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New Title, Seducing Jessica: Excerpt

Note: Due to some issues with payment processors regarding images, plans for illustrated editions are currently on hold. More info coming in the January Roadmap.

Welcome to the next big, bad book of sick seduction and innocence corrupted by incestuous intrigue. As mentioned in the December Roadmap, titles are subject to change. I sort of have this stupid brain thing about alliteration (Tempting Trevor, Korrupting Kayla) and I get certain titles that are part of the theme stuck in my head. Sometimes, they just need to change to fit the story better when it's complete.

What started as Jessica's Job, which is a central theme in the story, became Seducing Jessica by the time it was wholly complete. While the book was slated for a release before Christmas, It was lacking in the fuckery and a bit too slow of a slow burn, so things got reworked and retooled. I hope you won't be too upset by more family fucking, more girls being dominated by girls, and more cunts getting licked, teased, and stuffed.

Now, I can definitively say that it's hot and dirty. I don't think I've written so many sex scenes in one story since The Second Place Sister. This book is like Tempting Trevor fucked The Second Place Sister and they raised the baby on the dirty talk of Love, Lust, and Erin.

Normally, I post preview chapters for a new book. As with the Korrupting Kayla, Book Two Preview, I may move forward with excerpts of some of the yummy stuff, instead. Anyway, shut yer yap Ham Sammich. Get to the goods. Enjoy the preview. Enjoy the book more.

Seducing Jessica cover by Tori Hamlin

Premise: Jessica is a petite and sexy, half-Latina beauty. When she moves in for the summer with her brother and divorcée father, her expectation is that she'll have to get a part-time job and just enjoy her summer vacation. All of that changes, though, when she discovers that her father is hiring escorts for sex. Not just any escorts, though. They look remarkably similar to her.

The revelation sparks Jessica's sexual curiosity and, before she knows it, her fantasies are running wild. Spurred on by one of these girls, who has a particular fascination with corrupting Jessica's innocence, Jessica finds herself drawn into an erotic web of seduction and submission at the hands of her father, her brother, and a sex worker named Maria.

Excerpt from Chapter Three: Showoff

...As she put the towel around herself and picked up the robe, Eric gave her a look, raising an eyebrow.

"What?" she asked.

"Let's go get your money. But you can't cover up. That's not what you're getting paid for."

There was a silly grin on his face that made Jessica blush.

"I'm wet," she explained, "I'm going to freeze if I don't dry off."

He nodded and said, "Lay in the sun. Dry off and warm up. I'll go get the money."

Jessica agreed and laid on one of the deck chairs, spreading the towel beneath her and soaking in the sun. Eric was gone for a few minutes, and then came back holding his wallet and his phone. He went through the wallet and pulled out two twenties and a ten, holding them out.

"Now, you can have this, as we agreed, and wear the bikini for the rest of the day. That means the whole day, until we go to bed. Or…"

Jessica reached for the money, stopped, and asked, "Or, what?"

"Or, you can make twice as much being a swimsuit model," Eric finished.

"What do you mean?" Jessica asked, narrowing her eyes.

"I mean, if you let me take five photos of you in the swimsuit, posing as I choose, I'll give you ten dollars for each photo. That's another fifty dollars."

"Why?" Jessica asked.

"Why, what?"

"Why do you want to take pictures of me?" she asked, blushing.

"Because, if you decide you're going to be an escort, you'll need to take pictures. Also, you're cute and I want to have pictures of a cute girl in a bikini."

"To do what with?" she probed, "Why do you want, specifically, pictures of me in a bikini? You can go look up pictures of girls in bikinis for free. And I'm not going to be an escort, so the first answer is a moot point."

Now it was Eric's turn to blush, though it was hardly noticeable against his tanned skin.

"Does it matter? Do you want the money or not?" he asked, finally.

Jessica considered it. Fifty dollars was a lot of money, and she did need it. By Eric's answer, though, it was obvious what he was going to do with the pictures. He was going to jerk off to pictures of her in her bikini. Jessica may not have known much about penises, but she did know that guys jerked off, and she knew her brother would do it.

Did she want to think about her brother jerking off to her pictures? She couldn't puzzle out, exactly, how she felt about that. Common knowledge said that she should be disgusted by it, and perhaps if their lives had been a little different, if they hadn't spent much of the last three years apart, she might have. It wasn't disgust she felt, though. It was… something else, like the feeling she'd gotten when she looked at the escort girl in the pink lingerie, the feeling she'd had when she'd imagined her dad fucking the escort.

"Five pictures?" she asked.

"Five pictures," Eric agreed, his grin spreading.

He pulled more money out and handed it to her.

"Nothing gross, right?"

"Nothing gross," he said, "Nothing that you couldn't post on Facebook."

