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Holes, Episode Three: To Get Home

Oh, dear! It's the final episode of Holes. The woeful tale of Holes Ferbonin is coming to an end with a bang. It's time to put Holes to bed and close another open-ended series to make way for the new. Thanks for not enjoying this utterly ridiculous story.

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When the team returned to their home locker room with a new sex doll, they unceremoniously dumped her on the floor.

“I need to go home,” Holes whined.

The coach looked confused as if a talking sex doll were some sort of oddity.

Instead of helping Holes up, he turned to one of his wrestlers and said, “Gimme your jockeys, Willy.”

The student stripped down his shorts, removed his sweaty underwear, and passed them to the coach. The coach wadded them up, pushed them into Holes’s mouth, and wrapped a strip of compression tape around her head. Only then did he haul her to her feet by her tits.

With the assistance of two more students, the coach put Holes’ hands behind her back, wrapped more tape around her wrists, and bent her over a bench. With her head against the ground and tits dangling, Holes kicked her legs as the coach extracted his cock and pushed it into her ass. While she grunted and complained, the coach gave the wrestlers a pep talk.

“All of you did a fine job out there tonight,” he said and yanked Holes’s head up by her hair. “I imagine you tired yourselves out, so go home and get a good rest. We’ll meet back for practice tomorrow afternoon. Soon as I’m finished juicing up this hole, you all feel free to take a turn. Just put the equipment away before you leave.”

A few of the more hardy wrestlers stayed behind until the coach had finished violating Holes’ anus. When he groaned and pumped his cock goo into her, one of the wrestlers took his place. While he shafted her backside and held her hair, his two teammates took turns slapping Holes’ ass and laughing at the way she hollered, grunted, and then squirted girl juice when she inevitably came.

Each of the two remaining wrestlers took their turns, after which they took care of putting the equipment away. Holes, gagged as she was with underwear, attempted to tell them that she was not equipment, but they didn’t understand. They placed her in one of the lockers and shut the door before turning out the lights.

Holes tiredly banged her tits against the door of the locker to get it open, but it was shut tight. For what seemed like hours, she sniffled in the dark confines of the locker, eventually wetting herself. Somehow, after the long day’s ordeal, she managed to sleep standing up, her head against one of the wrestler’s used shorts.

Light through the slats of the locker woke her and the sound of whistling and creaky wheels against the floor signaled salvation. She began to mumble through the gag again and kick at the locker door. The whistling stopped and a deep voice called, “Hello?”

Holes began to squeal through the gag and kick the locker door harder. A moment later an eye appeared, peeking through the slats.

“Be damned,” the man muttered. “Why you in the locker?”

Holes mumbled something unintelligible. The man took out a set of keys and unlocked the locker. Holes spilled out onto the floor, naked but for her heels.

“Son of a dick!” the man exclaimed and Holes wiggled herself onto her back.

She stared up into the face of a janitor, who pursed his lips and remarked, “Don’t you know this is the boys’ locker room?”

“Hu pu ma n gah!” Holes protested.

“How you expect anyone to understand you, what with a pair of jockeys in your mouth? And smellin’ like piss or all things.”

The janitor shook his head, returned to his mop bucket, and wheeled it over. He dunked the mop a few times and then proceeded to clean holes with it as if she were a floor.

“Just gonna give you a little sparkle,” he said and began to whistle as he worked.

He pushed the mophead between her legs and scrubbed at her cunt, then moved on to her stomach and her tits. After another good dunk in the bucket, the soaking mop smeared her face in soapy water for a full minute. With his boot, he rolled Holes over and worked on her back, then spent a good while scrubbing her butt with the scratchy mop before he put it back in the bucket.

Red-faced and complaining, Holes staggered to her feet and attempted to gesture with her tied arms to be let free. The janitor, though, just shook his head in confusion. After jabbering at him incoherently for another minute, Holes gave up and quickly fled the locker room.

The Janitor followed and said, “Hey! You can’t just go roamin’ ’bout the school at night. You ain’t even s’posed to be in here. Let’s go.”

