His hands moved up her sides toward them. Maria caught his hands and held his wrists.

“Those are for paying clients,” she said.

“And daddy’s that have proven they can be good,” Jessica added.

Maria leaned in and kissed her, tilting her head back and smacking lips with her wetly as Owen’s hands trembled on Jessica’s sides.

“Please…” Owen said again.

Jessica drew him in again and pressed his mouth to her breast. Owen sucked at her nipple, making her buck in his lap.

“Only Maria and Eric get to have me for free,” Jessica said and Owen groaned, his grip on her sides tightening. “If you hadn’t fucked other girls in my bed, I might have let you have me, but you made Maria wear my panties, and you fucked her in my room. Now I’m really jealous that you didn’t just fuck me instead. Bad, bad daddy.”

Owen’s cock jumped against her pussy and he gave her nipple a small nip. Jessica pulled back, denying him. Maria leaned in and whispered something into Jessica’s ear that made her giggle. Jessica shifted, turning around in her daddy’s lap and straddling him again. Maria knelt and pulled his hard length through the slit in his lounge pants. Jessica leaned back into his chest and reached back, putting her arm around his neck and pulling him in to kiss him.

This was no light peck, like the previous teasing kisses. This time, she kissed him like Maria and felt a jolt of hot, perverse excitement. Owen growled in his throat as Maria fisted his cock and Jessica’s tongue darted into his mouth. Then, he groaned when Maria put her mouth around his head. His hands moved up and cupped Jessica’s breasts, but she batted them away teasingly and broke the kiss.

“You’re not doing well being a good daddy,” she said. “Who gets me for free?”

“Maria,” Owen groaned.

“And?” Jessica asked, pushing her ass back against him as Maria sucked his cock faster.

“Eric!” Owen exclaimed.

“Not you?” Jessica asked, mocking pity in her voice.


“How come, Daddy? Tell me what you did. It makes my pussy so hot,” Jessica hissed, her lips teasingly close to his.

“I… I fucked girls in your bed,” Owen said.

“Bad daddy…”

“I made them wear your clothes and… pretend they were you… and I fucked them in your bed! Oh, fuck!”

Maria whimpered around his cock, her hand between her legs, getting off to the hot and dirty tease.

“Tell me you’re going to start fucking me instead,” Jessica whispered. “Tell me that you’ll be my first man and that you’ll start fucking me in my bed.”

“I… I’m going to… fuck… fuck…” he stammered, and Jessica could hear the wet sounds of Maria’s vigorous sucking, her sexy whines, as she pushed him toward cumming. “I’m going to fuck you!” he finished in a rush.

Maria pulled off of his cock with a wet slurp.

“Good daddy,” Jessica said and kissed him once, lightly. “Maria and I are hungry. Do you want to have breakfast with us before we go work on my profile page?”

Owen groaned in frustration, his cock jumping with need.

“Don’t worry, daddy,” Jessica whispered. “As soon as it’s done, you can invite me on a date.”

She bounced off of the chair and snatched up her top, wriggling it back on as she flashed him a devilish smirk. Maria squeezed her ass and led her toward the kitchen, leaving Owen panting and horny.


Hello, Daddy! Are you a little lonely tonight? How about a little romantic moonlight to brighten up that darkness? I’m Luna, and I’m your little sliver of sexy. I just love spending time with sweet daddies that know how to pamper their little girls. Sometimes I’m a little bratty, while others I’m as sweet as the honey that you love to lick. I get asked out by lots of boys, but that just doesn’t interest me. I like a strong, hard daddy that knows how to treat me right, the kind of man that loves the affection of a petite princess like me.

Right now, I’m new to this exciting world of passion and pleasure. Maybe there are things you’d like to teach me? I just love a smart and sexy daddy that will help me experience all the things the world has to offer. Bring me roses and you’ve got a road into my warm little heart. For only the most generous daddies, you can also spend your time with my twin sister, Maria. She’s been such a good sister, teaching me all the special things a good girl needs to know to make her daddy happy. What are you waiting for? Say hello!

*Outcalls only

*Screening required

*Discretion guaranteed

*100% Independent and all photos are up to date

*Made for teasing and built for pleasing

Jessica read over the words again as Maria grinned, sitting on the bed next to her. The profile was now filled out. They’d attached a burner app phone number for messages and calls, though Maria advised chatting through the website first, in order to keep a log of activity for reference and personal safety. The doctored photos were up. She had a new screenname, Lovely Luna, and a cold, anxious feeling in her gut. It was mingled with a hot and exciting feeling in her pussy.

“Maria,” she said, “I’m scared.”

Maria put her arm around her shoulder and kissed her neck.

“I know. Don’t worry. I’ll be right here with you. Remember, you’re in control of this. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, and you never have to take one.”

“I can always just turn it off, right?”

Maria nodded.

Jessica moved her mouse to the button and clicked.


The profile changed from draft to active and nothing happened. Jessica let out a nervous giggle.

“I know, right?” Maria said. “You expect that there’s going to be this sudden flurry of messages. Like they’re all out there just waiting for you.”

“Yeah, I kind of did.”

“There is one that’s waiting for you,” Maria said and kissed her neck again.

“I… I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Jessica said, pushing the laptop aside.

“We’re doing it,” Maria said. “Together. You’re not alone. I’m right here, baby.”

The girl drew her in and kissed her. Jessica’s nerves had her shaking in Maria’s embrace. The whole idea was warped but so seductively thrilling and dirty that it was hard to tell where the shivers of fear stopped and the quaking of anticipation began. All she had to do was send her father a link and he’d be her first client. She’d be a sexy escort girl, and she’d take money from her father. Her father would be paying to fuck her. God, she really was becoming a slut! It was real and it was dirty. Her pussy was so wet.

“Not yet,” Maria said. “First, we should go shopping for a few things.”


Maria pushed her onto her back and spread her legs. She pulled Jessica’s panties to the side and flicked her tongue along her whorishly wet slit.

“We need something really sexy for you to wear for your first date,” she said and licked again. “You need to look super cute for your daddy.”

Jessica moaned as Maria licked her again.

“What’s going to happen tonight?” Maria asked teasingly, rubbing her thumb against Jessica’s clit.

“My… my dad’s going to… to fuck me,” Jessica said.

“Good girl,” Maria whispered. “Keep saying it until I make you cum. I want you to think about it and imagine it. Let that dirty fantasy sink in. It’s about to be real. Say it again, baby.”

Maria licked and sucked her as Jessica repeated, breathily, almost in a whisper, “My dad’s going to fuck me… My dad’s going to… to fuck me…”


Like the sound of this story? You can pick up the finished novel in the shop. Seducing Jessica is a novel of incestuous seduction spanning 18 chapters and over 52,000 words. This book tells the tale of Jessica's seduction and transformation at the hands of her family and a dominant escort.

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