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Seducing Jessica, Part Nine

Chapter Eleven: Control

What was going through her father’s mind? His daughter was on her knees, her face wet with his cum and another girl’s kiss spit. Her hand was wrapped around his cock and slowly stroking it to hardness once more. As Jessica looked up at him, his expression was something akin to worship, mashed together with a grimace of anxiety.

Maria, by pushing Jessica’s sexual boundaries and curiosity, had awakened something in her that she’d never known existed. It was curiosity and it was power, but it was also a profound sense of desire and a wicked excitement that even now was making her feel drunk on it. That wonderful cocktail of feelings, she could also see reflected in Maria’s vibrant excitement. The other girl was sweaty and flushed, her entire body shaking. Her nipples were hard points under the small bra, and she looked as though she was about to orgasm from whatever dirty thoughts were running through her head.

Both Jessica and Owen had found release, but Maria was still keyed up, touching herself and watching the two of them. The eagerness for this erotic adventure to continue, to deepen into even darker territory was evident in every part of her. That excitement, that need to keep pushing, was also bleeding into Jessica as she held her father’s dick and felt a level of control that she hadn’t in days. Since moving in, she’d felt lost, swept up, as though her newfound curiosity about sex were a thing to be feared, but too powerful to deny. Now, though, she felt calm. Both her father and Maria were spellbound because their desire to push further hinged on what Jessica would do next.

“I want to talk about my job,” Jessica said again.

She rubbed Owen’s cock against her cheek and felt his body stiffen. Maria whimpered.

“What… what about it?” Owen croaked, watching his stiff erection rub against her skin.

“First, I need an answer,” Jessica said. “Why did you go along with the dumb sexy cleaning idea? Did you really expect that I could do something with it? Or was it just a way for you to look at me?”

She put her lips against the head of his cock and kissed it. It jerked in her hand and a rush of power shot through her.

“I wanted to look,” Owen admitted.

Jessica flicked her eyes up and kissed his cock.

“Because you’ve been having dirty thoughts about me, daddy?” she asked and kissed his cock again.

He nodded, and gulped, his arms tightening on his chair.

“I found a job,” she said, and then slipped her lips over the head of his cock and suckled it lovingly, as she’d watched Maria do.

Owen shook, his cock sensitive but unable to resist. He wouldn’t turn down his fantasy, not when it was willingly giving him the pleasure he’d dreamed about. Maria moaned, a low, pained sound, as though watching the scene play out was more than she could stand. Jessica resumed stroking his cock.

“I want to do what Maria does. She’s going to teach me how to do it safely, and I’m going to learn things about myself. Will you be a good daddy and let me have that job?” Jessica asked, and then put his cock back in her mouth.

“Jess… I…” he sputtered.

Jessica sucked him faster and took him deeper, her inexperience no barrier to his pleasure. The simple fact that his daughter was eagerly trying to throat his cock was pleasure enough.

“Fuck…” he groaned, “Don’t stop…”

Jessica stopped and stroked him again.

“I don’t want you to see those other two girls anymore,” she stated. “Only Maria. And me.”

“I… what?”

“You’re going to help me with my job,” she said. “I want you to approve of it. You said that you’d approve of any job I chose, as long as it was sustainable and I worked at it, right?”

She offered his cock to Maria, and she swallowed it. Owen nodded.

“This is the job I want. If you’re going to pay girls that look like me, then what are you willing to do for the real thing?” she asked.

Jessica stood up and let him take in the sight of her petite body in the sexy lingerie, the thing he’d been lusting after. He soaked her in, everything about her exuding excitement. Like Maria, her nipples were hard under the bra. Her pussy was bare and wet, just inches from his fingers. Where, before, there had been a timid girl with no clear direction and a million questions, now he saw a sexually charged woman who had gotten a taste of the power her sexuality gave her. There was uncertainty, yes, but also an emerging confidence.

Jessica leaned over and slid her hand under his shirt, caressing his chest as Maria sucked his cock. She pressed her lips against his ear and kissed it, then flicked her tongue against it.

“Do you want to teach me about all the dirty things I’ve been thinking about lately, daddy?” she whispered. “Do you want to teach me about sucking cock? About… fucking?”

Owen gasped and his body jerked. She could feel his heart rate shoot up under her hand.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Maria was right. I like being told what to do. It makes me wet and hot when you tell me what to do. When you act like my sexy, dominant daddy, it makes my pussy get so wet.”

She removed her hand from his chest and put it on his wrist, then pulled it from the arm of the chair and pressed his hand against her pussy.

“You tried to touch me here last night, didn’t you? You wanted to feel it and see if it was hot. It was. Can you feel how wet it is now?” Jessica teased.

The feeling of control was nearly as hot as the feeling of losing control. Despite the orgasms, she was wet and excited. It was difficult to let go of the feeling. She heard Maria whimpering as she sucked his cock, listening to the words. Owen tentatively extended his fingers and felt her pussy, coating his fingers in the slick girl cum dripping from her sex. Jessica gasped into his ear.

“I’m going to make a profile like Maria’s, and you’re going to ask me for dates,” Jessica commanded as Owen stroked her pussy. “But since you were such a bad daddy, and you were fucking other girls in my bed, you’re going to have to pay for my time, just like theirs. Are you going to pay for my time, to help your little girl start her career?”

Maria moaned around his cock and came on her fingers, making Owen groan loudly as he nodded and put his free hand in Maria’s hair.

“Do you want to start being a good daddy for me?” Jessica asked again and pressed his fingers harder into her pussy. “Think about what a good daddy could have.”

“Yes!” he exclaimed.

“Daddy, can my new friend stay the night with me? Can we play in my room?” she asked, taking on her role.

“Yes! Please, don’t stop!” Owen blurted.

Jessica wasn’t sure if it was directed toward her teasing or Maria sucking his cock. His fingers in her pussy were pushing her toward her peak, so she gently withdrew his hand and moved it upward to cup her breast.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she whispered.

Jessica put her hand on his cheek and turned his face, then lightly kissed his lips. Then, she got down with Maria and said, “Kiss me.”

Maria pulled her mouth from Owen’s cock and obeyed. For a long moment, they made out as Jessica stroked his cock. Finally, she released it.

“Let’s go play in my room,” she said, and Maria nodded.

“Think about what being a bad daddy got you,” Jessica said, leaving his blowjob unfinished. “And think about what being a good daddy will get you.”

The two of them stood up and left him there, his hard cock wet and ready to cum.


Like the sound of this story? You can pick up the finished novel in the shop. Seducing Jessica is a novel of incestuous seduction spanning 18 chapters and over 52,000 words. This book tells the tale of Jessica's seduction and transformation at the hands of her family and a dominant escort.

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