He took her roughly by the arm and pulled her toward the doors, which he opened, and pushed her out into the night. Shaking his head, he locked the door behind her and returned to his work. Now out in the open night with no idea which way to go, Holes stumbled through the parking lot toward the road.

She paused at the entrance and read the street sign, which wasn’t familiar. Shivering, she set off in the direction of the city lights a great distance away, hoping that someone helpful might offer a wet, naked, tied up, and gagged girl a hand. Within a few minutes, headlights appeared behind her and a vehicle stopped.

Holes turned back in the direction of the lights, squinting against the brightness, and tottered back to the passenger window. When it rolled down she was looking into the concerned face of an elderly woman.

“Girl, why in the name of hell are you out here traipsing around with your gams wobbling?” she demanded.

Holes mumbled into the gag and shook her head.

“Gabba gabba what?” the woman asked, shaking her head. “Can’t nobody understand you with a mouthful of undies. You’d best get in and I’ll take you where you need to go.”

The woman did not offer to help with the door. Instead, she locked the doors and shook her head, then rolled down the back window.

“Uh uh,” she protested. “You ain’t climbing in the front smelling like wet mop. Get in the back.”

Holes snarled, but she wiggled through the back window and awkwardly dumped herself into the seat. The woman started to drive. Holes mumbled into the gag again trying to get the woman’s attention and tell her where to go, but she didn’t seem concerned. She wondered if the woman somehow knew who she was and where she lived.

Fifteen minutes later, the woman’s car entered the outskirts of downtown. Holes sat up and cautiously peered out the window, watching the buildings roll by. Another minute and the woman stopped the car along the curb. Out the window, Holes could see a few other women, wearing short, trashy dresses and too much makeup, standing on the corners.

The woman got out of the car, opened the back door, and ushered Holes out. Holes began to protest that she was not a hooker and this is not where she belonged. The old woman, however, grabbed her by the leg and wheezingly dragged her out into the street. Holes watched her headlights recede into the distance.

She hobbled to her feet, precariously wobbling on the high heels, and clacked across the sidewalk toward two prostitutes. The two women gave her a disgusted glare as she approached, mumbling and then turning to show them her taped arms.

“Looks like one of yours got a little out of hand, huh?” one of the hookers said.

“Bitch, you best find another corner,” said the other. “How I’ma make any money up against tits like that?”

She reached out and tugged painfully on one of Holes’ tits, then gave her a kick in the cunt that sent her scrambling in the other direction. Growing more desperate and with tears beginning to flow, Holes stumbled further into downtown in search of help. A young man with a camera stopped taking pictures as she passed and ran up alongside.

“Oh, shit!” he exclaimed. “Slutwalk, huh? Totally bitchin’. Cool if I record it for your channel?”

Holes attempted to tell him that she did not have a channel, was not doing a slutwalk, and was, in fact, in dire need of help. The young man only chuckled and said, “Fuckin’ kinky, man. I’m Biz. You know, like, The Biz! You just do your thing and we’re gonna go viral, babe.”

Holes gave up and continued down the sidewalk, blushing and afraid, as Biz followed her with his camera.

“I dig it, man,” Biz said as they walked. “You know, making a statement for, like, women’s sexual expression and shit. Fuckin’ patriarchy, right? Body shamin’, kink shamin’. It’s so Orwellian. Like, girls gotta be free to be who they are, too, right?”

Holes had no idea what he was on about and cared even less. She stumbled on for another block, but when they rounded the corner, she stopped as a group of men turned toward them. There were five of them, two leaning against a two-tone beater parked at the curb, with three more standing nearby.

Their laughter and joking stopped as they spotted the naked, bound Holes with a cameraman behind her.

“The fuck we got here?” One of them exclaimed.

“Shit girl, let me get a good look at those jugs,” said another.

“Hell, that’s one kinky slut,” a third proclaimed.

The five of them started in Holes’ direction. She turned back to Biz and tried to convey her distress again but the cameraman only gave her a thumbs-up and said, “Don’t worry. I’m getting it. Fuckin’ wild!”

The group of men was on them before Holes had the chance to run, taking her by the arms and escorting her back to the car. She babbled uselessly through the gag as they began to squeeze her tits and ass.

