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Edge is a bridge novel in the DomCo series of stories. As with the other DomCo stories, this work can be read as a stand-alone story. However, this book connects the first part of the series with the upcoming conclusion, and there are certain portions that will be more satisfying to read if you enter into it with some prior knowledge of events that have taken place in the lives of the cameo characters. Several of the characters from previous stories make appearances in this book. By way of recommendation, reading the following works will provide a basis for understanding of some of the events that take place in Edge.

  • The Second Place Sister: Edge appearance by John Hamlin. An introduction to Recoder technology.

  • Korrupting Kayla, Book One: A wider understanding of the DomCo company

  • Love, Lust, and Erin: Edge appearance by Dave Marrin, Erin, an introduction to Halo technology, and the first mention of the Male Rights Bill (Biological Imperative Grant for Instinctively Necessary Copulation or Coitus, BIGFINCOC.)

  • Doppelgänger: Edge appearance by Angela Eller, references to The Other Side, and an introduction to Anti-Recoder Serum.

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When Jenna receives a racy email, she discards it as spam. Then, another arrives in a text message, followed by a mysterious little package. The same night, Jenna gets a visit from a group of strangers, who spend hours teasing her bound body to the brink of an unattainable orgasm. In the morning, she finds herself blackmailed into silence through threats against her family. These events, though, are only the start of Jenna’s nightmare.

She soon learns that she’s been swept up in a twisted game, played through augmented reality via the Halo smart lenses. Someone with significant influence is forcing young women into the game, pitting them against increasingly degrading challenges, and toying with them. Kept in a constant state of arousal and fear through intimidation, enforced chastity, Obsequium, and a generous reward system for those who comply, these women have been edged to the brink of insanity in pursuit of real and virtual rewards.

As players increase in rank, new challenges that have real-world implications begin to show that the game’s creators have more in mind than simply watching women debase themselves for amusement. Jenna, alongside the other frightened girls, will now have to learn how to become part of the game, or fight against it.

Kinks Served: Reluctance, Edging, Chastity, Non-Consent, Blackmail, Personality Modification, F/F, M+/F, Anal, Submission, Domination, Masturbation, Toys, Group Sex, Erotic Thriller

"The video showed her spread legs, her naked body, three pairs of hands encased in white rubber gloves, all of them teasing and touching, rubbing, and caressing. The timer on the video showed that it was four hours long. She watched her body quiver and buck against the treatment. Even now, her need to cum was so powerful that it seemed to override any other concern. Next to the tablet lay a small white vibrator with a rounded head and, somehow, she knew that this was the instrument of her torture. Next to it, lay a black card with the image of a pair of full, pouty lips, a finger over them in the universal sign for quiet."

"The man watched her dilated pupils, observed her tightly gritted teeth, enjoying her torment as he controlled his prize. She heard him chuckle at the look of disappointment as the orgasm was snatched away, delighting in the slump of her shoulders as the peak never came, and then again as he dialed up the intensity once more, making her shake in her chair. Jenna quaked, her need to cum growing desperate. She was oblivious to the few pairs of eyes from other shoppers, who had noted her excited shivers, and heard the pitiful little moans of desire she was making. The sensations coursing through her soaking pussy became her sole focus, her hands clenching the little table in a white knuckled grip as the stranger toyed with her."

Chapter Headings

Length: 73K Words

Hush, Hush

1.The Package

2.It Cums in the Night

3.The Ride





8.Switch Hitter

9.Challenge Accepted

10.Brother Sucking Slut

11.Rank Up

12.Cafe Cock Sucker

13.The Gang’s All Here

14.The Angel

15.Women are Things

16.Spare Someone’s Blushes

17.Class Selection



20.The Offer


22.Cum Bucket

23.Party Favors


25.John Hamlin

26.Outside Help

27.The Choice


29.Only Kara



The DomCo subsidiary, Halo Technologies, has pushed the envelope of augmented reality, and now the Halo Smart Lenses are being rolled out to a select group of reluctant, or in some cases unwilling, participants. Operating on an invitation-only server, a new and dangerous game called Edge has begun to invade the lives of young girls, many of whom have become forcibly compelled players. At first.

While some are invited, others are coerced, threatened and blackmailed into devoting their lives to the game. An unknown overseer, known only as SysAdmin directs and doles out challenges and rewards, manipulating the lives of players, keeping them in a constant state of fear and arousal through the use of chastity, denial and a generous reward system for those that comply. 

As players become more deeply involved, it becomes clear that the true goal of SysAdmin extends far beyond a simple desire to toy with the unwilling game pieces. Some of the instructions handed down from on high seem to have real implications for society on a global level.

Thier lives turned upside-down, forced into the game through intimidation, blackmail and love, it's up to Jenna and Kara to either fight the system or become part of it. 

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