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Seducing Jessica, Part Eight

Chapter Ten: Daddy's Home

Jessica knew that she had orgasmed at least a dozen times today at Maria’s hands, and now she was exhausted and confused. With the escort’s nude body pressed against her under a blanket, she half-napped in a haze of relaxed warmth. Since Maria’s arrival that morning, it had seemed like her pussy had been so excited and eager to be played with. All the things that Maria had done, the things she’d said, the ideas she’d put in Jessica’s head were all a swirling mess of erotic confusion.

She wondered at how swiftly life could change. In only a few days, her entire perception of her family had been altered. She’d moved in, expecting nothing more than to have to find a part-time job and enjoy the summer. Now, she felt caught up in an erotic web of seduction, a whirlwind of insanely dirty thoughts and feelings. Her father was actively fucking women that looked like her. Her brother had managed to, unwittingly, uncover a repressed desire for sexual submission in her. She’d let an escort seduce her, give her a new name, and convince her to masturbate, while Jessica watched her fuck her brother. Maria had now seduced her whole, immediate family.

Even now, tired as she was, Maria’s hand was between her legs, continuing to slowly rub the cunt honey around her hot little slit. The girl seemed insatiable, and she was making Jessica feel the same way. It was difficult to think it all through, with her head floating in the warm fog of arousal and the constant pleasurable feelings. Finally, she did manage to nap, only to awaken a short time later to the feeling of Maria sucking her pussy once more.


Having spent the entire morning naked with Maria, joining her in the shower did not seem like such a big deal. Jessica found it rather sexy, in fact, to have the other girl washing her body in the shower as they kissed. Up until now, Jessica herself had only touched Maria a bit, while the other girl had been licking and sucking every part of her.

Outside of the secret cave of the blankets, the feeling of being touched and touching another girl was even more arousing. That time spent in her room was like a private and intimate thing, one in which they’d been secreted away. In the shower, Jessica felt exposed. Even though no one was watching, just the fact that they were in an open space altered the feeling that accompanied it. The exposure brought on that rush of embarrassment, like the kiss in the mall.

Once Maria decided they were clean, she led Jessica back to her room and they dressed in the lingerie once more. Maria found the black, cat ear headband hanging on a hook and added it to Jessica’s head.

“That’s adorable!” she cried and kissed her again.

“I don’t know if I should wear this,” Jessica said. “My dad will be coming home, and I need to make dinner.”

“You’re supposed to be looking cute, right? The whole testing out the sexy cleaner thing?” Maria argued.

Jessica shook her head and said, “That’s stupid. It was never a real idea. He just went along with it to… to look at me.”

“Well, I think I want you to keep wearing it,” Maria said and put her arm around Jessica’s waist.

Jessica gasped hotly as her other hand slid between her legs and felt the heat of her pussy through the panties. Maria put her lips close to Jessica’s, so close that she could feel the girl’s breath.

“Just let Daddy look,” she whispered. “Let Daddy see how sexy we are. You want him to let you do your new job, don’t you Luna?”

“I… I don’t know,” Jessica squeaked.

Maria licked Jessica’s lips lightly and continued to touch her, rubbing her pussy as she pressed her body against Jessica’s.

“Of course, you know,” she said. “I can feel how hot it makes you. I can feel it in your pussy, baby.”

She kissed Jessica softly and pulled her closer. Jessica gave in, her legs feeling like jelly and the hot flush creeping back up her body.

“You know I’ll keep you safe,” Maria said. “I’ll only push you as far as you want to go. We haven’t found that limit yet, have we?”

Jessica slowly shook her head. She did want that. She wanted to give in and surrender to those feelings, to see what those experiences would be like. It was a frightening thing, but an intoxicating, almost addictive thing. Being with Maria, having the girl push her to explore these strange new feelings, and giving her the power to make those decisions, was heady.

When she met Maria’s eye, though, she saw something else there. She saw desire as she’d seen in Eric’s. Maria wanted her, wanted this experience, and wanted the control. She wanted it so badly that her body was vibrating with need. Whatever game the girl was playing, she had been right. That desire for it was influencing her, and Maria’s lust for it gave Jessica power over her.

Jessica could refuse. She could put on normal clothes and end this game now. She could stop this whole idea of joining Maria, delete the escort profile, and even tell Eric that nothing more would ever happen. She could do it before it went any further, and she could crush their desire. Only, that would mean veering away from the hot feelings and the incredible pleasure that she, herself, was deriving from the game.

