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Seducing Jessica, Part Four

Previous Parts: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Chapter Six: Maid to Please

Jessica could not decide whether the little maid outfit made her feel foolish or slutty. Perhaps it was a bit of both. After checking in on her applications, archiving the rejections, and then submitting a few more, she turned her attention to making dinner. Since arriving to stay a few days ago, she’d started dinner before her father was due home. Today, she waited a bit longer.

Wearing the outfit, she sat in the living room with the laptop, looking through the profiles of other escort girls. Eric was the first to arrive home and when he entered the living room and saw her in the outfit, he let out a little whistle of approval.

“Nice choice,” he said, making Jessica blush, “Really. It’s sexy.”

“You don’t think it looks silly?” Jessica asked, setting the computer aside and standing up, smoothing the short skirt.

Eric shook his head, “It fits the theme and it looks cute.”

He pulled out his wallet.


“Fifty dollars,” he said, “for five more photos.”

“Like yesterday?” she asked.


Jessica took the money and tucked it into the band of the fishnet stockings she wore.

“What do I have to do?” she asked.

“First,” Eric said, “Just put one foot up on the couch and stand like you are now.”

Jessica placed a heeled foot on the couch, which lifted the small skirt a bit, exposing her panties. She put one hand on her knee but wasn’t sure what to do with the other.

“Put the hand on your hip,” Eric suggested, “and then lean toward the camera just a bit.”

She followed his instruction. Leaning forward dropped the front of the skirt enough to hide the flash of panties, but now Eric could see the tightly packed valley of her small cleavage. He took the photo.

“Now, knees on the couch, like yesterday, looking over your shoulder.”

“Like this,” Jessica asked, putting her elbows on the back of the couch and sticking her bottom out.

The skirt rode up again, showing a bit of her panties. Already knowing what he’d want, she spread her legs.

“Good,” he said and took the photo.

For the third shot, she put her palms against the wall and stuck her ass out once more, legs parted, and Eric took this photo from a lower angle, which clearly captured her pussy mound under the panties.

“Why did you do it up my skirt?” Jessica asked, turning around.

“Because it looks sexy, Jess. You can see the outline of your pussy in the photo,” he explained.

“I know,” she said, “Why do you want to see that?”

Her eyes flicked down to his pants, where his cock was hard.

“Because it’s a pretty pussy,” he said, grinning, “and I already saw it yesterday, didn’t I?”

“Don’t say things like that,” she said, looking down and shuffling her feet, “It makes me feel… weird.”

“Two more,” Eric said, refusing to comment, “I want you to lay on the floor and spread your legs.”


Her brother took a step closer and rested his hand on her shoulder, then gave a gentle push. Jessica, obediently, her tummy knotted with that hot feeling, sank to her knees.

“Lay back, Jess,” he said, “Lay back and spread your legs for me.”

Jessica lay back, looking away, her face hot, and she parted her legs.

“Good girl,” Eric said, and Jessica closed her eyes.

Something about the words made her shiver, made the dirty action of parting her legs in front of her brother seem like something that she wanted. She wondered again if it was from being looked at, or was it because it was Eric? She’d felt the same warm and exciting feeling when Maria had kissed her in the mall, when she knew that people were looking at them, watching them with desire. Here, alone with Eric, it was like a secret, something naughty, but thrilling in a way that being kissed in public was not.

“Lift your skirt and show me your panties, Jess,” Eric commanded, his tone soft but authoritative.

Jessica’s hand teased the hem of the skirt and pulled it up to expose her black panties to the camera. He took the photo.

“I want you to touch your pussy for me, Jess,” Eric said, in the same commanding tone, “Show me how you like to touch it.”

Jessica snaked her hand, slowly, over the crotch of the panties, until her hand covered it.

“Is that how you like to touch it, Jess?” Eric asked, with almost a hint of warning in his tone, “Is that how you touched your pussy for me yesterday?”

Jessica gasped and said, “No.”

For him? Had she touched it for him, specifically? She’d touched it and she’d played with it until she’d cum, because that hot and dirty feeling, the secret, had urged her to continue. But had she done it for Eric and the camera, or had she done it for the feeling of being naughty, like the girls on the website?