"Okay," she said, hesitantly.

Having nowhere to put the money, Jessica held it in her hand. Eric reached down and took it from her.

"Hey!" she cried.

"Like this," he instructed and lifted the band of her bikini bottom.

He tucked the bills through it and let it snap back.

"That's not funny," she said.

"Do you have a better place?"

Jessica did not have a better place, so she left the bills tucked into her bottoms, which made her feel cheap. Eric took her picture.

"Now, turn over," he instructed.

Jessica glared at him and rolled over onto her belly.

"Oh, keep that look and turn back toward me," he said.

Jessica had no trouble keeping the glare as she looked over her shoulder at the camera, her dark hair frizzy and damp.

"Spread your legs, just a bit," Eric ordered.


"Because it will look cuter."

Jessica sighed and parted her legs, showing her brother the mound of her pussy, covered by the bottoms. He took the second picture and whistled.

"That is something," he said, looking at the photo, "It's a good look."

"Let me see," she said.

Eric sat on the edge of the lounger and showed her the photo. In it, her brown eyes were dark in the sunlight and she looked more pouty than annoyed, which was not the intent. Her round bottom was cut by the thin strip of cloth that barely covered her pussy. The remaining dampness of the pool water from the towel she laid on made her ass glisten in the sun.

"It looks too sexy. You can't keep that one," she said.

"The deal was that you pose how I choose, right?"

"Yeah, but… Eric. Come on," she whined, giving him her sweet smile and wide-eyed look.

It didn't move him.

"Do you have heels?" he asked.


Eric reached for the wallet and extracted another twenty.

"If you'll wear them for the last three, I'll throw in another twenty," he said.


"Because I think heels are sexy," he said.

"I'm not doing this to be sexy. Stop being weird."

He produced another twenty.

"Seriously?" she asked.

He nodded.

"You don't think this is, like, just a little bit wrong?" she asked.


"So, if dad walked in here and saw you taking photos of me in a bikini and heels, you don't think he'd have something to say about it?" she asked.

"He might ask if he could have a copy," Eric answered, grinning.

"Gross! He would not!"

Eric only raised an eyebrow. Jessica blushed, wondering if her dad would, in fact, ask for a copy of the photos. It was gross and it was weird, wrong to contemplate, but the thought was there. It had been there all night and all day. Did her dad fuck the escort girl and imagine his ex-wife, younger and petite, like when they'd met? Or did he fuck Maria and think about her? The question wouldn't go away.

Jessica looked away from Eric's face and then said, "I'll be right back."

She took the money from his hand, pulled the rest out of her bikini band, and went up the steps. In her room, she felt hot as she fumbled in the closet for her heels. She had two pairs, one red and one black. She took the black pair to match the suit, slipped them on, and then looked in the mirror. Turning side to side, she could see that the arch of the heels gave her ass a little lift, making it even more prominent than it already was.

She took the stairs carefully, holding the banister as she descended, and found Eric in the living room. His face was impassive as she walked in. If he was looking at her in a less than familial way, he didn't show it. Jessica blinked. His swim trunks showed it. She could see a bit of a rise in the fabric. Her brother's cock was hard.

"I don't think this is a good idea," she said.

"Why not?" he asked, phone in hand, prepared for his pictures.

"It's… it's just not."

"Just three pictures, Jess. What's wrong with that?" he asked, grinning.

Jessica dithered, wringing her hands, covering her pussy with them.

"Okay," she acquiesced. "Just three more."

"Good. First, get on the couch, on your knees, with your back to me," Eric instructed.

Jessica did it, climbing on the couch and setting her palms on the back of the couch, on her knees.

"Lean forward and stick your butt out just a bit."


"It looks so cute, Jess. Go ahead."

Jessica sighed and stuck her bottom out, leaning forward over the couch a bit, resting her elbows on the back.

"Now, legs a little wider, like outside."

"Eric, that's… that's too sexy," she objected.

"You are sexy, Jess. It doesn't matter if your legs are closed or spread. You're going to be sexy."

"Don't say that," she said.

"It's true," he shot back, "Now, legs apart. Just a little more. Good."

Eric raised the phone and took the picture.

"Stay like that," he said, "and look back over your shoulder, just like outside."

She did it, working on making her glare more menacing than before, which only resulted in her looking even cuter. Eric took the photo.

"Just one more," he said, "This time, I want you to sit on the couch and spread your legs again."

Jessica turned and, blushing, sat back on the couch. She parted her legs a little bit.

"A bit more, Jess. That's so cute. Just give me a little more, alright?"

Jessica parted her legs wider, showing him her bikini-covered pussy. The embarrassed and confused look on her face was adorable, he thought.

"Just one more thing," he said, "I want you to slip your hand into the bikini bottoms and touch yourself."

