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Korrupting Kayla

A quiet, reserved, and shy girl, Kayla never did anything to stand out. She's kept her beauty under wraps, and steered clear of anything resembling conflict or social interaction with most of her classmates. Interacting with other people has always made Kayla very nervous.

When her parents unexpectedly split, Kayla's entire life is suddenly turned upside down. Feeling sorry for herself, Kayla makes a sudden new friend in the new girl at school. Tiffany is nothing like Kayla, outgoing, sexually adventurous, constantly horny and terribly excited about sharing her sexuality with her new friend. 

At home, Kayla's mother and brother begin acting very strangely toward her, and she's sure it has something to do with her mother's new boyfriend, Professor Miles. Her already upside down homelife begins to slide further into madness, and Kayla just wants to get away.

At Tiffany's suggestion, Kayla accepts a summer job with a company called DomCo, a global conglomerate with their fingers in seemingly every industry on earth. Kayla is about to find out exactly how broad the company's reach is though, when they seize control of her life, and begin to change her from the inside out.

Kayla from Korrupting Kayla
"Lick," Kayla's voice quaked as her hips rocked back and forth against Tiffany's fingers, "Lick my c... cunt..."

-Korrupting Kayla


"She’d let a group of women use her body for their own entertainment. She’d done it to make money, like a prostitute... She’d orgasmed from being spanked, more than once."

-Korrupting Kayla

kayla at the toy party
"Please increase my ratings..."
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