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Correcting Kelly, The Conclusion

Chapter Seventeen: Special Talent

Kelly let herself into the house, feeling a bit better, but her mind was still a tangle of complicated thoughts and confused feelings. She found the house quiet downstairs and climbed the steps, hoping that she could be let out of the belt, maybe even using her mother to masturbate, so she could make herself feel better. That would help, she knew. It always helped her pussy feel better, and right now her pussy was very insistent in its need to be played with.

She found her parent’s door open. Her father lay on the bed in a pair of sleep shorts, the bedside light on, as he read over some papers from work. Her father was still at it, working to take care of her, to take care of her mother. Even on a Saturday night, when most people were relaxing, out at dinner or movies, being with friends, and having a good time, her father was here, at home, putting his amazing mind to work in order to help sick people and make his company money. This was the kind of man she needed to look up to, the kind of man she should be grateful to have in her life.

Her father never wavered in his commitment to his family, his dedication to his job, and his willingness to encourage those around him to be better than they were. Kelly had repaid that commitment and dedication by being a brat. She’d repaid it with bitchiness and selfishness, with concern over being popular and liked by people that didn’t matter. One day, maybe she would be lucky enough to find a husband like that.

That was a dream, though, distant, uncertain. It might never happen. How many men out there were like her daddy? He might have been stern, at times even harsh in his methods, but it was out of genuine love and a desire for Kelly’s well-being. She realized that now, as she tapped at the door and saw him raise his head from the papers.

He set them aside and said, “Hey, princess. How was the movie?”

Kelly pushed open the door and blinked in shock at the sight of her mother, in a cage, curled up in a little pet bed. Kat wore a leash, now, which was attached to a hook on the top of the cage. Her ass was backed up to the rear of the cage, where some kind of large sex toy was suction cupped to the wall, poking through the bars of the cage. Kat eagerly humped herself back against the toy, fucking it into her pussy as she moaned, staring stupidly at Todd, as he lay on the bed.

“Dad… why is mom… in a cage?” Kelly asked, her troubles forgotten in her astonishment.

“That’s where she wants to sleep, from now on,” Todd explained, shrugging, “and I’m doing my best to help her with this little pet kink she’s got going on,” then he said to Kat, “You’re a good kitten, honey. Tell Kelly that you love your kennel.”

“Love,” Kat said, and then she ground her ass against the toy and orgasmed.

Kelly, blushing, turned from her mother and said, “The movie was okay, but that boy was a jerk.”

“Oh?” Todd said.

“He…” Kelly choked back a sob, swallowed it, at the memory of Brian’s mean comment, then went on, “He said that people with kinks are gross and that God hates them.”

Todd nodded, frowning, and said, “I’m sorry, princess. There are a lot of people that have those old, churchy ideas in their heads. I’m glad that you aren’t one of them.”

Kelly nodded, adding, “He’s stupid. Mara was at the theater, so she drove me home.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re back.”

Kelly sat on the edge of the bed and said, “Dad, I’ve been thinking, a lot, this week about… about how I was bad, and about being disrespectful. I’m really sorry that I didn’t appreciate you and Mom more. I do, now, though. Thank you for Ms. Gloria, too. She’s really nice, and I like learning things from her. I just wanted to say, thank you.”

Todd stood up, rounded the bed, and hugged her to his chest, kissing her head, and saying, “Thank you, princess. I appreciate that, too. You’re a good girl. You’ve been making Daddy very happy.”

“Dad,” Kelly mumbled into his bare chest, her pussy excited by the feel of his hot skin against hers, “Could I have the belt off, please?”

“Well,” he said, letting her go, “As much as I appreciate what you said, and as well as you’ve been doing, you know that we still have a deal. We’re going to stick to it. You can wear the belt and sleep in your room, or you can take it off, but you’re going to stay in here.”

“I… I guess…. I’ll stay here,” she said.

Todd nodded, retrieved the key, and Kelly stood, blushing, allowing him to unlock the belt.

“Can I go take a shower?” she asked.

Todd nodded and said, “Just do it quick, so you aren’t masturbating.”

Kelly did. She returned to the bed, wearing a sleep shirt and shorts, then got under the covers.

“Good night, princess,” Todd said and clicked off the light.

Kelly lay, on the far side of the bed, her mixed-up thoughts swirling through her head as she tried to fall asleep. It felt different, with her mother in the cage, rather than sleeping between them. It was almost like, Kelly herself, belonged in the bed, now. She felt safe and warm here, loved and cared for.