"What? No!"

"Last one, Jess. You said you'd do it however I chose, right?"

"But… you said nothing I couldn't put on Facebook," she countered, "I'm not doing that."

Eric produced his wallet and withdrew another twenty. $160 for wearing a bikini and taking five pictures, and all she had to do was reach into the bottoms and touch her pussy. In front of Eric.

"Eric… No. It's…"

Eric added another twenty. $180.

"Please, don't…" Jessica whispered, blushing.

He took out another twenty and said, "I could probably get one of dad's girls to do a lot more for me for this much, but I'm not. I'm asking for a couple pictures of you, aren't I?"

"Eric, I…"

Eric approached her, the money in his hand. He folded the bills, lifted the band of her bottoms, like she was a stripper, and tucked the bills into it. Then, he took her hand, lifted the band again, and put her hand into it. He let it go. Jessica did not know why she'd allowed him to do it. She hadn't agreed to it. He'd just done it.

"It's okay, Jess," he said, stepping back, "It's alright. Go on."

Blushing, Jessica moved her hand and slowly pushed it further down, into her bottoms, and touched her pussy. It was very wet. Was she actually turned on by this? Eric took the picture.

"That's it," he said, "Thanks, Jess. Those will be really cute."

He did not remark on the fact that she hadn't removed her hand from her bottoms. She was still touching her pussy. A moment passed and she realized it too, as he stood there, watching his sister touch herself with a faraway look. She quickly pulled her hand out and blushed, snapping her legs shut and kicking off the heels.

Jessica from Seducing Jessica by Tori Hamlin

Excerpt from Chapter Fourteen: Good Daddy

...Finally, Maria turned Jessica to the mirror, where she saw her smoky eyes and quivering, flushed skin. She added a final piece to the outfit as Jessica watched, a thin black collar that she fastened around her neck. Once she had it secured, Maria put her arms around her and cupped one of her breasts, then ran the flat of her other hand over Jessica's bare tummy as she kissed her neck. Holding her like this, she put her lips to Jessica's ear.

"Do you want to belong to me tonight, slut?" she asked and flicked her tongue against Jessica's ear.

"Yes…" Jessica hissed, watching her own lips move in the mirror, her eyes following the sensual, graceful movement of Maria's hand across her flesh.

The slow caress was both loving and sexy, but it was firm and dominant. She looked at the collar and took in her own sexy outfit, a contrast to Maria's normal clothes. It made her feel like a pet. Like a toy. Maria had made her up in a way that pleased her, appealed to her, and excited her. She'd dressed her in this way for her pleasure, as though it were the natural order of the world for her to take control, and for Jessica to bend to her will. The entire process had been that way.

There had been no questions asked, no solicitation of Jessica's opinion. Maria had simply done with her as she pleased and Jessica had never felt more excited and alive. It was different now, though. She didn't feel out of control, despite how unbelievably turned on she was. She felt safe in her surrender, like a beloved pet that Maria would protect and reward for her obedience. Giving in and allowing Maria to direct her pleasure, ultimately, provided her with more pleasure.

It was not a single moment of pleasure, either, like having an orgasm. This was like a high, a pleasant buzz that had been increasing in intensity with every touch and dirty word. Maria knew just how to touch her, exactly what to say, to build her anticipation and excitement toward the main event of the evening. The ultimate pleasure that had been promised.

"Let me have you, and I'll give you pleasure like you've never known," Maria said. "I'll torture you with it, push you toward it, pull it away, and then…" she slid her hand from Jessica's tummy to her pussy and Jessica heard something click in her other hand.

The vibrator in Jessica's cunt switched to an intermittent pattern, the pulses coming a second apart and increasing in intensity with each one. Jessica gasped and trembled as Maria held her, one hand cupping her pussy, the other on her breast, holding her tightly. The pulses of pleasure quickly became more frequent and Jessica felt her legs shaking.

"And then I'll give it to you and wreck your fucking mind!" Maria hissed and Jessica let out a grunt as she came and jerked in Maria's arms.

"Good girl," Maria whispered as she held her. "Let that pussy cum for me. That's my little slut. Let your pussy control you. Listen to your sexy little cunt. That's all you are, baby. You're Maria's little cunt tonight. Say it."

"I…" Jessica stammered as her mind melted with the long-teased orgasm. "I'm… your… cunt!"

Maria clicked the remote again and the vibrator wound down, sucking away the intensity of the orgasm, even as the feeling of that high resonated throughout Jessica's body. Maria turned her and kissed her, her hands gripping Jessica's ass through the little panties. Jessica melted into her, every nerve and every thought consumed by the promise of more pleasure. This thing, this feeling, whatever it was that Maria was able to bring out in her, had Jessica hooked. She needed to feel more of it, to reach the next peak. Tonight, even when she gave herself to her father, she knew that she would be submitting to Maria.


