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DomCo Office Building


Building a better world for mankind...

DomCo Motivational Poster Preparation


Welcome to DomCo, where we're building a better world for mankind! We're so pleased that you've decided to stop in and learn more about our company. 

DomCo has a strong name, because we're looking to dominate every sector we operate in. What exactly do we do? Well, our company is involved in a little bit of everything! Primarily, we fund research and development through our subsidiary companies, but we're also very active in legislative lobbying.

Some of our departments include:

  • Social Media Outreach

  • Games and Entertainment

  • Addiction and Mental Health Research

  • Food and Beverage

  • Novelties and Adult Toys

  • Construction

  • Academic Research and Funding

  • Finance and Investments

  • Real Estate

As you can see, we're very active and always looking for new talent to join our growing team. Don't worry if you don't think you fit into the progressive corporate environment. You'll come around. We'll make sure of it.

DomCo Multitasking

Hard Work

At DomCo, we encourage our supportive staff to work hard for the benefit of mankind. Multitasking is something that we train relentlessly, as juggling multiple tasks is vital to fulfilling your role.

Employee Testimonials

What our employees say: Suck Pet

"Before DomCo, I was just another dumb blonde. After the rigorous training, I've learned So many new skills."
Suck Pet on Desk
DomCo Tech

Through the marvels of modern science, the DomCo labs have created some excellent technology and methods for helping those less enthusiastic about the future. Contact us today, to see how DomCo solutions can help you!


DomCo's proprietary blend of nutrients are just what that reluctant little pet needs. Turn your boring and frumpy old pet into an excitable, wet little plaything that will be eager to have fun!

*This product should not be used on animals


For those needing a more permanent solution to the troubles of dealing with a reluctant pet, the Recoder is the perfect choice. Developed by one of DomCo's master geneticists, this handy little shot requires just a one-time use. Specially formulated for each subject, the recoder will alter your pet's DNA to produce results based on your specific instructions. 

*This product should not be used on animals

Recoder serum
The NewYou Clinic
NewYou Clinic

We know that young people get themselves involved in all sorts of mischief! Sometimes, this results in behavior that is not conducive to a full and successful life.

The NewYou Clinic for Adolescent Addiction is a DomCo sponsored mental and behavioral therapy clinic for troubled teens. The helpful staff of this premiere clinic is specially trained to handle any sort of addiction or mental health aberration, even the ones you never knew you had!


Thanks to recent advancements in augmented reality, DomCo has brought the first true AR game to life through the incredible Halo technology! Edge is more than just an online role-playing game. It's a way of life! Participating in Edge can net you great rewards, both monetary and otherwise. If you don't want to play, just wait. You will. Or else.


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