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Correcting Kelly, Chapter 1-5

Author's Notes

I know that some of you may have thought that old Hamlin suddenly went a little weird, after the last two published titles. First, we went to an alternate universe in Doppelgänger, and then things took a sci-fi slut turn with Edge. I like to try out new things, and had a lot of fun with those stories. It's time, though, for a return to form, to bring things closer to home (pun intended) and get back to the roots of reluctant, dark, incest erotica.

This story was not on the roadmap of what I intended to write. It just sort of crept up on me and had to get told. This is not a happy tale of incestuous romance. It's a bit of The Second Place Sister, with a dose of Korrupting Kayla, and a touch of Tempting Trevor. For those that enjoy a twisted, taboo tale, well, let's have fun with it and come to hate Todd in the end. For readers that do not like the kind of psychological manipulation that Stacy uses on people, but on a darker level, this story has quite a bit of that, so fair warning.

The Goddamn Bullshit

Todd was tired of the goddamn bullshit. The final straws came one after the other and, when it happened, Todd decided, then and there, that it was time for a change. Perhaps, had his dick not been hard at the time, the events that transpired may have been different. His dick was hard, though, and when Kelly swept into the living room, in a huff, her face a picture of teenage angst and her lip quivering in that way it did, just before she began to whine, something inside of Todd crumbled.

“Dad!” Kelly moaned, drawing out the word into a petulant whine, “why can’t I have my own car? It’s not fair!”

Had his daughter started with a familial greeting, anything that signaled that she viewed her father as something other than a piggy bank, life for Todd’s family might have proceeded down a completely different road. Unfortunately, Kelly was a brat. Kelly was failing in school, concerned with her social status, and utterly oblivious to the reality that, one day, she would need to become an independent woman, who cared for herself. Self-made and hard-working, this once mild annoyance suddenly became a pounding headache in Todd’s brain and, though he remained, outwardly calm, his center became cold.

This unwelcome, but not totally unexpected, outburst of teenage exasperation may, also, not have ultimately resulted in Todd’s life-changing decision, had it not been for the immediate arrival of his wife.

“Todd!” Katie shouted, flying into the room, gesticulating wildly, a paper clutched in her fist, “Why the hell did you cancel the membership to the club?”

The pincer attack of the cunty forces, abruptly jolting Todd from his well-deserved erotic fantasy, and the withering of his cock due to the overwhelming bitchiness, was the goddamn… last… fucking… straw. Yet, though his heart was cold, and his blood was hot, Todd put forth an exterior of calm, meeting the onslaught with the poise of a man who knows that he holds all of the cards. He stood, straightened his shirt, and turned to Kelly, holding up a hand.

“Wait,” he said.

He turned to his wife.

“I don’t go to the club,” he explained, calmly, “and the club costs a grand a month. There’s no reason to be members. Why am I paying a thousand dollars a month, so that you can go once during that month, to have drinks with the girls? Invite them here and have drinks. With that money, you can cater in and throw a little party.”

“That isn’t the point!” Katie fumed, “Everyone who is anyone is a member of the club! We can’t NOT be members. How would it look?”

“Katie,” Todd countered, “I don’t care how it looks. You shouldn’t care, either.”

Katie’s fury was not abated.

“You need to reinstate it. Today!” she commanded, stamping her foot and promptly stalking from the room, as though there were no argument.

Todd, incensed, gritted his teeth.

“Dad!” Kelly whined, again, unable to stay silent, and clearly unaware that, of all the times to approach her father about a car, this was absolutely not the time.

He turned to Kelly and said, “Honey, if you want a car, you can work to get a car, just like I have to work to have a house and my own car.”

“Mom doesn’t have to work!” Kelly argued, digging herself into a deeper hole, “she gets to do whatever she wants! And she has a car!”

“Well, your mother has other uses,” Todd said, enjoying the blush in Kelly’s cheeks at the implication, “Let me think about it.”

He walked out of the room. Kelly watched him go, pouting.

Todd left the house, got into his car, and drove aimlessly, taking in the road and the city. This couldn’t go on. It had to change. His family needed to be fixed. Fortunately, Todd was up to the task.

Kelly's Arrangement

It was some time after dark when Todd arrived home. He was confident, now, that he could apply the necessary fixes to his family. It would take time, of course. Good things always do, but those things would be worthwhile, Todd knew. First, he had to set some expectations for his daughter.

He found Kelly in her room, the room he paid for, texting with friends he disapproved of, on a phone that he paid for, and wearing jeans and a button-up blouse that he had, also, paid for. Politely, he knocked on the slightly open door.

“What?” Kelly called, annoyed.

Todd let himself in.

“Honey, I want to talk about your car,” he said, specifically using the term of ownership, to get her hopes up.

This perked Kelly up instantly.

“My car?” she asked, wide eyed and attentive, suddenly the picture of the dutiful daddy’s girl.

Todd closed the door.

“Kelly,” he said, “I’m willing to get you a car. Any car you want, princess.”

Kelly shot forward and flung her arms around his waist, saying, “Oh, daddy! Thank you so much!”

“But you’re going to earn it,” Todd continued.

Kelly stiffened, pulling away, looking suspicious.

“Earn it? I thought you said you’d get it for me?”

“And I will. Any car you want,” Todd said, “But, Kelly, here’s the facts. You’re a brat. You’re failing school. Your friends are idiots and, frankly, so are you. You’re kind of a cunt.”

Kelly looked as though she’d been slapped. Her mouth worked, unable to form words, because she couldn’t fathom that her father had just called her an idiot and a cunt.

Todd pressed forward, “As soon as you become a daughter that meets with my approval, I will buy you any car you want. I will, also, give that money that I was spending on your mother’s stupid club to you as a monthly allowance. Furthermore,” he continued, holding up his finger to silence Kelly, “I will give it to you thrice over when you graduate. What’s more, I will help you invest a portion of it, so that you can have something that is yours one day.”

Kelly stewed, thinking that over. Todd could see her brain working at it, unsure of what exactly all that meant. She understood having a car. She understood having an allowance. She did not quite grasp the investment part, which was no surprise, but the more immediate gains were something tangible, something that mattered.

“What… what do I have to do? Why don’t you approve of me?” Kelly asked, tears welling up in her eyes as she began to process everything that Todd had just given her.

“I don’t approve of you, because you’re lazy. You don’t care about your education, and you don’t give a shit about your future. You think that you’re going to live off of me forever. That’s typical of most teenagers, so I’m not putting that all on you, but you’re more privileged than most people, because your dad has money. Your dad earned money from hard work. Because of that hard work, I haven’t instilled my values in you. I let your mother instill hers. Your mother is a lazy cunt, too.”

