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Melanie Hamlin

The Second Place Sister

Stephanie and Tori’s ultra-milf mother, and devoted wife of John Hamlin. This incestuous goddess has an addiction to any kind of kink. The dirtier the better. Now that her children are all legal, Melanie's more than happy to live by the motto, "The family who plays together..."

Melanie Hamlin
Melanie Hamlin

"Good girls have a pussy. Little fuckdolls have a cunt."

-The Second Place Sister

*The Walls Came Tumbling Down*

When it comes to kink, there isn't a one out there that Melanie Hamlin and her well-endowed hubby haven't dabbled in. Melanie's sex drive works in overdrive all the time, and this constantly pleasure-seeking MILF is always ready to have some fun.

From swinging to group sex, lesbian domination to incest, Melanie's happy to do it all. Once her kids hit adulthood, she's more than willing to usher them into the world of sexual exploration and teach them all they need to know about what real pleasure is.

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