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Seducing Jessica, Part Ten

Chapter Twelve: Sleepover

Jessica felt as if she were spiraling out of control as soon as the door closed. Maria dragged her to the bed and threw her down. The feeling of power was washed away in an instant, replaced by the surrender as Maria crawled on top of her. She parted Jessica’s lips with her tongue and mauled her breast with one hand, making Jessica squeak with excitement, but a moment later she pulled away.

“Jesus! What the fuck was that?” Maria asked, her eyes wild as she sat up, straddling Jessica and unsnapping her bra.

Her bare tits came free, and she shook her hair.

“I don’t know,” Jessica admitted. “I just felt… in control.”

“It was so hot!” Maria gasped. “Fuck, I came just from listening to it. Did you mean it? You want to do this?”

Jessica nodded and said, “I want to do more.”

“More?” Maria grinned.

Jessica put her hands on Maria’s hips and tugged at her panties, looking into her eyes.

“More,” she said again.

“Do you want me to make you lick cunt, Luna?” she asked.

Her hand fell to Jessica’s cheek and stroked it as she leaned down, her lips close.

“I’m going to teach you how to lick cunt,” she said. “You want that, don’t you? You want me to make you be a bad girl?”

She pushed her finger into her cunt and then pushed it between Jessica’s lips.

“Uh huh,” she agreed.

Maria unseated herself and lay on the bed, tugging off her panties and tossing them aside. She spread her legs and motioned Jessica downward. She crawled between Maria’s legs and examined the slick, compact lips of her pussy. The puffy lips were slick, and the scent of the girl’s arousal was like a drug, making the already overwhelming need in Jessica all the stronger.

“Do what comes naturally,” Maria instructed. “Just pay attention to my body and how I react. Use your hands and touch me while you do it. I’m so hot for it, it won’t take long.”

Jessica closed her eyes and put her mouth on the other girl, licking along the length of her slit and moaning as she had her first taste. Having it second hand, from Maria’s fingers, was nothing like tasting her from the source. Maria was so hot, and tangy but not at all unpleasant. When her tongue made contact, Maria shook and her pussy humped against Jessica’s mouth.

“Fuck…” she gasped. “Goddamn, that’s so fucking good!”

Her hand rested in Jessica’s hair, and she ground her warm, wet box against her face.

“Lick it you sexy bitch,” Maria said, and Jessica felt her face grow hot as she moaned into the girl’s cunt.

“Mmm,” Maria purred. “You liked that?”

“Mmm hmm,” Jessica mumbled and pushed her tongue into Maria, licking and coating her tongue in the girl’s honey.

“I’m going to make you so good at sucking cunt, baby,” Maria went on, gently rocking her hips against Jessica’s face. “We’re going to play lots of games from now on.”

Jessica shivered and then found Maria’s clit, engorged and happy. She flicked her tongue against it and Maria gasped, said, “Right there, slut,” and Jessica continued.

Maria’s breathing became faster, her grip tightening, and then she jerked, gasped, and Jessica felt more of the wetness coat her face as she continued licking her into her orgasm. The girl spasmed and shook, making sexy little whimpers as she came until she pushed Jessica away and released her grip.

“Fuck I needed that!” she said, breathing hard.

She pulled Jessica up and flipped her onto her back, pressing her hand against Jessica’s excited cunt and rubbing her fingers through the wetness. She licked at her face, tasting herself as Jessica moaned.

“I need scarves,” Maria said.


“Trust me.”


Maria left the bed and went to Jessica’s drawers, opened one, and pulled out three scarves. Jessica knew, right away, that Maria had done this before. She’d been in Jessica’s drawers, probably worn her clothes, and then been fucked in her bed. The thought made her touch herself.

Maria returned to the bed and took one of Jessica’s wrists. She wrapped the scarf around it, and then to the bedpost. She repeated this with her other arm. The feeling of helplessness was immediate. Uncertainty and a twinge of fear made her heart pound and her pussy warm. Maria tied the third scarf over her eyes and then Jessica was blind.

She felt Maria lay next to her and then the girl’s lips brushed hers lightly. She trailed them across Jessica’s, then down to her throat, where she kissed her, licked her, and ran her tongue back up Jessica’s chin until their lips met again. This time it was in a kiss that lasted only a second. The entire sequence made Jessica squirm with need.

Having her sight taken and her movement restrained, she could only rely on her hearing and her feeling. That lack of input, being unable to tell what was coming, added to the sense of surrender. She was at the girl’s mercy and couldn’t have stopped her if she’d wanted to. She didn’t want to.