Was all sex like this, she wondered? Did every game of seduction have these plays on power? Jessica, too, had her desires and her wants. She wanted to feel these things, to experience the pleasures from the physical and mental stimulation that the game was creating inside her. To do that, she needed these people, people she trusted to surrender to. Because, in those moments of surrender to them, she felt the full weight of the arousal, which made the physical pleasure so potent when it came. Without that, without them exercising their power over her, it would be as tepid an experience as masturbating alone, in the dark, while staring at the ceiling.

“Tell me… tell me it’s what you want me to do,” Jessica breathed.

Maria smiled, a wicked thing, but not with malice.

“I want you to show off your hot body for me,” Maria said breathily and kissed Jessica’s neck.

Her hand moved from Jessica’s pussy and softly gripped her neck, possessively, pushing her head back as she kissed her throat.

“Show your daddy how fucking sexy you are. Show him what he’s been dreaming of when he fucks me,” Maria hissed, and her hand slid to the back of Jessica’s mouth, pulling her in, and kissing her hotly.

Jessica quivered as the girl took charge of her, every feeling of her hand like a subtle show of dominance. Maria’s experience made her sexy and gave her a feeling of power that Jessica felt herself giving in to. She felt like Maria’s toy, something that the other girl had just decided could delight her, and that feeling was a ridiculous rush of conflict that made Jessica hot. That was the feeling, the thing she desired.

Unwittingly, Maria had also just made an admission, one that she’d declined to make earlier. Maria, swept up in the game and hot, herself, had given Jessica the answer to the question she’d been asking for days. She’d admitted that her father was fantasizing about fucking her.

That aspect of the game, Jessica thought, as Maria kissed her, must be part of the appeal for the girl. How often did anyone get this opportunity? To have the object of a lover’s fantasy at their mercy, seduced and willing to play into an erotic fantasy? Jessica didn’t know much about sex, but she figured that this sort of thing was not common. For a girl like Maria, to have this chance was obviously highly arousing.


By the time the two girls made it down to the kitchen, the house was quiet. Jessica found a message from Eric on her phone when she opened it to find her recipe book.

“Had to go to work. We should talk later. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.”

Jessica thought it odd that he’d say such a thing, but she appreciated it.

“You didn’t. We can talk later. 😘 she wrote back.

Maria helped Jessica to make dinner, though “help” was not always the best way to describe it. Throughout the whole affair, Maria kept her highly aroused. The girl couldn’t seem to keep her hands off of Jessica, rubbing her pussy, kissing her neck, and touching her lightly. All of it was sexy and she did it as though she had every right. When Maria wanted to grope her, she did. When she wanted to push Jessica against a cabinet and make out with her, she did it. When Maria bent her over the counter, pulled aside her panties, and tongued her pussy to an orgasm, Jessica let her do it.

Maria treated her like a plaything, feeding Jessica’s desire while also feeding her own. By the time dinner was actually in the oven, Jessica’s panties were soaked with her own slut honey and Maria’s saliva. She felt hot and she was sure that her father was going to be able to tell that her pussy was highly, sluttily aroused, the moment he walked in the door.

However, when Owen did walk in the door and saw the two of them in matching lingerie, it was the first time that Jessica could recall seeing him utterly dumbfounded. He stood, stock still in the doorway, his mouth open in total surprise. For just a moment, it seemed as though he was going to turn around and walk back out.

Maria, though, didn’t give him the opportunity. She took Jessica’s hand and closed the distance between them. Leaning up on her toes, just as Jessica had seen her do on their first meeting, she said, “Hello, daddy,” and kissed him on the mouth. Owen half-kissed her, but he still seemed too shocked to fully respond, as though his brain’s software was trying to reboot.

Jessica, then, leaned up on her toes in the same way and kissed his cheek, saying, “Hello, Daddy.”

Owen’s eyes flicked from Maria to Jessica, and there they rested, as though really seeing her for the first time.

“Aren’t you going to say hello, daddy?” Maria whined.

She sounded hurt.

“Hi… hello,” Owen croaked, then shook off his surprise and asked, “What are you doing here, Maria? Jessica? What are you wearing?”

