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New Title: Convincing Kendra

So, I know that I said I wasn't planning a new release this month so I could buckle down on Kayla 3. Then, I started trying to finish up the short story Hatefuck for the Slutty Shorts collection and things sort of got out of hand. I am not sorry.

What started with the simple premise of a sister getting banged by the brother she despises turned into one of the hottest little incest titles on the site, if I do say so myself. Once I threw in a couple of extra family members, themed it around a cock-worshipping harem of incestuous sluts, and added a reluctant seduction undertone, we got Convincing Kendra.

This super-hot novella is a no-frills, dirty, family fuck tale. With the trademark internal conflict, and a bit of family betrayal, I know you'll love the sexy build-up and dark conclusion. Each of the ten chapters is hotter than the last. Snag a copy in the shop, and follow Kendra's reluctant seduction at the hands of her terrible brother, her own mother, her younger sister, and even her best friend.

On another note, the Kayla 3 release might get pushed a little further, as I have a bit of a surprise project in the works. For lovers of Sasha's Obsession, you'll find it a lot of fun.

Convincing Kendra Cover


Things around Kendra's home are getting a little odd. Her mother and her eighteen-year-old sister are acting strange, leading Kendra to feel as if she's being left out of some private joke. When her best friend, Marin, starts acting the same way, Kendra is confronted with the awful truth.

Her asshole brother, Pierce, is some kind of over-endowed stud. He's laid his mother, their youngest sister, Kendra's bestie, and he's intent on bedding the entire household. Only Kendra holds out.

What's a big-dicked brother with a raging hard-on for his spiteful sister to do? Put those other sluts to work, of course, and start convincing Kendra.

Kinks Served: Incest, Betrayal, Seduction, Cock worship, FemChastity, Anal, Rimming, Girl/Girl, Group Sex

Chapter Headings:

Length: 10 Chapters, 26K words

1. Spiteful Sister

2. The Secret

3. Out Of The Bag

4. Pierce's Control

5. Sex Zombies

6. Kendra's Capitulation

7. Kendra's Mouth

8. A Mother's Touch

9. Denial

10. Submission

Chapter One: Spiteful Sister

Kendra despised her brother, Pierce. He wasn’t just an asshole. Pierce was the kind of guy that treated women as if they were nothing more than tits on legs, Kendra included. He dismissed her opinions, belittled her for the slightest mistakes, and made gross remarks about the way she dressed.

Kendra’s mother, Marsha, and her younger sister, Hayla, made it all worse by laughing at his crude jokes. It hadn’t always been that way, but in the last few weeks, Kendra had noticed a major change in the two of them that made her feel as if her family were somehow leaving her out of some private joke. It was infuriating.

Tonight, Kendra sat on her bed wearing panties and a cut-off tee, while her best friend, Marin, lay beside her, tapping at her phone and listening to Kendra vent.

“Like, I don’t know what the fuck is wrong in their heads, but he treats us like stupid animals and they just giggle about it,” she whined to Marin.

“Internalized misogyny,” Marin said.


“Internalized misogyny. Inwardly, they have the same image of themselves. They aren’t confident and think that men are somehow superior to women,” Marin explained.

“That’s bullshit,” Kendra grumbled. “My mom owns her own business, and she’s taken care of us on her own since dad died. She’s about as smart and independent as you can get.”

Marin shrugged and said, “I don’t know. Maybe he’s banging them really good.”

“Gross, Marin! What the fuck!”

Marin laughed and said, “Jesus. I’m joking. He does kind of have that Chad-like, cocky, big-dick energy, though. Some chicks like that.”

Kendra stuck her finger in her throat and gagged, saying, “Fuck you! You did not just say Pierce has ‘big-dick energy’!”

“You ever just ask them?”

“Ask them what?”

“Why they always take his side,” Marin suggested.

Kendra shook her head and asked, “What good would that do? They’d just tell me I’m being too hard on him or some shit.”

“Well, if you won’t do anything about it, then I guess you’ll just have to suck it up.”

Early in the morning, Kendra cracked open an eye in the darkness and looked at the clock. 2:26 am. Marin was staying the night, but Marin didn’t seem to be in the room. Assuming her friend had snuck out for a pee, Kendra tried to go back to sleep. Minutes passed, though, and Marin didn’t return.

Unable to let it go, Kendra slipped out of bed and into the hall. Everything was dark. The bathroom door was open and no one was inside. She padded to the end of the hall, to the top of the staircase, wondering if Marin had gone down to watch TV. And that was when she heard the sound.