Kelly began to cry. Todd hugged her, allowing her to cry into his chest. It was not that he didn’t love his daughter. He did, in fact, love his daughter. However, his daughter was a lazy cunt who wanted everything for free. He could not allow that.

“There, there, princess,” Todd said, “It’s not so tough. You just have to graduate high school. Put some time into your studies, get your grades up, and you’ll do fine. I will approve of you on the day that you find one thing, a special talent, that you’re good at, and that will sustain you into adulthood. Whatever that thing is, I will approve of it. However, there’s going to be rules.”

Kelly cried harder. She did not want rules. Todd let her go.

“Sit,” he commanded.

Kelly sat. That was a good start.

“Here is my deal. I’m going to get you a tutor. Each day, you’re going to present me with the grades you got on your previous day’s assignments. If I do not see improvement in those grades, each day, I will give you a new rule you need to follow.”

Kelly looked as though she might protest. Todd quickly continued, “You’re a legal adult. You don’t have to follow any rule I give you. You can make your own decisions. However, if at any time, and I mean any time, you do not want to follow my rules, I will kick you out of this house and you can live life on your own, making your own rules.”

Kelly began to cry again, whining, “That’s not fair! I’m telling mom!”

“No. I’m telling mom,” Todd said, “because mom’s going to get her own deal. If mom doesn’t like her rules, well, then you can both live on your own, making your own rules.”

Kelly sobbed into her hands.

“Kelly,” Todd snapped.

Kelly looked up, sniffling.

“You have until tomorrow morning to make a choice. If you accept the deal, I want to see you downstairs, ready for school, and you’re going to say, ‘Yes, daddy, I accept your deal’. If you don’t, you have until the end of the week to find a new place to live, so you can make your own rules. Good night, princess.”

Todd left her room, grinning to himself.

Katie's Bargain

Todd found his wife, her legs crossed, sitting on the back patio that he’d paid for, drinking a cocktail that he’d paid for, talking on a phone that he’d paid for. He gave her a loving kiss on the forehead, ignoring her scowl, then took a seat and waited. Katie continued to gossip about one of her friends with another friend who, likely, gossiped about Katie, when Katie was not around. Finally, Katie took the hint and ended the call. Before she could begin another tirade, Todd began.

“I’ve reinstated the club membership,” he said.

Katie huffed, then nodded, saying, “Good,” followed, reluctantly by, “Thank you.”

Todd nodded. At least there was a thanks. He laid out his terms.

“In exchange,” he said, and Katie frowned, “I want you to help me with Kelly.”

“Help you? How?” Katie asked.

“Katie, our daughter is a bitch.”

Katie blinked, twice, rapidly.

“What did you just say?” she asked.

“Our daughter is a bitch. She’s failing school. She’s bratty. She’s spoiled. I’ve made her a deal, and I want you to back me up on it,” Todd explained.

“What kind of deal?”

“If she gets her grades up and she graduates, I’ll give her a hefty allowance and a car. If she doesn’t want to do it, then I’m going to kick her out.”

“You what?” Katie asked, springing to her feet, “You can’t kick our daughter out! Are you fucking crazy?”

“No. But if you don’t back me up on this, you’re going to join her,” Todd declared.

Katie went silent, stunned. She stared at him, disbelief clear on her beautiful face. Her tits heaved. Todd knew that she wanted to snap. Then, she did snap.

“I’m… your… wife!” she said, coldly.

“Yes, you are. I love you. I love Kelly, too. Frankly, though, you don’t really have any choice. You do remember the papers you signed when we got married, right? The ones that said prenuptial agreement.”

Katie paled. He wouldn’t.

“You wouldn’t,” she said.

“I don’t want to, but some things have to change around here. Starting with Kelly’s attitude. So, step up and be a parent with me. That’s all I’m asking.”

Katie was quiet a moment longer, contemplating a future in which she did not live in a large house, in which she had only her bratty daughter to look out for. It was not a pleasant prospect.

“Okay,” she relented, “What do I have to do?”

Todd smiled. He loved it when a plan came together.

Kelly's First Failure

Todd wanted his family to be healthy. Katie, for all her bitchiness, did not have any illusions that she was not a trophy wife. Her husband loved her, yes, but she understood that a degree of her worth rested on her looks. She stayed fit, because it was expected of her by, not only Todd, but the gossiping hens that she befriended. In their social circle, it was important to look good and Katie was not the kind of woman to let the other wives outdo her.

Kelly, too, understood that being fat, ugly, or otherwise unattractive, made her social life more difficult. Therefore, she kept herself in shape. She had, of course, an easier job of it than her mother. The simple fact that she was only eighteen made it relatively easy to keep herself in shape. Still, she avoided any dietary excess, fearing that she might, somehow, plump up and become an outcast. Convincing both women, then, that daily meal supplements in the form of shakes and vitamins were to their advantage had been an easy task.

Todd awoke, hopeful, that morning, with a newfound sense of confidence and ready to put his plans into action. He’d put his foot down, played his Ace, and now the bitches were coming to heel. It was time to go to work. Kelly had not, officially, given him her answer, but Todd already knew she’d agree. What choice did she have, really?

Todd wanted this new start to their relationship to get off on the right foot and, to this end, he masturbated into Kelly’s protein shake. It was important that his daughter get used to starting her day off with a dose of daddy’s spunk in her belly. He, then, carefully separated out two pill cases for each of the girls. Kelly’s was purple and labeled, “Princess,” while Katie’s was pink and labeled, “Queen.”

Katie’s pill box he filled with vitamins, as well as a few doses of a GHB variant his lab had been working on. The party drug variant of this was referred to as Liquid Ecstasy. It could be dangerous stuff in that form. This variant was not harmful, in the sense that it wasn’t going to induce coma, however, what it would do was leave Katie with a mild sense of euphoria, confusion, an increased sex drive, a more sedate temperament, and over time make her stupider.

Kelly’s box he, likewise, filled with vitamins, but included a mild sedative and an abundance of powerful aphrodisiacs. Kelly was already stupid, Todd thought, so she just needed to become horny and pliable. That would make her open to the next part of the plan, as well as ensuring that no matter how hard she tried to improve her grades, she would fail.

Lastly, he created his own box, blue, labeled, “King,” and portioned out daily supplements that were important for any man to have. They would move forward on this new journey as a family. Pleased with this start, he sat at the table and read from a tablet, until Katie arrived.

She’d taken her time getting ready, and even gave him a juicy kiss on the lips. It was well that she should have, too, as Todd had fucked her vigorously to further cement that she belonged to him.

Katie, though in shape and gorgeous, had become quite a boring fuck after their marriage. Even a simple blowjob was a rare occurrence these days, and the sex had been altogether unsatisfying. Last night, though, he’d wanted to be sure she understood her position and so, he’d begun by lightly spanking her over his knee.

