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Seducing Jessica, Part Six

Chapter Eight: Evil Twin

Jessica knew that she smelled like sex. How could she not? She’d spent the better part of an hour with Maria kissing, sucking, licking, and touching every part of her. It wasn’t like masturbating, even a little bit. It was the most incredible feeling of pleasure she’d ever experienced, and the single most amazing closeness she’d ever shared with another person. Now, laying next to Maria, with the other girl still stroking and touching her naked body, Jessica drifted in a post-orgasmic haze of relaxation.

“I’ve always liked girls,” Maria whispered, “but there’s something about doing it with someone that looks like you, that makes it fucking wild.”

Jessica only nodded, not sure what to say. She tingled all over. Now that everything was quiet, and the sexy noises that they’d been making had trailed off into a comfortable silence, Jessica wanted nothing more than to simply lay here with Maria’s hands on her for the rest of the day. Through the quiet, though, she heard the slam of the front door. The sound broke the quiet of the secret place, snapping her back into the real world.

“Your dad?” Maria asked, seemingly unconcerned.

“Too early,” Jessica said. “My brother, probably.”

“Oh? The hunky brother that likes taking dirty pictures of his hot sister?” Maria teased.

“That’s the one,” Jessica said.

Maria’s hand trailed casually down Jessica’s tummy, then slipped between her legs, where it began to slowly stroke her wet pussy. Jessica gasped and parted her legs once more, allowing Maria free reign to do what she wanted with her.

“Tell me more about the pictures, Luna,” Maria said hotly into her ear. “Tell me about how the pictures made you feel. I want you to let your imagination run wild. There’s nothing wrong with imagining what could be. When your hot brother had you on that couch, wearing so little, touching your pussy for him, what did you want?”

Jessica quaked as Maria rubbed her wet lips and kissed her behind the ear. She closed her eyes and let the feeling overwhelm her.

“I… I don’t know,” she said.

“Yes, you do,” Maria whispered. “Let your imagination tell you what you wanted to happen, what you wanted to experience. There are no repercussions for imagining it, so tell me what you thought about. How did it happen, after the photos were taken, while you rubbed this warm little cunt in the dark and looked at them.”

Jessica gasped and said, “How did you—“

“Of course, you did,” Maria said, “How could you not? You were so naughty, letting your brother see your pussy. You touched it for him, put your fingers in it, and you even came for him. It was so hot and so exciting to do it, wasn’t it?”

Maria pushed two of her fingers into Jessica’s gripping tunnel, sawing them slowly in and out as she kissed her neck and pressed her own naked body against her.

“Yes,” Jessica admitted. “It was hot.”

“What did he want from you, baby?” Maria asked.

“He wanted to... to touch me. I think.”

“How did he do it?” Maria asked, and pressed her fingers deep into Jessica’s cunt, making her jerk.

“He... he put down the camera,” Jessica said, letting the fantasy play out. Maria was right. She had touched herself and looked at the photos, in the dark, alone, imagining what Eric would have done. “He got on his knees in front of me, and he spread my legs. He pulled my bikini bottoms off, without even asking, like it was his right.”

“That’s so sexy,” Maria said. “You gave in because you wanted your big brother to touch you. You let him take off your bottoms and look at your wet, naked pussy.”

“Yeah,” Jessica breathed, as Maria increased the pace of her fingers.

Even under the blanket, she could hear the wetness of her own cunt, squishing around Maria’s extended digits.

“He told me that my pussy was pretty,” Jessica said, swallowing, her hand coming up to squeeze her breast. “He told me that he was going to lick it, and that I was going to let him.”

“You wanted him to, didn’t you? You wanted your brother to put his hands on your legs and spread them, then push his tongue into this pretty pussy and lick it, huh?”

Jessica trembled at the dirty image in her head, Maria’s fingers working expertly on her pussy.

“He just... did it,” Jessica said, “without asking me. He told me and I... I just nodded and let him do it.”

“It felt so good, didn’t it?” Maria asked. “It was like when you let me lick it. Only, it was even hotter because it was your brother. Your brother shouldn’t have his tongue in your pretty pussy, should he?”

“N... no!” Jessica agreed, grinding her pussy against Maria’s fingers.

