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Seducing Jessica, Part Five

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Seducing Jessica Cover

Chapter Seven: Maria's Instruction

Jessica was alone at home in the morning, with her brother off to class and her father at work. She felt guilty and silly about having masturbated to the idea of her father fucking the escort girls, while he fantasized about fucking her. The guilt of it, though, couldn’t drive away the nagging, exciting feeling that kept making her pussy hot when she continued to think about it as she showered, as she dressed, and even as she worked at her applications.

Eventually, just as she’d done in the previous days, she turned back to the escort page. She looked at the photos of Maria, Lindsey, and Layla, each of them so much like her. The number of likes and reviews on their pages surpassed many of the older women and even those that were young but with bigger boobs. What she should do, she thought, was to go out and physically visit locations and apply for jobs. Her internet search was yielding no results. She supposed that she was impatient, but there was also the need to find work.

The stupid maid service was a dumb idea, she knew. She’d never go clean people’s houses wearing sexy outfits. Her father knew it, too. He’d agreed to let her try it around the house, she supposed, because it would give him a way to look at her in sexy clothes and to… to do what he’d done the night before. No, not what he’d done, precisely. To do what she had allowed him to do because she was horny and confused by the weird feelings that got her hot when people told her what to do.

She was hot now, just thinking about it, with only the memory of Owen’s fingers brushing her panties and the remembered sound of Eric’s voice as he instructed her to touch herself for him. It was because of that feeling that, instead of getting in the car, she clicked the button on the site that read, “Create an Account,” and typed in her email address. Then, she began filling out the profile form. The field in front of her asked for a name. She didn’t have one to give it. Certainly not her real name. She wondered if Maria’s name was even Maria.

The next field asked her for a bio, something that would tell users what she was here for. Again, she didn’t know what to type. It wasn’t going well. She skipped down the page, meandering, but there was one thing that she did know how to fill out. She connected her phone and uploaded some of the photos. In a few minutes, the page was still blank, but the photos were there. She felt flushed looking at them.

The page wasn’t published and no one else would see them, but the photos were no longer just on her phone or on Erics. They were on a server somewhere in the world and they were now on the page. There were photos of her in a sexy bikini and photos of her wearing the maid costume. There were photos showing her spreading her legs and touching her pussy through her panties, photos of her ass in the sun, and the little peach of her pussy prominent under the little bikini bottoms.

She previewed the page and put it in a line with the other three girls. For several minutes her eyes scanned back and forth between them, soaking in the pictures, all of them so much like her. If she filled in those fields and she clicked the button, the rest of the world would be able to see the photos. Men would send her messages and ask her for dates. She touched her pussy through her terrycloth shorts. Owen might go to the page and he would see the photos. Her father would send her a message and ask her for a date.

Jessica began to rub her pussy as the fantasy began to spiral out of her imagination. She wouldn’t even need to come to the door. She would walk down the hall and knock on her father’s door. He would open it and she’d lean up on her toes, like Maria or Lindsey, and he’d kiss her on the mouth. His hand would move down her back and grip her bottom possessively, like he owned it, and his tongue would part her lips.

“I missed you, daddy,” she’d say, breathily, and then he’d take her inside. Here, the fantasy broke apart, because she was not sure what he’d do to her from there. She didn’t know how to do things for a man, didn’t even know how to kiss one, let alone anything else. She just imagined the deep voice, commanding, expectant, bringing that hot and sexy feeling of submission out of her.

On her screen, a little red icon on Maria’s profile turned to green, and the words, “Online Now,” appeared on her page. Jessica paused, her unraveling fantasy coming apart as she looked at the words. Uncertain why she was doing it, Jess moved the mouse to the message button, typed, “Hi,” and waited.

“Hello, baby,” came the reply a minute later, “It looks like you’re new here. Thanks for stopping by to check me out.”

Jessica’s fingers hovered over the keys. What was she supposed to say? What did she want to say? Why had she even typed the message?”

“It’s Jessica,” she wrote, “I just wanted to say hello.”

“Oh, hey, girl!” Maria wrote, attaching a little kissy face, “You decided to try it? You won’t have a lot of success with a name like NewUser79u7625. Not real sexy.😄”

“I just opened a profile to look. I don’t know what to put anywhere. I just uploaded some photos, but I’m not actually going to do it.”

“You didn’t upload photos to look, honey. You uploaded photos to be looked at. 😈” Maria wrote back.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m sorry I bothered you,” Jess wrote, feeling silly.

