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Correcting Kelly, Chapter 1-5

Author's Notes

I know that some of you may have thought that old Hamlin suddenly went a little weird, after the last two published titles. First, we went to an alternate universe in Doppelgänger, and then things took a sci-fi slut turn with Edge. I like to try out new things, and had a lot of fun with those stories. It's time, though, for a return to form, to bring things closer to home (pun intended) and get back to the roots of reluctant, dark, incest erotica.

This story was not on the roadmap of what I intended to write. It just sort of crept up on me and had to get told. This is not a happy tale of incestuous romance. It's a bit of The Second Place Sister, with a dose of Korrupting Kayla, and a touch of Tempting Trevor. For those that enjoy a twisted, taboo tale, well, let's have fun with it and come to hate Todd in the end. For readers that do not like the kind of psychological manipulation that Stacy uses on people, but on a darker level, this story has quite a bit of that, so fair warning.

The Goddamn Bullshit

Todd was tired of the goddamn bullshit. The final straws came one after the other and, when it happened, Todd decided, then and there, that it was time for a change. Perhaps, had his dick not been hard at the time, the events that transpired may have been different. His dick was hard, though, and when Kelly swept into the living room, in a huff, her face a picture of teenage angst and her lip quivering in that way it did, just before she began to whine, something inside of Todd crumbled.

“Dad!” Kelly moaned, drawing out the word into a petulant whine, “why can’t I have my own car? It’s not fair!”

Had his daughter started with a familial greeting, anything that signaled that she viewed her father as something other than a piggy bank, life for Todd’s family might have proceeded down a completely different road. Unfortunately, Kelly was a brat. Kelly was failing in school, concerned with her social status, and utterly oblivious to the reality that, one day, she would need to become an independent woman, who cared for herself. Self-made and hard-working, this once mild annoyance suddenly became a pounding headache in Todd’s brain and, though he remained, outwardly calm, his center became cold.

This unwelcome, but not totally unexpected, outburst of teenage exasperation may, also, not have ultimately resulted in Todd’s life-changing decision, had it not been for the immediate arrival of his wife.

“Todd!” Katie shouted, flying into the room, gesticulating wildly, a paper clutched in her fist, “Why the hell did you cancel the membership to the club?”

The pincer attack of the cunty forces, abruptly jolting Todd from his well-deserved erotic fantasy, and the withering of his cock due to the overwhelming bitchiness, was the goddamn… last… fucking… straw. Yet, though his heart was cold, and his blood was hot, Todd put forth an exterior of calm, meeting the onslaught with the poise of a man who knows that he holds all of the cards. He stood, straightened his shirt, and turned to Kelly, holding up a hand.

“Wait,” he said.

He turned to his wife.

“I don’t go to the club,” he explained, calmly, “and the club costs a grand a month. There’s no reason to be members. Why am I paying a thousand dollars a month, so that you can go once during that month, to have drinks with the girls? Invite them here and have drinks. With that money, you can cater in and throw a little party.”

“That isn’t the point!” Katie fumed, “Everyone who is anyone is a member of the club! We can’t NOT be members. How would it look?”

“Katie,” Todd countered, “I don’t care how it looks. You shouldn’t care, either.”

Katie’s fury was not abated.

“You need to reinstate it. Today!” she commanded, stamping her foot and promptly stalking from the room, as though there were no argument.

Todd, incensed, gritted his teeth.

“Dad!” Kelly whined, again, unable to stay silent, and clearly unaware that, of all the times to approach her father about a car, this was absolutely not the time.

He turned to Kelly and said, “Honey, if you want a car, you can work to get a car, just like I have to work to have a house and my own car.”

“Mom doesn’t have to work!” Kelly argued, digging herself into a deeper hole, “she gets to do whatever she wants! And she has a car!”

“Well, your mother has other uses,” Todd said, enjoying the blush in Kelly’s cheeks at the implication, “Let me think about it.”

He walked out of the room. Kelly watched him go, pouting.

Todd left the house, got into his car, and drove aimlessly, taking in the road and the city. This couldn’t go on. It had to change. His family needed to be fixed. Fortunately, Todd was up to the task.

Kelly's Arrangement

It was some time after dark when Todd arrived home. He was confident, now, that he could apply the necessary fixes to his family. It would take time, of course. Good things always do, but those things would be worthwhile, Todd knew. First, he had to set some expectations for his daughter.

He found Kelly in her room, the room he paid for, texting with friends he disapproved of, on a phone that he paid for, and wearing jeans and a button-up blouse that he had, also, paid for. Politely, he knocked on the slightly open door.