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Reluctant Suckslut

Sophie is cursed with a body built for sex. Everything from her light brown skin to her perfect curves, and even her hint of a Latin accent just drives men wild. Sophie even had a boyfriend that she let go all the way, but Randy turned out to be a real pig in bed, treating Sophie like his sexual property.

Even though she kind of liked it, Sophie knows that she deserves respect. She's not going to let any man treat her like a hot piece of ass. Following her breakup, Sophie takes up the cause of female empowerment. She knows that men aren't pigs, in general, they just get that way when their penis is in control. Still, she's not about to let another guy treat her like Randy. No way!

When Sophie agrees to be a volunteer for the Relief Aid fundraiser event to help her sister earn college credit, though, Sophie's femininity is about to land her in trouble. While manning a relief tent at this DomCo-hosted event, Sophie is cornered by a very aggressive man who needs a little relief himself.

Relief Aid is only the catalyst, though, for an ongoing series featuring Sophie, the reluctant suckslut.

Sophie the reluctant suckslut
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