It was stupid. The whole thing was stupid. She was stupid and horny.

“Do you want some help?” Maria offered and Jess stopped.

No. She didn’t want help. She shouldn’t want help. If Maria helped her, then the fields would have a name and a bio. Then, she’d have an escort page and she might click the “Publish” button. Men would send her messages and ask her for dates. Then… then what?

“I shouldn’t,” she wrote back, lamely.

“Hell yes, you should,” Maria replied, “It would be super hot. Can you imagine how much money we could make doing doubles? Guys would be out of their minds to do dates with a pair of girls that look like twins!”

“I don’t know what that means,” Jess admitted, “This is all really new. I’m sorry.”

“I’ll come over and help you if you want. It would be really sexy.😘” Maria wrote.

Jessica knew that she should say no. If she let Maria come over, then she’d have a page, like hers. She’d… she’d have a job. She paused, fingers over the keys. Could she? How would she possibly explain that to her father, when he asked her if she had a job? Was it a job? She wouldn’t make actual money from it without going on dates and she had no idea how any of that worked. It was all so confusing. Maria knew, though, and Maria had answers. She could let Maria help and then she’d have a page. It didn’t mean she had to publish it, right?

“Really?” she asked.

“Yes. I’d love to!” Maria answered.

“Alright. Just to fill it out,” Jess replied.

“I’m on my way!” came the response and the light turned red.

Maria was offline. Maria was coming here. Maria would be in her home, in her bedroom, guiding her through filling out the fields to launch an escort page. What had she just done?


How could one be simultaneously reluctant and excited to open a door, Jessica wondered, but that was how she felt when the doorbell rang. She’d been standing and looking at the door, with her stomach in knots, for half an hour. Maria stood on the other side in tight jeans and a frilly top. She let herself in and put her arms around Jessica, giving her a soft kiss on the cheek.

“This will be so much fun,” the girl said, “Let’s go do it!”

Jessica showed her up to her bedroom, where Maria helped herself to a blanket from Jessica’s closet and sat on her bed, putting the blanket over her lap and patting the bed next to her. Jessica wondered how she’d known where the spare blanket was. Had Maria been in here before? The thought made her shiver. Had her father fucked Maria in her room? On her bed? Her head buzzed and her pussy felt hot as she imagined it. Maria’s face gave nothing away. Jessica brought the laptop to the bed, where she sat next to Maria and showed her the page.

“Nice pics,” Maria said, “We should touch them up a bit and blur the background, though. You don’t want to show people where you live.”

Maria loaded another program in a browser window and uploaded the photos into it, then set about adding a filter to them and using a blur tool to mar the background. When she finished, she uploaded the edited photos to the profile.

“Who took the pictures?” Maria asked, a sly smile on her face.

“It… well…” Jessica stammered.

“That hunky brother of yours?” Maria asked, the smile widening.

Jessica’s cheeks reddened and she felt hot. Someone else knew the secret. She nodded, hesitantly.

“That is so fucking hot,” Maria hissed, “You are a bad girl!”

“I’m… I’m not, really,” Jessica denied it, “Maybe this isn’t a good idea.”

“It’s a great idea,” Maria argued, then asked, “What are we going to call you?”

“Is your name even Maria?” Jessica asked.

“It’s the only name that matters right now,” Maria said.

“I don’t know what to write for any of it,” Jessica said, dropping the inquiry, “I feel so dumb.”

“Everyone starts with nothing,” Maria assured her, “Don’t feel dumb. I’m still learning things, too. It’s not like I’m some kind of huge slut or something.”

“I didn’t think that,” Jessica said, apologetically, “I’m sorry.”

Maria shrugged and looked her over, silently, studying her.

“What?” Jessica asked.

“Just trying to think of what fits you,” Maria said, “Where was your mother from?”


“Mine, too.”

She appraised Jessica for a moment longer and then said, “Maricela? No. Mariela? Hmm. Luna?”

“That’s pretty,” Jessica said.


“I like that.”

“Luna it is,” Maria said and typed the name in, then continued, “Okay. Now, your bio. What are you looking for? What kind of dates?”

“I’m… I’m not looking for dates. I don’t know what I’m doing. I just… I don’t know.”

Maria grinned and set the laptop aside.

“Are you a virgin, Luna?” she asked.

Jessica colored again.

“It’s alright,” Maria said and touched her hand, “We all were. So, you don’t really know what you like, right?”

