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Correcting Kelly, Chapter Ten

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Correcting Kelly Cover

Chapter Ten: The Crush and the Collar

Kelly did not want to go to school wearing the chastity belt. Kelly did not want to wear the belt at all, in fact, and she cried when Katie slid the thing up her legs, nestled it against her pussy, and clicked the lock shut.

“Touching your pussy is, obviously, more important than anything else,” Todd said, “and while you’re at school, we can’t watch you. The next thing I know, I’m going to get a call from your principal, telling me that you were masturbating in the middle of class. It’s for your own good.”

“I won’t!” Kelly wailed, “I promise! I won’t, daddy, please! I can’t wear this to school!”

“Just keep your skirt down,” Katie added.

“Why don’t you get breakfast started, honey?” Todd suggested.

“Breakfast?” Katie asked, puzzled.

“Yes. Maybe just pour some cereal.”

Katie bumbled from the room, still nude from the night before, looked down the hall toward the bedroom, shook her head, and then started in the direction of the stairs. Todd considered that he was, likely, going to have to hire a chef if any of them wanted to eat. It was a small price to pay, he supposed, for the eventual win.

“This isn’t fair!” Kelly continued with her tantrum, “I won’t go! You can’t make me!”

Todd sighed. She really was obstinate. Todd was strong, though. He would break the brat out of her, and she’d thank him for it. Preferably, with his cock in her asshole.

“Kelly, you’re right. I can’t make you. You know your choices. It’s the belt or the street. You can have it off when you get home, where we can keep an eye on you.”

“I hate you!” Kelly said, stamping her foot, her braless tits jiggling in her too-tight shirt.

“I didn’t do this, Kelly. You did this. You value being a spoiled brat who plays with her cunt, more than being an independent and successful human being. Your choice is your own, princess. You chose this. Now, are you going to be good and go to school? Or would you like to go make your own rules somewhere else?”

Kelly stamped her foot again, and growled.

“If you want to keep up the attitude,” Todd added, “I can always petition to have your legal name changed to Kelly Cockwallet. Now, that would really be embarrassing.”

That got Kelly to calm down.

“No! Don’t! I’ll… I’ll wear it! Don’t do that, please!” she pleaded.

“Good girl. Now, go drink your shake, take your pills, and eat breakfast. I’m very interested to see your grade on that chemistry homework tonight.”

Kelly, defeated, smoothed her small skirt, checked herself in the mirror, and left the room. Todd picked up his phone, sent a message, and followed.


Before leaving for the lab, Todd laid out his instructions for Katie, while Katie sucked his cock.

“I really appreciate all the things you’ve been doing, lately, princess,” he said, rhythmically stroking his shaft in and out of her mouth, “You’ve been such a good girl, and I love the way you’ve committed yourself to being a good wife. I’m extremely pleased,” Katie moaned happily around his cock, “There are a few things that you need some help with, though. Since you’re spending most of the day playing with your cunt, you’ve kind of slacked off in keeping the house.”

“Ghg,” Katie said.

“I know. It’s very difficult to get other important things done when you’re always wet and stupid. It’s alright. I’ve made arrangements with Ms. Gloria to come and help you out around the house.”

Katie looked up from around his cock, confused. She did not like that Ms. Gloria was coming around to do anything. Ms. Gloria was still a threat, even though Katie did enjoy the feeling of the woman’s lips. Still, she knew that Todd was right.

She had let things slip around the house. There was barely any food and laundry had piled up. Katie, though, had found it difficult to get into the car and drive. She had been doing it for years, so it should have been easy, but when she thought about driving to the store, things got all mixed up in her head, and then she’d just end up sitting in the garage and playing with her cunt.

“Now, I want you to obey Ms. Gloria and do what she says, because she’s going to help you out around the house a bit and take you shopping for some groceries. Are you going to be good for Ms. Gloria?”

He pulled his cock from her mouth and Katie said, “Yes, honey. I’ll be good for Ms. Gloria.”

Unprompted, she began to suck again.