The sound was coming from Pierce’s room, low, muffled moaning. Kendra turned her gaze to the far end of the hallway. Pierce’s door loomed in the darkness like a portal to her own personal hell. She took a careful step, then another, and a few more brought her to the door.

This close, she could hear the muffled moaning clearly. Either Pierce was watching porn (likely) or he had a girl in his room. The latter, Kendra thought, was unlikely. She couldn’t imagine that any woman would actually find Pierce’s character attractive.

Kendra had watched porn, though, and this didn’t sound like porn. It sounded real. Not only did it sound real, it sounded like the girl was having the fuck of her life and trying to hold in the pleasure by suffocating herself with a pillow. Alongside the muffled cries of ecstasy was the rhythmic creak of a bed and the light knocking of a headboard against the wall.

Kendra’s stomach lurched as she imagined her brother, nude, with his pencil dick in some fat girl. Only, the more she listened, the more the fat girl’s moaning sounded a lot like Marin. And those kinds of moans didn’t come from a pencil dick. They were hot, gasping, barely-controlled exhalations of pleasure that seemed to indicate the kind of fucking that would have a girl walking funny the next day.

The next sound made Kendra flinch, as the crack of a hand against flesh came through the door. The girl’s moaning turned into a full-on squeal and Kendra could just imagine her going into a convulsive orgasm. She tugged at her shirt, feeling hot, and took a step back from the door.

It didn’t make sense, but she couldn’t deny that Marin was the girl in the room. Marin was fucking Pierce, or rather, Pierce was fucking Marin. Pierce was fucking Marin so well that Marin was losing her mind and screeching into a pillow. Or a mattress.

Feeling both a little hot and a little sick, Kendra retreated from the door and back to her room. She watched the clock for over an hour before she managed to fall asleep again, and Marin still hadn’t come back.


In the morning, Kendra awoke to find Marin next to her in bed. She was comatose, and didn’t so much as groan with annoyance when Kendra shook her. She smelled like sweat and sex, and her brunette curls were in the kind of disarray that indicated a long night of passionate fucking, complete with hair-pulling. There were love bites on her neck.

With a queasy stomach, Kendra got out of bed and left Marin to doze. Dressed in a bathrobe, she left the room and headed to the bathroom, where she found the door shut. She knocked lightly.

“Yeah?” came Pierce’s voice through the door.

Kendra sighed and called back, “I need to shower.”

Silence followed, but a moment later, the door opened. Pierce stood bare-chested in the doorway, his skin glistening with dried sweat.

“Say please,” he ordered.

Kendra reddened and said, “Just let me use the shower.”

Pierce looked her up and down for a few seconds as Kendra squirmed, then said, “Come on in.”

He held open the door but didn’t leave. Kendra squeezed past him, but she was still close enough to smell the hours-old sex scent on him. She rounded on him and stood with her hand on her hip.

“Do you mind?” she said through gritted teeth.

“Oh, you want me to leave?” Pierce asked.

“I need to shower. Get out.”

“No can do. I still need to shower, too,” he said.

Kendra stamped her foot and said, “Why didn’t you just say that? Fine. I’ll fucking wait.”

She made for the door but Pierce’s arm shot out and blocked her passage.

“No need to rush. It’s big enough for two. Four if you count your tits.”

With his free hand, he parted the fold of her robe and glanced at her cleavage. Kendra slapped his hand and then his face.

“What the fuck, Pierce?” she growled. “You’re such an asshole.”

Pierce rubbed his cheek and chuckled as he removed his arm from the door.

“Why don’t you ask Marin about what an asshole I am,” he said. “Or how hers feels.”

Kendra sputtered as she ducked out of the door. Pierce shut the door, and Kendra heard the shower start. She stood and stared at the door in disbelief, unable to comprehend that she’d just been nearly molested by her asshole brother.

She stamped her foot in frustration, stopped at her room to glance inside, and found Marin still sleeping. Annoyed, Kendra went down to the kitchen to find something to eat while she waited for Pierce to finish in the shower.

Marsha and Hayla were seated at the table, both of them picking at plates of scrambled eggs. They looked almost depressed as they silently stared at their plates.

“Morning,” Kendra said on her way to the coffee maker.

“Hey,” Hayla said sullenly.

“Morning,” their mother added, equally laconic.

Kendra poured a cup of coffee and helped herself to the leftover eggs. When she sat at the table, she gave them each a curious glance and asked, “Who died?”

“What?” Marsha asked, lifting her head.

“Seriously. What’s with you two? You look like you just found out Santa isn’t real.”

“Santa is real,” Hayla said. “He took Kimmy. No one believes me.”

