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Seducing Jessica, Part Thirteen

Chapter Fifteen: House of Sin

Jessica lay under a blanket, her naked ass spooned against her equally naked daddy. His hand groped her breast. The sounds of Maria’s muffled screams from down the hall drifted through the door as Eric fucked her madly. Despite her daddy having fucked her, there was no awkwardness. In fact, she felt a warm glow as he held her, while they lay in silence, listening to Maria being vigorously pounded.

“Dad?” she said, breaking the silence.


“I love you.”

Owen sat up on his elbow and kissed her neck.

“I love you, too, baby. Are we… going to be okay?”

Jessica nodded and laughed, saying, “A little late to be asking that now, but yes. We’re going to be fine. No, I’m not traumatized, and I don’t think you’re a daughter-raping pervert.”

She could feel the tension drain from him.

“At least, not any more than I’m a daddy-fucking pervert,” she added.

He relaxed and held her again.

“How long… How long have you felt like this?” she asked.

Owen was quiet a moment, then said, “When we came to your birthday, I watched you standing next to your mother. You reminded me so much of her when we were younger, and… I don’t know. Something just happened to me right then. Maybe that wasn’t the exact moment. It’s hard to tell. I just know that, when we went home that night, that was the first time I can remember thinking about it.”

“And the next logical step was to hire girls that looked like me to fuck?” Jessica teased.

“Not exactly,” Owen said. “I’ve kind of had a… taboo… fetish for a long time. I developed that thanks to your mom, but I won’t say anything else on that front. It’s not my place.”

“Are you fucking shitting me?” Jessica blurted. “Mom?”

“Like I said. It isn’t my place. If she ever wants to talk about it, she will. I don’t think it would be wise to bring it up in conversation.”

“Yeah. I don’t see that happening. How was your summer, honey? Oh, great. Dad’s been fucking me. So, tell me about your incest experience, Mom.”

“I imagine that would not go over well,” Owen chuckled.

“Dad? Do you… what do you really think about me doing, you know, what Maria does?” she asked.

Owen sighed and then said, “Are you serious about that?”

“I think so,” Jessica said. “It’s just… I really like this. I like her. I like the way I feel when I do… things. I want to do more, and I want to explore it.”

“Honey, if that will make you happy, then I’m not against it. I just want you to be safe.”

“Maria seems to know what she’s doing,” Jessica said.

“Yeah. Maria certainly knows what she’s doing,” he said.

Maria orgasmed loudly from down the hall.

“She makes me feel so hot,” Jessica whispered, the sound of the girl’s moans making her wet again.

Owen’s cock jerked against her ass, growing hard again.

“Did we make your fantasy come true?” Jessica asked, reaching around and finding his dick.

“Oh my God, yes,” Owen hissed. “You liked it?”

Jessica wiggled her ass and put his cock between her legs.

“That’s your pussy, Daddy,” she said breathily. “And this one’s on me.”

Owen squeezed her breast tightly in his hand and pushed his cock into her wet pussy once more, groaning as her tight sheath enveloped his length. Jessica shook, pressing back against him. This time it was different, without Maria. Now, it was just the two of them.

Without Maria’s dirty, seductive prattle, there were just the two of them slowly moving together. Owen held her and touched her softly, slowly fucking his cock into his daughter’s inviting pussy. Jessica made small gasps of pleasure, rocking back against him, the warmth and safety of his arms around her as perfect as the feel of his cock.


Chapter Sixteen: Cum Toilet

Following her second night of sleeping naked with Maria and being made to tongue Eric’s sperm from her pussy, Jessica marveled at how swiftly life could change. It seemed as though when they weren’t sleeping, Maria was intent on keeping Jessica on a sexual high, never giving her a moment to think clearly. She’d awoken to the girl sucking her pussy, but Maria had only gotten her wet and horny.

In the shower, she’d groped and touched her, kissed her, and licked her as she poured more seductive poison into her ear. Now, wearing her collar and stripped naked, Jessica lay between Maria’s legs as the girl stroked her hair and further tutored her in licking cunt. The vibrating egg was back inside of her, keeping her horny and confused as she pushed her tongue into Maria’s fuckhole and listened to the girl recount what a slut Jessica had been lately.

“You’re getting so hungry for cunt, pet,” Maria said, stroking Jessica’s hair. “I can’t wait to watch you service some other girls. They’re going to love how obedient you are. We have some more fun things to do first, though, don’t we?”

“Mm-hmm,” Jessica agreed, sucking Maria’s clit.

“Now that we’ve started you on being a proper little daddy fucker, I think we need to let Eric have his turn. Don’t you?”

“Hmm!” Jessica agreed again.

“Your big brother really hammered me good last night. He couldn’t get enough,” Maria said. “He called me Jessica while he shoved that big, angry dick into me over and over. Your dad’s a good fuck, but that brother of yours can really go to town on a girl. We’ll probably need to let your pussy rest a bit, or he’s going to break you.”

Jessica moaned sluttily into Maria’s cunt, imagining her brother pounding his cock into her so hard that she screamed as Maria had done.