“Touch it the way you like, Jess,” he said again.

Jessica moved her hand, slid it inside the panties, and touched her pussy. The heat of it was intense and it was wet again, wet in front of her brother and wet for the camera. Only, the camera couldn’t see that it was wet, and neither could Eric. She knew, though, that Eric knew it was wet.

“It’s wet, isn’t it?” Eric asked.

“Yes,” Jessica whispered.

“You like to touch it when it’s wet, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she agreed.

“Touch it for me some more, Jess. It feels good to touch it for me, doesn’t it?”

Jessica’s hand rubbed it, spreading the wetness, a small moan coming from her mouth.

“I like to watch you touch it, Jess,” Eric said, “Your pussy is so pretty.”

Jessica gasped again and pushed her finger into it, eyes shut as Eric took the photo.

“Good girl,” he said again, “That’s the last one. Do you want to stop now?”

Jessica continued easing her finger in and out of her pussy. There was no camera now, only Eric watching, only her brother, telling her that her pussy was pretty and that he liked to watch her touch it. That was slutty, wasn’t it? Or was it sexy? Was it her kink? If she didn’t like him watching, why had she done it again? Why was her pussy so wet and hot? There was no more money coming, but she wasn’t stopping.

She continued to rub it and finger it, her other hand snaking downward, joining the first, pulling the panties to the side. Eric could see her pretty pussy now, wet as she played with it, the heat of the arousal and the dirty secret seeming more important, in this moment, than the fact that she was masturbating in front of her brother. The secret made her head light and her nipples hard. No one else knew the secret, knew that her brother had seen her pussy and he thought it was pretty.

She heard the click of the camera again, a sixth photo. Her brother had another photo of her bare, wet pussy on his phone and that was dirty. Her brother would look at her pussy and he’d stroke his cock at night, in his room, just down the hall from where she slept. He might have done it already and that was a secret, too, just as dirty as the fact that she’d let him take the photo, with full knowledge of what he’d do with it.

The camera did not click again, but she knew he was still watching. Was he recording it now? The thought sent a wave of warm pleasure rocketing up her body, stiffening her nipples, bringing a gasp. He might be. Eric might be recording a video of her touching her pussy, and now there were more than some photos for him to masturbate with. He’d play the video and he’d watch her fingers move in and out, watch her rub her clit.

He’d be able to hear the wet, squishing sounds that her pussy made as she lay in front of him and touched her pretty pussy. For him. She was touching it for him because the secret made her hot. Then, she came, thinking about the secret and of Eric watching her, in his room, his cock in his hand as he listened to the sounds that her pussy made as she touched it. He’d be thinking of her pussy, his sister’s pussy, how pretty it was and he’d stroke his cock as he imagined putting it into her.

“Huh!” Jessica squeaked and pushed her fingers into her pussy, cumming on them.

The shivering, quaking feeling and the heat of it seemed to last for minutes, though it was likely only seconds. With a hot haze in her head, Jessica withdrew her fingers and let the panties fall back into place, breathing heavily. She sat up, slowly, dazed, as Eric lowered the camera. He had a wide-eyed look of arousal and confusion on his own face, and a bulging cock in his pants.

Jessica staggered back to her feet, blushing, unable to meet his eye. Eric pocketed the phone and stepped forward, wrapped her in his arms, and kissed her hair.

“That was really sexy, Jess,” he said, “Thank you for letting me watch it.”

“I… I shouldn’t have done that,” she said, “I don’t know why I did it. I’m sorry.”

He shushed her and stroked her hair. She could feel his erection against her leg.

“It’s alright. If it feels good and it didn’t hurt anyone, it’s okay. Remember?”

She nodded then said, “Dad’s going to be home soon. I should go start dinner.”

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“I think so… I just… will you send me the pictures?”

He chuckled and said, “Of course.”

Jessica broke away and shuffled toward the kitchen, confused.


Jessica felt flushed, and it wasn’t just the heat of the stove and the bustling about the kitchen. Tacos were an easy thing to make, a staple at her mother’s house. She could have made them in her sleep. Thus, her thoughts were once again on her slutty behavior. That’s what it had been, she decided. Slutty.

