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These stories are not part of the shared Domco timeline


An Ongoing Series

Her parents swear that it's pronounced "Hawless," but nobody cares. Born to a pair of sadistic, incestuous perverts, Holes Ferbonin has one of the most unfortunate names ever given to an attractive girl. On her 18th birthday, Holes’ life is transformed into a study in humiliation, as she becomes a sexual toy for everyone around her. This is an utterly ridiculous tale.

Kinks Served: Humiliation, Humor, Incest, Non Consent, Reluctance, First Time, Group Sex, F/F, M/F

Holes by T. Hamlin

Gooner Girl

This is an ongoing series, in which new episodes will be posted on a bi-weekly basis. Enjoy watching Lucy turn her sister into a braindead porn addict who gets off on her own humiliation.

Lucy knows a lot more about sex than her curious and innocent younger sister. 18-year-old Rachel, too curious for her own good, just has to know what the sexy sounds on the other side of Lucy's door are all about.

When Lucy catches her peeping, she decides that it's time for her sister to learn what kind of fun a young woman's body can really be. Unfortunately for Rachel, Lucy is a bit of a dirty pervert and she's going to teach her sister things her own way.

Kinks Served: Humiliation, Masturbation, Porn addiction, Gooning, Seduction, LezDom

Gooner Girl by Tori Hamlin
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