“You don’t like it, daddy?” Maria asked, standing behind Jessica and putting her arm around her possessively.

Owen visibly gulped and his cheeks were red as he said, “It’s… you look…” The words failed him.

“Isn’t she sexy, Daddy?” Maria asked and kissed Jessica’s neck. “I know we didn’t have a date tonight, but Jessie here said I could stay for dinner. Is that alright, Daddy?”

Owen’s brain seemed to have malfunctioned, his speech centers refusing to make words. He nodded.

“Go put on something more comfortable, so you can come back and have dinner,” Maria said, smiling wickedly. “I know how hungry you get, Daddy, and we’ve been so hard at work to give you something good to eat.”

Owen nearly tripped over his shoes on his way out of the kitchen. The moment he was out the door, Maria spun Jessica around and kissed her again.

“Fuck me!” she hissed. “I’ve never been so fucking hot in my life. This is the most twisted goddamn thing I’ve never imagined would happen. Feel me,“ Maria ordered and pulled her panties to the side. She put Jessica’s hand between her legs and Jessica touched her first pussy. “I’m fucking soaked!” Maria hissed.

Jessica could feel the girl’s body thrumming with barely contained arousal. She trembled, her entire body quivering lightly with excitement. Curious, Jessica rubbed her fingers between Maria’s slit. It felt like her own, but touching someone else gave her the hot rush that she was coming to love. Doing it so brazenly in the kitchen just added another dirty thrill to it, in the same way being in the shower with her had. Her father could walk back in at any moment and see it.

“What… what are you going to do?” Jessica asked, pulling her hand away and examining the wetness coating her finger.

Maria took her hand and, looking into Jessica’s eyes, put her fingers into her own mouth and licked her honey from them.

“We’re just going to play a little bit,” she said. “If daddy’s going to approve of your new job, then we’ll have to convince him that it’s something that he wants to happen.”

“I don’t know,” Jessica said uncertainly.

She was still unsure about this escort business, but Maria seemed to think it was a foregone conclusion that it was going to happen. More than that, she already seemed to be planning how it was going to happen and what kind of role Jessica was going to play.

“Tell me that you don’t find it exciting,” Maria said and pulled Jessica close. She whispered in her ear, “You’ve got a hot little slut inside of you, baby. She wants to get out. You touched your pussy for your brother. You let your daddy touch your panties and you loved it. It’s alright,” and she rubbed Jessica’s pussy again, saying, “It’s alright to want it. It’s who you are. Let me show you.”

She let Jessica go and stepped back, her body glowing with her arousal. The sound of the steps creaking drew their attention. A moment later, Owen walked back in. Maria intercepted him and pressed her body against him.

“Okay, Maria,” Owen said, regaining some composure, “what’s going on?”

“Well, I made a new friend, daddy,” Maria said cutely. “She wanted to come over and play with me, so I showed her one of my favorite games.”

Her hand drifted down to his crotch, and she leaned up to whisper in his ear, “Now that you’re here, maybe I can show her my real favorite game.”

Jessica, blushing, removed dinner from the oven and started setting the table. She watched Maria work as she did it and saw Owen visibly struggle to disentangle himself from Maria.

“I think we... should talk,” he said.

“Was I naughty, Daddy?” Maria asked. “Are you going to spank me again?”

“Just… come with me, please,” Owen said, glanced at Jessica, and then he withdrew with Maria in tow.

Jessica snuck to the doorway, unable to help herself. She watched the two of them disappear into the living room, then she followed and listened, her body quaking. It was like when she’d spied on her dad through the door, only this time she could hear it clearly.

“Drop the act, Maria,” her father hissed. “What are you doing with Jess?”

“I’m only helping her see how sexy she is,” Maria said, and Jessica could tell that she was touching him, somehow. “Don’t you want this? Don’t you want her?”

“What happened to client privilege?” Owen said, his tone annoyed, bordering on anger.

“I think you put that at risk yourself when you started inviting us over while she was in the house. Don’t you? It’s like you wanted her to know.”

Owen didn’t seem to have an answer for that.

“Is that why? You did, didn’t you?” Maria asked.

Jessica heard the sound of kissing, wet and hot, and then Maria said, “Don’t be afraid, Daddy. Your little girl is curious. I won’t do anything that she doesn’t want. Alright? Just be a good daddy and play my game. You might even win.”