“You’ve been disrespectful and bitchy,” he’d said, “and from now on, when you’re disrespectful and bitchy, I’m going to spank you like a child.”

Katie had not been happy about it, but she’d meekly accepted it, grimacing defiantly as she lay across his lap, on their bed. He had gone easy on her, slapping her panty-covered bottom with his hand. The spanking had been loud, but not overly painful. His cock had gotten hard as he slapped her well-rounded ass, until, finally, he’d slipped her panties to the side, found her pussy wet, and fingered her roughly to an orgasm.

“Tell me thank you, daddy,” he’d said, “for spanking your ass.”

He’d said it while fingering her cunt to a second orgasm, which Katie wanted, and so she’d agreed and said, “Thank you for spanking my ass, daddy!”

Todd let her cum. After her second orgasm, he’d yanked her panties down her legs and mounted her, shoving his angry cock into her while she lay prone on the bed. Katie humped her ass back against him more passionately than she had in months. She came again, before Todd, and when she mewled submissively and said, “I’m such a bitch! I’m so sorry,” Todd knew that things were moving in the right direction. He filled her cunt with semen and told her she was a good girl. Katie cuddled close to him that night.

This morning, Katie wore a sexy, but not scandalous, pajama set as she set about making breakfast, humming happily to herself. Kelly arrived moments later, ready for school. Todd ignored her, continuing to read, as his daughter took a seat at the table.

“Dad,” she said, quietly.

“Kelly,” Todd answered back, sipping his coffee, reading.

Kelly fidgeted with her fingers.

“Good morning, mom,” Todd said, “would be the respectful way to greet the woman that birthed you and is, now, cooking a delicious breakfast to nourish you and give you continued life.”

Kelly flushed, got up from the table, and hugged her mother.

“Good morning, mom,” she said.

“Good morning, honey,” Katie said, flicking her eyes toward Todd in approval.

All according to plan, thought Todd. Katie resumed her place at the table. Todd slid a glass with a protein shake, flavored with his cum, to his daughter, accompanied by the pill box.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Todd said, then instructed her, “Assuming you have something nice to say to me, we’re all going to start moving forward by making a small concession to be just a tad healthier. Good brains make good grades. We’re all in this together.”

Kelly picked up the shake. Todd watched, surreptitiously, over his tablet as Katie held the shake.

“Yes, daddy,” she said, “I accept your deal.”

Todd smiled, popped his pill case, and chased the vitamins with his coffee. Kelly swallowed her spermy shake, along with her first round of pills.


When Todd arrived home that evening, he was pleasantly surprised to find Kelly at the kitchen table with her history book open and worksheet next to it. He was also pleased to see that Kelly was crying. Todd set down his folder and put his hand on Kelly’s shoulder.

“What’s the matter, princess?” he asked.

“I’m so stupid!” Kelly wailed, “I want to do it, but I can’t concentrate on the words. I’m so stupid!”

Todd did not attempt to correct her. Instead, he pulled out a seat and looked at the worksheet, which had only two words written. Kelly’s name. He knew, of course, what the problem was. Kelly had never been studious to begin with. Her heart wasn’t really in it. She didn’t want to do her homework.

Then, there were the aphrodisiacs he’d fed her that morning. Kelly had all the signs of intense arousal. Her face was flushed, and her nipples were making little points in her top, even through her bra. She kept her legs tightly pressed together, squirming in her chair, and her hands had a slight tremor to them as she twirled her pencil in one hand and wound a lock of her dark hair around her finger with the other. She chewed at her lip in the most adorable way as she tried to read the book, but Todd’s more experienced eye saw a girl who wanted to play with her pussy, rather than read.

“Keep at it, honey,” Todd said, “I want to see that worksheet all finished tonight, or you’re going to get your first rule.”

Kelly paled and went back to trying to read the questions. Todd got up from the table and went to seek out his wife. He found her in the bedroom, nude, playing with her pussy. From the state of her, he guessed that she’d been at it for most of the day. At the sound of the opening door, her eyes locked onto him with the hunger that he’d been sure her knew supplements would produce. Todd was pleased.

“Fuck me!” she said, flushed and desperate, “Fuck, I’m so hot!”

Todd did not close the door. Instead, he slowly undid his tie and carefully removed his shirt, shoes, trousers, and folded them neatly, placing them on the nearby recliner as Katie whined impatiently, fingering her twat.

“Please, hurry!” she said.

Todd removed his boxers and placed them atop his clothes, his cock hard and swinging as he approached his wife.

“Have you been at this all day?” he asked.

“Fuck! I’m so horny!” Katie whined.

“Have you done something useful around the house, or did you just lay around fingering your cunt all day?” he asked.

“Goddamn it, Todd! Please!” Katie begged, distressed.

“That sounds like a rather bitchy attitude,” Todd said, and easily flipped her over on the bed.

Katie squealed, and then shrieked loudly as Todd’s hand came down hard on her ass.

“What did we talk about, Katie?”

Katie whined. Todd spanked her again, hard.

“Ow!” Katie yelped, wiggling her bottom, “Please don’t!”

“Thank you for being so respectful,” Todd said, and then shoved his cock into her, spreading her legs with his knees.

Katie immediately bucked back against him as she came, squealing into the bedsheets and gripping the covers in her fists.

“Fuck me… fuck me…” she panted, pushing back against him.

Todd obliged, battering her eager fuckhole in long, deep strokes that inched her prone body up the mattress. Katie’s yelps, grunts and cries of passion had echoed downward to the first floor, as Todd had known they would. Though he ignored her, a sidelong glance showed him that Kelly had noticed the sounds, come to investigate her mother’s screams, and was now peeking around the doorway in open-mouthed shock.

“Tell daddy you’re sorry for being a bitch,” Todd growled, pumping his cock into his wife.

“I’m sorry for being a bitch, daddy!” Katie cried, lost in her fucklust, her thoughts trained on the engorged cock that was finally giving her what she needed.

Kelly, watching from the doorway, wanted to back away. She did not want to watch her parents fucking. The heat in her own pussy, though, was doing what Todd had intended. She was aroused, confused, and she couldn’t look away.

Her own hand strayed to her pussy, and she rubbed it through her jeans, the other hand groping her tit. She watched and rubbed her cunt, until her father groaned and ejaculated into his wife, pushing his cock as deep as it would go. Katie moaned into the bed and came again. Kelly hurriedly fled to her room, her homework forgotten. It had been too much.

Todd pulled his cock free and left his wife on the bed, gasping and trembling in an orgasmic heap. He hummed happily to himself in the shower and felt more pleased when he emerged to the distant sounds of Katie working to make dinner in the kitchen. Casually dressed, he went down.