Jessica shook her head.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Maria continued and lowered her voice.

Something in her eyes seemed to change, in her whole manner, really. It was like she became someone else. The girl was replaced, in an instant, with something sexy. Her eyes became hotter and narrowed. The quirk of her lips shifted from amused to teasing, a slight bite of the lip hinting at a desire of some kind. The set of her shoulders and her entire posture changed from taut to playful. Jessica blinked at the sudden transition, which triggered a change in herself.

Whatever Maria had just done made Jessica gulp and her skin flush. The look of the girl next to her made her feel that strange heat, that naughty buzz, like when Eric took her pictures. She felt desired, somehow, like Maria was looking at her lustfully. The girl raised her arm, her wrist limp, and then she flicked it to stroke Jessica’s hair back behind her ear.

“You can be safe with me, baby,” she cooed softly, “Everything we talk about is just for us, alright? No one will ever know.”

Maria slowly leaned toward her and kissed her cheek, her hand gliding to the back of Jessica’s neck, where her nails raked the skin lightly. The girl’s cheek was warm against her own as she moved to press her lips against Jessica’s neck, making her gasp. Low and hot in her ear, Maria whispered, “Everything that happens here is just for us. Me and you, alright? You don’t have to be afraid of anything with me.”

Jessica felt herself nodding, agreeing, though to what she wasn’t sure. The soft skin of Maria’s cheek slid across her own, the girl’s lips brushed her skin, and then those lips touched Jessica’s. Jessica trembled, but she didn’t pull away. Maria’s hand on her neck caressed lightly, delicately, the touch of her nails sending a shiver down Jessica’s back. Maria’s tongue snaked out and gently teased Jessica’s lips.

Jessica moaned in response and Maria did it again, this time pushing her lips harder. The feeling was electric, making Jessica gasp and part her own lips, the hazy, warm feeling growing in her head. It was like when Eric took her pictures, told her to do things or the way Owen had inched his hand up her leg to touch her panties. Maria wanted it, wanted Jessica to surrender her lips. Maria was the one in charge, the experienced one, and this is what she wanted Jessica to do.

The thought of submitting to Maria’s desire, of giving her what she wanted, made Jessica’s pussy warm. It felt like it was, at the same time, the wrong thing and the right thing to do. Maria had authority and Maria wanted to kiss her. She should submit to that. Maria was another girl and kissing another girl was naughty, but if she was being naughty for someone that was in charge, then it wasn’t really her fault. She could release the guilt, not blame herself for wanting to do it, too, because it wasn’t wholly her choice.

She opened her mouth and let Maria push her tongue into it, to mold her lips against her own. They were hot and they were slick and they felt… good. Jessica exhaled into her mouth in arousal and surprise. Maria’s other hand touched her cheek softly, reassuringly, telling her that this was alright, that it wasn’t just Maria who wanted it, but that Jessica wanted it, as well. She did, she realized. The contact and the heat of the other girl, the things that the feeling of her lips and tongue were doing inside of Jessica’s body, were all things she wanted.

Maria broke away slowly, but one hand remained on Jessica’s cheek, stroking it. Her dark eyes were warm and full of excitement, her lips quivering pleasantly. Jessica looked at those lips and thought of kissing them again, but she didn’t.

“That was so sexy,” Maria hissed, “Did you like it?”

Jessica couldn’t say the word, but she nodded, dreamily.

“Never kissed a girl?” Maria asked.

“No… No one,” she said.

“Do you want to kiss me again?” Maria asked.

Jessica nodded, slowly.

Maria guided her down onto her side and lay next to her, pulling the blanket over the two of them. The other girl, her face nearly a mirror, grinned back at her. Wrapped in the blanket, with the heat of Maria’s body so close, her hand resting on Jessica’s hip now, it felt to Jessica that the two of them were in their own little universe. It was like when Eric had made blanket forts with her as a child, and they’d sit inside with flashlights, as though the little space were their own pocket of existence and they could be anything.

Eric had read her stories and she’d brought her dolls along to “camp” in the tent with them. Today, there were no dolls and no stories. Today there was Maria and her hot hand on Jessica’s hip, her fingertips sliding under the hem of her top to tickle her skin. But it was still their own little world, another secret, like the one she had with Eric. A sexy secret.