For the second day in a row, she’d let her brother take sexy photos of her with hardly any argument. As soon as that camera was out and she knew that Eric was looking at her, watching her, his voice husky and saying the things that a brother should never say, it was like a switch in her head flipped. She’d gone from reluctant to masturbating slut in the span of a minute, her imagination conjuring up images of what Eric might do with the photos.

The imagined scenario had fueled the behavior, made the things she’d done feel good, despite the taboo. Hearing Eric talk so casually about her pussy, the way he’d told her what to do, the desire in his voice, all of it had made her feel… lusted after, desired. It was erotic in a way that was impossible to put into words, only feelings, and those feelings were a confused mess of guilt and shame, combined with a strange want. It was a secret. A sexy secret.

She turned toward the sound of the door opening and Owen walking in from work. His eyes fell on her, drank in the sexy little costume, and his lips curled up into a smile like Eric’s. The smile and the look brought a fresh wave of heat.

“Wow,” Owen remarked, “You really got into the spirit of it, didn’t you?”

Jessica nodded, blushing under his appraising gaze. He strode forward and Jessica met him, leaning up on her toes, planting a little kiss on his cheek, and whispering, “Hi, daddy.”

His arm encircled her, rested on the small of her back. She could feel his fingers twitch an inch lower, then stop. It was almost, but not quite, like one of the escort girls.

“Hey, honey,” he said, and held her a moment, then he broke away and took a seat at the table.

They chatted, idly, discussing Jessica’s application search, while she finished dinner. She was aware of his eyes on her, watching, looking. It wasn’t quite the same feeling, she thought, as Eric taking the pictures. Maybe it was because of the situation? Perhaps if her father had been taking pictures of her in the costume, instructing her how to pose for him, commanding her, it would have felt the same. He didn’t, though. He just watched, which was a different sort of excitement, a cooler one, like a slow tease, rather than the hot flash that had made her touch herself in front of Eric.

“What’s that in your stocking?” Owen asked.

Jessica froze. She’d forgotten about the money.

“Eric… paid for the premium package,” she admitted.

Owen raised a brow and smirked, saying, “I guess that little idea had some merit, then. Good job, honey.”

Jessica was silent, finishing dinner, glad that he didn’t ask to see the photos. Was she glad, though? There was a feeling of relief, but a feeling of something else, too. It was a hot flush of anxious disappointment. He could have asked to see them, could have called Eric in to show him. He’d look at the photos and he’d see her showing her brother her panties, see her pretty pussy and the way she’d touched it. It might give her the answer, but it could also result in disaster.

“I’ll go get Eric,” she said, leaving the food on the counter, ready to serve.

She hurried to the living room, where Eric sat on the couch.

“Dad asked me about the money,” she whispered.


“I told him you paid for photos,” she said, blushing, “He might ask to see them. You should… hide them or something.”

Hide them? He should delete them, she thought. Why hadn’t she said that? Why did she want him to keep them?

Eric grinned and stood up, very close to her.

“You don’t want him to see?” he whispered, his breath hot in her ear, “You don’t want dad to see the pretty pussy you showed me?”

Jessica gasped and looked up into his eyes, her own pleading. The hot flush covered her again and she could feel that sense of losing control, of wanting to touch herself. The words, those dirty words about the secret, that someone might find out were making her pussy feel wet again.

“No,” she whispered.

“No, what?” Eric asked, smiling wickedly.

“No, I don’t want dad to see.”

“See what, Jess?” Eric asked, quietly, in her ear.

“My... my pussy,” she said, swallowing, looking away.

Then, Eric crossed a boundary, and took the secret further, in a way that made Jessica squeak quietly and shiver. Eric cupped her pussy through her panties, his hand hot against her sex through the thin fabric.

“This pretty pussy?” he asked.

“Eric…” she hissed, but she made no move to push his hand away or stop him.

Eric rubbed her pussy softly, making her gasp.

“You don’t think he’d like it?” Eric asked.

“We… we should go,” Jessica said, but she didn’t move.

Eric continued to rub her pussy. Jessica put her hand around his wrist, holding it, but she still didn’t stop him. Eric, at last, stopped himself, pulling his hand away.

“Let’s go,” he said.