Katie glowed, dressed in a robe as she bumbled about the kitchen. Todd watched from the doorway for a moment, as Katie periodically stopped, looked around the kitchen in confusion, as though she’d forgotten where something was, and then found it. This was good. He decided he quite liked his wife horny, confused, and uncertain. It was a good look. A glance toward the table showed him that Kelly’s homework was still in the same state, unfinished.

Todd climbed the steps again, went to Kelly’s door, and opened it without knocking. Kelly’s horrified look of shame gave him another erection.

“Dad!” she cried, pulling her blanket over her naked twat.

“Kelly!” Todd cried, feigning equal surprise, “What’s going on here? Is this how you get your homework done?”

Kelly began to cry, embarrassed at being caught with her fingers in her fuckhole.

“I… It’s not… I didn’t…” Kelly stammered through her tears.

“Jesus! No wonder you’re failing school. Clearly, rubbing your cunt is more important than your future. Put some damn clothes on and come downstairs when you’re finished.”

He closed the door, giving her a look of disgust that brought fresh tears. Smiling to himself, Todd returned to the kitchen. Katie was now at the table, touching up her nails as something simmered in a pot on the stove. She looked up at him, blushed, and then looked back down. Todd gave her a kiss on the head and took a seat across the table.

“I’m going to need you to back me up,” he said with a sigh.

“What?” Katie asked, “What do you mean?”

Todd waved his hand over Kelly’s homework and said, “Kelly started on her homework, thankfully, but instead of actually doing it she… she was upstairs masturbating.”

Katie blushed. Her daughter’s masturbatory habits were not something she wanted to be confronted with, especially after she’d spent the bulk of the day playing with herself.

“What do you want me to do?” Katie asked meekly.

“Well, it’s pretty clear that she gets that from you,” Todd said, and Katie looked as though she wanted to protest. She couldn’t, though, and Todd knew it. Todd continued, “Part of the deal I made with her is that for each day she fails to improve, she gets a new rule she has to follow. That can mean chores, no TV, no friends, but in this case, I’m thinking that we can try something more traditional. Something that’s worked well so far for her mother.”

Katie looked confused. Todd liked the look. He answered the look with, “I want you to spank her.”

“Me?” Katie asked, pale, “Why?”

“We need to show a united front, honey,” Todd explained, “It’s for her own good. You know it, as well as I do. She’s a brat, and it’s time she gets in line and starts to think seriously about her future. Either she’s going to find something that she’s good at, in order to support herself, or she’s going to have to learn how to be a good wife, so she can take care of a man that will take care of her.”

He gave Katie a moment to soak in the demeaning words, to process them, and to realize that he was referring to her, as well as Kelly. Katie flushed. He knew that the words had made her angry, but the pills in her system were also keeping her in a mild, euphoric haze, where most things felt good, and the sensation was both confusing and arousing. She wasn’t thinking clearly and, the longer she kept ingesting the pills, the more this state would become a permanent thing.

“Katie,” Todd prompted, “I need you to get on board with this. It’s for Kelly’s good, and for ours. Do you want to have her leeching off of us for her whole life, running to mommy and daddy every time she wants something, or things get hard?”

Katie did not want that. Katie did not like responsibility. Katie liked to look good, have drinks, gossip and attend parties, where people would see and talk about how pretty she was.

“Okay,” she conceded, “You’re right.”

That, Todd thought, was a phrase he would like to hear a lot more of.

“Good girl,” he said, and Katie blushed again, “I like that color,” he added, nodding toward her nails, “You’re so beautiful, honey.”

Katie smiled adoringly. A moment later, Kelly shuffled into the kitchen, her eyes cast downward, cheeks colored with arousal and shame. The last thing on earth she wanted to do was face her parents and discuss the fact that she’d been masturbating.

“Kelly,” Katie said, “Come over here.”

Kelly sniffled, trying to look as pathetic and cute as possible. Todd thought that she did look both cute and pathetic. His cock was hard.

“Your father made you a good deal, didn’t he?” Katie asked, looking at Todd.

Todd nodded for her to continue.

“Yes,” Kelly admitted.

“I know we’ve given you a pretty easy life,” Katie continued, “but you have to realize that you’re an adult, now. You need to get yourself together and stop acting like such a brat. Your dad works hard to give us nice things, things that most people don’t get to have,” she paused, searching for more words in her brain fog, then said, “You can’t just play with yourself when it’s time to do your schoolwork.”

Kelly began to cry into her hands, utterly ashamed. Todd could see her body language telling him that she was contemplating actually running from the room. Katie stood and pushed Kelly over the table, roughly. Todd could see the flash of anger, and he knew what it meant. His wife was blaming Kelly for this. Kelly should have just done her homework. If Kelly had done her homework, Katie would not have been put in the position of having to discipline her.

Kelly wailed as Katie yanked her jogger pants down, her head snapping up in alarm. She had never been spanked. Never. Before she could react, though, Katie’s hand swatted her ass, making Kelly leap and scream.

“You’ve been a brat!” Katie said angrily, “Homework is more important than fingering your twat!” she said and spanked her ass again.

Kelly really began to cry, now, looking to her daddy for support. She saw only a stern glare. Katie gave her another slap, gritting her teeth. This was all Kelly’s fault. It was also, her fault, and so she took out her anger at herself on Kelly’s round, teenage bottom. She’d just spent the whole day playing with her own twat. Her daughter took after her, just like Todd said. Todd was right. Kelly needed discipline.

If Kelly wasn’t so focused on her pussy, she’d be doing well in school, and Katie could have just gone about her life as it had been. Katie wouldn’t be getting her own spankings from Todd, the spankings that had made her pussy so horny, the spankings that had made her want to masturbate all day. This line of logic made complete sense to Katie’s lust-addled mind. She gave Kelly a final, hard whack and then backed away.

“From now on,” she parroted her husband, “Whenever you’re a disrespectful bitch, I’m going to spank you like a child.”

Kelly cried onto the table, her ass stinging, and red. Todd got up and went to his wife, putting his arm around her, giving her a reassuring hug to let her know she’d done well. Then, he pulled his daughter up and brought her into the hug, all of them a family, moving forward, the first steps in fixing their issues taken. He nuzzled his face in Kelly’s hair and shushed her.

“It’s alright, princess,” he said, “It’s alright. I know you’re really trying. Now, it’s time for that rule.”

Kelly jerked away, wiping at her eyes, caught off-guard, just as Todd had intended.

“Rule?” she asked, “But I thought… wasn’t that enough? I’ll be good!”

Todd shook his head and said, “I know you will, honey, but we made a deal, and the rules are part of it. You do remember the deal, right?”

