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Correcting Kelly, Chapter Ten

Correcting Kelly Cover

Chapter Ten: The Crush and the Collar

Kelly did not want to go to school wearing the chastity belt. Kelly did not want to wear the belt at all, in fact, and she cried when Katie slid the thing up her legs, nestled it against her pussy, and clicked the lock shut.

“Touching your pussy is, obviously, more important than anything else,” Todd said, “and while you’re at school, we can’t watch you. The next thing I know, I’m going to get a call from your principal, telling me that you were masturbating in the middle of class. It’s for your own good.”

“I won’t!” Kelly wailed, “I promise! I won’t, daddy, please! I can’t wear this to school!”

“Just keep your skirt down,” Katie added.

“Why don’t you get breakfast started, honey?” Todd suggested.

“Breakfast?” Katie asked, puzzled.

“Yes. Maybe just pour some cereal.”

Katie bumbled from the room, still nude from the night before, looked down the hall toward the bedroom, shook her head, and then started in the direction of the stairs. Todd considered that he was, likely, going to have to hire a chef if any of them wanted to eat. It was a small price to pay, he supposed, for the eventual win.

“This isn’t fair!” Kelly continued with her tantrum, “I won’t go! You can’t make me!”

Todd sighed. She really was obstinate. Todd was strong, though. He would break the brat out of her, and she’d thank him for it. Preferably, with his cock in her asshole.

“Kelly, you’re right. I can’t make you. You know your choices. It’s the belt or the street. You can have it off when you get home, where we can keep an eye on you.”

“I hate you!” Kelly said, stamping her foot, her braless tits jiggling in her too-tight shirt.

“I didn’t do this, Kelly. You did this. You value being a spoiled brat who plays with her cunt, more than being an independent and successful human being. Your choice is your own, princess. You chose this. Now, are you going to be good and go to school? Or would you like to go make your own rules somewhere else?”

Kelly stamped her foot again, and growled.

“If you want to keep up the attitude,” Todd added, “I can always petition to have your legal name changed to Kelly Cockwallet. Now, that would really be embarrassing.”

That got Kelly to calm down.

“No! Don’t! I’ll… I’ll wear it! Don’t do that, please!” she pleaded.

“Good girl. Now, go drink your shake, take your pills, and eat breakfast. I’m very interested to see your grade on that chemistry homework tonight.”

Kelly, defeated, smoothed her small skirt, checked herself in the mirror, and left the room. Todd picked up his phone, sent a message, and followed.


Before leaving for the lab, Todd laid out his instructions for Katie, while Katie sucked his cock.

“I really appreciate all the things you’ve been doing, lately, princess,” he said, rhythmically stroking his shaft in and out of her mouth, “You’ve been such a good girl, and I love the way you’ve committed yourself to being a good wife. I’m extremely pleased,” Katie moaned happily around his cock, “There are a few things that you need some help with, though. Since you’re spending most of the day playing with your cunt, you’ve kind of slacked off in keeping the house.”

“Ghg,” Katie said.

“I know. It’s very difficult to get other important things done when you’re always wet and stupid. It’s alright. I’ve made arrangements with Ms. Gloria to come and help you out around the house.”

Katie looked up from around his cock, confused. She did not like that Ms. Gloria was coming around to do anything. Ms. Gloria was still a threat, even though Katie did enjoy the feeling of the woman’s lips. Still, she knew that Todd was right.

She had let things slip around the house. There was barely any food and laundry had piled up. Katie, though, had found it difficult to get into the car and drive. She had been doing it for years, so it should have been easy, but when she thought about driving to the store, things got all mixed up in her head, and then she’d just end up sitting in the garage and playing with her cunt.

“Now, I want you to obey Ms. Gloria and do what she says, because she’s going to help you out around the house a bit and take you shopping for some groceries. Are you going to be good for Ms. Gloria?”

He pulled his cock from her mouth and Katie said, “Yes, honey. I’ll be good for Ms. Gloria.”

Unprompted, she began to suck again.

“Good girl,” Todd said and pumped his dick into her mouth roughly until he came.


Kelly’s life took on an additional, unexpected complication that day at school. This complication came in the form of a very handsome young man, whose mere smile made Kelly go all gooey between the legs. That is, gooier than her, seemingly always wet, fuckhole made her. The young man’s shadow fell over her in her first-period class and he asked, politely, kindly, “Excuse me. Would you mind if I sit here?”