Jessica smoothed the skirt down again, and followed, her face hot, wondering what she’d just done. She hadn’t done anything, that’s what she’d done. Her brother had touched her pussy, her panties, rubbed it, and she’d done nothing. She’d let him.

Eric took his seat across from his father at the table, while Jessica served them both, just like a maid. Both of them watched her, making her blush, as she set out two plates for them and laid out tacos.

“Can I get you drinks?” she asked.

“Just water for me, honey,” Owen said.

“The same,” Eric added.

Jessica retrieved glasses, standing on her toes to reach a pair on a higher shelf, which was unnecessary. She could feel them watching her, looking at her bottom as the skirt rode up and gave them a view of her panties. She filled the glasses and brought them back, before taking her own seat.

“Excellent, as always, Jess,” Owen commented, “I think dinner alone is worth the price for the service.”

“The view isn’t a bad one, either,” Eric added.

Owen grinned and nodded, giving Jess a sideways glance.

“Thank you,” she said.

Eric tapped at his phone and Jessica paused, her taco halfway to her mouth. He wouldn’t? Would he? Would he just offer to share the pictures with their father? A moment later he set the phone down and Jessica let out a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding.

“I hear that you bought an upgrade for the maid service?” Owen asked, and Jessica’s breath caught again.

“Yeah,” Eric admitted, “Money well spent.”

“I’ll bet,” Owen remarked, but he didn’t ask to see the pictures.

The two of them began talking about Eric’s classes, allowing Jessica’s racing heart to calm, but the warm feeling in her pussy refused to cool. Once they’d finished, Jessica cleared away the table and cleaned the dishes, while Owen and Eric retired to the living room. Having done all the dusting and cleaning the day prior, Jessica wondered what exactly she was going to do in the living room. There were other parts of the house to clean, but she couldn’t imagine the two of them following her around and watching her clean bathtubs or scrub toilets.

She brought a duster with her anyway, then stood cutely in the middle of the living room.

“Would you like me to tidy up?” she asked.

“Everything in here looks good,” Owen said, “Why don’t you just put the duster to work, and then you’ll be finished. Dinner was quite enough tonight. Thank you, honey.”

Jessica nodded and flitted about the room, dusting, though there was no real need to. Still, she hit all the shelves and the back of the TV, the windowsills, and then returned to the middle of the room. Owen had his wallet out. The sight of it gave her that hot rush of pleasure again, not at the thought of the money, but at the memory of what she’d done for Eric.

Owen withdrew some cash and beckoned her over. He showed her the twenty, then another, and held them up. Jessica reached out to take them, but he shook his head and smiled. His eyes flicked downward, to the stockings, and Jessica blushed. Carefully, she raised one leg and put her foot on his chair, offering it to him, but also showing her panties under the little skirt. Owen put the bills into the band of the stockings, his hand seeming to linger a little longer than was necessary.

“That was more than we talked about,” Jessica said softly, leaving her leg on the chair.

“You deserved a tip,” he said, then patted his knee.

Jessica let her leg down and then sat on his. How long had it been since she’d sat like this? Years. Why now? Simple fatherly affection? Something more? She rested her bottom on his leg and noted Eric’s eyes watching her. Owen’s hand rested lightly on her back, his attention on the TV once more.

Jessica sat on his knee as he said nothing, lightly stroking her back as they watched the show. She shifted, uncomfortable, and then Owen took her legs and put them across his lap and over the arm of the chair. Jessica was practically cradled in his lap. His free hand rested on her leg, just above the stockings. If he slid it up a few inches, it would be under her skirt. She wondered if he could feel the heat of her pussy, because it certainly felt very warm.

She glanced down at the hand, resting casually, wondering if he wanted to push it further. His face didn’t betray anything and her position didn’t allow her to look at his cock or to feel if it was hard. The thought made her insides knot. She shouldn’t be thinking about her father’s cock, wondering if it was hard and if it was hard because of her. She shouldn’t have let her brother take pictures of her pussy or touch it either, but she’d done it and it had felt good. Glancing at the hand, she noted, too, that in this position Eric could see up her skirt from the couch. She glanced his way and, sure enough, his eyes were on her panties.