“Damn, she’s wet,” one of them remarked as his fingers pushed into her cunt.

“She’s doing a slutwalk,” Biz explained helpfully as he filmed. “You know, bringing light to important social issues about female sexual expression and equality. It’s dope.”

“I don’t know ’bout none of that,” a man in a red beanie said. “All I heard was slut.”

“Hey, sweetie,” another said. “You wanna give me and the guys a piece? Just say no if you don’t.”

They all chuckled as Holes mumbled into the gag.

“I didn’t hear a no,” he said. “Sounds like consent to me.”

The other four nodded, and one of them promptly pushed Holes over the hood of the car. She yelped as the heat of the engine burned her tits, and then squealed into the gag as one of the men pushed a long dick into her depths. He gripped her taped arms and began to punish her sopping fuckhole with long hard thrusts.

“Fuck, this is the wettest pussy you’re ever gonna feel. Girl loves it,” the man remarked.

Holes squealed and grunted as she attempted to convey that she was not, in fact, loving it. It was just that her cunt was always wet. She couldn’t help it.

Biz moved around the car, capturing a few seconds of her wide-eyed expression as the man fucked her over the hood. Despite the awful circumstances, being nude and raped by a stranger, Holes’ traitorous cunt was quickly overcome with the pleasure of having the dick stroking into her guts.

Her legs began to shake and the man gripped her ass with one hand, as he held her down with the other. Then, she thrashed and came wetly on his cock. The other four men and Biz all whooped as her cunt squirted girl cum that ran down her legs.

“Oh, fuck!” the man in her cunt exclaimed. “The pussy’s like a vice!”

“Come on, man. Don’t cum in it,” another pleaded. “We all gotta have a go. Show some care.”

Her current fucker gave her cockhole a few more long strokes and then, with a sigh, he pulled out and stroked his prick off onto her hair as another man moved in and pushed his erection into her vacated cunt. Biz crouched between her legs to get a good shot of the second cock penetrating her pussy.

“Shit, you’re right,” said the man in her twat. “I ain’t never felt a cunt so wet. It’s like fucking a warm bottle of lube.”

“You’d know just what that feels like,” jested one of his companions, and his laughter was joined by the others.

The headlights of another car rounded the corner and slowly rolled in their direction.

“Fuck,” muttered the man spearing Holes’ cunt. “5-o!”

He began to jackhammer her hard as the police cruiser pulled to the curb and the red and blue lights came on. To Holes, the lights were salvation. Finally, someone with some sense would intervene and cut her loose. She could go home!

The officer opened his door and bellowed, “Step away and show me your hands! All of you!”

Reluctantly, the man in Holes’ cunt pulled his wet dick out before he came and the group of rapists stepped back. Biz, too, put his hands out but his camera was angled toward the officer. From around his door, the officer approached tentatively, his gun drawn but aimed toward the ground.

“I said hands up,” he called to Holes.

Holes jolted upright and mumbled into her gag, eyes wide, then turned to show the officer her tied hands.

“Alright, all of you,” the cop directed, motioning with his gun, “Hands on the wall over there.”

The group of men edged toward the wall. The officer approached Holes and asked, “Are you being assaulted, ma’am?”

“Man, you know who that is?” Biz called, drawing the officer’s attention.

He did not see Holes’ enthusiastic nod to confirm that she was being assaulted.

“That’s Kriminal Kunt,” Biz said. “With a ‘K’. She’s like, a mega influencer. Women’s rights. Sexual equality. I got it all on cam, uh, Sir.”

“Kriminal Kunt?” the officer repeated, furrowing his brows.

“Yeah,” Biz said. “This is a slutwalk. She’s, like, making a statement that women are sexual beings that deserve not to be shamed for their, like, kinks.”

The officer glanced back at Holes’ naked tits, then turned to Biz and said, “Show me.”

He still held his weapon, but allowed Biz to approach. Biz played back the footage, and the officer watched him introduce himself to Holes.

“Alright,” he said. “I get it. Fucking activist. Still, we’ve got laws. You can’t just run around downtown with your tits out, young lady. I’m sorry, but I’ve got to take you in.”