Kelly looked like she wanted to be angry, but she did remember the deal. She knew how dire the consequences were. She was humiliated and ashamed, confused, horny, and, like her mother, not thinking straight. She didn’t want to be out on the streets. As awful as getting a spanking had been, it was not worth arguing over a dumb rule.

“What… what do I have to do?” she asked.

“That’s up to you,” Todd said, “I’m going to give you two choices, and your mother is going to back me up on this.”

They had discussed no such thing, and Katie knew it, but she had agreed to back him up, and she was very angry with Kelly for making her spank her, and so she nodded.

“Until you bring home a solid B+ report from every class, you can either give up your phone,” he said, then paused for effect, continued, “or your panties. Which will it be?”

Kelly looked dumbly at her parents and then stammered, “I… but I can’t! I need my phone!”

Kelly did not, actually, need her phone, Todd knew. It wasn’t as though there was something she used it for that was worthwhile. It was just her connection to her friends and a symbol of her social status. She couldn’t be popular, pretty and liked if she didn’t have a phone. Only peasants and poor kids didn’t have a phone. She’d be mocked, humiliated further. It wasn’t even a choice.

Her panties? That was also humiliating. Kelly was a virgin, though. She didn’t go around showing her panties off, and nobody was going to judge her as uncool or call her a loser if she didn’t wear panties. No one would actually know, except for her.

“Please,” she tried to beg, “Please don’t make me. I’ll be good, I promise! I’ll do the worksheet right now.”

“I know you will,” Todd said, “but that doesn’t change the rule. You can pick, or I’ll pick for you. That phone costs a good deal of money every month. I’m sure we could get your mom some nice shoes with that.”

That made Katie smile and think about shoes, rather than the fact that her husband was asking their daughter to start going around bare-cunted.

“Panties,” Kelly said, quickly.

“I’ll check dinner,” Todd said to Katie, then to Kelly, “Give your panties to your mother.”

“Right now?” Kelly wailed.

“Right now,” Todd said, and turned to the stove to stir the noodles.

He kept his back turned. As much as he wanted to see his bratty daughter removing her panties and surrendering them to her mother, that time would come. For now, he contented himself with the sound of Kelly’s embarrassed sniffling as she sat, pulled off her pants, slid her panties down, and then handed them to Katie.

“Just leave those on the table,” Todd commanded, his back turned.

Then Katie said, unexpectedly and to Todd’s sheer delight, “Now, tell daddy you’re sorry for being a bitch.”

Kelly made a little choking noise, remembering the words as she’d spied on her parents fucking. She didn’t want to say them. The words brought the memory to her mind. She’d seen her mother getting fucked while she’d said those words. Katie had gone to masturbate, after seeing her parents fucking. Those words were associated with the shameful masturbation that had put her in this horrible position. She had to say them, though.

“I’m sorry for being a bitch, daddy,” she mumbled.

“Good girl,” Katie said and hugged her, “Now, work on your homework while I finish dinner.”

Katie took over for her husband, who returned to the table and put his arm around Kelly, comfortingly.

“Come on, princess. I’ll help you,” he said, settling in next to her as she took up her pencil and tried to focus on the worksheet.

Kelly, though, still had trouble. Her pussy was so wet, and she felt embarrassed to have to sit at the table with no panties. It was even worse, because every time she glanced over her book, she could see her panties, wet and sticky with her fuck honey, laying on the table, as though taunting her, reminding her that she was bare-cunted and soaking her pants with girl cum. It was her own fault. She’d chosen not to have panties until she could bring home good grades. It was her fault.

The Tutor

After receiving a long and loving, cock-worshipping blowjob from his wife, Todd slept well, firm in the knowledge that his fixes were going to be a success. The next morning, he repeated his new routine of ejaculating into his daughter’s protein shake, which he watched her drink over breakfast, before the family took their daily supplements. Before she left the house to catch her ride to school, he had Katie stop her in the hallway to ensure that she hadn’t stolen back a pair of her panties. Kelly, visibly distressed at having to flash her nude cunt to her mother, sniffled in humiliation. Katie confirmed that Kelly was sans-panties and allowed her to leave.

Before leaving for the lab, himself, Todd noted with approval that Katie seemed just a bit more lost this morning, as though unsure what to do with herself. Her pajama top, also, had a few of the buttons in the wrong holes, and at least two of them she’d missed completely. He gave her a task for the day, before heading out.

“I’m going to need you to do a couple of things today, alright?”

Katie nodded, her expression somewhat distant.

“You did great backing me up with Kelly. I know this is hard for you, and it’s hard for her. Why don’t you go pick up some new clothes for her today? Something cute. The weather’s getting warmer, so maybe some nice skirts.”

Katie nodded again. Todd continued, “I think that we need to be prepared, though, for the fact that she’s going to be bratty and need to be disciplined again, so don’t get anything too long. I think that idea you had for taking away her panties was a good one. If she’s a little embarrassed, she’ll be more eager to do well, and she’ll be more willing to get her grades up.”

Katie nodded, not even questioning the fact that Todd had put the idea of taking Kelly’s panties on Katie. Todd added another task.

“While you’re out, I’d like you to get some new skirts, too. Something sexy, just for me, okay, babe?”

To emphasize his desire, he slipped his hand down the front of Katie’s pajama pants and found her cunt, wet and warm, then slipped his fingers into it and put his tongue into her mouth. Katie moaned sluttily and humped his fingers, the euphoric feeling from the drugs clouding her thoughts. Todd pulled away and said again, “Remember. Get something sexy and slutty for yourself and Kelly. I want to see you showing off for me, alright?”

Katie breathily said, “Yes, daddy,” and continued to hump Todd’s fingers until she orgasmed, staring into his eyes in half-lidded pleasure, her lips parted as Todd groped her breasts through her top.

“Good girl,” Todd said and licked his fingers clean.

He walked out, leaving his wife in a slutty haze of lust, confused. Katie struggled to think, to remember her chore. Get slutty clothes for herself and Kelly.


Todd came home in a good mood. There’d been a breakthrough in the lab, which would mean a new drug was going into the first round of controlled testing. He’d received a pat on the back from his team and a bigger pat from corporate, who had been chomping at the bit for results. He was pleased, again, when he entered the house and was nearly bowled over by Kelly, who put her arms around him, clutching a paper in her hand.

“Dad! Look!” she squealed, excitedly, showing him the paper.

Todd took the paper, the worksheet he’d helped her complete, and looked it over. 100%.

“That’s great, princess,” Todd said, hugging her back.

“Well,” Kelly said, taking the paper and then putting her hands behind her back cutely, “You did help me, so I guess it wasn’t all me. I’m really trying, though.”

“How did today go?” Todd asked, setting down his folder.

Kelly’s face fell and she blushed, saying, “It’s… it’s not so good. Math is really hard.”