No one here called her Udders or made her feel bad about being wet and horny. They encouraged her to cultivate her special talent, to be good at pleasing her future husband, so she’d always be safe. Her father’s words, though, frightened her. She did not want to end up having a husband that whipped her or beat her tits.

She wanted someone like her daddy, someone that would let her be the person she wanted to be, no matter what kind of person that was. Her father encouraged her mother, even when her mother wanted to sleep in a cage and be a sex pet. Every time Kelly tried to envision what kind of man that imaginary husband might, one day, be, her thoughts always turned back to her father. Without him taking care of her, she’d be alone. She’d have nothing and no one.

Kelly turned over and watched the shadowed form of her daddy across the bed. She inched closer to him until she could feel his comforting warmth. It felt better, less alone. She inched closer until she was pressed against his back. She put her arm around him and rested her hand on his bare chest. It felt nice. He felt strong, his breathing even, relaxing, like just being near him sucked away all the confusing thoughts and uncertainty.

She felt his hand cover her own, squeezing it, reassuring her. Her daddy always made everything better for her. After the movie, after the girls had made fun of her, and Brian had been mean, she knew that she still had somewhere to go, where it was safe, and she didn’t have to worry. As long as she was good, she’d never have to worry. She could always come home, where her daddy was.

“Dad?” she whispered.


“I love you, Dad,” she said.

Todd turned over and put his arms around her, holding her quietly in the darkness, taking away the worry, the simple act was exactly what she needed.

“Dad?” she whispered again.

“Yes, princess?”

“What if I don’t find a husband to take care of me? What if I just stay here, with you and Mom? I could… I could do, you know, what mom does, so you’d keep taking care of me.”

“What mom does?”

“You know. You could teach me… to do it right… like she does. You take care of me now, and I don’t want anyone to whip me or beat me. I want someone like you.”

Kelly swallowed, and then her hands strayed downward until they rested against her father’s cock in his shorts. She felt his cock jerk at the contact and she flushed, her tummy fluttering, her pussy so hot and needy.

“Are you asking Daddy to fuck you, princess?”

“I… I don’t know… I want to…. I want to make you happy,” she whispered, “Would that make you happy? Would you… approve of me and let me stay?”

For the first time, her father’s hand slid over her breast and Kelly gasped, but then the hand moved lower, down her side, making her quiver, and then lower, until it found the hem of her shorts. It slid into the shorts, over her bare mound, and then it touched her pussy. Kelly moaned at the sexy touch. This was different, so different from when her mother had touched it. Todd’s fingers were a bit rougher, and bigger, in contrast to her mother’s slim and delicate fingers.

In the dark, Kelly could hear the sound of her own wetness, squishing as her daddy’s fingers massaged her slit. She parted her legs, panting, wanting it, the growing pleasure making her feel hot. Her father’s fingers withdrew from her shorts, and then they touched her lips. She tasted herself. It tasted good. Her daddy’s hand moved back to her shorts, grasped the hem, and began to push them down. Kelly wiggled herself out of them, kicking them the rest of the way down her legs, then reaching down to remove them.

Her father pushed the edge of her top up to expose her breasts, and then he leaned forward, cupping one in his hand, and began to nip and suck at her hard nipple. Kelly groaned in delight. It felt amazing. His experienced fingers worked between her legs, encouraging her to spread them for his touch. She did, mewling in the darkness, her breath coming in small gasps that exploded against his skin.

“Tell daddy to make you be good for him, princess,” Todd rasped, his voice deep and husky.

The words made Kelly think of her mother, the way her mother had been good for him, how she’d taken his cock, pleased him like a good wife, orgasmed as he’d called her “princess,” and how much she’d loved it.

“Make me be… Make me be good for you, Daddy,” Kelly said.

Todd lifted her leg and put it over his own. His cockhead slipped through the wetness between her legs, and teased the slick lips of her pussy and Kelly gasped at the feeling of it, hard and hot against her cunt, spreading it open. He pushed, gently, and his daughter’s slick little pussy parted for him, allowing the engorged crown of his cock to penetrate her. Kelly held him tightly, her hand on his shoulder, her forehead pressed against his. He felt sweat on her skin.

He slid his hand across her hip, gripped her tight ass, and pushed again. Kelly squeaked, said, “Daddy…” and then he pushed his cock into her, feeling her jerk.

His cockhead came up against her hymen and Kelly shuddered, stiffened, afraid. Todd kissed her, pulled his cock back, put his tongue into her mouth, and thrust forward. Kelly squealed into his mouth as he held her quivering body against him, his own body still as she shook. He let her mouth go.

