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Erin & Casey

Love, Lust and Erin

Inseparable besties and lovers, and the title characters of Love, Lust and Erin. These two slutty college girls have a sexual dynamic that heats up any room they’re in to boiling. Casey, the up-and-coming super-slut is fueled by Erin’s brilliant and seductive mind, willing to do anything for pleasure no matter how kinky.

Erin & Casey
Erin & Casey
"He's going to fuck me every night while you sit in your room and listen. You'll play with your wet little pussy and listen to that headboard bang against the wall while your daddy fucks me. While he fucks your best friend and cums in her like a sex doll."

-Love, Lust, and Erin *A Sexy Secret*

Erin with Computer

Abandoned by her father, and left with her alcoholic mother, Erin was not set up for success in life. In grade school though, she made a friend in a little brunette girl named Casey, and her life was forever changed. Casey's family treated her like their own, encouraging Erin's natural inventiveness and curiosity. Casey's father, Dave, in particular became such a positive role model for Erin, that she became obsessed with Dave's computer hobby and learned how to code. 

Over the years, Erin and Casey became inseparable doing everything together, including exploring their sexuality. The two girls bonded further over a love of mutual masturbation, delving into the wide world of pornography and kink. Casey, in particular became intrigued with the idea of becoming a sexy slut and submitting to her best friend, craving Erin's domination and control.

After Casey's mother passed away from incurable illness, Dave essentially raised both girls on his own for over a decade. The three of them become a tight-knit unit, though Dave is unaware of just how close his daughter and Erin really are. When they enter college, though, Erin is determined to change the way Dave sees them both, while Casey just wants to live life like a porno.

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