“Alright, weirdo,” Kendra said. “Really, though. What’s up?”

“Didn’t sleep well,” Hayla said.

“Same,” Marsha agreed.

“Those two… idiots keep you awake?” Kendra grumbled.

Marsha stabbed her eggs particularly hard, making Kendra flinch, and she twisted her fork into them as if she were staking a vampire. Kendra watched her warily and took a bite of her eggs.

“I don’t like that girl,” Marsha said. “You shouldn’t be friends with her. She’s a bad influence.”

Kendra did a double blink and said, “Marin? Since when do you not like Marin? She’s been coming over here for ten years.”

“You can do better,” Hayla said. “She’s not even that pretty.”

Kendra set her fork down and said, “What does pretty have to do with her coming over? Or being my friend. You like Marin, too. What the hell?”

Marsha took her half-eaten plate to the trash and dumped it, then put it in the washer.

“I’m going to have a nap,” she announced. “I think Marin should leave when she gets up.”

Without a further explanation, she left the room. Stunned, Kendra was speechless as Hayla, too, discarded her breakfast and left the kitchen. As she finished her own breakfast, Kendra mulled over the previous day, looking for something that Marin might have said or done that had somehow offended the two of them.

She couldn’t think of anything. Marin had been a constant presence in the house for a decade, ever since Kendra was ten years old. Hayla, just two years younger, had also counted Marin as a friend. Their mother had treated Marin like a third daughter all that time. Now Marin was somehow a bad influence? It didn’t make sense.

Half an hour had passed since Kendra came downstairs. When she’d finished coffee and breakfast, she went back up. As she topped the steps, she glanced down the hall toward the three bedrooms clustered at the far end.

Hayla’s door shut quickly when Kendra looked in that direction. At the direct end of the hall was her mother’s room, the door shut. To either side were Hayla and Pierce’s rooms, while Kendra occupied the single bedroom at the opposite end of the hall.

All three doors at the far end were shut. The bathroom door was now open. Kendra started toward it and had just reached the doorway when a long, low moan came through the door at the far end. Her mother’s door. It was just loud enough to hear in the quiet of the morning, and it stopped Kendra in her tracks.

She looked down the hall toward the door and waited, holding her breath. The moan came again, quieter but still audible. She crept down the hallway, closer to the door, avoiding the creaky board in the center, until she was a foot away from her mother’s room.

The moaning, just like last night, was muffled but unmistakable this close. Either her mother was masturbating or… no. No fucking way! Kendra sidestepped and put her ear to Pierce’s door. Inside, it was completely silent. She stepped back, and trembling, put her ear to her mother’s door.

She couldn’t make out words, but she could hear the low sound of a male voice and the stifled, pleasurable gasps and moans of her mother. Then, the bed creaked and her mother gasped loudly. The creaking became rhythmic and the sounds of Marsha’s pleasure quickly became more evident.

Kendra’s stomach did a flip, and she felt faint as the reality of what was happening struck her like a slap to the face. Pierce was fucking their mother. Her mother was fucking her own son, right here, with everyone in the house. And she was getting off on it.

Kendra stumbled back in shock and came up against Hayla’s door. And that was when she noticed the other sound. Dizzy and confused, she tried to tune out her mother’s moaning and the creaking of her bed, focusing, instead, on the new sound from Hayla’s room.

The sound was similar, a quiet, pleasurable moaning. There was no creaking bed, though. Instead, there was a low, electric hum. Like a… a vibrator. Oh, shit! Hayla was masturbating. Hayla was… masturbating to the sound of Pierce fucking their mother?

It was too much. Kendra stumbled drunkenly down the hall, away from the sounds, away from the awful reality, and locked herself in the bathroom. She rubbed at her eyes and tried to suppress the memory of the sounds, the implications of what she’d heard.

With a tremulous hand, she reached in to start the shower, as if the hot spray might somehow wash away the filth of what was happening down the hall. She was just about to turn the handle when her eyes fell on a big, sticky white glob plastered to the shower wall. The huge blob was dripping down the wall, just above the handle.

Kendra recoiled as if she’d been about to pick up a snake. She stifled a horrified squeak with her hand, then took a step closer and looked at the goo. There was nothing else it could be. It was a big, dripping glob of cum. And there was no one else’s it could be. It was Pierce’s cum, dripping down the shower wall.


Like the sound of this story? Pick up the finished novella in the shop to learn Kendra's fate. Will she be able to hold out? Will her terrible brother win? Find out in Convincing Kendra, a tale of reluctant, incestuous seduction.

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