Todd nodded agreement, saying, “Your tutor will be here in about an hour. I think she’s going to be really good for you. Are you working on your homework, now? Or were you masturbating?”

Kelly flushed, her excitement quickly replaced by humiliation.

“I’m trying to do the math,” she said, then bit her lip and admitted, “I just don’t get it!”

“Keep plugging away at it. The tutor will help, if you still can’t figure it out.”

Kelly, docilely, returned to her book. Todd could tell, by the look of her, that she was not going to suddenly figure it out. The utter confusion was plain on her face, and the same signs of intense horniness were clear in the rest of her. Pleased, Todd took the steps upward, his cock hard, already knowing where he’d find his wife. Right where she belonged.

Katie was, again, stroking and fingering her twat. On the floor of the room were several shopping bags. One of them had the contents pulled partway out. Katie lay, her legs spread, wearing a tiny skirt that was bunched around her waist. She hadn’t taken off the tags. A tight, nearly translucent top covered her tits, through which her erect nipples were quite prominent. Leaving the door open, again, Todd disrobed.

Wordlessly, he pushed his erect cock between Katie’s lips and slowly fucked her mouth as her fingers squished between her legs.

“Good girl,” Todd said soothingly, “Suck on daddy’s cock. Good girl.”

Katie moaned submissively as he pushed the length of his penis in and out of her wet mouth, the tight seal of her lips heavenly around his cockshaft. As expected, Kelly’s own horniness had drawn her up the stairs. She couldn’t help herself. Her teenage curiosity, mingled with the effects of the aphrodisiacs he’d been feeding her, made it impossible for her not to want to watch, when she knew that there were people fucking only one floor away.

Todd continued to feed his wife his cock, encouraging her with the phrases that he both wanted her to get used to hearing, and those that Kelly would begin to associate with her own arousal, “That’s daddy’s little cocksucker. Good girl. Take daddy’s cock in your mouth, princess. Suck daddy’s cock. You love being daddy’s slut, don’t you?”

Katie moaned her agreement, but then pulled his cock from between her lips and said, “Fuck me! Please fuck me, daddy!”

Todd slapped his penis on her lips, and then climbed onto the bed.

“I like the slutty clothes you bought,” he said, and Katie smiled at the approval, her face turning into an O of bliss as he pushed the length of his cock into her needy fuckhole.

Todd groaned and hissed, “Your pussy makes daddy so happy, princess.”

Katie moaned and humped his cock. From the doorway, Kelly watched and rubbed her own pussy, unable to look away. She shouldn’t be watching her parents fuck. Not again. This is what had led her to masturbate yesterday, and it had made her get spanked. It had made her lose her panties. It was gross and wrong. She couldn’t look away.

“You’re daddy’s wet little slut, aren’t you?” Todd asked, driving his prick into her, holding her legs apart.

“Yes!” Katie agreed.

“Tell daddy what you want, princess.”

“Fuck me, daddy!” Katie moaned, “Fuck your pussy.”

“Kelly gets this from you, doesn’t she? Your daughter loves her cunt as much as you love yours,” Todd said, fucking into his wife harder.

Katie shook and orgasmed on his cock, thinking of her daughter masturbating her twat. The image, in her confused and aroused state, made the connection with the words she’d just said, and a brief image of Todd fucking Kelly flashed through her mind. She moaned, picturing their own daughter with Todd’s cock inside of her, saying, “Fuck me daddy! Fuck your pussy,” just as she’d done. She came on his cock again at the filthy image, flushing in shame, but unable to stop fucking her husband’s cock.

Kelly thought about it too, putting her hand over her mouth to keep from moaning as she watched her mother writhe in pleasure, the wet sound of her pussy taking a beating from her father’s cock overlaid by Katie’s excited squeals of pleasure. Katie’s legs went around Todd’s waist and Kelly watched as her father bent forward, pushing his tongue into Katie’s mouth, and then pumping his cock into her in hard thrusts as they groaned. Her fingers were in her twat now, pushed down the front of her joggers, while she jilled off to the sight of her own parents, her mother groaning, calling her husband, “daddy,” as he vigorously fucked his cock into her, until they both came.

Suddenly afraid at being caught, Kelly fled, back down the stairs, where she stared at her book. The thought of doing the homework was impossible, now. She stared, blankly, at the book, idly rubbing her pussy through her wet pants, the memory of her mother’s excited squealing playing over and over in her head.


Ms. Gloria Milton did, in fact, have teaching credentials. That had been in a prior career, though. Gloria had learned, after her first few years of teaching high school English, that she could earn far more money as a high-end escort. Todd, an occasional client, had been very good to her, too.

When he’d called her to lay out his plan, and to ask for her help in tutoring his daughter, the fee he proposed for the service was instantly attractive. Not only was the money great, but she was certain it would be a lot of fun. Gloria was a perverted bitch, after all, and the entire thing really appealed to her.

Now, Katie answered the door and allowed Gloria into their home, immediately threatened by the other woman’s beauty. Gloria, purposely, looked every bit the slutty teacher, per Todd’s instructions. Her skirt was a bit too short, her top a bit too tight, showing an unacceptable amount of cleavage, and her tits were bigger than Katie’s. The woman had a confident stride, in utter contrast to Katie’s confused gait and wild sense of disorientation. In short, the woman was a threat, and she set off every alarm bell in Katie’s head the moment she opened the door.

“I’m very pleased to meet you,” Gloria said, giving Katie an unprofessional hug in greeting and pressing her large tits against the other woman.

She even smelled nice, which made Katie’s pussy wetter and her thoughts more confused, because she didn’t like this big-boobed tramp one bit.

“I’m Gloria,” the woman said, stepping back and giving Katie a kiss on each cheek, as though they were old chums.

“Um, Kat… Katie,” Katie stammered.

“Katie,” Gloria repeated, “I’ll call you Kat. That’s really cute!”

Katie did not want to be called, “Kat,” and thought that the name was cutesy and degrading, but then Todd appeared and shook Gloria’s hand.

“It’s great to meet you,” he said, as though he’d never had his cock in the woman, “The tutoring program at Kelly’s school said you were the best, and we want to ensure that our daughter has only the best.”

Gloria looked around the clean, well-kept and lavish home and said, “I can see that. Kat here is a lucky lady!”

Katie flushed, both at the stupid name and the implied threat. She was certain, too, that it was a threat. This trollop with her tiny skirt and oversized melons was putting the moves on her husband right in off the street. She didn’t blame Todd, though.

Todd was doing his best to help their daughter. He’d hired the woman, sight unseen, on a recommendation that she was the best. Todd hadn’t cared about her obviously fake udders or her perfectly scented perfume. Todd just wanted the best for his family.