Knocking on the door to her own home felt strange and exciting, but it was all part of the fantasy, the game. Jessica waited on the porch with Maria until the door opened and Eric stood on the other side.

"Jess?" he said, his eyes widening at the sight of the collar on her neck and the slutty skirt and top she wore.

"I've got this," Owen said, appearing behind him.

This time, it was Eric's turn to stand by, dumbfounded, as Jessica leaned up, said, "Hi, daddy," and kissed Owen on the mouth. His hand fell to her ass and squeezed it. Maria flashed Eric a devious grin.

"What the fuck is happening?" Eric asked.

"Close your mouth and go do something for a while," Maria instructed. "Your turn will come."

Jessica turned and winked at her brother, took Owen's hand, and Maria followed them down the hall. Eric looked as if he wanted to say more, but he couldn't make any words come out. Flushed and shaking, Jessica followed her father upstairs, to her room, where Maria shut and locked the door. Owen, already lusty, reached for Jess but Maria intercepted and twirled her away. Jessica yelped but Maria muffled the sound with her tongue, pulling Jessica in and groping her breast through her top as they kissed.

She broke away, smirking, turned Jessica toward her father, and put her arms around her. Her lips brushed Jessica's neck, one of her hands stroking the collar on her neck. Her eyes met Owen's and he watched with fascination as Maria touched and stroked his daughter.

"Pay me for my slut," Maria said and Jessica groaned as Maria reached under her skirt and lifted it to show Owen a glimpse of the lace panties.

Owen nodded, swallowing, his cheeks flushed. He fumbled with his phone, tapped at it, and a moment later they heard Jessica's phone ping in her purse.

"Give it to me," Maria instructed, holding out her hand for Owen's phone.

He handed it over. Maria released Jessica and took her phone from her purse. She tugged Jessica with her to the other side of the bed, where she propped Owen's phone against a table lamp, recording. She rounded the other side, positioned Jessica's on the second table, and then took out her own. Hers, she tossed on the bed. Then, she returned to Jessica and kissed her again.

The vibrating egg in Jessica's cunt kicked up a notch as Maria clicked the remote, causing Jessica to moan into her mouth as her arousal spiked. Owen stood, fidgeting, on the other side of the bed. Maria tugged Jessica's shirt up and over her head, tossing it in Owen's direction. She spun Jessica around, showing her bra-clad breasts to her father as she kissed her neck. Maria beckoned Owen to join them. Looking drunk, he rounded the bed and Maria shoved his chest, seating him.

"Do you like my new toy?" Maria asked. "It's okay. You paid me to play with it, so why don't you touch it? Maybe you should pull down that slutty little skirt."

Owen, his hand shaking, reached up and put his hands on Jessica's hips. He'd touched her before, but this time it felt electric as his fingertips touched her hips and then hooked inside her skirt. They locked eyes and Jessica nodded. Another barrier crossed. Owen eased the skirt down over her hips and let it fall down her legs. His eyes followed it, stopping to linger on her pussy.

"Your daughter's pussy belongs to me," Maria hissed. "Do you want to play with it tonight?"

Owen nodded, his breathing ragged.

"Tell daddy what you are tonight, Jessica," Maria ordered, snaking her hand between Jessica's legs and stroking her pussy.

Not Luna. Jessica. Tonight, she would be herself and her daddy would fuck her.

"I'm… your cunt," Jessica hissed.

"Good girl," Maria said and turned her around, presenting her bottom to Owen as they kissed.

Maria looked over Jessica's shoulder, where Owen's eyes were fixated on Jessica's ass.

"Touch it," Maria instructed. "Touch your little girl."

Owen reached out and caressed Jessica's bottom with one hand, and then the other. He groaned with need as he cupped her round cheeks in his hands and Jessica wiggled her backside at him. His hands traced the lace of the panties where they covered her ass, followed the edges up to her waist, toyed with the band. Jessica moaned into Maria's mouth as he explored her. His touch was hot and trembling, his nervousness warring with his need for her.

"Tell your daddy what you want, baby," Maria said and turned her around to face him. "Just like you told me when I licked your cunt last night."

"I… I want you to… fuck me, daddy," Jessica breathed.

"That's so good, baby," Maria praised her and kissed her neck. "Now, tell daddy what I'm turning you into."

There was a click from the remote and Jessica jerked, gasped, and said, "A… a family-fucking slut!"


Like the sound of this story? You can pick up the finished novel in the shop. Seducing Jessica is a novel of incestuous seduction spanning 18 chapters and over 52,000 words. This book tells the tale of Jessica's seduction and transformation at the hands of her family and a dominant escort.

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