Holes began to mumble into her gag again and shook her head.

“Don’t make it worse by resisting. Turn around, please.”

Holes began to cry, but she turned around. The officer placed handcuffs on her wrists as he read her rights, which Holes felt was a bit ridiculous, seeing as her arms were already bound. Still, she supposed there were procedures that had to be followed. It didn’t make it any less humiliating.

“Get along, gentlemen,” the officer said to the crowd.

“Don’t worry, Kunt,” Biz called to Holes as the officer put her into his car. “I’ll get your message out! We’re going viral, bitch!”

Naked, cuffed, and with dried sperm in her hair, Holes was escorted into the police station a short time later. She was covered in a crimson flush as the officer walked her through the doors to the murmurs of his squad. He handed her off to be processed for indecent exposure.

As the processing officer could not get her name, he simply filled it in as, “Kunt,” took photos of her tits and cunt, and attached them to her file. He pressed her tits in ink, then pushed them against a fingerprint scanner, before escorting her to a holding cell.

The cell was filled with half a dozen vagrants, all of them men. Holes shook her head and pleaded with her eyes, but the officer simply shoved her in and locked the door. All of the men in the cell sat up as Holes cowered against the door.

“Well, damn,” a pudgy man with a beard exclaimed. “Guess lock-up ain’t so bad tonight. Come on over here, sweetie, and keep my beard company.”

Holes shook her head. The bearded man waddled his way toward her and took her by the arm, then sat her down on one of the benches along the wall between two other dirty men. To Holes’ surprise, he ripped the tape around her head, snapped the tight strip around her arms, and pulled the sodden underwear from her mouth.

With her dry, parched throat, Holes managed to croak, “Thank you.”

The bearded man patted her head and squeezed her tits, making Holes holler and press her back to the wall to attempt escape. The two men to either side of her grabbed her legs and pulled them open as the bearded man pulled his hairy cock from his pants.

“Thank ol’ Burt with your suckhole now,” he said and grabbed the back of Holes’ head. He pushed his half-hard dick into her mouth and jammed her head to his crotch angrily, making Holes sputter and choke. The men holding her legs began to play with her leaking snatch, pushing their fingers into it and rubbing her button.

“Hell, she’s loving it, Burt,” one of them remarked. “Cunt’s wet as I ever felt.”

Holes wriggled in his grasp and made muffled protests as the bearded man roughly plugged her airway and forced her to swallow his hardening prick. The interest of the other three men drew them to gather around and two of them took hold of Holes’ perfect, teenage melons and began to squeeze them and tug on her nipples. Her sniffling and protestations soon turned to whimpers and then to moans as the strangers all played with her cunt and her tits.

“Come on, Burt,” one of her tit-gropers urged. Feed the little slut and give up her suckhole to someone else.”

Bearded Burt sighed dramatically and said, “Alright, little cumhole. Just hang on and ol’ Burt’ll pump his goop in ya’.”

The fingers in Holes’ cunt set her hair-trigger orgasm reflex off and she began to buck and moan as she gushed fuck honey onto the bench. Burt began to batter her tightly-packed mouth with hard jabs of his stiff prick, while Holes drooled on her tits and came to the raucous applause of those with free hands. Just as her wet orgasm started to ebb, Burt ejaculated down her throat and held her nose against his crotch.

Holes began to swallow against the tide of jizz, her throat massaging Burt’s cockhead deliciously and drawing out every drop of seed. When at last he withdrew, a further wave of cummy saliva poured from Holes’ mouth to coat her chin and chest. Dazed, she blinked away tears, but her respite lasted only long enough for a new man to step in and plug her open mouth.

“It doesn’t seem right to have to stand around when it’s got two open holes,” one of the bystanders grumbled.

The situation was quickly remedied when the man now fucking her mouth pulled her from the bench by her hair, forcing her to stand, and instead seated himself in her place. Another man swiftly kicked apart her legs and grabbed her hips, then embedded his hard dick in her leaking fuckhole. Two others stood to the side and contented themselves with roughly squeezing Holes’ tits as she was pushed and pulled back and forth.