“You took daddy’s cock so well, princess,” he said, and then stroked it back out, back in, slowly.

Kelly moaned, shuddered, moaned again, and said, “It… only hurts a little.”

Todd kissed her again and pushed his cock deeper. Kelly’s pussy was heavenly, so much like her mother’s had been twenty years ago, on the night he’d taken her cherry. It gripped him, squeezed at his cock so perfectly, a warm, sheath of pleasure around his shaft. He gave Kelly a moment to adjust, his length buried in her as his cock jerked against her wet walls.

“It feels so good,” she hissed, “It’s so good.”

Todd let her ass go, rolled on top of her, spreading her legs wider for himself, looking down at her heaving chest and dark, splayed hair. The resemblance, again, to her mother was uncanny. Her hands pressed against his pecs as her chest rose and fell in sharp, excited little intakes of breath. Todd pressed his weight down on her, forcing her to slide her hands around his torso, his arm encircling her neck, and the other holding her ass. He pushed again, easing the length of his cock down her tunnel.

Kelly squealed and came, her body shuddering, hips thrusting hard against him, his cock spreading her pliant, young folds open in passionate ecstasy.

“Good girl,” he said into her ear, “Good girl, princess. Cum for daddy.”

She groaned, the sexy word taking on new meaning as her first cock taught her what it was to belong to a man, to the man that took care of her, to belong to her daddy. His embrace seemed to swallow her, pulling her tightly to him, their bodies melting into each other as her daddy rocked his hips back, and then forward, his powerful cock sending a hot rush of pleasure straight into her addled brain.

This was not the momentary and fleeting pleasure of masturbating her twat. This feeling, so new, was indescribable. Kelly surrendered her worries and her fear, the anxiousness she’d felt the whole week fading beneath the hot, rapturous wave that overtook her senses each time her daddy pushed the full length of his cock into her. She heard someone crying out, squealing like an animal and then realized it was her, and she giggled to herself at the pure, blissful jolt of heaven that being filled with those jerking inches of flesh produced.

More than the simple, physical joy of it, though, was the sense of belonging, of safety, and she understood now, what her mother loved so much about this. All her life she’d had doubts about her place in the world, about her purpose, her goals. Now, she knew, that this is where she belonged. She belonged to the man that had always and would always take care of her.

Todd lifted his body off of Kelly and sat back on his knees. Somewhere, behind him, in the dark, he heard Kat moan as she came on her toy, and he smiled. It had taken self-control and planning, but he’d done it. There would be no more disrespect, no more bitchiness. He controlled his house, now, truly.

He clicked on the bedside light, not even breaking his stroke. Kelly blinked against the light, but Todd just had to see it. He needed to see it. He loved what he saw. Kelly’s submission, her surrender.

He glanced down, where her legs parted around him, to that warm, sucking pussy, stuffed full of his aching cock. He looked back up, to his daughter’s half-closed eyes, her flushed cheeks, her hand groping her own tits as she bucked and squealed against him, experiencing her first fuck of many.

“You’re such a good girl, princess,” he growled, “You’re making Daddy so happy.”

Kelly moaned, and hissed, “Fuck… daddy,”

“You like making daddy happy, don’t you, baby?”

He thrust his cock into her.


Todd reached onto the nightstand and picked up a small headband, this one a little set of bovine ears. He showed them to Kelly, who looked at them, uncomprehending, and then he settled them on her head. He bared down on her again, wrapping his arms around her. Kelly’s legs encircled his waist as she pumped her hips happily against his thrusts.

Todd held onto her tightly and put his lips to her ear, whispering, “Would you like to have a little brother, princess?”

“Huh… huh…” Kelly panted, her mind melting into an orgasmic puddle.

“It would make Daddy so happy,” he said, humping his cock into her faster, now.

“Daddy… I… It’s so good!”

“It might not happen the first time,” Todd whispered, “But we’ll keep trying. Daddy will knock you up as many times as it takes, princess. As many as it takes.”

Kelly trembled, understanding, now. If this was her special talent, if it was what would keep her safe, taken care of, and secure, then it was right. Her daddy owned her pussy, now, just like her mother’s. She could still hear the words, the words her mother had spoken as she came, the night Kelly had watched porno in their bed. Now, she said them herself, because they seemed so right.

“Fuck your pussy, Daddy! Fuck your little girl’s warm pussy.”


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