“I’m going to need to go pick up a few things, but I have something really fun planned for while I’m away. You liked being tied up, didn’t you?”

“Mm-hmm,” Jessica mumbled.

“You can stop licking cunt now,” Maria instructed and Jessica stopped, looking up at the girl with her face wet from girl cum.

Maria got up from the bed and returned with the scarves. Jessica trembled, wondering what she had planned, but hot and wet at the idea of being restrained again. Maria positioned her, with her back against the headboard, then bound her wrists with the scarves. She tied each of them to a bedpost and then went to Jessica’s desk.

Jessica watched, horny and curious, as Maria scribbled something on some post-it notes, stuck tape to them, and then returned. Grinning wickedly, she showed the first note to Jessica. In big letters, it read “NO!”

She took the note and stuck it on Jessica’s pussy, applying the tape across her skin. Jessica’s curiosity increased. She showed her the second note, which read, “Family Cum Toilet.”

Jessica groaned. Maria stuck the note to Jessica’s bare tummy. That done, she took Jessica’s phone from her nightstand, opened it, and clicked out the stand. She tapped at the screen, put a book on the bed, then rested the phone on top of it. Jessica could see the screen with a group call that included her father and her brother. The call was on a timer, the phone set to dial in fifteen minutes.

“What?” Jessica asked.

Maria shushed her and put the third scarf over her eyes, cinching it in place. Jessica heard the remote click and the egg in her cunt kicked up to a higher setting, making Jessica shake as her pussy throbbed.

“I’ll be back with some new supplies soon, alright? Be good for whoever stops by to use the cum toilet,” Maria whispered in her ear.

“Oh, God!” Jessica exclaimed, wiggling in her bonds.

“No pussy. Mouth only,” Maria instructed. “If you get any visitors, be sure you thank them for feeding you, okay?”

Jessica heard her sling her purse over her shoulder and leave, but the door did not close. She tried to remember how much time was left on the timer, to count it down, but it was too difficult without being able to see and with the egg vibrating her pussy. She didn’t even know what time it was. Being a Sunday, both her father and brother were home, but she didn’t know if they were awake. When the call went through, would they accept the invitation? Would they both come at once? The anticipation, the uncertainty, the feeling of helplessness had her head in a lusty whirl.

“Jess?” came a voice through the phone, and then another said, “Oh, shit!”

The call had gone through and both of them were now looking through the video chat at her naked, bound body, an invitation for use clearly taped to her chest. With no real sense of time, she couldn’t tell how long it was before she heard footsteps at the door, but she felt certain that less than a minute had passed. She could feel them both in the room with her now.

“Seems like a clear invitation,” Eric said.

“That is one twisted bitch,” Owen added.

Jessica thought he was referring to Maria, but she couldn’t be sure.

“Jess, are you alright?” Eric asked.

Jessica nodded. And then she opened her mouth, a hot flush in her cheeks.

The two of them were silent and Jessica imagined them looking at one another, father and son, embarrassed at the idea of pulling their dicks out together.

“You know,” Eric said, “This is probably a weird time to tell you this, but I’m kind of a perv.”

Owen laughed and said, “Most dads take their kids on fucking camping trips. I suppose the cat’s out of the bag on this one.”

“Rock, paper, scissors?” Eric suggested.

“Fuck you. I pay the mortgage,” Owen said, chuckling.

Jessica heard a rustling of clothes and then the bed rocked. Someone, her daddy she presumed, straddled her chest. His hand groped her breast and tugged on her nipple, making Jessica yelp with excitement.

“Are you daddy’s special cocksucker, Jess?” he asked.

“Uh huh,” Jessica replied dazedly, her mouth open.

The tip of his cock touched her tongue and Jessica groaned as more of his length followed. She closed her lips around it and let him push it in, creating a tight seal for him to use.

“That’s daddy’s girl,” Owen growled and Jessica nearly orgasmed at the sound of it, so hot, so dirty. “Is that bitch making you behave like a slut, baby?”

“Mm hm,” Jessica mumbled around his prick.

He groaned and pulled back, then eased it slowly back into her mouth, until his cockhead bumped the back of her throat, and she made a little gluk. Owen growled at the sound of it and put his hand on her head.

“This will be a great watch later,” she heard Eric say and she imagined him filming it, recording the sight of her daddy using her mouth, while she wore a sign indicating her as nothing but a hole for incestuous cum.

She heard him set the phone on her nightstand, where it could easily record the perfect angle of her cock-stuffed face. Her daddy’s hand on her head guided her mouth back and forth along the length of his prick, wetly fucking her face with it. His rhythm was insistent and relentless. Soon, she felt drool leaking from the sides of her mouth and dripping down her chin, where it fell to her chest.

“You wanna give it a go?” Owen asked.

“Love to,” Eric said.

Owen’s cock pulled out of her mouth, and he released his grip. Jessica gasped and coughed, spitting up saliva as they traded places. A second later, her brother pushed his dick into her mouth and followed his father’s example.

“It’s too bad about that no pussy rule,” Eric said to his father. “I’ll bet it’s wet as fuck right now. Is your pussy wet, Jess?”

