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The Second Place Sister

Tori Hamlin’s adopted best friend, commonly referred to as the 100 lb fucktoy. Physically and psychologically altered by the experiments of the NewYou Clinic, Cindy’s seemingly sole purpose in life is sexual gratification.

Cindy from The Second Place Sister
"Sometimes I forget to eat breakfast, on account of my slutty pussy."

-The Second Place Sister, Cindy

At the age of 19, little redheaded Cindy was a varsity cheerleader. That was until her parents found her on the living room couch, sandwiched between two men old enough to be her father. When the two ultra-conservative adults walked in on the debauchery, following a canceled church group outing, to find their only daughter spit-roasted, to say that they were upset would be putting it mildly.

Though faith would, ordinarily, dictate that they forgive her transgression and show her the way to a life in Christ, this was not the first time they'd witnessed the depth of Cindy's depravity. The first time they caught her, she was the recipient of an anal reaming on the back porch of their home. The next time, she was being violated on her father's weight bench by a stranger she'd met while jogging. Then, her mother happened upon her in the kitchen, as Cindy caught a package delivery driver's copious load of semen to the face.

This repeated string of incidents led them to seek professional help, and it was at this point that their research brought them to the NewYou Clinic for Adolescent Addiction. 

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