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Reluctant Suckslut

This is an ongoing series, with new chapters being added. Make sure to subscribe for updates!


Episode One: It’s been some time since Sophie broke up with her old asshole boyfriend, who only seemed to want to treat her like his sexual property. Ok, she kind of liked it, but she knows that it’s wrong to let yourself be treated that way.

Now, Sophie is a reformed feminist, and she isn’t going to let any man treat her with anything but respect! Unfortunately for Sophie, she’s just volunteered for the Relief Aid event, a charity fundraiser with a corporate sponsor named DomCo.

Episode Two: Sophie just can't catch a break. One of the few people who views her as a real person has invited her to her destination wedding. Unfortunately for Sophie, the best man has seen a copy of her reluctant hillbilly blowjob, and he's got big plans for Sophie's future.

Kinks Served: Reluctance, Rough Oral, Humiliation

"Sophie opened her mouth to protest his illicit recording, and immediately realized her terrible mistake as Buck surged forward and his bloated prick filled her mouth. Sophie tried to shriek, but only a muffled squeal escaped her mouth as several inches of his sweaty cock stretched her lips. Even as she attempted to pull away, Buck’s hand grabbed the base of her long braid and held her in place."

Sophie the reluctant suckslut
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