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Love, Lust, and Erin

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Erin is the product of a broken home, a nineteen-year-old genius with a quick wit and dirty sense of humor, saved from a life of misery by an incredible friendship with her gorgeous best friend, Casey. Dave Marrin, Casey’s brilliant and handsome father, a widower, has raised both girls on his own for the last twelve years. Enamored with technology, coding and computers, Erin has absorbed everything Dave’s taught her, and surpassed his expertise in nearly every way.

Now, Erin and Casey are entering college and learning about sex. With each other.

Through a shared love of filthy porn, these two college hotties have developed a sexual dynamic that heats up any room they’re in to boiling. Determined to fulfill all of their lusty fantasies, Erin and Casey are out to live their dreams of love and lust, doing it, as they’ve always done everything. Together. While Casey fantasizes about being as naughty as possible, Erin has her sights set on her BFFs single dad, the man who encouraged and nurtured her wild sense of curiosity. And, if Dave’s reluctant, he’ll just need to be convinced.

Set against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world, where the stars are closer than ever, and astounding new technologies are at the fingertips of a chosen few, three flawed and lonely hearts are about to discover that real love, and lust, can be found in the most unexpected of places.

Kinks Served: Character Rich, Romance, First Time, Masturbation, Dirty Talk, F/F, M/F, Teasing, Seduction

The Power of Creation

"Finally, Erin stopped and just looked up at the sky, holding his hand. He was afraid to break the silence. He could still hear the lapping of the ocean waves, which only mildly intruded on the illusion. 

“Someday,” Erin said softly, “there’s going to be something new and beautiful here. It won’t be red, dry, and empty. It will be green and full of life. They’ll create it with their hands and their minds, and it will be all theirs.”

She looked up at him, wrapped her arms around his waist. He stared back into those deep blue eyes, filled with wonder, shining with brilliance. He saw a beautiful mind, somehow more beautiful even than her smiling face, working, always working, always wondering, ever-curious and excited. He felt her tremble. She closed her eyes. She kissed him under the pale sunlight of an alien world, and it was perfect."

I’m gonna be a daily fuckdoll for your daddy,” she went on, “He’s going to fuck me every night while you sit in your room and listen. You’ll play with your wet little pussy and listen to that headboard bang against the wall while your daddy fucks me. While he fucks your best friend and cums in her like a sex doll.”

Erin and Casey

A Dream of Love and Lust

I dreamed of love amidst the stars,

and lust at home in bed.

I yearned for you from afar,

remembering what you’d said.

That all the dreams and all the days,

that we had coming still.

Were each a bright and hopeful ray,

waiting for us o’er the hill.

And though I wandered lost and weary,

tossed amid the waves.

When I looked, I saw you clearly,

oh, love that made me brave.

The Halo’s sparkle in your eyes,

the breath of passion’s kiss.

Each of these I idolize,

and every day I miss.

Sought and found, my truest love,

together until dust.

Our hearts are bound, below, above,

in the dream of love and lust.

For Dave, you big nerd


Chapter Headings

Length: 44.2K Words

1.Erin’s Helping Hands

2.Dave’s Dilemma



5.The Love in my Eyes

6.A Match Made in Silicon

7.Weekly Blowjob

8.Where No Man Has Gone Before

9.The Power of Creation

10.How to Date Your Daughter’s BFF


12.Casey and the Depraved Double-Dicking

13.Date Night

14.Live Life Like a Porno

15.A Sexy Secret

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