He nodded toward the empty seat at the table, where Kelly sat, alone, waiting for chemistry class to begin, so she could hand in her homework. Kelly blushed, her skin taking on an even redder tone than her constant flush of arousal imparted and shook her head.

“N, no,” she stammered, “I mean, yes. I mean, I don’t mind. You can sit here.”

“Thanks. I’m Brian,” the young man said, smiling warmly, “It’s my first day here. What’s your name?”

“Kelly,” Kelly said.

“That’s cute,” Brian said, making her smile.

Behind her, someone mooed. Kelly cringed. Brian took in the sight of her erect nipples and large tits, something that any teenage boy could not avoid looking at. His sharp mind made the connection to the sound and, his face darkening, he turned to the young man seated behind them and snapped, “Hey! Lay off. That’s rude.”

The boy behind them fell silent as nearby students chuckled at the exchange.

“Jerk,” Brian muttered, turning his attention back to Kelly, and he whispered, “I hope everyone isn’t as much of an ass as him. You’re way too cute to take that crap.”

Kelly was smitten.


Brian walked with her through the halls during their passing period, where Kelly learned that they also shared their next class. Brian was sweet. He was kind. He made Kelly laugh and took her mind, a little bit, off of her locked up and throbbing cunt.

When they parted ways, before the third period, Brian rubbed at the back of his neck nervously, which Kelly found adorable, and asked, “Hey, I know that this is kind of sudden, but I don’t really have any friends here and I think you’re really nice. Would you like to, I don’t know, like, go to a movie, or something this weekend?”

“I…” Kelly began. She thought about the belt. She thought about her wet cunt and her rules, about her homework and her father’s approval, the jumbled-up thoughts in her head, and the fact that she’d spent the night tied face-to-face with her own mother, kissing her until they’d fallen asleep. Brian was asking her to do something normal, and Kelly wasn’t normal. Kelly was a masturbating slut that couldn’t be let out of the house without a chastity belt because she couldn’t be trusted not to rub her twat during class. In the end, she said the only thing she could, because there was only one thing that really mattered now.

“I need to ask my dad if it’s okay.”

“Sure,” Brian said, “Yeah. Sure! Can I give you my number?”

“Yes!” Kelly said, practically squealing.

Brian blushed, laughed, and Kelly pulled out her phone to type in the number. She swiped it open and was met with a long list of email notifications and text messages.

-Dykes that love dick!

-My ass is just for daddy!

-Spank me for being a slut!

-I deserve rape!

-Clamp my clit!

-Busty schoolgirl sluts!

-Ream my rack and slap me!

-Cocktease gets what’s cumming!

Kelly clicked the “clear all” button, her hands trembling, and then took Brian’s number.


Katie opened the door for Ms. Gloria, unhappy to see the big-titted woman, in her short skirt, with her perfect makeup, just the right touch of perfume, hair styled, and exuding a confidence that Katie could not equal. By contrast, Katie’s hair was tangled and pulled into a hasty ponytail. She’d showered and dressed in a tight, white skirt with a snug top that molded to her breasts. As usual, she was extremely horny, wishing that she could just go upstairs and play with the sex toys. Todd, though, wanted Ms. Gloria to help her get the shopping and errands done, so she let the woman into the house.

Ms. Gloria greeted her with a long, sensual tongue kiss as she pawed at Katie’s body, which only made Katie more desperate to play with her twat. Katie’s head swam in a horny soup of befuddlement as Ms. Gloria groped her boob, her body pressed against Katie’s, her tongue in Katie’s mouth. Finally, Ms. Gloria broke the kiss.

“It’s so nice to see you, Kat,” Ms. Gloria said, “Thanks for letting me come out with you today. It’ll be nice to have some time out with a new friend.”

“I… yes. Nice,” Katie said, flushed.

“Why don’t we take care of your hair for you, so we can get out? Those tangles won’t do at all. Todd wouldn’t be pleased with such disarray, would he?” Ms. Gloria suggested.

Katie knew that Todd would not be pleased. Todd wanted her to look good. She nodded. Ms. Gloria took the steps up to Katie’s bedroom, as though she owned the place, Katie following behind.

