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Korrupting Kayla

Kayla’s best friend, and the trigger of her sexual awakening. Tiffany loves all things kinky. Intrigued by Kayla's shy personality, Tiffany becomes determined to bring Kayla out of her shell. The sex-crazed blonde is extraordinarily open about her love of pleasure, introducing Kayla to the joys of girl-on-girl fun. 

When Kayla needs to find a way to get out from under her increasingly crazy family, Tiffany suggests getting a job with the parent company of her own employer, a mega-corporation called DomCo. Even Tiffany doesn't realize, though, just what her employer is really up to.

Tiffany Korrupting Kayla
Tiffany Korrupting Kayla
"That's so good, Kayla," Tiffany whispered, "You're such a good girl. We're going to make you feel so nice. Just relax."

-Korrupting Kayla *The Daydreamer*

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