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Understanding the Timeline
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The Second Place Sister

This chapter in the timeline introduces The NewYou Clinic, as well as some key characters that will have continuing importance to the greater story. In this book, it is alluded to a greater entity behind the activities of NewYou and their goals. The clinic is one arm of DomCo, essentially a research facility that specializes in creating and refining brainwashing methods, as well as producing sex slaves for DomCo's wealthy clientele. This chapter also introduces the Recoder technology, Dr. Swell's most insidious invention.

Tori has only the briefest glimpse of these methods during her time in the clinic. The story sets the stage for Stephanie and Tori's upcoming battle against the DomCo corporation.

Korrupting Kayla, Book One

Behind the scenes of the everyday activities at DomCo, Korrupting Kayla showcases both the significant brainwashing techniques that DomCo's employees go through, as well as the tempting benefits they receive for adhering to and pushing the company's goals. 

Kayla, at first reluctant, begins to slowly accept her new personality and the things DomCo forces her to do. The work Kayla becomes involved in, both in this book and second one to come, show just how far DomCo's reach extends. 

The company has its hands in social media, legislative lobbying, entertainment, the world food supply, and much more. Kayla and Tiffany will play a crucial role in the infiltration of the corporation.

For those reading all of the stories, you'll notice that Kayla, Stephanie Hamlin, and Tori all attend the same school.

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Love, Lust, and Erin

The seductive adventure of Erin, Casey, and Dave is the Timeline's introduction to the Halo Technologies subsidiary of DomCo. Haloes are a key piece of technology, something that will spread across the world to eventually replace the smartphone. Of course, the technology is controlled by DomCo. 

In this chapter, we also hear about the big legislative push by DomCo to introduce the "Male Rights Bill," a twisted bit of legislation aimed at curbing and, in some cases, eliminating the penalties for sexual crimes. By flooding the mainstream with sexual deviance, the moral fabric of the world has begun to erode.

In The Second Place Sister, there is a small easter egg, wherein John Hamlin has a brief conversation with one of his programmers over the phone. The programmer is named Dave, alluding to the upcoming tie between the Hamlins and the Marrins.

Sasha's Obsession

Mark's interest in his sister may seem, at first, like a sudden thing, which he's only admitted to himself and Sasha when his sister's own dark fantasy is exposed. However, the end of the story holds the key to Mark's involvement and intentions. 

Much like Stephanie Hamlin, Mark harbors his own dark desires. It is sheer good fortune that Sasha is so willing to comply. His sister's willingness to dive head-first into her obsession allows Mark to immediately put everything into place that he's been working on for some time.

Through the use of DomCo's subliminal messaging techniques, combined with her own eagerness to become a sex slave, Sasha is easily transformed into a willing plaything. In the final installment of the story, we see Mark uploading video files of his sister's defilement to a DomCo server, as well as one of his friend's getting in touch with someone that he thinks can help rescue her from her fate.

Sasha, as well as other tortured girls, such as Harmony and Valerie will play a key role in Tori and Stephanie's plan to fight back.

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Angela's upside-down adventure on the other side is both a fun and dirty romp, and an important event in the timeline. While John Hamlin pours resources into finding a cure for the Recoder that's turned his daughter into a fulltime fuck machine, Angela encounters a mirror version of DomCo that's already fallen apart.

Her doppelgänger's father has cracked the Recoder technology and seems to have found the cure. While Angela is, herself, unfamiliar with the Recoder and has only a faint inkling of the name DomCo, she does have the presence of mind to copy this information in the hopes of doing something to help her own father. If she makes it home, that is.

In this chapter we see that Angela and the Hamlins, also, attend the same school as Kayla and Tiffany, all of them having a passing acquaintance with one another.

Tempting Trevor

This introduction to Stacy and Trevor has only the briefest mention of DomCo, but does set the character's up for the next part of their adventure. During a conversation with Trevor, prior to his seduction, Stacy mentions that she has been participating in a DomCo-sponsored job placement program for college students. The placement program has her working for a lingerie store.

The observant reader may notice that Stacy is just the kind of girl that DomCo likes: Smart, seductive, slutty, and eager for control over others. And she's begun to corrupt her brother, as well.

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Edge Cover


The rollout of Halo technology has begun, using a select group of unwilling or reluctant participants. Edge is a social engineering tool cooked up by some of DomCo's most devious engineers.

Though the players are forced into the game at first, many of them soon become willing game pieces, enslaving themselves for the generous rewards and real-world power that they gain from progressing to higher ranks. 

The challenges, merely dirty at the beginning, become ultra-slutty, but then progress toward actions that influence the lives and decisions of wealthy elites, lawmakers and educators. Just like any cesspool of corruption, the most powerful motivators are money, power, and sex.

Jenna and Kara, our reluctant heroines, are also students in the same class as Stephanie, Tori, Angela, Kayla, and Tiffany.

Reluctant Suckslut

Sophie is a conflicted beauty. While she yearns to be strong, independent and respected, she also becomes highly aroused when she is used and treated like a sex object. This has the effect of filling her with self-loathing as she drifts through life, her worldview skewed toward suspicion and mistrust of everyone, men most of all.

Sophie's first introduction to the name DomCo is the Relief Aid fundraiser, where she earns her title of reluctant suckslut. In the second episode, we see Sophie falling deeper into her feelings of negative self-worth, as she's used again at her best friend's wedding. This time, though, she falls into the clutches of Dale, a DomCo employee who gets Sophie to (literally) begin drinking the Kool-Aid.