“Mmm hmm!” Jessica mumbled.

“It’s so fucking good,” Owen said wistfully.

Jessica felt so hot as they spoke about her like she was the family fucktoy, a mouth and a wet cunt for them to play with, but something that truly belonged to Maria. It was as if she were being loaned out, borrowed, and once they’d had their fun they’d return her to Maria, cum-filled and ready to be cleaned for later use. It was wicked and depraved, and she couldn’t understand why simply thinking about it had her on the verge of cumming.

Eric slid his cock into her mouth faster now, pumping wetly between her lips and causing little spurts of saliva to squelch from the corners of her mouth on each inward thrust. She could hear his breathing increasing, getting heavier and deeper as he held back his need to cum. His legs shook from the effort. Jessica made little squeaks around his cock, encouraging him, her cunt wanting that taboo ejaculation. When it came, it wasn’t in her mouth. Her brother whipped his prick from her and Jessica gasped as a hot jet of cum struck her on the nose, coating the blindfold. Another hit her lips and then a third plastered her cheek.

Eric grunted and cursed as he sprayed her face with his brotherly load, as Jessica wiggled in the bonds and held her mouth open like some kind of cum junkie. She pushed her tongue out and tried to taste it, to collect some of the sexy reward. Even as her tongue searched, though, her daddy plugged her mouth and gripped the back of her head.

Jessica swallowed quickly as his prick invaded her, his hand firmly pressing her down his length. She sputtered, spit, and then his whole cock was in her and she could feel his balls slap her chin.

“Fuck,” Owen hissed. “That’s daddy’s little mouth hole.”

Jessica jerked and coughed, her daddy’s full-length pulsing in her throat. She’s swallowed his entire cock, she suddenly realized, and then she orgasmed. He held her in place as his cock pulsed and she jerked, her body shaking. Eric exclaimed, but Jessica could hardly hear it over the blood pounding in her ears. Her daddy’s cock began to pour cum into her throat and she swallowed on reflex, while her body twitched and her arms tugged against the headboard.

Owen pulled his cock from her windpipe and Jessica heaved in air, her chest rising and falling, her breasts coated with saliva and dripping sperm.

“Oh my God,” she whispered.

“You alright, honey?” Owen asked, dropping the game.

She felt his hands on the ties at her wrists.

“Don’t,” she said and coughed.

He stopped.

“Don’t… undo them,” she said. “You… you might get… hard again.”

“Fuck,” Eric hissed.

Owen kissed her forehead, and she could feel him smiling as he said, “Good slut.”


Jessica had no way of telling how long Maria was away. She remained tied to the bed, while Eric and Owen watched TV in her room, chatting amiably about a baseball game. Occasionally, one of them would mount her and push their dick into her mouth, pumping away at it for a while to keep it hard. She could feel the bed under her, soaked from her vibrating cunt, while they spent the morning treating her like a decoration that just so happened to have a wet hole that they could use to pleasure their cocks.

Between suck sessions, one or the other of them would idly finger her pussy or rub her clit, which made her moan and squeal, but they never allowed her to cum. By the time Maria did return, she was a desperate and soaking mess, wholly focused on her need to cum.

“Hey, boys,” came Maria’s voice from the doorway. “Looks like you found my gift. Did she behave well for you?”

“Very well,” Owen said.

“Hell, yes,” Eric agreed.

Maria rounded the bed and kissed Jessica slowly on the mouth. Jessica wiggled with need and moaned passionately into the kiss, her arms sore and her pussy burning.

“Just let me take care of the boys,” Maria said, “and then we can have some girl time, alright?”

“Please…” Jessica pleaded. “So wet…”

“I know, baby,” Maria said sweetly. “I can see the little cummy puddle your pussy made on the bed. This won’t take long.”

That statement proved to be untrue, though Jessica had no way to tell how long her father and brother fucked Maria on her bed as she listened and whimpered. The two of them went at her hard and hot, stuffing the escort’s mouth and pussy. They railed her together, or one at a time, as she played the game, pretending she was Jessica.

“Oh, fuck, Daddy,” she moaned. “You’re going to split my little pussy in half!”

“Fuck your little sister, Eric. Oh, God! Stuff that pussy and make it cum!”

“Cum in your little girl, Daddy! Oh, I need your cum!”

“Push that dick deep, Eric! Push it up your sister and make me take it!”

As this went on, Maria kept changing the vibration of the egg. The patterns switched, creating new waves of pleasure that drove Jessica crazy. The vibrations would increase, then decrease, then alternate, keeping her needy and desperate, but never allowing her a release. Maria’s words from the previous evening ran over and over in Jessica’s head.

“I’ll torture you with it, push you toward it, pull it away, and then… I’ll give it to you and wreck your fucking mind.”


Like the sound of this story? You can pick up the finished novel in the shop. Seducing Jessica is a novel of incestuous seduction spanning 18 chapters and over 52,000 words. This book tells the tale of Jessica's seduction and transformation at the hands of her family and a dominant escort.

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