“Are you alright, honey,” Owen whispered into her ear, “You feel very hot.”

His hand eased an inch up her bare skin. Jessica nodded.

“I’m… it’s just warm,” she said, “Could I go to my room?”

Owen’s hand slid another inch up her leg. If he pushed just a little further, his fingertips would be touching her panties, touching her pussy, as Eric had done.

“Go ahead,” Owen said, “It is very warm.”

Jessica didn’t move. Her brain told her that it was time to move, that what she was doing was wrong, in the same way that showing Eric her pussy had been wrong. And that made it sexy, a sexy secret. Instead of moving, getting up, and leaving, she parted her legs slightly. Owen’s fingers gained another inch.

“I should go,” she said again, quietly.

“No one is stopping you, Jess,” Owen said, and Jessica could hear the growl in his tone, the sound like she’d heard through the door, the deep and masculine growl that had come just before the escort girl had moaned.

His fingers moved again and lightly touched the crotch of her panties. She knew what he was feeling. Her pussy was hot and her panties were damp. The finger traced the length of her slit softly. Jessica gasped, shivered, and then managed to get control. She kissed her father’s cheek lightly and said, “Good night, daddy.”

Owen’s hand withdrew and Jessica quickly swung her legs off of his lap and wobbled to her feet. She looked at Eric, who gave her a knowing wink. She quickly left the room, flushed, swaying on her heels and retreating into her bedroom. She stripped off the costume and put on a sleep shirt and shorts, then burrowed in the covers.

This was wrong, all of it. What was she doing? Not knowing much of anything about how arousal worked, it was hard to come up with an answer. She only knew that the whole thing was dangerous and exciting. The way that Eric and her father looked at her, the things she could see in their primal glances, the desire, and the want, encouraged her to fulfill those desires in some way. She felt like she was powerless against the urge, some deep, animal feeling craving the sense of control they wielded.

Something about that felt right, made her pussy throb. Control. It was something about them, specifically. They were figures of authority, Eric older and her father in control of her life, to a degree. It wasn’t just about Eric looking at her, or the things that he said. It was the way he said them like he was not asking her to show him, but telling her, commanding her, as if it was an expectation that she obey. When she’d been reluctant, been unsure, Eric had simply posed her as he wanted her, like he had every right.

The hot feeling, the sexy feeling, the sense of losing control had been the same when she’d been in her father’s lap. He hadn’t asked her, hadn’t even made a pretense of it. He had ordered her to sit on his leg, then posed her the way he wanted her, putting her legs over his lap. He’d put his hand on her bare skin, as if it belonged to him, and just because he’d given her money. Then, he’d taken liberties, as though her position on his lap entitled him to do as he pleased with her. He’d tested the boundaries of his control, gauged her reaction, and found her willing to be pushed until she’d found the will to stop him.

Had she stopped him, though? Or had she stopped herself? Was there a difference? She felt certain, somehow, that if she’d done nothing, said nothing, stayed there, that he would have continued exploring and pushing the limits, taking all he could until she’d been pinned under his body and his cock had been in her. The image made her body jerk and her hand slid into her shorts. That was the answer. His fingers, the light brush, and then the way they’d traced down the wet crease of her slit, had provided the answer.

The escorts looked like her because he wanted to fuck her. He was skirting the line, indulging in his own fantasy in the only way he could, by finding surrogate pussy that was as close to hers as possible. They called him daddy and kissed him on the mouth, while his hands groped their little, round bottoms. They wetly sucked on his cock while he growled. Jessica stroked herself, feeling the wetness, the confused arousal hot from her slick little sheath.

Did he spread their legs and take them, holding their petite bodies against his chest, his tongue in their mouths, and his hard cock buried in their bodies? Did he call them her name as he did it? Did he call them Jess, honey, baby, princess and roughly, dominantly fuck them? Did they push their warm little pussies back against him, surrendering to him in the way that he wanted her to? The image was filthy but she orgasmed from it.



Like the sound of this story? You can pick up the finished novel in the shop. Seducing Jessica is a novel of incestuous seduction spanning 18 chapters and over 52,000 words. This book tells the tale of Jessica's seduction and transformation at the hands of her family and a dominant escort.

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