In the bedroom, Ms. Gloria sat Katie at her makeup table and took down her hair. She brushed it out for her, her fingers occasionally brushing the back of Katie’s neck in a light, sensual way that made Katie shiver with arousal.

“You have such gorgeous hair,” Ms. Gloria commented, “It’s so fine.”

When she’d finished with Katie’s hair, Ms. Gloria wanted to do Katie’s makeup and set to work with the numerous bits on the vanity. When she was finished, she turned Katie around to the mirror. She’d done Katie up nicely, but the makeup was just a bit too artificial for Katie’s liking, and the dark, smoky eyes, combined with the slutty top she wore and her braless nipples poking through it, made Katie think she looked a bit like a dolled-up hooker.

“Todd will love this,” Ms. Gloria said softly, her voice hot and close in Katie’s ear.

Katie thought that Todd might, actually like it. Next, Ms. Gloria produced two items from her handbag, saying, “Todd asked me to have you wear these. He really likes the name, ‘Kat’ and he thinks these will be cute.”

Ms. Gloria put a small, black collar around her neck and a cat ear headband on her head. The little tag on the collar, shaped like a paw, read, “Kat”. Katie squirmed with the implication that she was a pet, but if this is what Todd wanted, she supposed she could live with it. The little ears did look kind of cute.

“I think we’re ready,” Ms. Gloria said, satisfied.

She made sure that Kat had her keys, and then the two of them got into Ms. Gloria’s car and set off for the store.


By the time the two women returned from the store, the car loaded with groceries, Kat was practically chomping at the bit to masturbate. Going out, having people look at her in the slutty clothes and cute little ears, wearing a pet collar, had been humiliating and arousing. She was not used to, now, going for hours without touching herself. Reluctantly, she helped Ms. Gloria bring in the groceries and then, attempted to put them away, which was not easy, because she couldn’t quite recall which ones were supposed to go where.

She thought that she should know this. It was her kitchen, after all, but after Ms. Gloria had stopped her from putting the milk into the pantry, Kat had decided to, instead, sit at the table and allow Ms. Gloria to put the groceries wherever she decided they should go. That made Kat feel very insecure, as though Ms. Gloria were taking over her kitchen, changing things to suit herself, rather than putting things where Kat thought they should be.

When everything had been put away, Ms. Gloria helped Kat with the laundry, putting all the clothes into the washer, first, adding in just the right amount of detergent, and then placing the bottle into a different spot, rather than the place where Kat usually kept it. This little action, so small, so innocent, also made Kat feel uneasy as if this were now Ms. Gloria’s laundry room and Ms. Gloria was the only one capable of keeping the house. Kat felt useless. If Ms. Gloria had not been here to help her with these necessary chores, Kat would have been in the bedroom, masturbating, letting the house fall into disrepair and ruin. This made her both grateful for and resentful of Ms. Gloria’s presence.

“We’ll let that run and then dry them,” Ms. Gloria said, as though Kat were not aware of the simple, two-part process involved in doing laundry, “How about we have a drink on the patio while we wait?”

“Okay,” Kat said.

She followed Ms. Gloria to the bar, where Ms. Gloria helped herself to the liquor cabinet and deftly mixed two fruity cocktails for them, before letting herself out onto the back patio. She took the seat that was, usually, Kat’s. Kat pulled up another chair, not wanting to sit in the one that Todd usually took.

“Todd will be so pleased with you for getting everything done,” Ms. Gloria said, looking out over the immaculate backyard, “I really admire you for being so dutiful and working so hard to keep your husband happy. It’s silly, really, that people don’t understand how much work being a housewife really is.”

Kat agreed with that statement. It was not always easy. Lately, it had become even harder, because the thought of doing chores was far less appealing than the pull of her needy cunt. Not to mention, whenever she thought about all the things she needed to do, it was like the list of things just evaporated from her thoughts. The list of other important things became a jumble of difficult tasks, which were secondary to the need to please Todd.

That had become her sole focus. Keep Todd happy. Todd liked her best when she was horny when she was good, and when he could fuck her however he liked, so Kat held onto that thought because that was very easy. It didn’t require much thought, because Kat wanted to be fucked, as well.

For some time, Ms. Gloria was silent, enjoying the turn in the weather into spring, sipping the cocktail. Kat, staring vapidly across the yard, had nothing to add, nothing to say. She just wanted to go touch her pussy. Ms. Gloria looked at her watch and said, “I think that first wash is done.”