More kissing followed, the sound of Owen groaning into Maria’s mouth. Jessica fled back to the kitchen and sat at the table, her pussy hot. That single sound from her father told her that Maria was right. There was power in her, control over a man like her father, and leveraging that power was as simple as knowing how to use her own gifts. Could she really have that kind of power, too? She heard them returning and then they were back, seating themselves at the table.

Jessica watched Maria’s hand move into her father’s lap and he swallowed. He wouldn’t meet her eyes. Maria grinned at her. Jessica, timidly, stood up and watched her father’s eyes take in the sight of her. She could see the desire there, just like Eric’s. Even though the secret he’d been keeping was practically out in the open, he couldn’t act on it. Not yet. Jessica took up a big spoon.

“May I serve you, Mr. Owen?” she asked.

Maria grinned again. Apparently, it had been the right thing to say. It wasn’t a sexual question. There was no hint in her voice of a double meaning, but it was there, nonetheless.

“Please, honey,” Owen croaked. “Thank you.”

Jessica spooned some of the food onto his plate. She could see Maria’s hand moving in his lap, likely rubbing his cock. She didn’t know if she could even eat dinner. Her stomach felt like it was doing flips from the tension around the table.

“We worked so hard to make you happy today, Daddy,” Maria said. “My new friend loved learning all the things I’ve been teaching her. Didn’t you, Luna?”

Jessica nodded and said, “Jessie and I had so much fun, Mr. Owen. I hope you’ll let me come back and play with her again.”

Even as she said it, it felt a little foolish, but also a little exciting. She thought she understood what Maria was doing, and she had to admit that the weirdness of it was fueling the hot rush. Owen was having a little trouble getting into the game, though, pretending that Maria was his daughter outside of the bedroom. Jessica understood, she thought.

It was like being with Maria outside of her own bedroom. In there, it had been intimate and secret. She could say and do anything, and it was safe. Out here, there were no secrets. Out here, his dark secret had been exposed and he was both humiliated by it and simultaneously turned on by the realization that the fantasy was bleeding into reality.

Jessica served Maria, too, spooning food onto her plate.

“Luna really likes doing things for others,” Maria said. “I think it makes her feel really good when people tell her to do things. Isn’t that right, Luna?”

Jessica sat back down, blushing, and nodded her head. Maria withdrew her hand from Owen’s lap and took up her utensils.

“Go ahead and eat, Daddy,” she said. “You don’t want Luna to think you don’t want to eat what she’s offering you, right?”

Owen choked a bit at the words and the image they conjured in his aroused mind.

“Thank… thank you, Luna,” he said, his face red. “Everything looks so good.”

“Do you think it will taste as good as it looks, Daddy?” Maria asked, taking a bite.

Owen nodded and did the same. Maria swallowed and said, “Mmm! Yes, it does. It tastes every bit as good as it looks. I can’t wait to try it again.”

Owen choked again and looked from Maria to Jessica.

“Be careful, Daddy,” Maria said. “There’s a time and place for choking, but it’s not at the table.”

Owen took a drink and another bite.

“Would you mind if Luna and I play some more after dinner?” Maria asked.

“Um, no. I suppose that’s fine,” Owen said.

“Can we play in the living room, so we can watch TV, too?” she asked.

“Yes,” Owen agreed.

“Thanks, Daddy,” Maria said sweetly and put a light kiss on his lips. “You can hang out, too. Maybe Luna will want to see my favorite game. You know the one, right?”

“I… I don’t know if we should play that one,” Owen said.

“But, Daddy,” Maria pouted, “she’s so curious about that one. I’m sure if she gets to play, she’ll keep wanting to do it again, and again.”

Maria’s hand slid back into his lap and rubbed his crotch teasingly. Jessica looked down at her hand and found it shaking, holding her fork. Watching Maria seducing her dad, as though she were doing it herself, was giving her that weird, out-of-body feeling. She felt lightheaded as it happened as if there was something in her that needed to get out or she was going to go crazy.

Owen abruptly stood up and said, “Why don’t I get the dishes cleaned up tonight? You two can go… play, and I’ll be in soon.”

Maria, smirking, said, “Alright. Just don’t keep us waiting too long.”

She stood up and took Jessica’s hand, leading her away. Jessica could feel her father’s eyes on her backside as they left the room. In the living room, Maria flipped on the TV and patted the sofa. Jessica joined her.

