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Correcting Kelly, Chapter Nine

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Correcting Kelly Cover

Chapter Nine: Instructional Videos

“Just because you’re going to watch porno, does not mean that you’re going to masturbate,” Todd said, as the three of them prepared for bed.

“Why do I have to watch it with you guys, though?” Kelly asked.

Having to watch porno was weird enough. Having to watch it with her parents, while they were all in bed together, was quite another level of weird. It was bad enough knowing that, at some point, she was going to have to listen to them fucking, but to have to watch videos of people fucking, unable to touch her embarrassingly wet pussy, and then have to lay awake listening to her parents fucking, too, just seemed like a step too far. Several steps, really. Kelly couldn’t wait until she was able to meet her father’s approval so that things could go back to normal.

“You already know what’s going to happen, Kelly,” Todd said, “If we let you watch it on your own, you’re going to touch yourself. If you start touching yourself, you’re going to keep on touching yourself, instead of focusing on your grades. It already happened. You blew off your homework to play with your twat. If you want the car and the allowance, and to keep on living under my roof, then you’re going to honor the deal you made. Keeping promises to people is important. If you’re just going to give up when things get a little hard, no one is going to trust you. Your word isn’t going to mean anything. You’re going to end up being a lying, homeless, slut that lays around fingering her cunt all day. Is that the life you want?”

Kelly shook her head, her imagination painting the picture that her father described. That life sounded awful.

“Look at this as an opportunity to learn something valuable, like Ms. Gloria said,” Todd continued, pleased at the shameful blush in Kelly’s cheeks as he stripped naked and got into bed, “It’s important to keep your options open, in case this school thing just doesn’t work out. Remember, I’m going to honor my end of the deal, even if you can’t graduate. You just need to find a special talent that you’ll be good at. If that talent is being wet, horny, and fuckable, like your mother, then I’ll approve of it, because it’s something that will sustain you into adulthood, if applied correctly.”

Kelly slid into bed, crowding the edge of her side to avoid touching her nude mother. Todd turned out the lights and clicked on the TV. Kelly lay, blushing, in the dark as the dirty movie started.

Her father allowed the credits to roll, and after a lusty montage of porno girls being pounded into quivering jelly by big-dicked studs, and more porno girls getting their faces or tits plastered with ribbons of sperm, the title card rolled up.

“My Modern Family,” the title read.

Kelly’s pussy begged her to touch it. The filthy images in the montage had been so similar to the endless emails that were, even now, filling up her inbox and notifications. By tomorrow, she was sure, there would be hundreds of them, possibly thousands.

The opening scene showed a girl with dark hair, like her, sitting at the table doing her homework.

“Hi, honey,” said a big-breasted woman, who entered the kitchen, wearing a lingerie set, “Doing your homework?”

“Yeah,” the girl said, sadly.

“What is it, honey? What’s wrong?” asked the woman.

“It’s just,” the girl said, “It’s just that I need to write this essay, mom, but I’ve been sooo horny all day. It’s really hard to focus on my homework when all I want to do is touch my cunt.”

The mother giggled and slapped her daughter on the shoulder, saying, “You little tart! Why didn’t you just come ask mommy for some help with your cunt? You know I’ll always take care of my little girl.”

“Oh, mom,” the girl said, “You’re always so busy keeping daddy happy. I just didn’t want to ask. Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Not at all, baby,” said the mother, pulling her daughter in and mashing her face into her tits, “You know mommy loves sucking cunt just as much as sucking daddy’s cock. You can always come fuck mommy’s face when you need it, alright?”

The two women began to kiss, and Kelly’s lust-addled brain easily made the connection to her own dark-haired mother and herself. The girl and her mother locked lips, their tongues toying with one another, hands groping each other’s breasts as they mewled and moaned, petted and played with one another. The mother stood her daughter up, pulled down her very small shorts, and then pushed her up onto the table. The girl’s ass sat atop the homework she was supposed to be doing. She spread her legs in invitation, then threw her head back in pleasure as her mother knelt and began to tongue her fuckhole.

Kelly pressed her legs together, trying to ignore her pussy, as well as the soft whispers that her mother was making into her father’s ear. She could feel Katie’s arm moving, and Kelly felt sure that her mother was playing with her father’s cock as they watched the video. Her father said something that she couldn’t hear, and then Kelly felt her mother’s hand on her leg.

She froze. Should she say something? It felt nice to be touched. Kelly desperately wanted to touch herself, but she was afraid of what her father would say. She was afraid of being a homeless, masturbating loser that no one could count on. It was so hard!

The girl on the screen panted and moaned, her hands in her mother’s hair as the older woman sucked at her fuckbox as though it were the most delicious thing in the world. Kelly wondered what her own twat tasted like. Would someone lick it like that and like it as much, someday?

Katie’s hand began to explore her leg. Her mother moaned. Kelly felt her mother shift onto her side. Katie’s hand slid into the leg of Kelly’s shorts, and then her hand touched Kelly’s pussy. Kelly groaned and spread her legs. It felt so good. She tried to watch the video and ignore the hand, but it felt so wonderful.

“What’s all this about?” a man’s voice cut in on the movie, “My two girls playing around without me?”

“Oh, daddy,” the girl on the table said, “Mommy was just helping me take the edge off so I can clear my head and get good grades. You know how hard it is to think when my pussy is wet!”

The man entered the scene, nodding, and said, “Of course I do, sweetie. You’re not very good at thinking at