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Aircnd: Tales of Degradation and Humiliation

In this new and ongoing series, the wicked hosts of Air chastity and denial (Aircnd) have their way with unsuspecting and unwilling victims. This story series will contain darker kinks, such as degrading and humiliating themes, including nonconsensual sexual acts, and graphic depictions of such. If these types of situations are not for you, please avoid these stories.

The Cottage and Aircnd Tale

When Tracy's secretary accidentally books her conference accommodations with Aircnd, Tracy finds herself lodging at a cozy cottage with some very strange rules. Her hosts require Tracy to wear a chastity belt during her stay, but things quickly spiral out of control when Tracy awakens to a series of increasingly humiliating and degrading rules for her visit.


Kinks served: Humiliation, Degradation, Drugging, Coercion, Dubious Consent, Non Consent, Anal, Bondage, Chastity, Denial, Prostitution

This story is available for purchase in the store!

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