“I thought we were going to… you know,” Jessica whispered.

“Maybe we will,” Maria said. “The anticipation is part of the fun, isn’t it? Are you feeling a little naughty, Luna?”

“You’re so bad,” Jessica giggled.

“That’s because I’m you,” Maria said. “I’m sexy, naughty Jessie. Why don’t you pull that blanket over us?”

Jessica grabbed the blanket and put it over the two of them.

“Find us something stupid to watch. The girlier, the better,” Maria instructed.

Jessica flipped the channel guide but felt distracted. Her little panties were soaked and sticking to her pussy, imagining Maria seducing her in front of her father. Any moment he’d be in here, sitting in his chair, pretending to watch the TV, but actually watching another girl pretending to be her. It was a wicked and wild game, but one that she felt compelled to play. She found an inane reality show about teenage drama on TV.

In the brief silence before the show came on, she heard Owen’s footsteps. Maria heard it too. Her hand slipped between Jessica’s legs and rubbed her warm cunt through the panties. The girl rested her chin on Jessica’s shoulder and said, “I can feel how hot you are. Your pussy is loving this, isn’t it?”

Jessica nodded and pretended to watch the TV, but Maria’s hand rubbing her pussy, as well as her father’s presence in the room became her true focus. Nothing but a blanket stood between her father and Maria’s busy hand touching her.

“Is there something you’d rather watch, Daddy?” Maria asked slyly, offering him the remote.

Owen took a seat in his chair and said, “I think I’ll just watch this.”

His eyes were in no way fixed on the TV. He watched Jessica, her lips quivering, slightly parted in a breath of pleasure. Did he know what was happening? Could he tell that Maria was touching her? Maria, her head still resting on Jessica’s shoulder asked, “Do you want to see how good Luna is at the game I taught her, Daddy?”

Owen swallowed and nodded. Maria tilted her head up and put her lips an inch from Jessica’s.

“Show Daddy what we practiced this morning,” she said. “He loves this game.”

Jessica licked her lips and closed the gap, gently pressing her lips against Maria’s. The kiss was slow and sexy, Jessica closing her eyes and letting the other girl lead her into it, deepening the connection. Maria’s lips were soft and wet, so pliable against her own. She slipped her tongue into Jessica’s mouth and the slow, wet smacking of the kiss sent shivers of delight throughout her. She could feel her father’s eyes on them and heard his quiet groan.

Maria continued her teasing of Jessica’s pussy, but now she slipped the panties to the side and put her fingers between Jessica’s lips, sliding a finger into her warm channel. Jessica moaned into her mouth, and she heard a sharp intake of breath from Owen. He suspected, surely, but did he know? What could he be thinking? How far was Maria going to take this?

Maria broke the kiss, leaving Jessica breathless for more. The escort stroked her cheek and whispered, “Tell me to stop and I will.”

“Don’t,” Jessica answered.

“Daddy, you should get comfortable,” Maria said, still looking at Jessica. “Luna really likes this next part.”

Jessica nearly came at what she was suggesting. She could stop it, right here, before it went any further. If she let Maria do what she knew was coming, then another boundary would be pushed aside. Nothing could ever be the same. Her father’s perception of her would forever change, and his lust would only grow. If she continued down this path, it would ultimately have only one conclusion. She did not stop it.

Maria slid from the couch and got on her knees. Jessica watched with a feeling of detachment as the girl ducked underneath the blanket. Maria’s hands slid up her legs and grasped the band of the panties, slid them down, and Jessica let her remove them. Maria tossed them out, and they landed in the middle of the floor. Owen’s eyes darted to them, and then back to Jessica. They shared a look of disbelief, neither of them saying a word, but both were aware of the fact that they were in dangerous and forbidden territory.

While they both had the power to stop it, neither of them did. Instead, Owen rubbed his crotch, his eyes glassy, and he watched. Maria’s bottom stuck out from the blanket, purposefully, Jessica thought. Her father’s eyes flicked back and forth between Maria’s ass and Jessica’s face, but when Jessica gasped, his attention was all on her. Maria licked up the length of Jessica’s slit, and she shivered. Her hands rested in Maria’s hair, beneath the blanket, and the girl loudly sucked and licked at her pussy.