This was Kelly’s fault. Katie fumed as Todd showed the gorgeous woman into their home, into Katie’s home, into Katie’s kitchen. If only Kelly had kept up her grades, this… bitch… wouldn’t be here now. If Kelly hadn’t been such a little masturbating slut, the threat would never have arrived.

As they all sat at the table, the further shame that Kelly was just like her mother made Katie cringe, inwardly. This was her fault, too. Todd knew it. She had a horny pussy that she’d spent two fucking days playing with, laying around, fingering it, waiting for her husband to get home so that he’d fuck her and call her a good girl. This was her fault.

Todd sat next to his wife, his hand on her leg. He could feel the tension in her body. Just as he’d hoped, Gloria had become competition from the moment Katie had opened the door, and Katie was not the type of woman that liked to take second place. Gloria was going to be a repeat visitor, a near-daily presence in their home as she worked alongside Kelly, and Katie was not happy about it. In her befuddled, constantly horny state, Katie would be stepping up her game to keep his attention off the attractive new woman and focused on her.

Pleasing Todd had just become her number one goal, and when he slid his hand under Katie’s skirt, right there at the table, she parted her legs to allow him to rub her wet cunt as he talked to the tutor. Katie did not try to stop him. Because it was what he wanted. She was going to be the slut that he wanted. She was going to be his good girl.

They left Kelly alone with her new tutor, retiring to the bedroom for the duration of her lesson. Todd closed the door this time. As soon as the latch clicked shut, Katie was on her knees, extracting his cock from his pants and wrapping her lips around it, looking up submissively from the floor as she sucked him.

“Good girl,” Todd said, and placed his hand on her head.

Katie mewled happily as he began to fuck her face, running her hand up his chest and creating a tight seal with her lips. He could see the anger and the desire to please warring in her eyes, and so he pulled his cock from her mouth and said, “Tell me what’s wrong.”

Katie did not immediately reply. She looked away and bit her lip, then tried to ignore the question and suck on his cock some more. Todd wouldn’t let her.

“What is it?” he asked again.

“It’s… did you see how fake her tits look?” Katie spat, “Nothing that big can be real.”

“I wasn’t looking at her tits,” Todd said, “I was thinking about how she can help our daughter succeed. What’s wrong with big tits?”

Katie fidgeted, and Todd watched her hands nearly cup her own breasts, but she stopped, flushed and then said, “Nothing. Do you… do you like my boobs?”

Todd nearly laughed. The sight of Katie, on her knees, attempting to have some kind of heart-to-heart talk, while his wet, hard cock bobbed next to her cheek was equally arousing and hilarious.

“I love your tits,” Todd said, honestly.

Katie had excellent breasts, he thought. They were more than a nice handful, soft and pliable, large enough to fuck his cock between and very pleasing to grope and pull on when he fucked her. Yes, they were excellent tits.

“I just -” Katie began, but Todd pushed his cock between her lips before she could continue.

Her insecurity, though useful, was not something he needed to hear about when it was not useful to hear about. Katie needed to understand that her own feelings came secondary to his cock, and this was a good time to start the lesson. When he wanted to hear what she had to say, he would listen. When he did not, he would put his cock into her mouth. That was going to be the way of things.

“Honey, you’re beautiful and very sexy. You’re even getting better at sucking cock,” he said, and she blushed, “You’ve got nothing to worry about. Just keep being a good girl for daddy, alright?”

Katie mumbled around his cock.

“Also,” he added, “I think that any rules you suggest for Kelly, from now on, you should be willing to lead by example. No more panties for you, until Kelly can wear her panties again. Okay?”

“Ghg!” Kelly mumbled, but Todd was not sure whether it was an agreement or a protest. He took it as consent.

“Good girl.”


Kelly found it very difficult to concentrate on learning the math. Her pussy was wet. The tutor, Ms. Gloria, was very pretty. She sat closer to Kelly than Kelly thought was actually necessary, but learning the math was important.

Her nearness caused Kelly to inhale her enchanting perfume with every breath, and it was nearly impossible not to look at the woman’s exposed cleavage as she put her arms around Kelly’s shoulder and leaned in close to her to stab her painted nail at sections of the book.

While Kelly did, eventually, manage to work out her ten math problems, she did so with a great deal of assistance from Ms. Gloria. When the homework was complete, she felt only the mildest sense of accomplishment, knowing that she hadn’t truly been able to accomplish it on her own.

“These things can take time, sweetie,” Ms. Gloria assured her, “Especially when you’re playing catch-up. Not all girls are meant to be mathematicians, you know.”

“I’m so stupid,” Kelly whined, putting her head into her hands, feeling inferior.

“Kelly, that’s not a bad thing,” Ms. Gloria said, making no effort to correct the teen’s statement, “Nobody expects you to go build rockets and robots. Those aren’t the measure of someone’s success. Everyone has a talent, something that makes them special. Just because you haven’t found yours yet, doesn’t mean you don’t have one. That’s part of my job, you know, helping you find out what you’re good at. As an educator, what I do isn’t just about teaching the basics like math or writing. It’s helping students find out what makes them unique and special, and then fostering that talent, so that they can develop a skill that will give them a chance to flourish in the future. Do you want me to help you find your special talent?”

Kelly looked up, her eyes pleading, filled with tears. She did want to have a special talent. She wanted to graduate, to have her own car, to have her allowance and not have to worry about being out in the streets, broke, with no future.

“Yes!” she answered.

“Okay. Let’s talk about that during the next lesson. I think we’ve done enough for today. You look a little flushed.”

Kelly blushed, even more, because she knew why she was flushed. Her pussy was soaking her pants and she wasn’t wearing panties.

Todd appeared in the kitchen doorway, with Katie standing nearby, her cheeks red and her eyes misty.

“Well, how did it go?” Todd asked.

“Kelly did great,” Ms. Gloria said, “Let’s not set our expectations too high, but I’m sure that Kelly has a promising future somewhere. We’re going to keep working at it, until we find out what it is that makes her a special girl.”

Kelly felt that it was a bit awkward to be talked about as though she weren’t present, and referred to as a “special girl,” but mostly she just wanted to be allowed to go to her room, so she could masturbate. This thing about doing homework every night was not fun at all. If Ms. Gloria could help her find out her special talent, though, maybe it would make her an acceptable girl in her father’s eyes, and then he wouldn’t kick her out. She’d get any car she wanted, along with the big allowance and an investit account.

“I really can’t thank you enough, Ms. Gloria,” Todd said, shaking her hand.

“Think nothing of it,” she replied, “Shepherding the young, molding their minds, and putting them on the right path is my passion. That’s its own kind of reward, knowing that I made a real difference to someone.”

“I can see why the school recommended you. Thanks again. We’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

“Katie can show you out,” Todd suggested.