Maria kissed her again, brushing her lips lightly at first, and then pressing. Jessica responded in kind, a little squeak of pleasure escaping her mouth. She could feel Maria smile at the sound and then the girl’s tongue tickled the tip of her own, toying with it in a delicate and sensuous way that made Jessica feel hotter. She moved her hand and put it on Maria’s hip, and then moved it up her side, where her smaller top left her skin exposed.

Jessica could feel the clammy sweat on her palm against the warmth of the girl’s flesh, betraying her nervousness, her anxiousness. Her hand rested. Maria guided her, and Jessica felt that was right. Maria was the one in charge. Jessica gave in to it, let the girl kiss her and touch her lightly, for long minutes. Eventually, though, Maria pulled away again.

“Do you like this, baby?” she asked.

“Yes,” Jessica said, in a low breath.

“You’re so sexy,” Maria said.

“So are you,” Jessica admitted, and it was true.

Maria giggled suddenly, and Jessica echoed her.

“It’s weird, right?” Maria asked, “Like doing it with yourself.”

“Are we… are we doing it?” Jessica asked.

Maria smiled again, in that erotic way, and asked, “Would you like to?”

Jessica was silent, looking back into her eyes, then said, “I… I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it, you know, with another girl.”

“We won’t do anything that you don’t want,” Maria said.

As Maria’s hand traced little circles on her skin, Jessica tried to sort out how she felt about it. It wasn’t easy to gauge her true thoughts, because she was terribly aroused. Her pussy felt wet and she wanted to touch it, but it was a different kind of arousal from when she’d allowed Eric to take pictures of her, and different again from the way the people in the mall had watched Maria kiss her. How many different ways was there for a person to feel turned on?

“What do… what do you want?” Jessica asked.

Maria moved closer to her, nuzzled her cheek, and whispered into her ear, “I want to eat your pussy.”

Jessica shivered. The words made her pussy hurt in a good way. How would it feel? What would it be like? Would it be different from touching herself? All of those thoughts and feelings hit her in a rush, a second of indecision, which only ended in a gasp, rather than a response.

“Would you like me to do that to you?” Maria asked and kissed her neck.

Jessica nodded. She did want to feel that. Here, in the little secret pocket, that was okay. No one would know. Maria wanted it, and Maria was in charge, so Maria could have it. The girl’s hand slid from Jessica’s hip, under the band of her shorts, and Jessica instinctively parted her legs to let Maria touch her.

For the first time, another person’s hand touched her pussy, even though her panties were still in the way. Jessica bucked her hips in pleasurable surprise. It was different, so different. When she did it herself, she knew it was coming, her own mind drove her actions. This time, she had the awareness that someone was going to touch her, but when it happened it was like a shock. She breathed hotly and Maria kissed her again.

The escort girl sucked in Jessica’s hot breath, her tongue playing in her mouth, and then she withdrew and pressed her forehead against Jessica’s. Their skin touching, lips a breath apart, Maria began to rub Jessica’s pussy through the thin panties, letting out little gasps, as though just the act of touching her sex were exciting.

Jessica found herself tugging at her shorts, trying to get them off to give Maria better access, even as they stayed pressed together, their lips so close. Maria’s breath came in little puffs, almost panting, while her nimble fingers rubbed Jessica’s pussy. Her panties were wet with her honey, the stickiness of it making Jessica feel slutty and hot, but that was alright in this secret place. She could be slutty and hot because Maria was making her, just like Eric had made her.

Maria’s fingers pushed her panties aside, and then they were touching her bare flesh, coating themselves in the wetness, making Jessica jerk at the incredible feeling. Maria kissed her again and Jessica put her arms around the girl’s neck and melted into her kiss. She whimpered needily into her mouth, her tongue aggressively probing, while she explored Maria’s back with her hands. It was nothing like touching herself, not even comparable. The indescribable feeling of having another person touch her, want her, the heat of Maria’s body against her own, had taken over her mind. It didn’t feel like a want. It felt like a need.

Maria pushed two of her fingers inside of Jessica and she ground her pussy against them, pleading for her to continue, to go deeper, to draw forth more of her arousal and push her up her peak. The girl’s skillful fingers worked her pussy in ways that Jessica didn’t understand, like Maria knew her pussy better than she did.

“You’re so wet, baby,” Maria said, “I think you like girls.”

Jessica nodded, panting.

“I’m going to lick you. I’m going to lick your cunt and make you cum.”