Owen touched his cock, which Jessica could see bulging in his pants. They watched each other, both of them speechless as Maria licked her. This was a feeling like nothing else, Jessica thought. Even being watched by her brother hadn’t felt like this. That had been dirty and naughty, but this moment was something else entirely. Both of them knew exactly what was happening, and neither of them said a thing. They simply watched each other, Owen stroking his hardness through his pants, while his paid lover pleasured his daughter’s pussy only a few feet away.

Jessica’s mind exploded in a sudden burst of pleasure at the perversity and sexiness.

“Oh, god!” she exclaimed and tightened her grip on Maria’s hair.

Owen croaked something unintelligible as he touched himself, watching his daughter cum. Maria continued to lick her, making little purrs into her pussy that were muffled, but audible, beneath the blanket. The escort worked her to another, her rapidly flicking tongue on Jessica’s clit making her hump Maria’s face. Maria continued to lick her through it, teasing her with her tongue tip as the wave caused Jessica to continue jerking pleasurably.

When it was over, Maria slid from beneath the blanket and, for a moment, Jessica thought she might kiss her again. Instead, she turned around and crawled across the floor to Owen. Jessica watched her ass wiggle as she crossed the floor. Her father’s eyes flicked back and forth between the two girls, then settled on Maria as she approached. Jessica could imagine the sight. Maria’s face was wet with her honey, and she wore that mischievous smirk.

The girl put her hands on Owen’s knees, and then climbed into his lap, straddling him. Jessica watched her slowly rock her ass and hips against his erection and then she kissed him. Jessica gasped and rubbed her pussy. Maria was kissing her father, feeding him his own daughter’s sexy juices. Owen groaned and his hands cupped the girl’s bottom as she rocked against his cock. For the second time today, Jessica watched as this girl, so like her, seduced one of her family members.

Maria broke the kiss and said, “Does my new friend taste good, Daddy?”

“Yes…” Owen hissed and his hands tightened their grip.

Jessica pushed her fingers into her cunt. It was so sexy and perverse, something that was unimaginable just days ago. Yet, she was consumed by it now.

“Can I show her my favorite game, Daddy?” Maria asked cutely. “She can watch me play it, so she can learn the rules.”

“I… Mar—“

Maria interrupted him with another kiss, then pulled back. Without waiting for his consent, she slid from his lap and fished his cock out of his lounge pants. From Jessica’s vantage, rubbing her pussy, she couldn’t see it. She could only see the back of Maria, and her father’s face as he looked from the escort to her, and then back. His face was flushed as she’d never seen it and his hands on the arms of the chair were white with the tightness of his grip. He wanted so badly to give in, but he didn’t want to say it.

Maria put her lips over his cock and slowly sucked it. One of Owen’s hands left the chair and came to rest on Maria’s head, and then it began to guide her movements. He wasn’t watching Maria, though. He was watching his daughter. Her father was watching her, knowing she was masturbating under the blanket, while this surrogate faux daughter sucked his cock.

He wants it to be me. He wants me on my knees, with his cock in my mouth.

The pull of that gaze was like the power of a command. It wasn’t Owen’s command, though, it was her own. Watching him, watching her, triggered that sense of taboo desire, like when she’d kissed Maria or let Eric watch her. The sense that it was wrong felt right, creating that same overwhelming sense of excitement.

Without thinking, Jessica pushed the blanket aside and, just as Maria had done, she got down and crawled across the floor. Owen’s eyes never left her, following her slow progress as she approached. She sat up on her knees next to Maria and watched her mouth glide up and down her father’s cock. She rested her head on the arm of the chair, and felt Owen’s hand rest on it, stroking her hair.

“That’s so good, Jess,” Owen said, but Jessica couldn’t tell if he was speaking to her or to the girl sucking his cock.

Maria purred as she wet the length of his dick with her tongue, her lips tightly sealed around the thick shaft. She took it deep, her hands caressing his legs as she held his cock in her throat and moaned around it. Back up she went, slowly, revealing the full, glistening length of his erection. Her lips worked at its head, massaging up and down, a look of total pleasure on her face.

One of Maria’s hands joined Owen’s stroking Jessica’s hair as she continued to suck, making slow, deliberate love to his cock with her mouth. Jessica’s lips parted as she watched, a low whimper escaping her throat. It was entrancing, so incredibly hot to watch this girl that looked so much like her, lovingly pleasing her father’s cock. Jessica touched her pussy again.

