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Seducing Jessica, Part Four

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Chapter Six: Maid to Please

Jessica could not decide whether the little maid outfit made her feel foolish or slutty. Perhaps it was a bit of both. After checking in on her applications, archiving the rejections, and then submitting a few more, she turned her attention to making dinner. Since arriving to stay a few days ago, she’d started dinner before her father was due home. Today, she waited a bit longer.

Wearing the outfit, she sat in the living room with the laptop, looking through the profiles of other escort girls. Eric was the first to arrive home and when he entered the living room and saw her in the outfit, he let out a little whistle of approval.

“Nice choice,” he said, making Jessica blush, “Really. It’s sexy.”

“You don’t think it looks silly?” Jessica asked, setting the computer aside and standing up, smoothing the short skirt.

Eric shook his head, “It fits the theme and it looks cute.”

He pulled out his wallet.


“Fifty dollars,” he said, “for five more photos.”

“Like yesterday?” she asked.


Jessica took the money and tucked it into the band of the fishnet stockings she wore.

“What do I have to do?” she asked.

“First,” Eric said, “Just put one foot up on the couch and stand like you are now.”

Jessica placed a heeled foot on the couch, which lifted the small skirt a bit, exposing her panties. She put one hand on her knee but wasn’t sure what to do with the other.

“Put the hand on your hip,” Eric suggested, “and then lean toward the camera just a bit.”

She followed his instruction. Leaning forward dropped the front of the skirt enough to hide the flash of panties, but now Eric could see the tightly packed valley of her small cleavage. He took the photo.

“Now, knees on the couch, like yesterday, looking over your shoulder.”

“Like this,” Jessica asked, putting her elbows on the back of the couch and sticking her bottom out.

The skirt rode up again, showing a bit of her panties. Already knowing what he’d want, she spread her legs.

“Good,” he said and took the photo.

For the third shot, she put her palms against the wall and stuck her ass out once more, legs parted, and Eric took this photo from a lower angle, which clearly captured her pussy mound under the panties.

“Why did you do it up my skirt?” Jessica asked, turning around.

“Because it looks sexy, Jess. You can see the outline of your pussy in the photo,” he explained.

“I know,” she said, “Why do you want to see that?”

Her eyes flicked down to his pants, where his cock was hard.

“Because it’s a pretty pussy,” he said, grinning, “and I already saw it yesterday, didn’t I?”

“Don’t say things like that,” she said, looking down and shuffling her feet, “It makes me feel… weird.”

“Two more,” Eric said, refusing to comment, “I want you to lay on the floor and spread your legs.”


Her brother took a step closer and rested his hand on her shoulder, then gave a gentle push. Jessica, obediently, her tummy knotted with that hot feeling, sank to her knees.

“Lay back, Jess,” he said, “Lay back and spread your legs for me.”

Jessica lay back, looking away, her face hot, and she parted her legs.