“God, it’s like sticking your dick in a sauna,” commented the man in her cunt as he slammed his hips repeatedly against her jiggling ass.

“Cock all the way in its throat,” said the man in her mouth, “and it doesn’t even gag!”

Holes held onto the man’s legs for support and cried tiredly, wishing she could just get home and go to bed. The big dick plowing her cunt did feel nice, and there was another orgasm about to hit, but she was so hungry and tired. A belly full of cum just wasn’t enough, and the night in the locker had put an awful crick in her neck that wasn’t helped by having a long dick in her throat.

“Don’t jizz up its hole,” pleaded one of the men mauling her tits.

The man pounding his meat into Holes’ pussy obliged by pulling his prick out and pushing it up her butthole in a swift motion that made Holes squeal, just as the cock in her mouth began to feed her its load. The blowback forced a wave of cummy goo to explode from her mouth into the crotch of the man fucking it.

“Damn it,” he growled. “Downright inconsiderate of ya’, cockhole.”

He jerked his penis free and finished rubbing it out on Holes’ hair before sliding away. The man with his busting cock in her rectum pulled it out, leaving her holes completely empty for a few measly seconds. The two men groping her tits now had their chance at a living sex puppet, however, and they were keen to use it.

Holes’ shrieked (though it was more of a watery gurgle) as they flipped her onto her back on the bench. Seemingly in unison, one shoved his cock into her dripping cunt, while the other jerked her head off the edge of the bench and filled her mouth. This left her tits free to get manhandled by the only remaining man.

He quickly learned that the slick mess that coated Holes’ sizeable melons made for excellent lubrication, and soon he was squeezing her tits together and fucking her chest. Holes spurted more girl cum from her snatch as she orgasmed, twitching and writhing with the three strange jailbirds using her body.

Back and forth they pushed and pulled her, pleasuring their dicks with her pussy, mouth, and tits. Holes was hardly conscious by now from the lack of air and repeated orgasms. Only after the three of them had cum in her mouth, cunt, and on her tits, did she finally get a moment to rest. With their cocks sated, they left her in a cum-coated sprawl across the bench, her legs and arms dangling limply.

Holes didn’t have the energy to even sit up. She licked her lips and drifted in and out for what seemed like hours. Every now and again, one of the men would get a hard-on and drop by to push it into her cunt for a while, inevitably ending with a further orgasm for her, along with another load of cum into her body.

Holes had no idea how long she lay on the bench before the door opened. One officer stood at the door, while another came in and jerked Holes up by her arm. He hauled her across the cell and out, to the disappointed groans of the six men.

Wordlessly, he escorted her out to the front desk, where Lacy stood, tapping her foot impatiently.

“Good thing you recognized those tits,” the office said. “Otherwise, she might have been in there until judgment day.”

Lacy took Holes’ arm and shook her head, saying, “Haven’t you been out having a fine time?”

“I wasn’t—“ Holes began to protest, but Lacy bent her over the desk and began to spank her.

“This is for making me have to track you down like some kind of detective!” Lacy said as Holes hollered.

After five solid whacks to her ass, Lacy marched her out of the station and put her in the car.

“If you were going to go out, you could have at least called,” Lacy berated her.

She held out Holes’ phone and said, “Don’t leave this again. I had to go all the way to your school, only to find out that you’d decided to take up wrestling? Honestly, I don’t know what goes through your head sometimes.”

“I didn’t want to wrestle,” Holes complained. “That weird coach just pulled me onto the bus.

“Well, it’s good that you did what he said,” Lacy said, nodding. “Men are always going to be smarter than you.”

“May I please have something to drink?” Holes pleaded.

Lacy handed her a tumbler and Holes took it gratefully. She slid back the lid and took a long drink, then sprayed it out in disgust.

“What is this? Is that cum?” Holes cried.

“It’s your father’s semen,” Lacy said. “I thought you’d have missed it.”

Holes put the tumbler down in the cup holder and wiped at her mouth.

“You know,” Lacy said. “I’m sorry for getting a little upset. I’m really proud of you, too.”

“You are?”