“He got your pretty pussy so wet with his tongue,” Maria hissed in her ear. “He sucked it and licked it, just like you let me do to you. You acted like a slut, and it made you feel sexy, didn’t it?”

“I... fuck...” Jessica squeaked and her body twitched as Maria’s fingers hit the right spot, sending a spark of hot pleasure through her.

“You were so wet and so hot from it,” Maria said. “Tell me what he did next.”

“He... his... cock... was hard and he pulled it out. He took my hand off my tummy and... and he put it around his cock,” Jessica said.

“Your brother’s home right now,” Maria said, and stroked her fingers in and out more quickly, pushing Jessica toward another orgasm. “If he comes in, he’ll see you naked in bed with another girl. Do you think he’ll want to take your picture?”

“Oh! Yes,” Jessica hissed.

“He’ll want pictures of my fingers in your pretty pussy, won’t he?”


“He’ll look at you, naked, horny, and wet,” Maria whispered, “and his cock will be hard again.”

Jessica gasped and shook, her imagination running wild. She could picture Eric with his phone in his hand, taking photos of her spread legs as Maria touched her, directing her in that commanding tone.

“Lick her cunt, Maria,” he’d say. “Get her pretty pussy nice and wet for me.”

Then, he’d take more pictures, and he’d do it while he touched his cock. He’d pull it out, and then her brother’s naked dick would be in his hand while he watched Maria lick her. Maria would be getting her wet, wet for him. Wet so that he could... so that he could take her place!

“That’s it, Luna,” Maria said. “Just let it go. It’s your fantasy. It’s what you want. Let your brother fuck you. That’s what you imagined, wasn’t it?”

“I... I wanted...” Jessica panted, so close.

“Say it. Tell me that you wanted your brother to fuck you.”

The words did it and Jessica blurted, in a rush, “I wanted my brother to fuck me!”

Saying it out loud pushed her past the peak and she arched her back, pushing her cunt against Maria’s fingers. Her evil twin fucked her faster, harder, the grip of Jessica’s pussy sucking at her fingers as she plunged them wetly into her.

“I’m going to make that happen for you,” Maria hissed. “Give me another good cum and think about how hot that will be. Your brother is going to fuck you.”

“Oh! Oh, fuck!” Jessica hissed.

“Do it, slut,” Maria hissed and pushed her over again.

Jessica spasmed and jerked, her hand clinging tightly to Maria’s wrist as she came. The fantasy ran wild in her head, Eric pushing her legs apart, pushing his cock against her pretty, wet pussy. Maria was there, whispering those dirty things in her ear, telling her to give in, to let him have her, that she was powerful because he couldn’t resist. She was sexy, so sexy and hot that her own brother had to have her. It was wrong, but Eric didn’t care. He’d been seduced by her so wholly that he didn’t care about right or wrong. He just had to be inside her.

Maria quickly jerked her fingers out of Jessica’s pussy and kissed her hotly. Jessica groaned because she felt like she could have cum again, but the sudden lack of stimulation denied her the chance. Still, she burned hot as Maria sucked at her tongue and cupped her breast. The other girl’s heat and arousal were like a drug, flooding her mind with more images of passion. The fantasy continued to play, but now Maria was kissing her and touching her, while her brother pushed the full length of his hardness into her.

Finally, Maria pulled away and Jessica could see the wild lust in her. Maria had given her several powerful orgasms today, but she hadn’t gotten off herself. Had all the sex play driven her mad with lust? It must have because she was flushed and hot, panting, and... yes, she was touching herself!

“Fuck, that was so hot!” Maria hissed. “We need to keep this going. I’m so fucking keyed up!”

“Keep it going?” Jessica asked, entranced by Maria’s need.

“You have the set we got at the mall? The matching one?” she asked.

Jessica nodded.

“Get it on. I brought mine. I’m going to push your boundaries.”

Jessica nodded and obeyed.


Like the sound of this story? You can pick up the finished novel in the shop. Seducing Jessica is a novel of incestuous seduction spanning 18 chapters and over 52,000 words. This book tells the tale of Jessica's seduction and transformation at the hands of her family and a dominant escort.

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