Maria’s body pressed against her side and then her finger trailed from Jessica’s breasts, down her tummy, which made her wiggle until it found her pussy again. She breathed hotly into Jessica’s ear and kissed her neck as her finger pushed between her pussy lips, and then inside.

“Do you like this game, baby?” she whispered, her fingers manipulating Jessica’s sex so wonderfully.

“Yeah,” Jessica breathed.

“Do you want me to play with your pussy?”


Maria’s hand withdrew and Jessica felt confused, then Maria’s body followed, and Jessica’s confusion deepened. She could hear the girl digging through her purse, and then she returned. Her body pressed against Jessica again, and then a new sound filled the room. The noise was a soft electric hum, loud next to her ear, then the sound moved, and Jessica inhaled sharply. The vibrating toy sent waves of incredible pleasure through her cunt, making her arch her back and push her pussy against it.

“It’s nice, isn’t it?” Maria whispered in her ear.

“Oh, God…” Jessica hissed.

“I’m going to make your pussy feel so good,” Maria said, and kissed her, sucking Jessica’s tongue as the vibrator pleasured her cunt.

“I’m going to do things to you that you never imagined,” Maria whispered. “I’m going to turn you into a family-fucking slut that makes her dad pay for her pussy.”

“Fuck!” Jessica hissed and ground her pussy against the toy.

“I just texted your brother,” Maria said. “I did it from your phone. Do you want to know what I told him?”

“Y… yes!” Jessica stammered, her mind overloading with sensation.

“I’m not going to tell you,” Maria said. “I’m going to tease your pussy until you’re begging me to let you cum. If you do what I say, I might even let you.”

Jessica whined and humped the vibrator.

“You want that, don’t you?” Maria asked playfully. “You want me to make it last? To torture your little pussy until you can’t stand it?”


Maria kissed her again, running the vibrator up and down the length of her slit, and then pressing it against her clit. Jessica shrieked into her mouth and bucked her hips the feeling of an orgasm building. It died away as Maria moved the vibrator away and ran it lightly over her wet pussy as they kissed. Jessica huffed, her stomach tightening as she shook. Maria pulled away.

“You’re a slut, baby,” Maria whispered. “You sucked your dad’s cock like a little slut, didn’t you?”


“You let daddy pump his cum right into your mouth, while another girl ate your cunt. What kind of girl does that?”

“A… a slut!” Jessica hissed.

Maria pushed the vibrator against her clit again and held it there as Jessica trembled, the need to cum rising.

“You want your daddy to fuck this pussy, don’t you, slut?” Maria hissed.

“Y… yes!”

“He’s been fucking me in your bed for months,” Maria teased. “He calls me your name and pushes his big dick into me in your bed. I call him daddy and do all the nasty things that he wants. Do you want me to tell you?”

“I… Oh, fuck!” Jessica stammered, the orgasm so close.

Maria denied her again, pulling the vibrator away completely. She moved, and then she was licking and sucking at Jessica’s pussy, making her squirm. Then, the vibrator was back, and Maria was feeding Jessica her own honey from her tongue.


Jessica was a heaving, sweating, quivering mess by the time a light knock came at the door. Maria had poured so much filth into her ears that Jessica’s fantasies were running wild with imagined perversity.

“That’s your brother,” Maria whispered.

She set the vibrator down, against Jessica’s pussy, where it hummed away teasingly against her slit. She heard the door open and then Eric gasped. Maria shushed him and shut the door. The lock clicked. Maria returned and picked up the vibrator again, pushing it hard against Jessica’s clit and making her buck once more.

“You have such a sexy brother,” Maria whispered. “Do you think Eric wants to play with us?”

Jessica nodded.

“He has his cock out and it’s so hard,” Maria whispered.

“Oh, God…” Jessica hissed.

“Do you want to cum?” Maria asked. “Does your pussy need to cum?”


“Are you going to be good for me?” Maria asked.

Jessica nodded.

“Are you going to be good for Eric?”

Jessica nodded again.

“Tell Eric what I’m going to turn you into,” Maria asked.

“A… a family-fucking slut,” Jessica breathed.

Eric groaned out loud and hissed, “Fuck!”

A second passed as Maria teased her with the vibrator, then she felt Eric straddling her chest, his legs brushing the sides of her breasts. Jessica squirmed in her restraints. The tip of Eric’s cock touched her lips and Jessica parted them, allowing Eric to press the head of his penis between them. She heard Maria moan and Eric sigh with pleasure.