“I am. The way you’re setting an example online with this activism thing is really something. I never expected that from you. I always figured that you’d just end up a hooker or a porn star. Maybe a sex slave. A real influencer, though?”

Holes quickly swiped open her phone, her stomach sinking as she pulled up a browser. The Top Stories tab showed a picture of Biz, holding a camera, and the headline Sexual Equality? One Slut’s Fight to Normalize Rape. Next to Biz was a photo of her cunt, stuffed with cock as she was bent over the hood of the car.

“I am not trying to normalize rape!” Holes protested. “I don’t even know that guy!”

“Well, you’re the face of modern feminism now, so you’d better get used to it.”

Holes sulked for the rest of the drive home. On arrival, she dashed to the shower and then fell into bed, exhausted from the night’s violations. Her slumber, however, was not peaceful.

She groaned in protest as the covers were pulled back and yet another pulsing dick was pushed up her always-wet fuckhole. A light shone in her face, further forcing her awake. She squinted against the light and made out the shadowy figure of Biz standing in her bedroom.

“The fuck?” she mumbled.

“Hey, Kunt! Don’t worry. I’m getting it all. We’re live right now!” Biz said excitedly.

Whoever was shoving their dick into her jerked her head back by the hair and began to hammer her sopping cunt.

“Who is that?” she squealed.

“Shit, I don’t know,” Biz said. “There’s a whole line of them outside. Once that shit went viral, they started showing up to help spread the message.”

“Ow! Ow!” Holes yelped as the man jerked on her hair and pounded his meat into her.

“Yeah, man. They’re all here to support you and get your message out,” Biz declared.

Holes tried to say that she didn’t have a message, and just wanted to sleep, but the strange man pushed her face into her pillow and fucked her mercilessly until her pussy gushed. Before she even had time to lift her head from the pillow, another man was mounting her and thrusting into her prone body.

And they just kept coming. Biz stood by with his camera on a tripod, running commentary on what an inspiration she was, a true champion of sexual expression. Each time one of the men ejaculated into her cunt or her ass, another would immediately take his place and fill her again.

At some point, Lacy stopped in to pat her head and give her a straw. Holes sucked at the straw and tasted cum, but she wasn’t in a position to argue. The only position she was in was prone bone, and no one seemed to want to put an end to it.

Outside the house, the line continued to grow. Tents were erected in the yard and police began to arrive to keep the waiting crowds in line. By morning, there were already vendors hawking tees and hats with the word, “Kunt,” or pictures of Holes’ tits and sperm-coated face.

By late morning, screens were put up outside the house, so that those waiting a turn to show their support for modern feminism would watch Holes’ unending violation. Though she was no longer conscious and slept through a great many of them, that did not stop anyone from doing their part. Meanwhile, reporters interviewed her parents, who expressed their support and admiration for Holes’ advocacy.

“All this time,” Lacy said to the cameras, “I thought she’d just be some brainless fucktunnel. What she’s doing for women everywhere, though, I couldn’t be prouder.”

By afternoon, the President made an appearance. Standing in front of a twenty-foot image of Holes’ being cock-stuffed in her cum-filled anus, he gave a thumbs-up to a waving crowd and declared his support for women’s rights to sexual expression.

“This is the face of a progressive champion,” he said, gesturing to Holes’ lewdly displayed anus. “And I’m asking Congress, today, to declare this day a national holiday.”

The crowd cheered, while on screen, a torrent of sperm erupted from Holes’ butthole. All day the celebration continued, and on through the week. Cock after cock, load after load filled Holes’ holes. The lines only seemed to grow. Her father and mother no longer needed to work, such was the influx of donations to support the cause.

From On High, the lord looked down and observed. The people were coming together, uniting and putting aside their differences, all in support of this happy accident. He’d once sent His Son to preach the good word, and it had led to further division. This, though, the power of one girl’s ability to endure days and days of constant cock-stuffing, had changed something in them.

With one of his infinite eyes on the world below, The Lord returned to the Celestial Kitchen and began anew. This time, it would not be an accident. It would be careful and measured. At last, he’d found a way to bring peace to mankind.


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