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Academically minded Angela is a shy, bookish girl that never tries to stand out, except with her grades. Her scientific pursuits belie a belief in silly things like cursed necklaces. Then, she buys one from a tricksy shopkeeper, and finds herself switching places with her doppelgänger, Angie.


Forced to live life as Angie in order to return home, Angela now has to do things she’d never believed she had in her. Angie isn't just a naughty girl, she's a full-on whore, slutting herself for fun and profit. Not only that, but her personality is the polar opposite of Angela's, making her a bitchy little princess. How can a nice girl like Angela, with no sexual experience, hope to live the life of a stuck-up super slut? How does one get to Carnegie Hall? Practice.

*This story contains erotica in the form of reluctant prostitution

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