She stood, went back in, and Kat followed. Kat aided her in switching the laundry to the dryer, and then Ms. Gloria said, “There’s something else that Todd asked me to take care of. Let me run out to the car, and then I’ll meet you in your room.”

“Alright,” Kat said, and drifted back to the bedroom, obediently.

Ms. Gloria returned with a plastic bag, saying, “Todd mentioned this show of solidarity that you came up with. The one about how you’re going to follow the same rules as Kelly, to lead by example. I think it’s a wonderful idea, and it really shows how much you care about Kelly’s success. Now,” she pulled something from the bag and Kat’s eyes widened, “Since Kelly has to wear that belt while she’s at school, I picked one up for you, as well.”

“But-” Kat opened her mouth to protest.

“Kat,” Ms. Gloria cut her off, “Do I need to tell Todd that you didn’t want to follow your own rules?”

Kat shut her mouth. She did not want Ms. Gloria to tell Todd anything bad about her. Why was Ms. Gloria reporting her behavior, though? Had Todd asked her to? Kat was very confused. Kat had let the housework slide. Kat was an irresponsible, masturbating slut, who had passed on her own oversexed, cunty attitude to her daughter.

That must be why Todd wanted Ms. Gloria to take care of this. Still, Kat did not want to wear a chastity belt. Kat wanted to masturbate, and that wouldn’t be possible if she put the belt on. Ms. Gloria did not budge. Kat fought an internal struggle. If she didn’t wear it, Todd wouldn’t be happy.

Todd would tell her that she was a masturbating slut, like Kelly, who wanted to go back on her promises. She couldn’t be trusted. If Todd couldn’t trust his wife, what was the point of her? If Kat couldn’t be trusted, that would leave the door open for someone trustworthy, like Ms. Gloria, to step in and take Todd away from her. Then, Kat would be out on the street.

“I... I guess so,” Kat reluctantly agreed.

Ms. Gloria nodded, pleased, and said, “Before we take care of that, though, why don’t you let me take care of you?”

Kat wasn’t certain, at first, what Ms. Gloria meant, but it became apparent when Ms. Gloria set the belt down, put her tongue into Kat’s mouth, and then Ms. Gloria’s fingers slipped into Kat’s highly aroused fuckhole. Kat squealed and tried to pull away, but Ms. Gloria held her, the other woman’s fingers slipping in and out of Kat’s hungry pussy. Kat wanted to struggle, to get away. Kat wasn’t a lesbian. Kat did want to cum, though. She wanted to cum very much, so she allowed Ms. Gloria to continue kissing her and fingering her twat, while she humped the woman’s fingers like a slut and kissed her back.

Kat flushed and shivered when Ms. Gloria pulled away, and then found herself being pushed roughly, backward, onto the bed. Before she could react, Ms. Gloria’s tongue was lapping at her snatch. Kat inhaled sharply at the unexpected pleasure. It had been months since Todd had licked her cunt, and it was not something that had happened frequently, before that.

The feeling, so different from the sex toys, her fingers, and her husband’s cock, made Kat buck her hips against Ms. Gloria’s face in ecstatic glee and she came. The day’s pent-up arousal broke free in a long, shuddering orgasm that had Kat gripping the sheets and howling in confused relief. Ms. Gloria sucked at her cunt until Kat’s head was dizzy and light from two more, successive orgasms.

While she lay, legs spread, her tits heaving and her head a dizzying whirl of sensation, Ms. Gloria slid the belt up her legs and locked it in place. Kat snapped up at the sound of the lock, the finality of that little noise terrifying, but also pleasing because it was what Todd wanted. The week’s overwhelming wash of confusion and chaos hit Kat all at once and she curled onto the bed, sobbing at the conflicting thoughts.

Ms. Gloria was there, though, sliding onto the bed to hold her, cradle her, kiss her neck and whisper into her ear that everything was going to be alright. She was a good girl. She was a good wife. Todd would be pleased with her. Ms. Gloria was pleased with her.

“Hush now, kitten,” Ms. Gloria whispered, “Everything is going to be just fine.”

The small vibrator in her belt kicked on at this point and Kat began to shudder as the little waves of pleasure teased her cunt.


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