First, her father, and now her brother. In the span of a few hours, she’d gone from never having been touched to having sex with a girl and sucking two cocks. The dark feeling of excitement and danger was a rush. Bound as she was, blind and at their mercy, would they have stopped if she’d wanted them to? The uncertainty and the helpless feeling only made the situation more dangerous and desirable.

Eric’s hand cradled the back of his sister’s head, and he pushed his stiff cock into her open mouth. Jessica let it slide along her tongue, the jerking head of it spilling beads of precum into her mouth. With her lips tight around it, she played her tongue over it, tasting her brother, whimpering with her repressed orgasm. Maria set the vibrator, once more, against her pussy, and then her voice was hot and low in Jessica’s ear.

“That’s your brother’s mouth, now,” she whispered. “Every day, he’s going to remember how his little sister let another girl tie her up and offer him this mouth. He’s going to start thinking of you as his personal blowjob slut, baby. Whenever his dick is hard, he’s going to think about how you sucked it for him.”

Jessica moaned.

“Every time his balls are full, he’ll want to push his cock into you and empty them,” Maria teased. “You’re not just his hot little sister anymore. You’re his blowjob bitch, a submissive cocksucker that he’s going to want to keep using. You’re going to love that, aren’t you?”

Jessica jerked against the vibrator and squeaked as Eric pushed his cock further into her mouth.

“Mm hm,” she hummed.

“How long do you think it will be before he starts fucking you, too?” Maria asked and kissed her neck. “Do you think he’ll like tying you up like this and making you squeal with his cock? I don’t think it will be long.”

“Fuck…” Eric gasped.

“Why don’t you taste her, Eric?” Maria said. “Will you eat your little sister’s pussy for her? She’s been so good.”

Eric’s cock pulled out of Jessica’s mouth, and she felt him move. A second later, the vibrator was gone and then Eric’s tongue was hungrily lapping at her cunt, his hands gripping her hips. Jessica shivered and then made small noises of pleasure until Maria began to kiss her. Within a minute, her body jerked, her pussy bucked, and then she came. Maria swallowed her screams of passion and pleasure as Eric pushed her over her peak, holding her down as she kicked and wiggled.

Everything Maria had done to her today just got better and better, each orgasm more thrilling and longer than the last. Each dirty step and boundary pushed was a new level of confused pleasure, and Jessica couldn’t stop. It was like Maria knew exactly how to keep adding one more enticing layer of depravity to her fantasies, sucking her deeper down this path of exploration. With every act, every new game, there came another unearthed desire that she never knew she’d been hiding. It was intense and it was addictive, and even in her exhausted, tired state, her body sore and her pussy throbbing, she couldn’t wait for the next one.

Maria yelped and Jessica heard the girl fall to her back next to her. A moment later she gasped, and Eric growled, then Maria was panting and moaning. The slick, wet sound of Eric’s cock hammering the girl’s splayed cunt became a rhythmic thing as the bed rocked. They left Jessica tied to the bed as they fucked, with the vibrator against her pussy.

“Yeah, fuck your little sister, Eric,” Maria hissed. “Give me that dick. It’s so good!”

“You’re so tight, Jess,” Eric groaned. “Your pussy is so hot.”

Jessica squirmed against the vibrator, listening to the two of them going at it, hard and fast, Maria gasping and panting as Eric grunted and growled. They kissed just as hard and then they were filling her ears with more filthy talk.

“I’m a fucktoy for my big brother,” Maria gasped. “I want you to fuck me like this every day!”

“I’m going to make you be a dirty bitch for me, Jess. I’m going to be fucking you all the time. Is that what you want, you little slut?”

“Fuck me, Eric… make me a family-fucking slut…”

“Gonna cum… in you… Jess!” Eric hissed.

“Cum in me!” Maria begged. “Cum in your little sister!”

Eric growled and then the pounding of Maria’s pussy stopped as, presumably, he pushed his cock deep into the girl and began to pump her full of cum. Jessica whimpered as the two of them moaned together, and her brother filled the girl while thinking of her.



Like the sound of this story? You can pick up the finished novel in the shop. Seducing Jessica is a novel of incestuous seduction spanning 18 chapters and over 52,000 words. This book tells the tale of Jessica's seduction and transformation at the hands of her family and a dominant escort.

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