“You’re so good for daddy, Jess,” Owen said, now lost in the fantasy. “Daddy loves the way you suck his cock.”

Jessica trembled at the words. Maria wrapped her fist around the base and stroked it as her lips suckled his head, then her lips left it and they found Jessica’s. Owen groaned as the two girls kissed, gently, passionately, even as Maria continued to stroke his wet length.

When Maria broke the kiss, Jessica saw in her eyes that she was utterly lost in the kinky moment, just as they all were. She angled his cock toward Jessica and then guided her toward it with the hand on her head. Jessica didn’t fight, didn’t resist. She opened her mouth, just as she’d watched Maria do. The tip of his shiny cock touched her lips, then her tongue, and then it was in her mouth.

An intense jolt of… something made her pussy gush on her fingers and her body jerked. Maria guided her further, the gentle pressure on Jessica’s head easing her mouth down around her father’s cock.

“Good girl, Jess,” Maria said, the fantasy forgotten. “Daddy needs your mouth.”

Jessica followed the motions she’d seen Maria do, creating a tight O around her father’s cock and taking it deeper by inches, then sliding back. She didn’t feel silly or stupid, as she’d initially thought she might. She felt a rush of power, even as it mingled with the feeling of submission to the hand guiding her actions. Then, the hand was gone and Maria slid to the floor. She wiggled underneath Jessica and then her tongue was on her pussy, licking it while she sucked her first cock.

Jessica moaned, sending little vibrations along his cock length, her tongue licking the soft flesh. Owen’s hand replaced Maria’s, and then it was her own father guiding her. His grip tightened, firm and controlling, but not rough. Jessica quaked at the feeling of it and then again as Maria worked on her pussy.

“Daddy’s going to cum, Jess,” Owen growled.

The power of the fantasy coming true was too much for him, Jessica knew. It certainly wasn’t her amazing blowjob skills. The words and Maria’s tongue pushed her peak, too. She didn’t stop. She increased her pace, sliding faster up and down his cock. She wanted to feel this, to push that boundary, follow that dirty urge to truly do something slutty. She was going to let her father cum in her mouth.

Owen gasped and his grip tightened on her hair. He held her in place and the first jet of hot sperm bathed Jessica’s mouth. She flinched at the power of it, and then the realization that her father was feeding her his cum, the same seed that had created her, made her groan and orgasm on Maria’s tongue. The second shot hit her tongue and she gasped, moaning as she came, the thick cream from his cock pouring out of her mouth to coat his cock.

Jessica shook and pulled his mouth off his jerking cock, letting the final spurts hit her lips. Maria’s hands gripped her ass as she continued to tongue her. Jessica looked into her father’s face as she orgasmed, her cum-smeared mouth open in surprise and abandon, gasping out her pleasure as she held his cock in her hand.

“That’s it, baby,” Owen said. “That’s so sexy. You’re so sexy, Jess.”

“Daddy…” she gasped through the shocks of pleasure.

Then, Maria was there and kissing her again, her tongue licking the inside of Jessica’s mouth, sharing the reward, while Jessica continued to grip her father’s cock. They broke the kiss and looked at Owen’s cock, which Jessica was still stroking. It was stiffening again. She could feel it recovering as her hand slid up and down the length of it. He stopped her, putting his hand gently on her wrist.

“Jess,” he said, “I… you should stop. We should… we should talk.”

Jessica stared at his cock, then at Maria, who was still panting excitedly. The command had gone out of Owen but Maria’s excitement was amped up. She was the only one that hadn’t cum. Jessica could see in her the desire for more. She was enrapt, spellbound by the entire scenario. She couldn’t stop watching Jessica stroking her daddy’s cock. Was this what Maria had meant? Was this the power? She thought it was.

Maria couldn’t get enough of the taboo act, and Jessica held sway over going further. She had power over the other girl. She had power over her father, too. Turning her shiny, wet face up to meet his eyes she nodded.

“We should talk,” she said. “We should talk about my job.”

Maria moaned like a hungry slut.


Like the sound of this story? You can pick up the finished novel in the shop. Seducing Jessica is a novel of incestuous seduction spanning 18 chapters and over 52,000 words. This book tells the tale of Jessica's seduction and transformation at the hands of her family and a dominant escort.

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