Jessica moaned. Maria extracted her sticky fingers and peeled Jessica’s panties down as she sank beneath the blanket, trailing her tongue over her mound and then sliding the length of it between her wet folds. Jessica shivered, placing her hands in Maria’s dark hair and opening herself wider, craving more of that feeling. Maria reversed her tongue, swiping it back up her slit and gathering up the pussy nectar on her tongue, pushing it inside of her, while her upper lip quivered against Jessica’s aroused little button.

“Oh my God,” Jessica hissed.

Maria hummed happily and continued, fucking Jessica’s pussy with her tongue, spearing it in and out in quick little darts, that made her grind herself on the girl’s face. Maria switched from her entrance to seal her lips around Jessica’s clit, flicking it repetitively with her tongue, while her fingers teased her pussy gash and her entrance. Jessica’s mind seemed to melt, overwhelmed with the intense pleasure and the erotic feeling of having another woman between her legs, intent on pleasing her.

It felt naughty, but it didn’t feel dirty. It felt right, like there were nothing more natural in the world at this moment than having Maria bring her off. It felt incredibly sexy, and it felt beautiful. The girl kept up her rhythm like a clock, unwavering in her precise movements, as though she understood exactly what needed to be done to get Jessica to give in to the pleasure. Jessica didn’t fight it. She wanted to give in, wanted to feel it, needed it. She arched her back and felt a silly smile on her face as she gasped and then came.

Maria hummed into her pussy excitedly, the little vibrations from her mouth sending an extra jolt of pleasure up Jessica’s body, adding another layer of incredible, powerful intensity to her first orgasm at the hands of another person. Her legs shook but Maria didn’t relent. She continued, coaxing another one out of her over the course of minutes until Jessica lay back and giggled stupidly to herself.

Maria moved back up her body, kissing her again, making her taste herself. That felt dirty but hot, Jessica thought. She liked the way it tasted and loved, even more, the slow and sexy way that Maria devoured her lips and played with her tongue. The other girl’s breasts rubbed against Jessica through their tops, as Maria lay on top of her. The position gave Jessica another thrill. It felt as if Maria owned her, the way she pressed her weight on her like she was dominant and Jessica belonged to her. It made her want to give more, to submit to whatever the girl’s desires were.

In the afterglow of her orgasms, the pleasure that Maria had given her, that felt even more right. She wanted to give the girl anything, wanted to be controlled, to be told what to do, and to provide her the kind of pleasure she’d just received. Maria didn’t offer any instruction, though. She seemed to just want to kiss her and touch her, which was perfect. Inside the pocket, where no one would know, it seemed as if there were nothing but the two of them, the moment, the feeling between them.

Jessica felt a tear roll down her cheek, hot, and then another. Maria broke her kiss and brushed it away, smiling kindly. She didn’t say anything, just held Jessica’s gaze, and in her eyes, Jessica could see that she understood.

“I know,” Maria whispered, after giving her a long look, and then she kissed her again, once, softly.

She rolled off of her and held her, stroking her hair as Jessica tried to process the feelings, the intensity of the pleasure, and the conflict of emotion.

“I didn’t know,” Jessica said at last, barely above a whisper, “That it could be like that.”

“It can be,” Maria acknowledged, “It won’t, every time, but it can be. Thank you.”

“For what? You did everything,” Jessica said.

“For letting me be the first,” Maria said, “I loved it.”

“Me, too,” Jessica added.

Maria kissed her lightly and said, “The way you move, when you’re feeling it, is really hot. Men and women will both like that. It’s like you’re surrendering and that’s hot.”

“That’s what it feels like,” Jessica agreed, “Like giving in. It’s kind of like I want it, but I don’t want it. That probably sounds dumb.”

Maria shook her head and asked, “Does it excite you when people tell you what to do?”

Jessica blushed and nodded, but added, “Not everyone. And not when they just ask me to do things. Certain people, when they tell me to do things that I already, kind of want, it feels exciting.”

“You have a submissive streak,” Maria said with certainty.

“I do?”


Jessica’s face fell.

“It’s not a bad thing,” Maria said, “In fact, it’s a powerful thing. It actually gives you more control than you think, more than you’re giving away. Can I ask you some questions?”

“Okay,” Jessica agreed.

“Who is it that makes you excited when they tell you what to do? Is it your brother? Your dad?”

Jessica nodded, her cheeks red, but it was okay to tell Maria those things in their secret place. Nothing that happened here would ever get out. Maria was safe.

