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Jenna is a quiet and reserved, beautiful high school senior. She keeps to herself and doesn't try to draw attention. Someone, though, has been paying careful attention to Jenna. Now, she's caught up in a terrifying game, with powerful and strange people pulling the strings and turning others into pieces for their own perverted amusement.

Jenna from Edge
Jenna topless

She set the card aside and picked up a stapled sheaf of papers. Her heart froze and a chill ran down her spine as she looked down the list of photos and names. Missing persons. She did not count how many there were, but it was quite a list, and they were all girls around her age. The implication was clear. Follow the rules."

Jenna in bondage

"...The realization that she was blindfolded added a new layer of terror. She tried to yank her leg, and found it similarly bound. A scream rose up from her throat, and she heard it muffled by something in her mouth. Her tongue probed and felt a thick strip of cloth between her teeth..."

Jenna froze, her body going taut and rigid as the creepiest sound she’d ever heard said, “Hush, hush…”
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