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Vicky's Inheritance

One of fourteen daughters, born to the cruel overlord of the DomCo corporation, Vicky has never before met her sire. The only thing she knows about him is that he's rich and he sends her a small check each month that she uses to pay her bills.

Now, Vicky's been given a chance to inherit his fortune, if only she can meet with his approval. Her father, a twisted misogynist, has some very particular ideas about a girl's worth and place in the world, and he's convinced that that place is either on her knees or on her back.

In order to gain her inheritance, Vicky may have to betray everything she believes, altering her body and her mind to fit her father's evil ideals. Thanks to a little help from DomCo's conditioning, Vicky may, ultimately, give in, but the process might leave her broken.

Vicky from Vicky's Inheritance by Tori Hamlin

"Slutty Vicky would be the necessary evil, the facade that she would put on when it was time to perform those tasks that were required, in order to meet her father's approval. The real Vicky, the one that hated the idea of strange men fucking her like a sex doll, she could safely keep inside, until she had her inheritance. Then, she'd let her out, let her begin the work of righting the wrongs that her father wrought on the world.

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