“Is it because you perceive them as figures of authority? You feel the need to obey them?” Maria asked.

“I guess so,” Jessica said, shrugging, “But not just that. It’s that… something about them makes me feel like I’m safe. Like, if I let them tell me to do things it will be okay because they aren’t going to really hurt me. And if I tell them to stop, they will.”

“You have it exactly,” Maria said, “Even though you might not know it. You feel safe with me, too, right?”

Jessica nodded and Maria kissed her again.

“Having a submissive streak or a sexually submissive personality isn’t you losing control. It’s you surrendering control in a way that allows someone else to push your boundaries, but it shows that you’re trusting them to give you only what you really want, not to take what they want from you,” Maria explained.

“I feel like that,” Jessica said, “Like I’m losing control.”

“It’s because you don’t know what your boundaries are. Hell, I don’t know what mine are, exactly. You don’t have experience, but you have curiosity, and you want to explore it with people that you feel safe with. That’s good. It’s the responsible way to do it. When you feel like that, you aren’t losing control. You’re letting that curiosity indulge itself, and you’re handing your control over to someone that you trust.”

“Are you… like me?” Jessica asked.

“I can be both. I like both. Sometimes I want to be controlled and pushed, and other times I like being the one doing the pushing. Both roles have different kinds of excitement. What you have to keep in mind, no matter what you choose to do, is that you have a lot of power. When people are excited and horny, they start to care more about that feeling than other things. If they desire you, if they have to have you, then you have power over them. Even when you’re giving up your control, you’re seducing them with that surrender, and that makes you powerful.”

“I don’t feel like I’m seducing anyone,” Jessica said, “I just… I get excited by doing things that I know I shouldn’t.”

“Everyone has that,” Maria assured her, “That in-built sense of danger and pushing your limits, or the limits of what’s acceptable, are exciting. You shouldn’t be afraid of it. It isn’t wrong.”

“I don’t know,” Jessica said, uncertainly, “I think some of what I did… in the pictures, could be wrong.”

“I didn’t see anything wrong about them,” Maria said, then asked, “Are there more pictures?”

Her mouth spread into a naughty grin. Jessica nodded.

“Will you show me?”

Jessica disentangled herself from the blanket and found her phone, brought it back, and got back in. She pulled up the photos and looked at them with Maria. She scrolled quickly through those Maria had seen, but stopped on the first photo that showed her touching her pussy, masturbating for Eric on the couch.

“Oh!” Maria exclaimed, “Now, that is naughty. I like it!”

“You do?”

“It’s really hot,” Maria said, “I’ll bet he was so hard.”

Jessica allowed her to see the others, and then they watched the video.

“This is so sexy,” Maria said, watching Jessica on her back, rubbing her pussy for her brother, “I get what you’re saying. He’s got that tone, like your dad. It makes you just want to do anything he says. It’s really hot.”

“So, my dad makes you… do things like this?” Jessica asked.

“Oh,” Maria said, realizing she’d slipped.

She looked embarrassed, then thoughtful.

“Look,” she said, “I don’t talk about things I do for clients. It’s part of the whole gig. They’re trusting you with their secrets and that’s important. This is a little different, though. I’ve never been friends with a client’s daughter.”

“Are we friends?” Jessica asked.

“I wouldn’t lick just anyone,” Maria said, winking, “I think we’re going to be.”

Jessica blushed.

“I won’t tell you details,” she went on, “but yes, there are things I do for your dad. I act out fantasies he has. Is that enough? I feel like you deserve to know that.”

“Thank you,” Jessica said.

“Now you can ask me your other question,” Maria said.

“Other question?”

“About whether you can do what I do, and how your dad will feel about it.”

“How did you know that?” Jessica asked.

Maria shrugged and said, “I’m your evil twin.”

It made Jessica laugh and she replied, “I don’t know if I want to do what you do, but I was thinking that. I just need a job. My dad demands that I have one. The whole hard work is good for you thing, but I’m not having any luck.”

“And a normal job doesn’t sound like fun, does it?” Maria asked, stroking Jessica’s side.

“No,” she agreed.

“Well, what I do is a lot of fun. It could be more fun with you, I think.”

“What if people want to have sex with me?” Jessica asked.

“They will definitely want to have sex with you,” Maria said.

“I don’t know how.”

Maria grinned and said, “I guess you’ll just have to have a lot of sex with me first!”

Jessica blushed and then Maria sank beneath the covers and made her squeal.


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