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More than she Bargained for

It took Jamie a year of cockteasing her father to finally get him to fuck her. While his wife was visiting her sister over the weekend, her father succumbed to his nineteen-year-old daughter's incessant teasing. While Jamie slept on Friday night, he let himself into her room and spent the evening pounding her sopping little fucktunnel. He pulled her hair, spanked her cunt, nibbled on her tits, and made the girl squeal all night.

While Jamie slept, her father made a call to her uncle. His brother, Don, also a victim of Jamie's prickteasing ways, was happy to stop over the next morning. While Jamie was, at first, a bit reluctant to allow her uncle to stuff his dick into her, a few cockslaps across the face from Daddy did the trick.

Before long, Jamie's mouth and pussy were being used regularly throughout the day by the two horny older men. Naturally, a cockstuffed teenage slut was something that they needed to tell someone about. That someone was her father's best friend, Mark.

Mark was Jamie's best friend's father. By Saturday night, Mark, Daddy, and Uncle Don were banging away on Jamie's tight young holes. The rest of that night, they made the silly slut airtight, using her until she was drooling spunk from every hole and mumbling incoherently.

On Sunday morning, Mark and Uncle Don each called a friend. Jamie's breakfast consisted of five hard dicks from five older men. They spent the morning contorting her tired, pliant body into any manner of lewd positions. They took her three at a time, sometimes four, keeping her awake with cold showers and hot coffee.

When Jamie dozed off, they simply continued to pump her creamy holes full of more semen and more cock. By the afternoon, Daddy needed to call a halt to the fun, in order to clean up the house for his wife's return. However, it was difficult to hide the fact that Jamie had been gangfucked for two days straight.

There were lovebites and hickeys on her neck. She had light bruises on her skin, from where the men had manhandled her a bit too roughly. She was practically comatose and occasionally coughing up wads of cum. It did not take long for Mother to realize that something was amiss.

She got the story from Jamie that same night and then proceeded to smother her daughter's face in cunt for the rest of the evening. By morning, Jamie was licking cunt and getting her asshole plundered by her parents. Having a live-in sexdoll proved to be an excellent arrangement.

After a week of her parents, extended family, and a small circle of her friends' fathers regularly banging away on her tight young holes, Jamie started her first year of college. Her Freshman orientation instructor, though, had already heard from a friend what a cute, obedient fuckhole Jamie had become. Before long, all of her professors, male and female alike, made sure that Jamie's academic achievement relied on how well she serviced their needs.

As college was expensive, and Jamie was, "more concerned about being a slut," her parents made the decision that she would need to get a job to help pay for her expenses. Rather than let her holes get free use, they began to charge a small fee for her use. They saw her less as a daughter, now, and more like a wet, squealing, moaning, writhing set of tits, which happened to be attached to pleasure holes.

By the end of her Freshman year, Jamie had accomplished little in the way of learning. She spent most of her days at school under a teacher's desk, licking cunt or sucking cock. She was regularly pulled into janitorial closets or restrooms, where someone would shove a $20 bill into her bra or panties, and proceed to skullfuck her head against a wall. When she walked across the parking lot, it was not uncommon for her to be roughly bent over the hood of a car, have her shorts and panties yanked down, and receive a good fucking. Afterward, she'd have money shoved up her cunt, or into her asshole.

When she started her Sophomore year, Jamie didn't quite understand why she was even going to college. Her sense of identity was completely warped, and she viewed herself in much the same way as her parents. She was an object of ridicule and useful for nothing more than serving the sexual needs of others on a whim.

It became commonplace for her to attend classes with a faceful of spunk and her clothes half-torn. No one batted an eye at this. She stumbled into classes missing a shoe, with semen and cunt juice leaking down her legs. While other students did group work, Jamie was often spanked across a teacher's desk for amusement. By now, everyone on campus was aware that she was nothing more than a humiliated cum dumpster, rather than a real person.

Still, everyone did respect that Jamie's holes didn't come free. When she came home, her mother would regularly spend quite some time extracting wadded-up bills from her daughter's violated fuckholes. Jamie would clean the bills of spunk with her mouth, before passing them off to her father for more careful storage. Neither of her parents worked now.

They put the money from their sexdoll away, or invested it well, knowing that at some point her tight teenage body would sag and no longer be fun. That, however, would not happen for many years. Jamie had a great deal of earning potential, including a new online following. Using some of the funds, her parents hired a cameraman to follow Jamie around and document her continued use as a publicly available, brainless fuckhole.

By the time Jamie graduated from college (and she did graduate Some Cum Louder) she'd practically forgotten her own name. She was only referred to as "Slut, cunt, cockhole, rapedoll, fuckpuppet," or other such terms. What she did remember, though, was the day her cockteasing had finally gotten her father to fuck her. Had she known, at the time, that it would lead to the utter ruin of all she was, she may not have done it. But Jamie could no longer think of such things. After all, it was difficult to think when one had so much cock on the brain.


If you enjoyed this story, you can find others like it in the collected works, Horrible Households: Tales of Incestuous Exploitation.

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