Katie walked Ms. Gloria to the door and did not offer to shake her hand. Ms. Gloria stepped into Katie’s personal space, regardless, and said, “You have a beautiful daughter, Kat. As beautiful as her mother. Thank you for allowing me into your home.”

With that, she leaned in and gave Katie a very brief, very light, kiss on the lips, then showed herself out. Katie, her mind already muddled and horny, did not have anything to say. She touched her lips, where Ms. Gloria had kissed her, and walked back toward the kitchen. She found Todd looking over Kelly’s homework as Kelly watched, biting her lip.

“Well,” Todd said, nodding, “Everything looks right, but this here, and here,” he pointed to some of the writing, “isn’t your writing. Kelly, did you do all the work yourself, or did Ms. Gloria do some of it for you?”

“I, well, I did most of it. It’s just… it’s hard! I don’t know how to do it all,” she cried.

Todd sighed and said, “Okay. Okay. I know. It’s like Ms. Gloria said, we shouldn’t set our expectations too high. You know the rules, though. You have to do the work, and this doesn’t show improvement. It just shows that you can do part of the problems, but that you can’t figure things out without someone holding your hand. I’m sorry, sweetie, but that means a new rule.”

“No!” Kelly wailed, “I don’t need a new rule! I… I can learn it! Please. I just need some help from Ms. Gloria, and I can learn it. I promise!”

“What do you think, honey?” Todd asked, turning to Katie.

Katie furrowed her brows, trying to think. Todd had put the decision in her court. She was supposed to back him up, to help discipline their daughter, but it was difficult to think, to make the right decision. What was the right decision?

Kelly looked at her pleadingly. Todd looked at her expectantly. If she sided with Kelly, that would not be backing Todd up. Todd wouldn’t be pleased. Katie wouldn’t be a good girl for him, and then he’d probably start thinking about that hussy with the fake tits, who was obviously much smarter than Katie was. Ms. Gloria could make decisions easily.

In fact, if Katie had been smarter, there wouldn’t even be a need for Ms. Gloria, because Katie could be helping her daughter improve her grades. Katie, though, was horny and had spent the last two days masturbating and buying slutty clothes. This whole thing was her fault.

Her daughter was a stupid, masturbating slut that was failing school, because she’d been born from a stupid, masturbating slut that hadn’t even finished her own schooling. Now, she needed to keep her man happy, keep his cock happy, so that she wouldn’t be out on the streets with no one but her stupid, masturbating slut of a daughter for company.

“I…” Katie stammered, anxious and confused, “Kelly, you need a new rule. Either you can give up your phone,” she said, chewed her lip, tried to think, and then said, “or you can give up your bras.”

“What? No!” Kelly whined, “That’s not fair! You already took my panties. I can’t go to school without a bra! It isn’t fair!”

Katie stepped forward, angrily yanking the girl’s pants down, and to Todd’s delight and surprise, she took it upon herself to begin spanking Kelly over the table again.

“I’ve heard enough!” Katie shouted, and slapped Kelly’s exposed bottom, “You’re a stupid, masturbating slut! It’s your own fault! If you’d just kept up your grades,” Swat, “You’d be wearing panties,” Swat, “and that… whore…. with her cow melons,” Swat, “wouldn’t be here trying to teach you math,” Swat, “Now, what will it be?”

“The bras!” Kelly cried, “Please, stop!”

Katie relented, stepping back as Kelly cried onto the table. Todd, showing his support, stood and put his arm around his wife. He pulled Kelly off the table, allowing her pants to stay down around her ankles, and pulled her in, too.

“Hush, princess,” he said, “it’s alright. Let’s all just take a deep breath. I know you’re trying to be a good girl. Your mother’s doing what she thinks is best, and what’s best isn’t always easy.”

“I want to be good!” Kelly said, crying into his chest.

“I know you do, honey. You just need to understand, and I guess I do, too, that maybe you just aren’t cut out for school. We’re going to keep on trying, because I’m not going to give up on you, but let’s not set our expectations too high, alright?”

“I’m so stupid,” Kelly said, sniffling, wiping at her eyes, her ass on fire.

“I’m sorry, honey,” Katie said, her fury flagging, “I’m sorry that I called you a stupid, masturbating slut.”

She hugged Kelly, pulling her head tight against her tits, which made Kelly think about Ms. Gloria’s tits. She couldn’t understand why her stupid pussy was still wet, even when her bottom was so sore and hurt so much.

“See, we’re all gonna get through this,” Todd said, soothingly, patting both women on the back, “Let’s just have a little kiss and start moving on, alright?”

Kelly nodded. Katie nodded. Todd gave his wife a kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth. She squeaked but did not object. Kelly squirmed uncomfortably, watching her parents make out, but Todd would not let her go. Finally, he broke the kiss, turned to Kelly, and gave her a light, quick, peck on her lips.

“Now, you two,” he said, “Kiss and make up. Let’s move forward. Let that tension go.”

Kelly and Katie gave one another a quick peck on the lips. Todd was happy. It was progress.

Kelly, blushing, pulled up her pants and attempted to slink out of the room.

“Kelly,” Todd said, stopping her, “What did your mother say? The rule?”

Kelly’s shoulders slumped and she mumbled, “I’ll be right back.”

“You’ll take that bra off right now, young lady,” Katie ordered.

Kelly trembled, looked as if she might argue, but the harsh spanking was too recent in her memory. She pulled her arms into her shirt, blushing, and then worked at getting the bra off without exposing herself to her parents. Finally, she managed it, and handed the bra to her mother.

“May I go now?” she asked, chastened.

“Yes,” Todd agreed.

When Kelly left the room, Todd put his arms around his wife and held her tightly, stroking her hair.

“I know that was hard,” he said, “but I really appreciate the way you’re stepping up as a mother. It’s not easy. Making decisions about Kelly’s future is tough. I just want you to know how grateful I am that you’re taking this seriously. Really. Is there something I can do for you, to show my gratitude?”

He kissed her, his tongue parting her lips and his hand sliding down to grope her ass.

“Mmm!” she moaned and then pulled away whispering, “You can take me upstairs and fuck me.”

Todd smiled, his cock hard in his pants from watching Kelly get her ass beaten.

“I’d love to. How do you ask daddy to fuck you, princess?” he asked.

Katie moaned again and fondled his hard cock.

“Take me upstairs and make me be a good girl for you, daddy,” she said.

That was all Todd needed to hear.


If you're enjoying this story, consider picking up the whole book in the shop. The entire story encompasses 42,000+ words over seventeen chapters, where you'll follow Katie's further slide into slutty stupidity, as well as the combined forces of Ms. Gloria and Todd, working to ensure that Kelly becomes the good breeding slut she should be.

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